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Jasmin Kossenjans   (Managing Director)

Karen Gilbert   (Director)

Vallejo Estela   (Administration and events assistant)


JanKossen Contemporary was established in Basel 2009 by Dr Jasmin Kossenjans, and focuses primarily on abstract, conceptual art created by both established and mid-career international talents.

JanKossen has two locations that organise regular exhibitions in New York, USA and in Venice, Italy. Head administration is in Basel, Switzerland. A third gallery space will be opened in Hong Kong, 2018.
Besides participating actively during selected, international in art fairs, the gallery specializes in private sales in the secondary market with a focus on the work by European, Chinese and American twentieth century and contemporary artists. The gallery also provides advisory and collection management services. The gallery is involved in the creation processes of its artists and is committed to a strong editorial policy with the publication of exhibition catalogues and artists' retrospectives.

Exhibiting Artists

Other Represented Artists

  • Dieter Balzer

  • Michael Burges  (+)

    Detailed Description : Michasel Burges explores methods in abstract painting, via his use of oils and uses metals such as copper, silver and gold leaf to create behind-glass painting. His preference to use glass instead of canvas reflects Burges’ fascination by optical and physical phenomena such as radiation energies, light reflections, gravitational forces, rhythmic or acoustic structures. In his most recent series of works; the artist uses a multi-layering painting process; freely playing with colours and experimenting various ways of applying colour with rags, squeegee. Burges is moving towards a point, where the abstract structures and worlds of colour, open up by the creation of imaginary spaces. These evoke imaginary pictures and scenes which seem to exist behind abstract pictorial patterns, whilst at the same time drawing the spectator`s attention back to the patterns.

  • Peter Bynum  (+)

    Exhibition : 2014 New York Public Library Installation 2013 Solo show JanKossen Contemporary Basel 2013 Woodstock Art Museum (WAAM), “Peter Bynum: Illuminated Paintings” 2012 Museum of Arts & Design, “Playing with Fire,” New York, NY Littlejohn Contemporary, “Peter Bynum: Illuminated Paintings”, New York, NY Woodstock Art Museum (WAAM), “Far and Wide”, curated by David Ross, former Director, Whitney Museum and SF MoMA. Edward Hopper House & Museum, “Contemporary Abstract Painting in the Hudson Valley,” Nyack, NY 2011 “Secret Garden”, Denise Bibro Gallery, New York “Peter Bynum: Illuminated Paintings”, Bridge Gallery, New York, NY “Benelux”, Arts United Chelsea, New York, NY 2010 “MACRO Future”, Rome Museum of Contemporary Art, Rome, Italy “The Road to Contemporary Art,” Rome, Italy/Fu Xin Gallery, Shanghai, China “Future Tense: Landscape in Transition”, Stephan Stoyanov Gallery, New York “One for the Road”, Van Brunt Gallery, New York 2009 “Small Ecologies”, Exit Art, New York “Peter Bynum: Illuminated Paintings”, Van Brunt Gallery, New York

  • Park Byung Hoon  (+)

    Exhibition : Born in KOREA, 1967, Graduated Inchon City University, South Korea, ives and workes in Paris since 1992 Einzelausstellungen/Solo Exhibitions (Auswahl/Selection) 2011 transparence, LEE galerie BERLIN, Germany Galerie an der Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich, Germany MOA Gallery, Seoul, South Korea 2010 Art Fair Karlsruhe, Germany 2009 Galerie Alexandre Mottier,Geneve, Switzerland 2008 Galerie an der Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich, Germany Art Fair Karlsruhe, Germany 2007 MOA Gallery, Seoul, South Korea Karlsruhe Art Fair, Germany 2006 Karlsruhe Art Fair, Germany Gallery Vit, South Korea 2005 Seoul Art Center, South Korea 2004 Seoul Art Center, South Korea 2000 Gallery Namoo, South Korea 1996 Gallery Choi, South Korea Gruppenausstellungen & Kunstmessen/Group Exhibitions & Art Fairs (Auswahl/Selection) 2011 Scope Basel Art Show, Basel, Switzerland 2009 KCAF, Seoul, Korea Karlsruhe Art Fair, Germany 2008 Europ'Art, Geneva, Switzerland 2007 St-art fair, Strasbourg, France Transparence, Korean Cultural Center, Paris, France 2006 Cross3, Josun Press Art Center, Seoul, Korea 2005 Sonamou, Seoul-Paris, Korean Art Center, Korea 2004 Shanghai Art Fair, Shanghai, China The 2nd International Art Biennale, Chize, France 2003 Autoportrait, DPMA, Paris, France 2002 Identites Nomades, Cultural Center, Chelles, France 2001 The 2nd Montargis Contemporary Art Biennial, France 2000 Young Artist, Strasbourg, France Young Artists, Gallery Espace, Switzerland 1999 Bonjour Millenium, Press Center, Seoul, Korea 1998 Espace Arsenal, Issy-les-Moulineaux, France 1997 Week Art, Congress Center, LeMans, France 1996 Young Artists Exhibition, Korean Cultural Center, Paris, France 1995 100 Korean Artists, Gallery Area, Paris, France 1994 Seoul-Paris, Gallery Point Rouge, Paris, France 1993 Maastricht Biennale - MACC Center, Netherlands Preise/Awards 2006 Korean Arts & Culture Award selected by Korea Ar

    Also represented by:

  • Ivan De Menis  (+)

    Biography : 2015 Art Southampton, NY, JanKossen Contemporary Residency Gallery RX, Paris Art Paris, gallery RX 2014 Invisibili Tracce - Casa Cima - Conegliano International Fine Art Festival - Kranj Art Verona - Verona Materie Evanescenti - Studio Vanna Casati - Bergamo Tessera et Rette - Galerie Des Sables - Marike Fraikin, Saint-Briac sur Mer Racconti Brevi - Morotti Arte Contemporanea, Varese Views 2.0 - Galerie Hebert, Paris 2013 Views, Galerie Bartoli, Marsiglia San Gregorio Art Gallery, Venezia 2012 Galerie Hebert, Paris Works, Monte Paschi Banque, Agence Saint-Germain, Paris Works, Banca Monte Paschi, Agence Louise, Bruxelles 2011 Proteggere il tempo, San Gregorio Art Gallery, Venezia 2010 Tracciati, Art Way Gallery, Treviso 2008 Tessere il vuotoAtelier 34_58, Treviso Mostre collettive 2013 OLTRE otto artisti al di là dell'apparenza, Rocca San Giorgio, Orzinuovi (BS) 2012 Emergenze del sentire, Villa Brandolini, Pieve di Soligo (TV) OLTRE otto artisti al di là dell'apparenza, Sala Manzù, Bergamo 2010 Tre artisti e un contadino, Cantina Edi Keber, Cormòns (GO) Ricognizione sulla nuova arte in Veneto, Studio Bazzini Arte Contemporanea, Milano 2009 Art Calendar 2010, Karntner Sparkasse, Klagenfurt Tra segno e Materia, Galleria d'arte 911, La Spezia Made Expo, stand Skema, Milano 2008 Petali rossi, Galleria ZeroUno, Barletta (BA) Dentro e fuori una cornice, Galleria ZeroUno, Barletta (BA) Casa du Brasil, Madrid Cristalli di Rocca, Galleria civica di Palazzo Borgatta Rocca Grimalda, Alessandria Espace Miromesnil, Paris 1997 Villa Moretti, Casaleggio (NO) 1996 Nuove figure, San Gregorio Art Gallery, Venezia

    Detailed Description : Artists Statement Ivan De Menis is a Venetian artist who works seemingly simple materials. Using wooden panels as a base, De Menis builds his works using a complex system of layered reflections. Using materials as diverse as metals, acids, fabrics, plastics, resins and colour pigments; De Menis reorders anew the painter's materials and underlines its inexhaustible potential. Hence, the artist invites a new dialogue between the different elements. In his creative process; the focus clearly lies in the creation of depth - a smooth, solid finish like water, that invites the viewer to refect three dimensionally. The edges are far from smooth or simpole: we see drips of water, resin, cloth and wood...the foundation and structure is laid bare for us to see, creating a second landscape to the frontal, aestheically smooth finish. We see the accumulated layers in its creation; resembling the rings of a tree; it tells the unfolding of the works creation; a kind of pictorial diary. De Menis attended graphic arts course at the Bruno Munari institute of Art in Vittorio Veneto where he acquired his degree in painting from the Venice Academy of Fine Arts in 1997. Ivan lives and works in the countryside, close to Treviso.

  • Sheila Giolitti

  • Kyoungwon Han Kyoungwon  (+)

    Biography : 2011 Graduated Department of Oriental Painting, Hongik University 2013 Graduated student of Oriental Painting, Hongik University Solo Exhibition 2011.10.21.~11.30 Process(Songeun Art Cube, Seoul) 2011.6.14~6.20 Ash (Topohaus, Seoul) Group Exhibition 2013.01.23~01.27 Art Stage Singapore (Gana Art, Singapore) 2012.12.03~12.08 Art Miami (Miami) 2012.10.08~11.03 Testing.Testing. 123 (Songeun Art Space, Seoul) 2012.04.11~04.17 Romance of Flowers & Wind (DongdukGallery , Seoul) 2012.01.12~01.14 Art Stage Singapore (Gana Art, Singapore) 2011.6.28~7.1 IMAGE VS. IMAGE ( Hongik Univ. Hyundae Gallery) 2011.4.23~5.11 In眽 (Gallery Jireh, Paju-heyri) 2010.11.30~12.6 Insa Art Exhibition (Woorim Gallery, Seoul) 2010.9.6~9.10 Fine Art Exhibition (Hongik Univ. Hyundae Gallery) 2010.1.5~1.11 Kyunghyang Art Exhibition (Kyungyang Gallery)

    Detailed Description : Artists Statement Based on the traditional ink painting concept, I try to express ‘Tao’ through the ink on paper. Tao is the fundamental principle of the universe. Is there anything unchangeable in the world? I believe that the process which is constantly created and dissipated -the circulation structure of existence and non-existence itself- is the only truth that will never change. I believe the universe also exists in this structure, so another universe may have existed before the Big Bang occurred in the beginning. The current universe is considered to be the one that was born again after all energy of the previous one was condensed while it was dying out. Both the first universe and the universe after the Big Bang went through a simultaneous process of creation and extinction, and this process occur eternally. We can easily symbolize this unlimited repetition of creation and extinction as ‘∞’, and the layered point in the center of the sign(the crossing point) is the same point of creation and extinction. One of the circles means the universe that is going from creation to extinction, and the other circle is the universe that is created again from the extinction. In short, the circulation of existence and non-existence -the unlimited circulation- is the universe and Tao. The ink painting painters in the past fulfilled their art spirit by expressing that human beings in the permanent stance would get real freedom by being united into one with Tao, regardless of superficial distinction or change in reality. Ink painting is the field that is trying to approach to the peak of Tao itself through these process. I worked on this painting with a stance of the essential aspects of the traditional ink painting. I did not use the traditional techniques for this work, though. Since I burned a toothpick and match on the wood block, it differs from the traditional way of using paper. At first, I sketched the mountain on the wood block using a drawing pad of

  • Hiroomi Ito

  • Yong-Sun Jang

  • Jürgen Jansen  (+)

    Exhibition : 1992 Meisterschüler, Jan Dibbets 1989-92 Studium an der Kunstakademie Düsseldorf , Klasse Prof.Jan Dibbets 1986-89 Studium an der Kunstakademie Karlsruhe, Klasse Prof. Per Kirkeby 1981-86 Studium in Essen (Biologie, Kunst ) SOLO EXHIBITIONS (selection) 2015 JanKossen Contemporary, USA / Switzerland 2014 The secret lives, Kunstkabinett Corona Unger, Bremen 2013 brassnuckles, bespoke, Düsseldorf 2012 tiefer gehängt, Mönchengladbach 2011 Parrots and Nighthawks. Galerie Robert Drees, Hannover(cat.) Justizministerium NRW, Düsseldorf 2008 Reggio Callabria; Italien Forum Kunst, Rottweil (cat.) Galerie van der Mieden , Antwerpen 2007 Galerie Völcker und Freunde, Berlin 2006 Galerie Robert Drees, Hannover Galerie van der Mieden, Antwerpen 2005 Galerie Exner, Wien “wenn wir uns wieder sehen”, Kunstverein MMIII, Mönchengladbach (cat.) 2001/2002 Galerie Robert Drees, HannoverGalerie Völcker + Freunde, Berlijn Galerie Conrads, Düsseldorf 2000 Galerie Conrads, Düsseldorf 1999 Parkhaus, Düsseldorf (cat.) 1998 Galerie Conrads, Düsseldorf 1996 Galerie Conrads, Düsseldorf (cat.) Galerie Bastiaans, Boxmeer 1994 Galerie Conrads, Düsseldorf Campo Gallery, Antwerpen GROUP EXHIBITIONS (selection) 2013 bespoke, Düsseldorf 2012 Sammlung Hanck, Kunstmuseum Düsseldorf (cat.) 2010 slick surfaces, neue städtische Galerie Gladbeck (cat.) Glückwunsch, Forum Kunst Rottweil 2009 an edge effect, Galerie Robert Drees, Hannover 2008 slick surfaces, Haus Gödeke, Krefeld 2007 Kulturforum Alte Post Neuss, ‘Spielfeld Farbe – Malerei’ slick surfaces, Galerie Frank Schlag, Essen 2006

  • Jurgen Jansen

  • Minjung Kim  (+)

    Detailed Description : The work of Kim Minjung (Korea) demonstrates both her foundation in the traditional Korean calligraphic arts and the influence of mid-20th Century abstract expressionism. Kim attained her MFA and PhD at Seoul National University. Through her studies she discovered that both traditional calligraphers and the action painters of the mid-20th Century shared an appreciation for the ability to convey energy and spirit through the manipulation of line and practiced spontaneity. Much of her subsequent work exhibits this poetry of line and explores the expressive potential of pure material. The tone of her work is often at once contemplative and whimsical, ethereal and scientific. It moves onlookers to consider man’s place in nature and our relationships to each other. Her compositions variably recall the awesome grandeur of traditional landscape or the blurred geometry of chromosomes under a microscope, but always Kim guides onlookers to focus on marks and material rather than representation. For Kim, meaning derives from process. In order to convey the passage of time and organic decay, she has perfected a method of layering rice paper and tearing the edges to create line, paradoxically utilizing a method destruction in order to create contours which envelop form. She is hesitant to label her work as art -- rather she describes her practice as a “discipline of life,” a meditative process which simultaneously requires her to focus her energy and to clear her mind.

  • Antonio Mara

  • Suh Jeong Min

  • Suh Jeong Min

  • Alex Rane

  • Dirk Salz  (+)

    Also represented by:

  • Harald Schmitz-Schmelzer  (+)

    Biography : H. Schmitz-Schmelzer 1954 Born in Duisburg/Germany 1973-1981 Studied at the Kunstakademie in Düsseldorf 1977 Gradate to Masterstudent 1977-1983 Faculty at the Gesamthochschule Universität Duisburg SOLO SHOWS 2014 Galerie Bernd A. Lausberg, „Enzyklopädien“ 2012 Galerie Da entlang, Dortmund, „Lagern, Schichten und Verdichten“, mit Jörg Eberhard Galerie Dis, Maastricht, „Kunststoff“, mit Dirk Salz und Michael Laube 2011 De Buck Gallery, NYC, "Lionization of Color", Elaine Baker Gallery, Boca Raton, "Science of Color" Galerie Da entlang, Dortmund, „Lagern, Schichten und Verdichten“, mit Jörg Eberhard 2010 Galerie DIS, Maastricht, "Ambrosial Hybrids" Galerie Jean Greset, Besancon, (mit Robert Schad) Galerie de Bellefeuille, Montreal, "Chroma" 2009 3 D Colour, Lausberg Contemporary, Toronto 2008 Hybriden, Galerie ProArta, Zürich Lionization of colour, Galerie de Bellefeuille, Montreal, Kanada 2007 Line up!, Galerie Lausberg, Toronto, Kanada Schönheit ohne Heimtücke, Galerie Lausberg, Düsseldorf 2005 Das Einfache, das schwer zu machen ist, Galerie Lausberg, Düsseldorf Greens and more, Arte Moderna Ammann, Locarno (mit Alan Ebnother) 2004 Arkadien im Farbraum, Galerie da entlang, Dortmund (mit Oliver Christmann) Art Frankfurt, One Artist Show, Galerie von Braunbehrens, München 2003 Max-Planck-Institut, Mülheim a.d.Ruhr Galerie Lothar Kurz, Ingolstadt Art Zürich (One-Artist-Show mit Galerie Markus Nohn) Galerie Markus Nohn, Frankfurt Galerie von Braunbehrens, München 2002 Art Frankfurt (One-Artist-Show mit Galerie Markus Nohn (K)) Show Low, das Blaue Wunder und das Naturtheater von Oklahoma, Kunstverein Dresden-Loschwitz 2001 Verein für aktuelle Kunst, Oberhausen (mit Gaby Ter

    Detailed Description : Artists Statement Harald Schmitz-Schmelzer was born in Duisburg, Germany and trained in Fine Art at the Kunstakademie Dusseldorf where he was awarded the prestigious “Meisterschuler” certificate of excellence. Schmitz-Schmelzer pours resin coloured with a combination of pigments, powders and binding agents onto wooden bases, sometimes in parallel layers at other times vertically. Occasionally, he pours vertically and parallel to the base in the same work by rotating the mould. The colours created are altered by the quantity of pigment and binding agent and by the relationship of reflection and refraction each colour layer has on its neighbours. The colours are opaque, transparent, milky, grainy, glittery or shiny. As the layers of colour are hidden during the pouring process it is not until the final polishing where the artists’ “controlled surprises” are revealed.The layers of resin are similar to the layers of sedimentation seen in nature in geological formations. Increasingly the grain within the wooden bases are a factor in the compositions. Schmitz-Schmelzer has been painting for many decades and has work in public and private collections world-wide. The art historian, Wilhelm Worringer, said in his dissertation, Abstraction and Empathy (1907), that abstraction in art is an indication of little confidence in the present. As I have been working abstractly, or better, non-objectively, for more than 35 years, I have to ask myself whether I have suffered from this lack of confidence. I grew up as a member of the so called post-war generation, and I remember the great sense of collective guilt. I am not really sure whether this memory was relevant when I decided to work non-objectively in my early 20s, but I was quite sure that the majority of important ideas about representational art had already been arrived at, and that abstraction was the more exciting path. I am still convinced that in art, it is most important to say something that cannot be tra

  • Troy Simmons  (+)

    Exhibition : Solo Exhibitions 2009 Outside the BOX, Uptown Marina Lofts, Aventura, FL 2007 CH+D Exhibit, Creative Home Designs, Oklahoma City, OK 2006 Modern Forest, 12 Forward Production Co., Dallas, TX Selected Group Exhibitions 2014 Exhibition: Season II, Art House 429, West Palm Beach, FL Art Palm Beach, JanKossen Contemporary Gallery, Palm Beach, FL Art Wynwood, JanKossen Contemporary Gallery, Miami, FL Urbanism: Perceived and Interpreted, Coral Gables Museum, Coral Gables, FL 2013 Art Miami- Basel Miami Beach, JanKossen Contemporary Gallery, Basel, Switzerland Together We Fly, Audrey Love Gallery, Miami, FL Two of a Kind, Swenson Gallery, Miami, FL LASR Art Fresh Paint Show, Miami, FL Oscar Thomas Foundation’s 15th Annual Keepers of the Dream, Miami, FL Abstractions, Gallery 101, Ft. Lauderdale, FL Kontempo, Kontempo Art Gallery, Miami, FL Spring Exhibition, Art House 429, West Palm Beach, FL 2012 Aspire (TV Network) Launch Gala, New York, NY AVA Fine Arts, Acoustic Architects, Miami, FL 2011 Art In Empty Spaces II, Artistic Productions, Pompano Beach, FL Art on the Boulevard, Great Spaces, Pompano Beach, FL Close Incounters II, The Cuban Artist Project, Acoustic Architects, Miami FL 2010 IMPACT, Hardcore Contemporary Art Space, Miami, FL Art In Empty Space, Artistic Productions, Ft. Lauderdale, FL Arts Out Loud, Gallery 101, Ft. Lauderdale, FL Art Night Pompano, Artistic Productions, Pompano Beach, FL 2009 Basel Satellite Show, Miami Art Magazine --Design District, Miami, FL Untitled, Miami Art Group Gallery, Miami, FL Greener, Art Expressions, Ft. Lauderdale, FL A Group Exhibit, Gallery A, Ft. Lauderdale, FL Partners in Art, Chameleon Musicians and Broward Art Guild, Ft. Lauderdale, FL Tropical Harvest, Artennae, Miami, FL 2004 Jubilee, Cultural Arts Al

    Detailed Description : Artists Statement Opposites attract. Although rather cliche, it’s a theme that echos true to my intense fascination with nature and modern Brutalist Architecture. Concrete, acrylics and raw natural elements allow me to physically explore the ideological perceptions of incompatible binary relationships. My inspirations are drawn from the evolution of our social structure and nature’s persistence to coexist despite the elements that work against it. Relationships formed regardless of political, ethnic or religious background are parallel experiences found in the natural world around us. The contrast is easily seen in sprouts of grass, growing through a small crack in the sidewalk. These ideas fuel my passion to create unique art that exposes the stable coexistence of opposites.

  • Bruno Walpoth

  • Ye Jin Young