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Aurora Vigil-Escalera Art Gallery is based in Gijón, Asturias, Spain. The gallery opened its doors in 2015, when its director, Aurora Vigil-Escalera, decides to undertake a new project after 30 years of professional career in charge of Van Dyck Art Gallery, cultural and artistic reference both in Asturias and Spain.

Aurora opens this new gallery with a younger, more contemporary and demanding line than its predecessor, with the clear objective of defining in the medium and long term the purpose of positioning at a national and international level, a priority goal for her.

This is a young gallery, run by women, which since its opening in Asturias four years ago, is committed to artists with strong national and international projection, whose main disciplines are installation, painting, sculpture, photography and video which the gallery has managed to place in the main Spanish fairs of contemporary art. This is the case of Art Madrid, JustMAD and Estampa Contemporary Art Fair, all held in Madrid.

Once this purpose of consolidating the gallery in the main national art fairs has been achieved, Aurora Vigil-Escalera makes the leap to the international market in 2017, attending for the first time Art Lima Contemporary Art Fair. This fair which the gallery has attended for the third time this year, has meant for this new space its introduction into the Latin American art market.

Likewise, Lisbon, Portugal, has become the gallery's second international appointment since 2018. With this, Aurora Vigil-Escalera, after consolidating her artists in Spain, has set the objective of expanding her presence in the European market.

Aurora Vigil-Escalera is well aware of the capacity that art has as an element of cohesion with other disciplines. For this reason, many of the exhibitions held in the gallery have had the support of various professionals from other fields of culture, such as literature, music, philosophy and dance.
The important work carried out by national and international art critics and curators is well known and valued by the gallery. For this reason, the exhibitions, which are always accompanied by a printed and digital catalogue, feature texts by important critics and curators, both consolidated and amateur, such as Antonio Muñoz Molina, Rubén Suárez, Christian Caujolle, Alejandro Castellote, Francesc Polop, among others.

In addition, the synergies and collaborations carried out with other museums, institutions and galleries, with which Aurora Vigil-Escalera collaborates assiduously, only strengthen its strong commitment to contemporary art. This is the case of the gallery's active participation as a member of the IAC (Institute of Contemporary Art), as well as the Consortium of Contemporary Art Galleries, two important Spanish associations dedicated to the implementation of good practices and the promotion of a new social perception of current Spanish art. Within this involvement with contemporary art, the recent appointment of Aurora Vigil-Escalera as President of the Association of Galleries of Asturias, a newly created initiative in the region for the protection and defence of contemporary art, should also be highlighted.

Cadmium Red II - Ismael  Lagares

Ismael Lagares Cadmium Red II

Red VI - Ismael  Lagares

Ismael Lagares Red VI

Orange II - Ismael  Lagares

Ismael Lagares Orange II

Cadmium Red II - Ismael  Lagares

Ismael Lagares Cadmium Red II

Blue and Yellow II - Ismael  Lagares

Ismael Lagares Blue and Yellow II

P 63 -  Herminio Álvarez

Herminio Álvarez P 63

R 44 -  Herminio Álvarez

Herminio Álvarez R 44

La Ciudad Ideal -  Gorka García

Gorka García La Ciudad Ideal

Art. 53 -  Gorka García

Gorka García Art. 53

20.julio.2019 -  David Rodríguez Caballero

David Rodríguez Caballero 20.julio.2019

15.junio.2017 -  David Rodríguez Caballero

David Rodríguez Caballero 15.junio.2017

Inter-Acciones 12 - Dionisio González

Dionisio González Inter-Acciones 12

Dauphin 1 - Dionisio González

Dionisio González Dauphin 1

Atlas (Glacier Pink) - Santiago Picatoste

Santiago Picatoste Atlas (Glacier Pink)

Atlas (Pink) - Santiago Picatoste

Santiago Picatoste Atlas (Pink)

Atlas (Yellow) - Santiago Picatoste

Santiago Picatoste Atlas (Yellow)

Atlas (Turquoise) - Santiago Picatoste

Santiago Picatoste Atlas (Turquoise)

Atlas (Black) - Santiago Picatoste

Santiago Picatoste Atlas (Black)

Sirius Aérea -  Pablo Armesto

Pablo Armesto Sirius Aérea

Starlight -  Pablo Armesto

Pablo Armesto Starlight

Gravitación lenticular -  Pablo Armesto

Pablo Armesto Gravitación lenticular

Estelar -  Pablo Armesto

Pablo Armesto Estelar

Pablo Armesto, Estelar 23.8.50, 145 x 36 x 44 cm, lacquered DMF, varnish, optical fiber, matt stainless steel and LED -  Pablo Armesto

Pablo Armesto Pablo Armesto, Estelar 23.8.50, 145 x 36 x 44 cm, lacquered DMF, varnish, optical fiber, matt stainless steel and LED

Ámbito -  Juan Genovés

Juan Genovés Ámbito

Asimetría -  Juan Genovés

Juan Genovés Asimetría

Acorde -  Juan Genovés

Juan Genovés Acorde

Arpegio -  Juan Genovés

Juan Genovés Arpegio

Ápice -  Juan Genovés

Juan Genovés Ápice

Font and Font -  Jorge Hernández

Jorge Hernández Font and Font

Tormenta -  Jorge Hernández

Jorge Hernández Tormenta

El Coleccionista (II) -  Jorge Hernández

Jorge Hernández El Coleccionista (II)

Glamour IV -  Jorge Hernández

Jorge Hernández Glamour IV

Empty -  Jorge Hernández

Jorge Hernández Empty

Yellow X - Ismael  Lagares

Ismael Lagares Yellow X

Untitled - Ismael  Lagares

Ismael Lagares Untitled

Red - Ismael  Lagares

Ismael Lagares Red

Red - Ismael  Lagares

Ismael Lagares Red

Ocher Almagre XXII - Ismael  Lagares

Ismael Lagares Ocher Almagre XXII

Blue XX - Ismael  Lagares

Ismael Lagares Blue XX

Miramar -  Carlos Albert

Carlos Albert Miramar

Chama -  Carlos Albert

Carlos Albert Chama

All we have is dream -  Carlos Albert

Carlos Albert All we have is dream

Indigo -  Carlos Albert

Carlos Albert Indigo

Inti -  Carlos Albert

Carlos Albert Inti

Yellow X - Ismael  Lagares

Ismael Lagares Yellow X

Eclipse -  Pablo Armesto

Pablo Armesto Eclipse

Exhibiting Artists

  • Carlos Albert  (+)

    Biography : CARLOS ALBERT. Madrid, Spain. 1978. - Bachelor Degree and PhD (DEA) in Fine Arts; Faculty of Fine Arts in Madrid. (U.C.M.), 2001 and 2003. -Course 1999-2000 at the University Camberwell College of Arts (The London Institute), in London.

    Exhibition : SOLO EXHIBITIONS.
    2019 - “Light´s Shadows”. Private space and Gables International Plaza, Coral Gables, Florida (Miami), USA.
    - “Chateau Charles”. Aquilaluna Gallery. Pepinster, Belgium.
    2018 - “Tollenberg Gardens”. Aquilaluna Gallery. Anvers. Belgium.
    - “The Reflected Space”. 100 Kubik Gallery. Cologne. Germany.
    - Miguel Echauri Foundation. Pamplona.
    2017 - Aquilaluna Gallery. Het-Zoute-Knokke. Belgium.
    - Val Dieu Abbey. Aquilaluna Gallery. Belgium.
    - 100 Kubik Gallery. Cologne, Germany.
    2016 - “Albert: 2012-2016”. Contemporary Art Museum Infanta Elena. Ciudad Real. Spain.
    - “Sculptures in Freedom”. Outdoors exhibition. Félix Ortiz´s Garden. “Hay Festival”. Segovia. Spain.
    - Aurora Vigil-Escalera Gallery. Gijón. Spain.
    - “Forged thoughts”. Jordi Pascual Gallery. Barcelona. Spain.
    2015 - “Reflects”. Outdoors Exhibition in the town of Aranda de Duero. Spain
    - Karlsruhe Art Fair. Solo Project. 100 Kubik Gallery. Germany.
    2014 - “Begegnung”. 100 Kubik Gallery. Cologne. Germany.
    2013 - “Zeichnen im Raum”. 100 Kubik Gallery. Cologne. Germany.
    - “Paralelisms”. Teknon. VÍctor Lope Gallery. Barcelona. Spain.
    2012 - Miguel Echauri II Foundation. Pamplona. Spain.
    - Atlántica Gallery. La Coruña. Spain.
    2011 - “Forged Spaces III”. Bat Alberto Cornejo Gallery. Madrid. Spain.
    2010 - “Forged Spaces II”. Bat Alberto Cornejo Gallery. Madrid.
    2008 - Atlántica Centro de Arte, La Coruña. Spain
    - “Encounters”. Cuatro Diecisiete Gallery. Madrid. Spain.
    2006 - “Forged Spaces”. Cuatro Diecisiete Gallery. Madrid. Spain.
    2019 - “Art Marbella Fair”. Aurora Vigil-Escalera Gallery. Spain.
    - “XIII Art Biennial of Havana”; Project “Behind the Wall”. Havana, Cuba.
    - “Eurantica Art Fair”. Aquilaluna Gallery. Brussels, Belgique.
    2018 - “Context Art Miami 2018”. Ansorena Gallery. Miami, USA.
    - “Arte Padova 2018”. Nino Sindoni Gallery. Italy.
    - “Karlsruhe Art Fair”

    Detailed Description : The evocative capacity and connection with the spectator, as well as the experimentation with industrial materials, and the different colorations, patinas and finishes are very present in Carlos Albert's sculptures. This artist perfectly exemplifies the union of tradition and modernity. Forged iron and corten steel - the materials par excellence of his sculpture - take on a leading role in his production. The work of these elements has an ancestral part where the material itself becomes a challenge. The artist softens, folds and tames the profiles of iron and steel to bring them exactly to the point he decides, as did great sculptors such as Chirino, Carlos' master, and Chillida, both indisputable references in Albert's work. Like them, this sculptor remains faithful to the forge and the anvil, but renewing his plastic language through finishes of great chromatic intensity, unusual in this type of work, as has been seen recently in Malecon Promenade, at this year's Havana Biennial.

    Artist's Documents:

    Artist's Objects:

    •  Carlos Albert - Inti Inti
    •  Carlos Albert - Indigo Indigo
    •  Carlos Albert - All we have is dream All we have is dream
    •  Carlos Albert - Chama Chama
    •  Carlos Albert - Miramar Miramar

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  • Pablo Armesto  (+)

    Biography : Pablo Armesto Schaffhausen. Suiza, 1970

    Exhibition : INDIVIDUAL EXHIBITIONS (selection)

    2018 "Stella Regente" Regente Hotel. La Noche en Blanco. Oviedo, Spain.
    "Alborada" Aurora Vigil-Escalera Art Gallery. Gijón, Spain.
    "Más que luz" Marlborough Gallery, Barcelona.
    2017 "Lumier" Azur Gallery. Spá Belgium.
    "Eureka" FMCEUP Gijón, Asturias. Spain
    2016 "Luz sobre blanco" Marlborough Gallery, Madrid. Spain.
    "Entreluces" Ármaga Gallery. León. Spain.
    "Con luz propia" "As Quintas", La Caridad. Asturias. Spain
    2014 "Nubes y Claros" Gema Llamazares Gallery, Gijón. Asturias. Spain
    2013 "Material / Intangible" Marlborough Gallery, Madrid. Spain
    2012 "Blanca Luz" Marlborough Gallery, Barcelona. Spain.
    "...en blanco" Lola Orato Gallery, Oviedo. Spain.
    2011 "White Light" Marlborough Gallery, Madrid. Spain
    2010 "Lines of light" Instituto Jovellanos. Gijón, Asturias. Spain
    2009 "Inside, the rain" Barjola Museum, Gijón, Asturias. Spain
    2007 "Entrelíneas" Antón Museum. Candás, Asturias. Spain
    "Step by step" Prince's Gardens in Covadonga, Asturias. Spain
    "Nel Camín" Cajastur, Itinerant: Mieres, Avilés and Gijón. Spain
    2005: "Sueños de papel", Benicassim, Castellón, Spain
    2004 "Luz interior", Espacio Líquido Gallery. Gijón. Spain
    "Punto de encuentro", Astragal Gallery. Gijón. Spain
    2001 "Los Umbrales del tiempo" Antiguo Instituto Jovellanos, Gijón. Spain
    "Los Umbrales de la existencia" C.C. de Avilés. Spain
    "EUREKA" Piece/electronics, Phonotics 2000. Gijón. Spain
    "From blue to green" 22 Zero Zero. Gijón. Spain
    2000 "Punto de Ruptura" Ateneo de La Calzada. Gijón. Spain
    "Punto de Partida", Cultural Centre of Pola de Lena, Asturias. Spain

    GROUP EXHIBITIONS (selection)

    2019 Classic and Contemporary Marlborough Gallery NY. Barcelona
    Art Marbella. 2019. Galería Aurora Vigil-Escalera. Marbella, Málaga. Spain
    Inside. Marlborough Gallery NY. Madrid. Spain
    Master Piece. Maison DÀrt. London
    Just XLisbon 2019. Aurora Vigil-Escalera Art Gallery. Lisbon. Portugal
    Kimono-Joya. Embajada de España en Japón. Tokio. Japan.

    Detailed Description : Pablo Armesto is a visual artist who develops his work since 1997 in several formats, among which the engraving, installation, electronic art and public art. Most of the prizes and grants he has received are related to sculpture and intervention in public spaces, through site-specific interventions. There is a technological aspect very present in Pablo’s work. He has training as an industrial professional which involves design of circuits, numerical control, production processes through mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic ... He has always been very interested in all processes related to design. Pablo starts working with light in 2004. These are works that the creator calls "geometries of light". With LED and fiber optic systems combined with wood and lacquered metals, the luminescence that gives its own identity to the work is achieved. "They are allegories of what is hidden and what is not seen. More than matter what matters to him is the invisible, the energy that builds or forms any structure that sustains what we finally see» He presents some pieces that remind us of stars, vegetal compositions, mandalas and ice crystals always seeking beauty in the most basic forms.

    Artist's Documents:

    Artist's Objects:

    •  Pablo Armesto - Eclipse Eclipse
    •  Pablo Armesto - Pablo Armesto, Estelar 23.8.50, 145 x 36 x 44 cm, lacquered DMF, varnish, optical fiber, matt stainless steel and LED Pablo Armesto, Estelar 23.8.50, 145 x 36 x 44 cm, lacquered DMF, varnish, optical fiber, matt stainless steel and LED
    •  Pablo Armesto - Estelar Estelar
    •  Pablo Armesto - Gravitación lenticular Gravitación lenticular
    •  Pablo Armesto - Starlight Starlight
    •  Pablo Armesto - Sirius Aérea Sirius Aérea

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  • Juan Genovés  (+)

    Biography : JUAN GENOVÉS Valencia, 1930 Trained at the Valencia Art College Genovés was always an inquiring painter, concerned both with the need to renovate Spanish art and also with the function of art and the artist in society. His firm conviction that art was transforming, and his concern for his environment lead him to join several important movements in the post war Spanish art scene: Los Siete (The Seven) 1949, Parpallós (1956) and Hondo (1960). It was in this last group that presented a new approach to figurative painting opposing Informalism, that Genovés developed a style of painting that was expressionist and provocative. During the sixties Genovés had a creative crisis which he got over quickly. He became very involved in the opposition movements of the time against the Franco regime. He started to consider two subjects in his painting: the “individual” which he represented through collage and “the crowd” which he painted in flat colours and in a cinematographic style. The latter style, which developed into political realism with a strong underlying current of social compromise and criticism of the dictatorship, was achieved by the manipulation of images from the media. In the eighties Genovés started a new period in his painting in which he focused on the urban landscape, reducing it to a chromatic range of greys, blues and ochres to make up “spaces of loneliness”. In recent years he has investigated, through his work, the static movement in painting and “the crowd” has become a reference to talk about the problem of painting and visual rhythm. He has been awarded the Honourable Mention at the XXXIII Venice Biennial in 1966, the Gold Medal at the VI San Marino International Biennial in 1967, the International Marzotto Prize in 1968, the Spanish National Art Prize in 1984, the Valencian Art Prize in 2002, the Gold medal for merit in the Arts by the Spanish Culture Department in 2005.

    Exhibition : 2019 Genovés + Genovés. Aurora Vigil-Escalera Art Gallery. Gijón, Asturias. Spain
    La unidad dividida por cero. Centro Niemeyer. Avilés. Asturias. Spain
    2018 La intensidad del silencio, Patio Herreriano Museum of Valladolid, Valladolid
    Irreversible, obra gráfica reciente, Marlborough Gallery, Barcelona
    Recent Paintings. Marlborough Gallery New York, New York, USA
    2017 Aledaños, obra gráfica reciente, Marlborough Gallery Madrid
    2016 Juan Genovés: Recent Paintings, Marlborough Gallery, New York, USA
    Juan Genovés. Ir y volver Aurora Vigil Escalera Art Gallery, Gijón, Spain
    Multitudes en transformación, Art Nueve Gallery, Murcia
    Multitudes. Las Claras Cajamurcia Cultural Centre, Murcia
    2015 Juan Genovés. Multitudes. Museum of Contemporary Art Gas Natural Fenosa, MAC, La Coruña
    2014 Juan Genovés. Recent Paintings. Marlborough Fine Art, London, United Kingdom
    XXVII Biennale des Antiquaires de Paris. Grand Palais, Paris, France
    Anar i tornar. Marlborough Gallery, Barcelona
    2013 Obra reciente. Marlborough Gallery Madrid, Madrid
    Crowds. Carmen Center, Valencia
    Crowds. À cent mètres du centre du monde, Centre d'Art Contemporain, Perpignan, France
    2012 Marlborough Gallery New York, New York, USA
    A retrospective. Naples Museum of Art, Naples, Florida, USA
    2011 Mayoral Gallery, Barcelona
    2009 Recent Paintings. Marlborough Gallery Chelsea, New York, USA
    Memoria. Marlborough Gallery Madrid, Madrid
    Recent Paintings. Marlborough Fine Art London, London, England
    2007 Recent Paintings. Marlborough Gallery New York, New York, USA
    Marlborough Gallery Madrid, Madrid
    Salvador Victoria Museum, Rubielos de Mora, Teruel
    2006 Retrospectiva. Almudí Palace Art Centre, Murcia
    2005 Punto Gallery, Valencia
    Pintures, dibuixos i escultures (1994-2004). Bancaja Foundation, Valencia
    La Mirada-grito. Zaragoza Gráfica, Zaragoza
    KUR Gallery, San Sebastián
    Obra reciente. Marlborough Gallery Madrid, Madrid
    2003 Caminos. Arte y Naturaleza, IVAM, Valencia
    Sueños y Secuencias. Isabel de Far

    Detailed Description : Juan Genovés, trained at the School of Fine Arts in Valencia, has been, since the beginning, a restless painter concerned with the need to renew Spanish art, as well as about the role of art and artist in society. The works of Juan Genovés were a symbol of the struggle for freedom in our country. That's why talking about Genovés is talking about the recent history of Spain. With the advent of democracy his work continued to have that social and ethical commitment that has persited until his more recent works. The painting of Genovés is framed in the line of social realism with an expressionist and provocative style. Genovés is one of the Spanish painters with more international recognition and author of the famous painting El abrazo, considered the most representative work of the Spanish political and social transition. From the beginning of his professional career, Genovés has been a restless painter who was concerned both with the need to renew Spanish art and with the role of art and the artist in society. As a consequence, his firm conviction about transforming art and his commitment to the environment, led him to be part of very significant groups in the Spanish post-war scene, such as Los Siete (1949), Parpallós (1956) and Hondo (1960). Also in this last group, that meant new figurative approaches against the Informalismo, Genovés developed a painting of expressionist and provocative character. In the case of the works that we present in Context Art Miami, it is graphic work very much intervened by the artist, which have been signed and serialized by hand by him. It is a series of 10 copies in which the intervention is always different in each artwork, so that each and every one of them is an unique and unrepeatable work. Juan Genovés has been awarded the Honorable Mention (XXXIII Biennale of Venice, 1966), the Gold Medal (VI Biennale Internazionale de San Marino, 1967), the Marzotto Internazionale Prize (1968), the National Prize for Plastic Art

    Artist's Objects:

    •  Juan Genovés - Ápice Ápice
    •  Juan Genovés - Arpegio Arpegio
    •  Juan Genovés - Acorde Acorde
    •  Juan Genovés - Asimetría Asimetría
    •  Juan Genovés - Ámbito Ámbito

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  • Jorge Hernández  (+)

    Biography : JORGE HERNÁNDEZ Huelva, 1973. Graduated in Fine Arts at University of Seville in 1996.

    My Name´s Lolita Art Gallery 2018
    María Victoria Atencia Centre. Málaga 2017.
    Víctor Lope Gallery, Barcelona 2016
    My Name´s Lolita Art Gallery. Madrid 2015
    Daniel Vázquez Díaz Scholarship. Museum of Huelva.2014
    Piretti Art Gallery. Knokke Le Zoute, Belgium. 2014
    My Name's Lolita Art Gallery.2012
    María Llanos Gallery. Cáceres.2011
    Isabel Ignacio Gallery. Seville. 2010
    Quattro Gallery. Leiria. Portugal. 2010.
    Arts Center of Seville. CAS.2008
    JustLX Lisbon 2019
    JustmadX Art Fair. Madrid, Spain. 2019
    Estampa Contemporary Art Fair. Madrid, Spain. 2018
    Art Marbella Modern & Contemporary Art Show 2018 and 2019 Marbella, Spain
    Justmad Art Fair. Madrid, Spain. 2018
    Scope Miami Art Fair. Miami, USA. 2017
    Lima Art Fair. Lima, Peru. 2017
    Justmad Art Fair. Madrid, Spain. 2017.
    Aurora Vigil-Escalera Art Gallery. “Figuración Contemporánea”. 2016
    Museum of Modern Art, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. 2016
    ArFair Cologne. Germany. 2016
    Swab International Art Fair. Barcelona 2016 and 2017
    Art Marbella Modern & Contemporary Art Show. Marbella, Spain. 2015 and 2016
    Art Bodensee.Víctor Lope Gallery. Austria. 2016
    Just Mad7 Art Fair. Madrid, Spain. 2016
    30+1 Aurora Vigil-Escalera Art Gallery. Gijón, Spain. 2015
    Swab International Art Fair. Barcelona, Spain. 2015
    Víctor Lope Gallery, Barcelona, Spain. 2015
    Aurora Vigil-Escalera Art Gallery. Gijón, Spain. 2015
    Art Mabella Modern & Contemporary Art Show. 2014
    Summa International Art Fair. Madrid. 2014
    ARCO International Fair. Madrid, Spain. 2014
    Trama Gallery. Geneva, Switzerland. 2013
    ARCO International Art Fair, Madrid. 2013
    Just Miami. Miami, USA. 2012
    Affordable Art Fair. Hamburg. 2012
    Birimbao Gallery. Seville, Spain. 2012
    International Art Fair Just Mad3. Madrid, Spain. 2012.
    FOROSUR Art Fair 2011. Cáceres, Spain. 2011.
    Lisbon Art Fair. María Llanos Gallery. Lisbon, Portugal. 2010 and 2011.
    Hartmann Gallery. Barcelona. 2011

    Detailed Description : Jorge Hernández "immobilizes" his painting under industrial materials, in this case using a shiny layer of polyester resin. Thus, his chromatic ranges and agile brushstrokes retain the scenes inspired by the cinematic aesthetics of the 1940s and 1950s. This artist constantly investigates the human condition in his work, exploring the possibilities of pop aesthetics and the influence that outstanding figures such as Hopper or Hockney have exerted on his work. To do so, he appropriates an imaginary taken mainly from social networks and whose findings Jorge captures, in a single frame, through intimate stories full of decontextualizations, blurs and cinematographic shots that are disconcerting but at the same time, suggestive and attractive. The decontextualized and out of place elements that comprise them cause bewilderment generating environments of metaphysical dyes and an air of reverie, as well as Technicolor chromatisms, these works refer to Hollywood scenes so that the audience that stands before the canvases appears to peek at a cinema screen. With numerous exhibitions behind him, Jorge Hernández has participated in individual and collective exhibitions in Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, San Sebastian ... and outside Spain in countries like Switzerland, Belgium, England, London, Portugal, France and Brussels. He has also been present at fairs such as Summa Art Fair, ARCO, Just Mad, ForoSur Cáceres and the Lisbon Art Fair and Context Art Miami. Finally Jorge Hernandez has numerous awards and grants to his credit, including the Vázquez Díaz Grant awarded to him by the Diputación de Huelva in 2012, and more recently the First Prize at the LIX National Painting Hall City of Ayamonte , 2016, or the Mention of Honor International Painting Contest Ramón Portillo, in Motril, 2015.

    Artist's Documents:

    Artist's Objects:

    •  Jorge Hernández - Empty Empty
    •  Jorge Hernández - Glamour IV Glamour IV
    •  Jorge Hernández - El Coleccionista (II) El Coleccionista (II)
    •  Jorge Hernández - Tormenta Tormenta
    •  Jorge Hernández - Font and Font Font and Font

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  • Ismael Lagares  (+)

    Biography : Ismael Lagares, Huelva, Spain, 1978

    Exhibition : SOLO EXHIBITIONS (selection)
    Como el fuego de la pólvora. Aurora Vigil-Escalera Art Gallery. 2019
    FROM...TO, Sala de la Provincia, Huelva. 2017
    Aurora Vigil Escalera Art Gallery, Gijón. 2016
    Galería Birimbao, Sevilla. 2015
    Casa Colón, LA ETERNIDAD DEL CONQUERO, Huelva. 2014
    MAG, Mustang Art Gallery, Elche, Alicante. 2012
    Galería LUIS ADELANTADO, PAPER´S SHIP, Valencia. 2011
    Galería Volúbilis, SOUTHWEST // SUROESTE, Marbella. 2010
    Espacio Creativo LA BAÑERA, II Rombos, Sevilla. 2009
    Museo Vázquez Díaz, CUANDO EL RÍO SUENA… Nerva. 2009
    Galería Félix Gómez, A MEDIA LUZ, Sevilla. 2006
    GROUP EXHIBITIONS (selection)
    Legacy Fine Art Gallery, Panama. 2019
    Belvedere Art Space Gallery, Lebanon.2019
    Frederic Got Gallery, Paris. 2019
    Aurora- Vigil Escalera Art Gallery, Spain.2019
    Frederic Got Gallery, Paris. 2018
    Aurora-Vigil Escalera Art Gallery. Spain. 2018
    Square House Gallery, Bogota .2017
    Aurora-Vigil-Escalera Art Gallery, Spain. 2017
    Casa Cuadrada Gallery, Bogota. 2016
    Aurora Vigil-Escalera Gallery, Gijón. 2016
    CAC, Malaga. 2015
    Infanta Elena Museum,
    Tome l loso, Ciudad Real. 2014
    Courtyard Gallery Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 2014
    ARCO, Provincial Council of Huelva. 2013
    ARCO, LUIS ADELANTADO Gallery Madrid. 2012
    MACO, LUIS ADELANTADO Gallery, Mexico DF. 2012
    ARCO, LUIS ADELANTADO Gallery, Madrid. 2011
    MACO, LUIS ADELANTADO Gallery, Mexico DF. 2011
    Casa de Vacas, Retiro Park, Madrid. 2010
    UNIA, Lisbon, Portugal. 2009
    Casa de Vacas, Retiro Park, Madrid. 2007

    Detailed Description : Ismael Lagares is one of the youngest painters with great projection in the national and international scene. He usually develops his work in large format painting, with expressionist style and a considerable material load. Due to its experimental methodology, it has a colorful, vibrant, fast and loose style that often goes into abstraction. Color is one of the elements that stands out in his work. Ismael Lagares uses a fresh and luminous palette, full of bright colors: intense yellow, fuchsia pink, light green, electric blue ... This chromatic variety causes irreversible mood changes, creating spaces that invite us to explore and let ourselves be carried by the visual sensations. Not only is color the protagonist, matter and technique are of vital importance as well. He has an infinite curiosity to experiment with different possibilities using putties and resins. Lagares plays with the pictorial density of his works either by excess or moderation, heavy brushstrokes laden with matter give way to soft brush strokes, creating a fragile and resounding scenario at the same time. The support acquires equal importance in this, the artist favors in his last works the use of the paper, since it allows him to play with texture and to use it like a skin that folds, wrinkles or expands in contact with the painting. With regards to technique, it is impossible not to draw similarities with Pollock. Movement and gesture all over the surface, remembering the uncontrolled dance that Jackson did in his study, imbued in a kind of state outside reason that came out at the end of the work. Some of that is in the process of Ismael's creation, the stand sleeps on the floor while the artist dwells in his world, staining the picture, surrounded by different subjects that turn his studio into a laboratory of imagined variants.

    Artist's Documents:

    Artist's Objects:

    • Ismael  Lagares - Yellow X Yellow X
    • Ismael  Lagares - Blue XX Blue XX
    • Ismael  Lagares - Ocher Almagre XXII Ocher Almagre XXII
    • Ismael  Lagares - Red Red
    • Ismael  Lagares - Red Red
    • Ismael  Lagares - Untitled Untitled
    • Ismael  Lagares - Yellow X Yellow X
    • Ismael  Lagares - Blue and Yellow II Blue and Yellow II
    • Ismael  Lagares - Cadmium Red II Cadmium Red II
    • Ismael  Lagares - Orange II Orange II
    • Ismael  Lagares - Red VI Red VI
    • Ismael  Lagares - Cadmium Red II Cadmium Red II

    Also exhibited by:

    Also represented by:

  • Santiago Picatoste  (+)

    Biography : Santiago Picatoste 1971 Palma de Mallorca, Spain

    Exhibition : 2017
    MIMESIS Galería 3 Punts, Barcelona.
    ATLAS Aurora Vigil-Escalera Galería de Arte, Gijón.
    MAGNET Xavier Fiol Gallery, Alaró, Mallorca
    REWARD Kike Keller Gallery, Madrid.
    CAMOUFLAGE, site-specific, Animal Maker Studios, Madrid.
    CAMOUFLAGE Unicaja Foundation Joaquín Peinado Museum,
    Ronda, Málaga, Curated by Emilia Garrido.
    CHIRAL, Villa Friede - Bonn, Alemania, Curated by, Dieter Ronte &
    Carlos Jover.
    JELLY Casal Solleric, Curated by: Carlos Jover, David Barro &
    Dieter Ronte.
    FROM DRAWINGS & SEQUENCES Casa de la Provincia, Sevilla Spain.
    FROM DRAWINGS, Museum CUC Fundación Unicaja, Cádiz Spain.
    FROM DRAWINGS, Sala Siglo – Fundación Unicaja, Málaga Spain.
    PSYCO show room, A-Cero, curated by Elena Fernández Manrique, Madrid Spain.
    CRYSTALLIZED, Moriarty Gallery, Madrid
    REFLECTED LIGHTS Edicions 6A gallery, Palma de Mallorca, Spain.
    PROJETC ROOM, Espacio Atlántico, Xavier Fiol gallery, Vigo, Spain.
    CHOROPHYLL, Isabel Hurley gallery, Málaga, Spain.
    La Giarina gallery PETROL, Verona, Italy.
    LATIN COLLECTOR Gallery, PETROL, Manhattan. NY.
    (to coincide with the inauguration of this space). Madrid. Spain
    ASBAEK Gallery. Copenhagen. Denmark.
    SENDA Gallery. “Espai 292. Barcelona. Spain
    MÁRIO SEQUEIRA Gallery. Braga. Portugal.
    ASBAEK Gallery. Centro Cultural Andratx. Permanent exhibition.
    Palma de Mallorca. Spain.
    XAVIER FIOL Gallery, “Surrounding”. Palma de Mallorca. Spain
    ASBAEK Gallery. Centro Cultural Andratx.Permanent exhibition.
    Palma de Mallorca. Spain.
    ASBAEK Gallery. Copenhagen. Denmark.
    ASBAEK Gallery. Centro Cultural Andratx. Permanent exhibition.
    Palma de Mallorca. Spain
    MORIARTY Gallery. Madrid. Spain
    XAVIER FIOL Gallery. Palma de Mallorca. Spain.
    ASBAEK Gallery. Centro Cultural Andratx. Permanent exhibition.
    Palma de Mallorca. Spain.
    XAVIER FIOL Gallery. Palma de Mallorca. Spain.
    XAVIER FIOL Gallery.”Hotel y arte. Se

    Detailed Description : His pictorial production delves into the psychology of form and color and the sensory and aesthetic experience through it. These colorful abstractions that Picatoste groups under the term Atlas, are conceived as metaphoric landscapes in which the artist shows his mastery of color and traditional techniques of painting, and the combination of these with industrial materials such as methacrylate, which Serves as support for the entire exhibition. Among these methacrylate plates, the artist condenses and freezes the movement, the gesture, the form, similar to what happens when a sample is placed under the microscope lens to be analyzed, as described by the artist himself when speaking of his work. There is no doubt that color is the main protagonist in the pieces of Santiago Picatoste. Blacks, yellows, pinks, blues, serve as background and in turn envelop an absolutely suggestive and vibrant painting, heir to abstract expressionism and imbued in a new post-pictorial abstraction, with links to Pop Art or graffiti. Picatoste is one of the artists with more national and international projection of the gallery. His solid track record has made him a participant in the most relevant fairs inside and outside our borders. This is the case, for example, at ARCO, a fair in which it has participated since 2002, or at international fairs such as Art Verona or Art Bologna in Italy, SP Art in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Karlsruhe Art Fair in Germany, or Pinta and Pulse, In New York, to name a few. He has been awarded a grant by the Fundación Pilar and Joan Miró in Palma de Mallorca and La Casa de Velázquez in Madrid. His work has earned him awards such as the IBERART International Painting Prize, ABC Madrid Museum & The Griffin Gallery in London, the international sculpture award The Gabbarron Foundation Sculpture in the United States and in 2019 he earned the Scholarship of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome, becoming the first Spanish artist to win this award

    Artist's Documents:

    Artist's Objects:

    • Santiago Picatoste - Atlas (Black) Atlas (Black)
    • Santiago Picatoste - Atlas (Turquoise) Atlas (Turquoise)
    • Santiago Picatoste - Atlas (Yellow) Atlas (Yellow)
    • Santiago Picatoste - Atlas (Pink) Atlas (Pink)
    • Santiago Picatoste - Atlas (Glacier Pink) Atlas (Glacier Pink)

    Also exhibited by:

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Other Represented Artists

  • Herminio  (+)

    Biography : Herminio La Caridad, Asturias, Spain. 1945

    Exhibition : SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2019 Los Pasos de Herminio...Aurora Vigil-Escalera Art Gallery. Gijón. Spain 2017 Herminio. Cayón Gallery. 2017. 2016 Herminio. Aurora Vigil-Escalera Art Gallery. Gijón. Spain 2015 Herminio. Dibujos y esculturas. Candás Sculpture Centre, Antón Museum. Asturias. 2014 Herminio. Sucesiones rojas/sucesiones blancas. Cayón Gallery. Madrid. Inmanencia. Space Expression. Miami. 2012 Gemoetría del espacio. Niemeyer Center. Avilés. 2011 Gema Llamazares Gallery. Gijón. 2010 Ingravidez. Cayón Gallery. Madrid. 2008 Gema Llamazares Gallery. Gijón. Retrospectiva. Asturias Museum of Fine Arts. Oviedo. 2007 Art Miami. Miami USA Nery Mariño Gallery. Paris. 2006 Public sculpture for "La senda de los 12 puentes". Vegadeo. Toro Gallery. Granada. Pedro Torres Gallery. Logroño. Sudoh Museum Gallery. Tokyo. 2005 Vertice Gallery. Oviedo. 2004 Pedro Peña Art Gallery. Marbella. 2003 Vertice Gallery. Oviedo. House of Culture. La Caridad. Caracol Gallery. Valladolid. 2002 House of Culture. Vegadeo. Marqués de Casariego Institute. Tapia de Casariego. 2000 Barjola Museum. Gijón. Vértice Gallery. Oviedo. 1999 Municipal Foundation of Culture, Education and Popular University. Gijón. 1998 Vertice Gallery. Oviedo. Museum of La Rioja. Logroño. 1997 Benedet Gallery. Oviedo. Amaga Gallery. Avilés. José Cataluña Gallery. Santander. 1996 House of Culture. Charity. Lyceum. Betanzos. Galicia. 1995 Jarrio Hospital. Navia. Asturias. José Cataluña Gallery. Santander. 1994 Cornión Gallery. Gijón. 1993 Benedet Gallery. Oviedo. Amaga Gallery. Avilés. 1992 Houses of Culture. La Caridad, Navia, Tapia de Casariego, Castrillón and Castillo de Valdés, Salas. GROUP EXHIBITIONS 2019 Estampa Contemporary Art Fair. Aurora Vigil-Escalera Art Gallery. Madrid. Spain Art Lima. Aurora Vigil-Escalera Art Gallery. Lima. Peru Art Madrid. Aurora Vigil-Staircase Art Gallery. Madrid. Spain 2018 30+4. Aurora Vigil-Escalera Art Gallery. Gijón. Spain Art Marbella Modern & Contemporary Art

    Detailed Description : The search as motivation is one of the needs of Herminio’s artistic production. The artist works and experiments with diverse materials, textures and colors, along with multiple supports that contain, encompass, reflect, support and distribute his creations in all possible spaces, where they generate their own habitat, with its small subtleties and enormous magnetisms, which introduce us into an atmosphere that radiates both magic and fascination, with minimal, suprematist and kinetic tints. His pieces acquire such surprising plastic results that their performance resembles a geometrician applying constructivist and minimalist concepts, to execute works that attract and absorb those who contemplate them; perhaps this powerful force is intangible but physically observable by the viewer’s visual perception.

    Artist's Documents:

    Artist's Objects:

    •  Herminio Álvarez - R 44 R 44
    •  Herminio Álvarez - P 63 P 63

  • Gorka García  (+)

    Biography : Gorka García Herrera, 1982 Bachelor of Fine Arts by the EHU/UPV, Spain. 2005 Holding a Fine Art Degree by the Basque Country University, Gorka moves to Italy for a year through a scholarship which allowed him to attend one of his academic years at the Academy of fine arts of Ravenna. After finishing his undergraduate studies, his training continues at the studio of painter Alejandro Quincoces and later on he received, among others, the «Beca de Pintores pensionados del Palacio Quintanar» (Segovia), or scholarship ‘Fundación Antonio Gala para Jóvenes Creadores’ (Córdoba). He has also participated in numerous FLECHA editions, as well as in the emerging arts Salon of GetxoArte.

    Exhibition : GROUP EXHIBITIONS 2019 Art Madrid. Aurora Vigil-Escalera Art Gallery. Madrid 2018 20 años después: Alejandro Quincoces, Julio Vaquero, Gorka García. La Confianza Cultural Center. Valdepeñas YIA International Art Fair MH Art Gallery. Paris Art Madrid. Aurora Vigil-Escalera Art Gallery. Madrid Liquid Cities. Parés Room. Barcelona Art Marbella. Aurora Vigil-Escalera Art Gallery. Marbella. 2017 Art Marbella. Aurora Vigil-Escalera Art Gallery. Marbella. 2016 30+1. Aurora Vigil-Escalera Art Gallery. Gijón, Asturias. Biennial de acuarela 30m2. Itinerant exhibition 2015 Cinco figuraciones contemporáneas. Aurora Vigil-Escalera Art Gallery. Gijón, Asturias. Spain. Art Madrid. Aurora Vigil-Escalera Art Gallery. Madrid 2014 Jóvenes valores del arte conntemporáneo. Van Dyck Gallery. Gijón. Asturias. Spain FLECHA 2014. Arturo Soria Plaza. Madrid. 2013 Arturo Soria Plaza. Madrid 2012 + Anthology of young artists of the Antonio Gala Foundation. Antonio Gala Foundation. Cordoba Eugenio Almeida Foundation. Évora, Portugal My first time. Merced Museum. Ciudad Real 2009 Getxoarte. Emerging Arts Salon. Getxo. Bizkaia. 2008 Jóvenes residents Fundación Antonio Gala. Antonio Gala Foundation Headquarters. Cordoba. Hospital de los Venerables. Úbeda, Jaén. Ducal Palace of El Carpio Demo Solera Gallery. Marbella, Málaga. 2006 Getxoarte. Salón de las artes emergentes. Getxo, Bizkaia. De la metáfora al lienzo. Imprevisual Gallery. Valencia Exposición final de temporada. Paloma Sanz Gallery. Becerril de la Sierra, Madrid. 2005 Exposición Pintores Pensiondados Palacio del Quintanar. Alhóndiga Palace. Segovia. 2004 Erasmus'03. Barakaldo Municipal Hall Araba Hall, Vitoria-Gasteiz 2003 Recuerdos. Galleria del Comune de Ravenna. Ravenna, Italy

    Detailed Description : Gorka García is one of the youngest artists with great projection of the gallery, whose work is starred by uninhabited landscapes in which the poetics of the ruin and a deep compositional and formal analysis of his works are the common denominator. Gorka’s work tries to deepen and reflect on the existing relationship between the various utopian proposals put forward throughout history by great thinkers such as Plato, Rousseau, Comte or Marx, among others, and the somewhat “dystopian” world in which we live today. To this end, Gorka takes as a paradigm of utopia the aesthetic of the Renaissance, a markedly utopian era, and as a paradigm of dystopia, several contemporary cities devastated by war. It is, in the end, a conceptual and aesthetic opposition, since in the case of the former we could speak of extremely studied, harmonic, linear and colourful compositions; and in the latter, of very casual and anarchic compositions, in which the heaps of rubble or the collapsed buildings do not keep any logic or stick to a marked perspective, to which must be added the monochromatic character (wide range of greys) of some of the cities of the Middle East that are currently immersed in different warlike conflicts.

    Artist's Documents:

    Artist's Objects:

    •  Gorka García - Art. 53 Art. 53
    •  Gorka García - La Ciudad Ideal La Ciudad Ideal

  • Dionisio González  (+)

    Biography : Dionisio González (Gijón, 1965) He graduated from the University of Fine Arts in Seville. He furthered his studies in Computer-Assisted Image at the Moor Print Workshop in Devon, England, in Art Printing at the College of Art at Heriott Watt University in Edinburgh, an also he completed his studies in Film and Television at the Aula do Risco School of Advanced Arts in Lisbon.

    Exhibition : Dionisio González has received important international awards, such as the Pilar Juncosa Prize and Sotheby´s, the Pilar i Joan Miró Foundation Prize, and the European Month of Photography Arendt Award (Luxembourg), among others. His work is also present in important institutions such as the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, in Madrid, the Museum of Contemporary Photography, in Chicago, USA, or National Center of Contemporary Art in Paris, as well as in outstanding public and private collections.

    Detailed Description : Architecture is his main argument. His photography, based on fictitious recreations of constructions inserted into different environments, is based on the author’s deep reflection on the ways of inhabiting the contemporary city, an investigation into the ways of living in the 21st century and the relations that man establishes with the environment. These are images taken in situ by the artist who then modifies them in his studio digitally, in a process of re-invention of suburban landscapes that are not exempt from a certain baroque style. In Dionisio González’s photography we can clearly appreciate an excellent handling of the technique of photomanipulation, of spaces and light as elements that make up an alternative reality to the universe we live in, a parallel but very real universe. Beyond mere photomontage, his images are only part of a much longer process in which what really counts is the idea, the thought and development of the concepts that interest Dionisio, his fascination for architecture, his concern for social decadence, and the permanent search for spots where chaos and beauty coexist.

    Artist's Objects:

    • Dionisio González - Dauphin 1 Dauphin 1
    • Dionisio González - Inter-Acciones 12 Inter-Acciones 12

  • David Rodríguez Caballero  (+)

    Biography : DAVID RODRÍGUEZ CABALLERO Pamplona, 1970 He lives and works in New York City.

    Exhibition : INDIVIDUAL EXHIBITIONS 2019 Bondings. Aurora Vigil-Escalera Art Gallery. Gijón, Asturias. Spain. David Rodríguez Caballero: Alchemy in Motion Marlborough Gallery, New York. David Rodríguez Caballero: Drawings and sculptures. WeCollect Gallery, London. 2018 David Rodríguez Caballero: El pliegue según el pliegue. Esteban Museum Vicente, Segovia. 2017 Abstracciones poéticas. Marlborough Gallery, Madrid. Zona Maco, Peana Projects, Monterrey, Mexico. 2016 David Rodríguez Caballero. Danser La Sculpture. Espace Meyer Zafra, Paris. Vinyls, Marlborough Gallery, New York. 2015 Citadelle. Mixed Pavilion, Oven and Gardens, Ciudadela, Pamplona. David Rodríguez Caballero. Vibraciones de la materia. Marlborough Gallery, Barcelona. David Rodríguez Caballero: Through Time. Aurora Vigil-Escalera Art Gallery, Gijón, Asturias. 2014 David Rodríguez Caballero. Recent Work. Marlborough Gallery, New York. 2013 Re-flections. C-Art Gallery, Miami. Light and Geometry. Carmen Center, Valencia. Plier et Déplier. Marlborough Monaco, Monte-Carlo, Monaco. 2012 David Rodríguez Caballero. Recent Work. Marlborough Chelsea, New York. David Rodriguez Caballero. Desarollos: Ongoing pieces 2010-2012. Marlborough Gallery, Madrid. 2011 Los estados de la cruz: Luz y geometría. Cloister of Pamplona Cathedral, Pamplona. Glaciers/Glaciares. Würth Museum, La Rioja. 2010 Interpretaciones. Un diálogo con Jorge Oteiza. Jorge Oteiza Museum Foundation, Alzuza, Navarra. Geometries. Marlborough Gallery, Madrid Figures. Aluminium and vinyl. María Forcada Foundation, Tudela, Navarra 2009 Estructura y orden. Moisés Pérez de Albéniz Gallery, Pamplona. Folding. Marlborough Gallery, Barcelona. 2008 Vinilos-Grabados. Marlborough Gallery, Madrid 2006 Obra reciente. Marlborough Gallery, Madrid Cinco Maneras. Polvorín Hall, Ciudadela, Pamplona City Council, Pamplona 2004 Origamis. Engloba, Valencia 2003 Color Elefante, Valencia 2002 Agurtxo Iruretagoyena Gallery, Pamplona 2001 Dieciséis Gallery, San Sebas

    Detailed Description : David Rodríguez Caballero is a sculptor of refined lines who usually uses materials such as aluminium, brass and bronze, playing with the light refractions on the surfaces, both in the metal folds and in the free-standing sculpture. In addition, David Rodríguez Caballero experiments in other plastic fields with his work on vinyl, in addition to making forays into the field of jewelry, where the curved line appears for the first time and then moves to the large format. The curve brings with it the novelty of the movement in the face of the greater statism provided by the fold. Jewelery is responsible for the expansion of his sculpture, which jumps from the wall to the round bulge, generating new relationships with the space in which it is located. The play of the concave and the convex, of the curves that expand or contract generate sculptures that gain in organicity. Light is the leitmotif of Rodríguez Caballero’s work, as well as the light refractions on the different shapes and materials that draft his conceptual and aesthetic base. A tireless creator, David is always in constant search of new shapes and materials. This restless character is reflected in his work, in which it is possible to observe a meditated, coherent and fluid evolution, without jumps or brusqueness. In such a way that the different series of his work interfere and influence each other. Rodríguez Caballero has exhibited nationally and internationally, highlighting his exhibitions in Monaco, New York and Miami. He has also participated in numerous art fairs such as the International Contemporary Art Fair in Miami, TEFAF Maastrich, Contemporary Istanbul, Art Basel Hong-Kong, Art Rio, ARCO, Art Madrid and Estampa Contemporary Art Fair, He has received numerous awards and scholarships and his work is part of collections such as the Patio Herreriano Museum in Valladolid and the Olor Visual Collection in Barcelona.

    Artist's Documents:

    Artist's Objects:

    •  David Rodríguez Caballero - 15.junio.2017 15.junio.2017
    •  David Rodríguez Caballero - 20.julio.2019 20.julio.2019