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María-José Fuentes Labbé   (Gallery Director)

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For over twelve years, ArtLabbé has had a unique vision and passion. The vision is art should encompass every aspect of life. The passion is the art should inspire, heal, challenge, bring joy wherever it resides. With these eyes, we find and work with holistic artistic solutions able to traverse cultures and intra-cultural spheres. We have a focus working with government embassies and organizations to support art and use its potential to unite people and bridge differences. Its directors, Nestor S. Godoy, PHD in Theology and Philosophy, and María-José Fuentes Labbé, Visual Arts Degree, work to show this vision to their audience.

Crossroads Series - Danielle Frankenthal

Danielle Frankenthal Crossroads Series

N/A - Sebastián Riffo Montenegro

Sebastián Riffo Montenegro N/A

Nora Unda, “Mestiza”, china plasticine, 27.5” x 17.7” x 25.5”, 2017 -  Nora Unda

Nora Unda Nora Unda, “Mestiza”, china plasticine, 27.5” x 17.7” x 25.5”, 2017

Amelia Campino, HIPS on wood, 55"x 55", 2018 -  Amelia Campino

Amelia Campino Amelia Campino, HIPS on wood, 55"x 55", 2018

Exhibiting Artists

Other Represented Artists

  • Javier Baliña

    Biography : Javier Baliña (XAVO) is an Argentinian visual artist. With a multifaceted education (studies of architecture -4 years-, painting, scenography, film, theater and photography), he worked in animation and documentary films and in several argumentative films both with Argentinian and foreign directors. Since 2005 he manages his own art gallery in Buenos Aires. In 2013 he started showing his flat and corporeal artwork in galleries and art fairs.

  • Amelia Campino  (+)

    Detailed Description : “My work comes from research of the drawing, taking shade as the spatial pattern of an object. Initially, I cling to the idea of the line as the mark of a sequence of points, either in the plane or in space. Along with this, I take the line out of volumen to generate volumetric fields where the viewer becomes part of the work; he completes the pice in his route. Lines representing volumetric territories as integrated circuits,with a specific order that is built into every space. Straight lines that carry the volumen generated in a purely organic blank field, referring to a great light where they come from, as a negative of the shadow. With different lifting heights, when exposed to light, new shadows are projected on the surface, showing the works temporality, like a drawing in space. In turn, the incorporeal and ephemeral nature shadow is addressed. The intangible becomes tangible by the volumetric of the drawing.”

    Artist's Objects:

    •  Amelia Campino - Amelia Campino, HIPS on wood, 55"x 55", 2018 Amelia Campino, HIPS on wood, 55"x 55", 2018

  • Jean Dubuffet

  • Julio Fierro

  • Danielle Frankenthal  (+)

    Biography : Born in New York City to Belgian parents, abstract painter Danielle Frankenthal attended Brandeis University and the Art Students League of New York. Her work is on canvases of acrylic resin, which are covered in paint and layered atop each other to create a brilliant, light-filled effect. The dynamic marks that comprise her multi-layered images stand away from the wall leaving a space behind the paintings. Walter Gropius, the famed Bauhaus architect and designer of the first glass sheathed structure, called the effect “simultaneity.” Light shines on the surface. Light shines through the surface. Light shines behind the surface.

    Detailed Description : All of my works are about light, in all its valences: as the specific light which is color; as the most humanly perceivable form of pure energy which allows us sight; and as the great spiritual metaphor. My formalistic concerns are mark and color over a strong albeit sometimes elusive substructure. I paint on transparent Acrylite® layers to mimic the way adults see and to call their attention to that seeing which is through their cultural programming and life experiences. The works are light interactive, and change with the ambient light and the viewers position.

    Artist's Objects:

    • Danielle Frankenthal - Crossroads Series Crossroads Series

  • Margarita Garcés  (+)

    Detailed Description : “My paintings situate physical locations in random and imaginary spaces. I use elements of the language of cartography to give a real reference, in order locate the eye in something already known, in this case, I use galaxies to travel to a non-existent world. Drawing, painting, staining and cutting paper have become my methods for navigating the fuzzy terrain of memory and imagination. A trip to a world without an imposed rule, a space with its own logic, in this sense, another law of gravity.”

  • Isabel Margarita Haeussler

  • Solange Heilenkötter  (+)

    Biography : Visual artist born in Chile. She has a degree in Graphic Design. In 2001 she begins her research in the artistic area, setting her own art studio in 2007. Now she is completely dedicated to create artworks.

    Detailed Description : "Years of work and experimentation with volume and light have resulted in my work where lightweight and fragile materials transform creating an end result prevailing in size and contrast. In each piece, I seek the beauty of simplicity, transparency, and spontaneity finding the perfect balance whereby tension and slack, cuts and crosses, come together as if in a constant dance."

  • Maria Laura

  • Daniel Marín  (+)

    Detailed Description : After exploring different styles, techniques and figurative subjects, Daniel Marin has chosen to express his ideas and emotions through abstract paintings. They allow him to freely communicate his personal, often complex inner world. Daniel’s conceptual interpretations are somewhat comparable to some of the most relevant painters in the history of art including Pollock, Twombly, De Kooning, Gorki and Rothko. Daniel Marin has also developed a very personal style combining oil, acrylic, enamels, spray and even some collage techniques that parallel the work of Robert Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns. Daniel Marin’s intimate contact with various cultures from around the world and his previous background in the arts, as well as his constant desire to accept diverse ways of thinking make his artwork excitingly energetic and creatively distinctive. The diverse array of interests, experiences and knowledge brings out the uniquely rich perspectives exhibited in his works. His ultimate goal is to create synergistic visuals that will inspire a positive response within the viewer that can be shared throughout our contemporary world.

  • Francisco Mery

  • Joan Miró

  • Mike Renard

  • Sebastián Riffo Montenegro  (+)

    Biography : Visual artist born in Chile. He has a degree in Design and works as an Art Director in the area of marketing and advertisement. Along with this activity he maintains a strong art work production based primarily on consumerism behaviour.

    Artist's Objects:

    • Sebastián Riffo Montenegro - N/A N/A

  • Pepe Toledo

  • Amauri Torezan

  • Nora Unda  (+)

    Detailed Description : “To develop and immortalize what I have in my imagination I use plasticine as the main material, because it is volumetric, ludic, shapeable and colorful. This has allowed me to have a fluidity in the connection with my essence. My works are a response to an analogous analysis of two types of manipulation, which at the end, have the same meaning. The first is the one performed by me, manipulating fragments of artificial nature, the second is related to the human manipulation of the origin of animals, by them classification in species according to their behavior in their habitats, but also in the creation of new ones, while losing all respect for them (the animals).”

    Artist's Objects:

    •  Nora Unda - Nora Unda, “Mestiza”, china plasticine, 27.5” x 17.7” x 25.5”, 2017 Nora Unda, “Mestiza”, china plasticine, 27.5” x 17.7” x 25.5”, 2017

  • Valeria Yamamoto  (+)

    Detailed Description : I'm fascinated by organic forms, processes, and patterns in nature. My work starts with the perception of the natural world through the senses, creating free associations of forms and lines. This active contemplation is materialized in a new reality that bounces between abstraction and figurative representations. With these abstract and ambiguous sculptures, I want to leave room to be interpreted and completed by the imagination of the observer.