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  • Juan Genoves  (+)

    Biography : Born in Valencia in 1930, Genovés is one of Spain’s best-known contemporary artists, and he is recognized for his aesthetic style rooted in Social Realism and Pop, with a distinctly critical voice that became a force for political change during the Franco regime in Spain. As a child in Valencia, Genovés experienced the Spanish Civil War in a traumatic way: bombardments, death squads, neighborhoods silenced with wounded and dead citizens. As leftist Republicans, he and his family endured the rule of the Nationalist party. In 1958 he settled permanently in Madrid and joined Marlborough Gallery in 1966. In 1976, he was detained and held in solitary confinement for seven days for having made a poster demanding amnesty for political prisoners. Throughout the 1980s, Genovés began to focus increasingly on artistic activities and peace efforts, while exhibiting both internationally and in Spain. A member of the Image Collective of the Spanish Communist Party during the 1970s, he played a role in the recovery of Spain’s democracy and his work became a symbol of Catalan pride. Genovés’ art repeatedly addresses two subjects: the “alone individual” and the “multitude,” working with flat inks and plastic structures with a distinct cinematic quality. Many of his works explore the concept of the multitude, where the collective body of humanity is pulled toward something greater than the individual. These works depict bird’s-eye views of empty landscapes devoid of buildings, roads, trees or any context clues, creating a sense of anxiety and dislocation. Genovés’ work is found in many of the most important public collections in the United States and Europe, including: The Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL; Centre National d’Art Contemporain, Paris, France; Galeria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna, Rome, Italy; The Museum of Modern Art and The Guggenheim Museum, both in New York; Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Madrid, Spain; Israel Museum, Jerusale

    Exhibition : 2014 Solo Exhibitions Juan Genovés. Recent Paintings. Marlborough Fine Art, Londres, Inglaterra Bienal de Anticuarios 2014. Grand Palais, París, Francia Anar i tornar. Galería Marlborough, Barcelona Group Exhibitions ARCO ‘14. Marlborough Gallery New York, Madrid The Armory Show. Nueva York, Estados Unidos Art Basel. Marlborough Fine Art London, Basilea, Suiza Art Basel Miami, Marlborough Gallery New York, Miami, Florida, Estados Unidos TEFAF Maastricht. Marlborough Fine Art London; Países Bajos Hong Kong International Art Fair. Hong Kong, China Colección IVAM XXV Aniversario. Instituto Valenciano de Arte Moderno, Valencia Itinerarios de una colección. Fundación Coca-Cola. Sala Vimcorsa, Córdoba Patrimonio Artístico: Dibujo y Pintura de la Diputación de Valencia. Museo Valenciano de la Ilustración y Modernidad, Valencia Goya y sus herederos. Los Disparates, hoy. Museo Ibercaja Camon Aznar, Zaragoza Mitos del Pop. Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza, Madrid De Luces Mixtas 2014. Galería Marlborough, Madrid La piel traslúcida. Obras de la Colección Iberdrola, Torre Iberdrola, Bilbao 50 anys en cartellera. La Turia 1964-2014. Sala Acadèmia, Centre Cultural La Nau, Universidad de Valencia, Valencia Madrid, caminos infinitos. Tres décadas en el Museo de Arte Contemporáneo 1970-1990. Centro Cultural Conde Duque, Madrid Esculturas en libertad. Huerta de Félix Ortíz, Hay Festival, Segovia Artistas por Bangassou, Colegio Ingenieros de Caminos, Madrid 2013 Solo Exhibitions Centro del Carmen, Valencia À cent mètres du centre du monde, Centre d’Art Contemporain, Perpiñán, Francia Group Exhibitions Contemporary Istambul, Marlborough Gallery New York, Estambul, Turquía Hong Kong International Art Fair. Hong Kong, China Art Basel. Marlborough Fine Art London, Basilea, Suiza Las luces mixtas. Galería Marlborough, Madrid “Spanish Modern and Contemporary Art”. Seongnam Arts Center (Corea del Sur). Colectiva de Invierno. Galería Marlborough, Madrid Explorando el

  • Camomile Hixon

    Biography : Glitter is the medium of choice for New York City contemporary artist Camomile Hixon who paints images on canvas ranging from super-sized sparkling word messages to otherworldly flowers. Camomile Hixon studies pop culture with super-sized words, images and symbols. Certain pieces composed of huge glittering letters explore the layered meanings and subtle textures of words, a development from Hixon’s work as a songwriter and musician. She describes these paintings as “poetry fragments without the movement of melody”. Her other works have included words and paintings where she seeks to “expand moments in time where ephemeral beauty becomes something more tangible.” Hixon also creates glitter environments and giant three-dimensional installations using cellophane. “The art that I do is about trying to push people in the direction of great joy, of greater peace for themselves and for the world. It’s not a small idea that I have, and I don’t want to ever seem naive. But I feel if everyone does their part, we can get there, or get a lot closer sooner.” Camomile’s art is held internationally in both public and private collections. Her works have been exhibited at The Lyman Allyn Art Museum, The American Textile History Museum, and The Children’s Museum of the Arts in SoHo, as well as in New York City’s Central Park. Camomile has been featured on several television programs including HGTV’s Home By Novogratz and she is the artist behind The Missing Unicorn, an interactive street art project that became a viral global phenomenon.

  • Miguel Vallinas  (+)

    Biography : Born in Medina del Campo, Valladolid, Spain in 1971, Miguel Vallinas is an advertising and industrial photographer. The artist worked in editorial photography, television, and specialized in advertising. Now he primarily spends his time working on his own personal artwork, which focuses on contemporary architecture, cityscape, portraits, etc. When creating his work, Vallinas studies in depth the setting and lighting as well as other determining factors to create the astounding pieces. The photographer uses his own topics of interest as focal points to incite deeper reflection; the viewer experiences freedom of imagination when experiencing his artwork. In his art we can understand the meaning of true beauty through his perspective. His work has been displayed in numerous countries around the world. His later work, which is more surrealist, is a study of man: what we really are, who we want to be, and who we think we are, all through Vallinas’ own eyes

    Exhibition : Exhibitions: 2016 • Little Art Shop, Gallery P Art Ibiza, Ibiza, Spain, 1 August – 1 september. • Hotel OD Talamanca, Ibiza, Spain Exhibition collective 20 July- 7 september • Gijón Internacional Arte Feria. GIAF. Gallery Ángel Cantero. Girón, Spain. 1- 4 July. • Gallery Artichoke. Seúl. South Korea. Exhibition collective. 10 June – 30 de July. • Gallery My Life In Art. Affordable Art Fair Hampstead. London. UK. Exhibition collective. 16 – 19 June • Sala de exposiciones de la Biblioteca municipal de Valladolid. Junta de Castilla y León. Plaza de la trinidad, 2, Valladolid, Spain. Exhibition Individual 1- 30 June. • Affordable Art Fair. Hong Kong Art Fair. Van Rensburg Galleries. Hong Kong, China Exhibition collective 13 – 15 May • Casa Palacio Atocha 34, Casadecor 2016. Madrid, GM Proyecto Living 19 May – 26 June. • Donostiartean 2016, Gallery Cervantes 6, Centro Kursaal Elkargunea. San Sebastián 12 -15 May. • Gallery Renting Art. “Just Human”, París, Exhibition collective. 28 April – 30 June 2016. • Gallery P Art Ibiza, Islas Baleares, Ibiza, Spain. Exhibition collective. 24 April – 20 June 2016. • Gallery Cervantes 6, Calle Cervantes, 6 Oviedo. Spain. Exhibition collective. 1-30 April. • Metropolitan Pavilion. Nueva york. USA. Affordable Art Fair NYC. Exhibition collective. 30 March – 3 April. • Gallery My Life in Art, Art Fair Battersea, UK • Exhibition collective. 10 – 13 de March. • Factory 240, Barraincúa 10, Bilbao, Spain, Exhibition Individual 4 de February – 19 March. • Gallery My Life in Art, London Art Fair, London UK • Exhibition collective. 20 – 24 de January. • Sala de Exposiciones Sentidos. Biblioteca pública de Cigales. Junta de Castilla y León. Valladolid, Spain. Exhibition Individual 2 – 27 January. • Biblioteca pública de Valladolid. Junta de Castilla y León. Plaza de la trinidad, 2, Valladolid, Spain. Exhibition Individual 4 – 30 January. • La Bella Ibiza.Avinguda

    Detailed Description : Roots is the third of a photography series that follows up Skins: a previous reflection about identity, existence and individual choice. The photographs show bodies with seasonal plants and floral bouquets replacing human heads. The human body represents the stem, and the head represents the flora, while the hidden root is linked to the earth: the starting point and destination, the beginning and end of life. The root is the base of our existence that conditions the direction of our path. The term root indicates belonging, bonding, base, and nourishment. In the present collection there is an initial search for identity. It is added to the human context whether that is social, cultural, economic or kin. This concept is one of the quests that indirectly determines human choices and the search for the authentic self. The photographs uncover a specific image through the plants and flowers that show the present moment. It may be current time or a defined time, or perhaps it represents only what we wish to show, which is not what we really are. It is interesting how this collection’s title points precisely to the unseen element but nevertheless represents the support of the self; therefore all photographs are shot from a mid-plane-take hiding the lower part of the stem from which the roots start. Root searches once more in human nature for “what we believe we are, what others think we are, what we really are and what we would like to be”, demonstrating that there is a reason for these beings to sprout from the root.

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