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Life Casting Sculptures - Jennie  Vinter

Jennie Vinter Life Casting Sculptures
Life Casting Sculptures with Resin, foam, feathers and nitro acrylic spray paint

Looking Back Never Felt So Good -  Flore Flore

Flore Flore Looking Back Never Felt So Good

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  • Daniel Allen Cohen  (+)

    Biography : Daniel Allen Cohen is a Los Angeles-based emerging artist whose work depicts an oft tongue-in-cheek commentary on American youth culture. Cohen combines acrylic, metal work, painting, wood, graphic design and digital art to convey his fiction or factual-based narratives. Cohen sees that there's still uncharted territories which drives the possibility of doing something that hasn’t been done before.

    Exhibition : 2018 Art Market Hamptons | New York Art Boca Raton | Flordia Art Wynwood | Flordia LA Art Show | Los Angeles 2017 Scope Miami | Florida Spectrum Miami | Florida Aqua Miami | Florida SOFA Expo | Chicago Art San Diego | California Art Market Hamptons | New York Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong | China Art Market San Francisco | California ​Art Boca Raton | Florida Naples Art Show | Florida Palm Beach Art Show | Florida Art Palm Beach | Florida LA Art Show | Los Angeles 2016 Scope Miami | Florida Red Dot Miami | Florida NY Art, Jewelry, & Antiques Fair | New York Houston Art Fair | Texas Art Aspen, Colorado Affordable Art Fair NY | New York Art Hamptons | New York LA Art Show | Los Angeles Works in the Getty Family Private Collection

    Detailed Description : Sculpture

  • Beau Dunn  (+)

    Biography : Beau Dunn is a contemporary artist, known for her buzzworthy photography and sculptures inspired by the paradox of childhood innocence, materialism, and consumerism. In 2010, Dunn had her first group exhibition at the Frederick R. Weisman Museum of Art in California. Dunn’s inspiration for her “Plastic” series and the development of her interest in art stemmed from her experience growing up in Los Angeles,”I got into art because of the whole idea of plastic people and materialism and how people in LA perceive themselves. It plays with what I grew up with and how they act,” said Dunn.

    Exhibition : Frederick R. Weisman Museum of Art in California 2010 Art of Elysium 2013, ACE Museum For your art, LACMA 2013 Pieces of Heaven, 2015 Art of Elysium Art Miami 2016 Scope 2017

    Detailed Description : Chromogenic prints with thousands of hand applied Swarovski crystals

  • Flore  (+)

    Biography : With studio space in Miami and New York, Flore has an outreach that spans globally. His Urban Cubism works have featured in three sold out shows this year in France, Japan and Los Angeles. Flore was one of Hublot's featured artist in 2016 and famously painted the runway for the Tommy x Gigi NYFW show in Venice. Flore’s work also sits in the permanent collection of the Nakamura Keith Haring Museum. Intentionally choosing words that leave room for multiple interpretations, Flore creates space for his viewers to develop their own narratives alongside evoking introspective emotive moments. While exploring those motifs, he platforms his deep influence from the late Keith Haring through graphic and text-heavy pieces that interpret the myriad experiences and nuances of the world. ‘Something Modern’ is Flore’s most recent body of work inspired by the artists love of mid century modern design and a deconstruction of the artists urban cubism series The series expresses pure thought in gesture and color and texture opposed to the words, faces and structure of the urban series. It is a freedom influenced heavy by De Kooning, CY Twombly & Jean Michael Basquiat.

    Exhibition : Scope, Miami 2016 Art Pampellone, St Tropez 2017 Scope, Miami 2017 Nakamura Keith Haring Museum, Tokyo, 2018 A perpetual compulsive repetition of words, Flore Solo Show - Art Angels Los Angeles, 2018

    Detailed Description : Something Modern Series Oil and crayon on Canvas

    Artist's Objects:

    •  Flore Flore - Looking Back Never Felt So Good Looking Back Never Felt So Good

  • Stikki Peaches  (+)

    Biography : The satirical and ironic work of Stikki Peaches has been seen in the urban areas of Paris, New York, Toronto, Los Angeles, Berlin, Stockholm and London. Gracing international public spaces with his pop-culture referenced street art, Stikki Peaches continues adding to his ongoing street tapestry in his hometown of Montreal, Canada. His style is rooted in a spirit of reusing and recycling, where a myriad of techniques are combined to reveal the influential figures of his childhood and of our current cultural phenomenons. His vibrant works are compositions of icons, political leaders, and mythical characters melded with punk symbols and tattoo styles, creating a startling juxtaposition of themes and aesthetics. Stikki Peaches sees art as an escape; an outlet that allows him to move away from what hinders his growth and expands his potential as both an artist and a person. From his early beginnings over a decade ago, his “What If Art Ruled The World?” tagline had every passer-by engaged in thought, while enjoying the embodiment and amalgamation of his unique and nostalgia-laced street art. “What if Art Ruled the World?” fits his scope as an artist as his pieces are placed in many blue chip collections and featured in exhibitions around the world. This question echoes the artist’s stance, suggesting that conflicts and disasters affecting our society would have no basis if the world were governed by artistic expression and appreciation. The artist invites the viewer to contemplate this effect and the importance of his belief. His unique way of engaging various formal techniques on canvas, without a doubt, add to the caché and desirability of his pieces.

    Exhibition : • “L’Union Fait La Force (Rebels with a Cause)” Solo Exhibition | Modus (Paris, France) 2018 • “The Bootleggers II – A Stikki Story Cont’d” Solo Exhibition | Station 16 Gallery (Montreal, CA) 2018 • Urban Art Fair | Galerie Le Royer (Paris, France) 2018 • Urvanity Art Fair | Station 16 Gallery (Spain) 2018 • Art Up Fair | Modus Gallery (Lille, France) 2018 • Scope Art Fair | Modus Gallery (Miami, Florida) 2017 • Juxtapoz Clubhouse | Station 16 (Miami, Florida) 2017 • No Commissions Art Fair | (Miami, Florida) 2017 • Moniker Art Fair | Station 16 Gallery (London, England) 2017 • “Le Muse Del Muro Rosso” Solo Pop-Up Exhibition | Martina’s Gallery (Milan, Italy) 2017 • “Beautanika–Wild Hearts Rebel Souls” Solo Popup Show | Galerie Le Royer (Mtl, CA) 2017 • “The Bootleggers – A Stikki Story” Solo Exhibition | Station 16 Gallery (Montreal, CA) 2017 • “Urvanity Art Fair” | Station 16 Gallery (Madrid, Spain) 2017 • “The Many Faces Of Mo’Z” | Station 16 Gallery (Montreal, CA) 2015 • “Scope Miami” | Station 16 Gallery (Miami, FL) 2015 • “RED Expressionism Group Show” | 19 Karen Contemporary Art Space (GoldCoast, AU) 2015 • “Scope NYC” | Station 16 Gallery (New York, USA) 2015

    Detailed Description : Mixed media on canvas with reclaimed wood boards and hand painted Tunisian tiles

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  • Jennie Vinter  (+)

    Biography : Jennie Vinter is a Los Angeles-based sculpting artist, known for her feminine life casting sculptures.Inspired by the various cultures and its differentiating view on nudity, she began experimenting with sculpting to express her own view on the body and its elements. All Jennie’s works are sculpted from women and left “unretouched”. Already the artists works sit in the collections of several high profile celebrities and blue chip collectors. This will be the the artists debut at an international art fair.

    Exhibition : Art Angels Los Angeles, Solo Show, June 2018 Art Angels Miami, Group Show, August 2018

    Detailed Description : Unique life casting sculptures with Resin, foam, feathers and nitro acrylic spray paint

    Artist's Objects:

    • Jennie  Vinter - Life Casting Sculptures Life Casting Sculptures

  • Russell Young  (+)

    Biography : Russell Young is a American-British Pop artist known for his large-scale silkscreen paintings of cultural icons. The artist is heavily influenced of by Pop Art pioneer Andy Warhol, Young owns a printmaking press once used by Warhol. Born on March 13, 1959 in York, United Kingdom, Young enrolled at the Chester Art College and the Exeter College of Art, where he studied graphic design, drawing, film, and photography. Moving to London to work as a photographer’s assistant afforded him an entrée into the world of commercial photography. As his reputation for celebrity portraiture grew, Young relocated to Los Angeles where he was soon directing music videos. In the 1990s, he moved away from photography to follow a new found interest in painting. Relocating to New York in 2000, Young captured the attention of the art world in 2003 with his Pig Portraits, a series of silk screens depicting celebrity mugshots which comment on the dark side of fame. He currently lives and works between Los Angeles, CA and New York.

    Exhibition : Russell Young has shown in galleries and museums in London, Paris, Vienna, Berlin, Tokyo, Singapore, New York, Detroit, Miami and Los Angeles. Works included in the collections of The Qatari Royal Family, Kate Moss, David Bowie, Liz Taylor, Barack Obama, The Albertina Museum, Brad Pitt and The Saatchi Collection.

    Detailed Description : Enamel and diamond dust screen print on linen

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