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"Strength in the Quietness" Chie Aoki, Heechang Yoon & Kazz Morishita
Three Japanese contemporary artists work in different media - traditional lacquer, ceramic powder painting and photography on rice paper. In our busy and rapidly changing world they preserve a moment of silence and quietly observe unchanged landscapes and essence of human beings thus encompassing universality in a very passionate, though stern way.

Kamogawa River # 1338 - Heechang  Yoon

Heechang Yoon Kamogawa River # 1338

Solo Show 2018, "Sand-River Work - Kamogawa River, Kyoto", Installation View -

Solo Show 2018, "Sand-River Work - Kamogawa River, Kyoto", Installation View

Wave series -  Kazz Morishita

Kazz Morishita Wave series

BODY 10-1 - Chie  Aoki

Chie Aoki BODY 10-1

BODY 16-1 - Chie  Aoki

Chie Aoki BODY 16-1
A series of works entitled BODY combines human figures without heads or upper bodies with abstract streamline shapes.
The color of the urushi is deeply rooted in the minds of Japanese people because it not only protects the surface of the material, but also decorates the sacred religious places and adds special colors in those decorations. Since ancient times, the Japanese saw an infinite universe that reflects their spiritual world in the shiny black color of black urushi, and saw the roots of energetic life in red urushi, which reminds us of hot blood.
Chie Aoki’s work seeks to unify two separate worlds by moving between fear and relief, body and soul, and material and immaterial. She seeks to materialize the existential question of an unstable creature, the human, in a form that condenses the darkness like gravitational force does with a black hole.

Wave -  Kazz Morishita

Kazz Morishita Wave

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Other Represented Artists

  • Chie Aoki  (+)

    Artist's Objects:

    • Chie  Aoki - BODY 16-1 BODY 16-1
    • Chie  Aoki - BODY 10-1 BODY 10-1

  • SangSun Bae

  • Kento Kimura

  • Inga Krymskaya  (+)

    Biography : Selection of shows and exhibitions: 2017 "In Limbo" , Gallery G-77, Kyoto, Japan 2016 Scope Miami Beach, USA (Gallery G-77) Solo Exhibition, Dreamspace Gallery, London, United Kingdom AAF NYC, Amsterdam, Netherlands (VK Gallery) 2015 AAF Hampstead London, Amsterdam, Netherlands (Sixtyone Gallery) Solo Exhibition, Hay Hill Gallery, London, United Kingdom Art Hamptons, USA (Gallery G-77) SCOPE Basel, Switzerland (Gallery G-77) SCOPE New York, USA (Gallery G-77) AAF, Soul, Korea, (Gallery G-77) 2014 Paddle 8, The Prince’s Foundation for Children & The Arts, Saatchi Gallery, UK SCOPE New York, USA (Gallery G-77) 2013 International ART Show, Los Angeles, USA (Gallery G-77) Affordable Art Fair, Amsterdam, Netherlands SCOPE New York, USA, (Gallery G-77) 2012 Millionaire Fair , Amsterdam RAI, Netherlands (Sixtyone Gallery) Scope Miami, USA (Gallery G-77) Affordable Art Fair, Amsterdam, Netherlands Scope Basel, Switzerland (Gallery G-77) ART-SOUTHAMPTON, USA (Gallery G-77) 2011 The Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam, Netherlands Berliner Liste. TRAFO. Berlin, Germany Affordable Art Fair, Brussels, Belgium "Primavera'11" Gallery More Then Art, AHOY, Rotterdam, Netherland Affordable Art Fair NY, USA 2010 "Primavera'10", AHOY, Rotterdam, Netherlands Spring Celebration, Ten Elsenhuyze, Brasschaat, Belgium Art Laren, Netherlands Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam, Netherlands (Gallery G-77) 2009 Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam, Netherlands Reception and Art Exhibition, SPSP Amstelveen, Netherlands 2008 International Art Exhibit, The Modern Art Gallery, Los Angeles, California, USA 2006 De Kunst van het Wonen, Willa Arena, Amsterdam, Netherlands Reception and Art Exhibition, Edha Interior, Amsterdam 2005 Kunst - Event, Amsterdam, Netherlands Kunst - Event, Antwerp EXPO, Belgium 2003 Reception and Art Exhibition. SPSP, Amsterdam, Netherlands. 2002 Art Exhibit at ISA, Amsterdam, Netherlands 2001 Art Exhibit at Walls , Amsterdam, Walls Gallery, Netherlands 1997 International Art Ex

    Detailed Description : With her new project, 3045 Variations on “The Feast of Venus”, the artist explores all the different possibilities conceivable on one theme, using various mediums she is trying to expand this particular painting of Rubens and proved different conceptual interpretation each time. “I’ve been fascinated by the idea of how many forms this Rubens painting can take ever since I attended a lecture on his legacy. Intrigued by the multitude of variations on the same theme produced by a number of artists of Ruben’s epoch, I often find myself questioning the idea of authenticity. It is both intriguing and greatly satisfying to hear viewers asking me: Did you paint this?” Through such evolution of ideas and indirect influence of casual observers, ambiguity has become a core ingredient in her works.

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    Also represented by:

  • Izuru Mizutani

  • Kazz Morishita  (+)

    Exhibition : ・Solo Exhibition 2005 "Midori(The Green)" at the KAZE Gallery in Tokyo, Japan 2006 "SAKURA" at the KAZE Gallery in Tokyo, Japan 2007 "-reincanation-" at the Gallery MOA in Heyri Artist Valley, Korea 2008 "Cherry trees in full bloom" at the KAZE Gallery in Tokyo, & at the Gallery Shizuku in Saita, Japan 2011 "It's the time to be 'Autumn'" at the Niche Gallery in Tokyo, Japan 2014 "Moonlight Serenade"  at the Niche Gallery in Tokyo, Japan ・Group Exhibition 2007 Art Shanghai in Shanghai, China 2011 Art Shanghai in Shanghai, China 2012 China, Japan and Korea Art Exhibition in Shanghai, China         Third International Biennial of Graphic Digital Arts Gdynia         Art Shanghai in Shanghai, China 2013 Asia Gallery Art Fair in Shanghai, China         Eko-An in Tokyo, Japan          「天祭一0八(Tensai 108)」in Tokyo, Japan         Art Shanghai in Shanghai, China         ARTE LAGUNA Photographic Art Department 2014 'fotofever' in Paris, France 2015 LA ART SHOW in Los Angels, USA         Infinity Japan 2015 in Taichu, Taiwan         Affordable London in England         SCOPE Basel in Switzerland

    Artist's Objects:

    •  Kazz Morishita - Wave Wave
    •  Kazz Morishita - Wave series Wave series

  • Toyohiko Nishijima

    Biography : Solo exhibitions 1993, 95 Solo exhibitions(Kyoto) 1997 «Return to Nature : Water » (Kyoto) 2001 «Nagare – the Stream – » (Kyoto) 2002 «Floating Soul » (Kyoto) 2005 «Flowering Flame of his Mind » (Kyoto) 2006 «Light - Flowers of Flame» (Yokohama, Osaka) 2007 «Floating flowers in the sky» (Tokyo) 2008 «Impermanence, Nature teaches me » (Tokyo) 2010 «Inner Light : Brilliance in silhouette » (Kyoto, Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya) 2011 Solo exhibitions (Tokyo) (Nagoya) (Shiga) « Toyohiko Nishijima and Coco » (Carrousel du Louvre in Paris) 2012 « - Hanae •You- » (Tokyo, Osaka) 2013 France Solo exhibitions (as a guest of honor) 2014 «Morning – Between Light and Water –»(Tokyo) 2015 «Faces of the gods of Japan »(Tokyo)Toobi Art Fair (Tokyo) New York solo exhibitions (NY) 2016 Solo exhibitions(Kyoto) Group exhibitions, prizes, etc. 1994 Participated in the Exhibition of Nihonga prize of the newspaper Kyoto Shimbun (Kyoto) 1995 Exhibition of Young talented Nihonga artists of Kyoto (Hiroshima, etc.) 98-07 Collaboration with the Nihonga artists group « NEXT » (Kyoto, Tokyo, etc.) 1999 Exhibition of the Grand prize of Tatehiko Suga, (Osaka, Okayama). Also in 2005 and in 2008 2002 Exhibition of Young talented artists of Arts and Crafts of Kyoto city (Museum of Kyoto) Exhibition of Young talented artists of Kyoto city (The Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art) 2003 Exhibition of the Nihonga artists’ association in Kyoto Received the prize of the newspaper Yomiuri Shimbun (Museum of Kyoto) 2004 Exhibition « Kyoto Today » (Museum of Kyoto) Acquisition of one of his works by Kyoto city 2006 Received the Prize of the new talented artists of Kyoto city Exhibition of Grand prix of Nihonga of the newspaper Nikkei (The New Otani Art Museum) 2007 Illustrated covers of books and reports of « Women writers’ Association : Documents » 2009 Exhibition Nihonga-Kyo (Tokyo, Kyoto, etc.) Since, annual participations in the exhibitio

  • Hiroko Shiina  (+)

    Detailed Description : Black Box - Consolation, 2017 Ink, coffee, coloured pencil,  paper on wooden panel 117 x 73 cm (46 x 28.7 inches)  Rooted in Japanese centuries-old tradition of depicting small details Hiroko Shiina externalise women’s archetypal sexual allure, female genital mystery. In her new work “Black Box - Consolation, 2017” Hiroko Shiina provides her personal investigation into the hidden psychology of the female inside. She opens a Black Box, a parallel mysterious world where borders between reality, memory and dream, fear and pleasure of expectations are blurred. Images seem weightless. They are flicking, fluttering, moving inside themselves, hair is blown without the wind, streams of water and blood are in dilatation, we can hear the growth of grass, pulsating heart of the fetus, bones turning into landscapes, sounds sinking into the black velvet background. Her world is astringently sensual intensified with the fleur of fatale romance. It is even more etherealised by subdued colours and infused coffee stains. This stains work like patina which lends old things their beauty and conveys the atmosphere of solitude or loneliness. Voyeuristic sensationalism derives from delicately depicted small details which work like special marks helping the viewer to perceive the artist’s world and to read it as the alphabet of reality.

    Artist's Documents:

  • Tamura Yoshiyasu

  • Hiroko Tsuchida  (+)

    Detailed Description : Material, shape, dimension, structure all express the philosophy of Hiroko Tsuchida. Things that she wants to express wonder around her head and finally, they materialize as solid concept. Hiroko Tsuchida  turns safety pins, bells, band-aids, whistles, scissors and other ready-made objects into conceptual tools for “self-reflection”. Using these everyday things, as “forms of media” she endows them with new meanings, urging viewers to reconsider implications of newly constructed images. Thus, protractors in “Starline, 2017” become not only a measuring instrument but also turn into a symbol of envisioning the artist’s path into the future. “BLEND ~push beyond one’s limit-, 2016“ made of 12321 plastic muddlers and based on the “Black Swan” theory by N. Taleb. Artist is trying to deal with Black Swan events which happen around her. In such situations the artist should blend inside everything that is falling on her. She should unfold her wings and go beyond current limits of her knowledge and experience to deal with the uncertainty of the world.

  • Naoko Watanabe

  • Yuriko Yamamoto  (+)

    Biography : In 2002 Graduated from Seika Art University, Kyoto, Japan

    Exhibition : 2013 Scope Art Fair NY 2012 Swab barcelona,Barcelona,Spain 2011 SCOPE ART ASIA,Miami,U.S.A [double wander],Satellite gallery,Nagoya,Japan 2010 [STAY-at joykaiso-],Jyokaiso,NAgoya,Japan [VISIT-Moving shape-]Anex Hall in Menard Museum,Nagoya,Japan [Kobe Art Collection 2010],Orbis Hall,Kobe,Japan 2009 [Kobe Art Collection 2009],Kobe Fashion Museum,Kobe,Japan 2007 [The tree in the room 16],Shinbi-gallery,Kyoto,Japan [GO HOME,Amuse ARTJAM],Kyoto Culture Museum,Kyoto,Japan 2006 [Amuse ARTJAM 5th Anniversary Selections],Kyoto Culture Museum,Kyoto,Japan [Kyoto Culture Festival2006],Kyoto City Office Plaza,Kyoto,Japan [Nagoya ART EXPO2006],nishinomon-yoshinoya,Nagoya,Japan 2005 [Nagoya ART EXPO2005-Togabi Project-],Togura Junior high school,Nagoya,Japan [Kyoto Culture Festival2005],Kyoto City Office Plaza,Kyoto,Japan 2004 [A reason why the snow fall in the room],Ishida-taiseisya hall,Kyoto,Japan 2003 [PHILIP MORRIS K.K.ART AWARD 2002 THE FIRST STEPS],P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center,N.Y. U.S.A 2002 [PHILIP MORRIS K.K.ART AWARD 2002 THE FIRST MOVE],Tokyo International Forum,Tokyo,Japan Awards 2002 PHILIP MORRIS K.K.ART AWARD 2002 P.S.1 award 2005 AMUSE ART JAM bennese award

  • Kaoru Yamamoto  (+)

    Detailed Description : Kaoru Yamamoto “Lovers 100” Kaoru Yamamoto works in the aesthetics of technological sublime. She creates digital images in the computer moderated environment according to the logical construction of unique Japanese spatial contextual awareness. In her new work “Lovers 100” she is intuitively modelling the motion of traditional Japanese painting by putting a couple in love onto imaginable journey through the city of Osaka, which is represented by images of its famous places. This images work as spatial contextual awareness marks like a cartographic map, which present the environment of the user/viewer at the present time and location or at sometime could be anticipated future context. The context of the journey is defined in multiple ways. It is boundless like love itself. The work is composed of 35 individual scenes with no discernible central scene. The particular scenes are scattered around and the overall impression is one of randomness. Strategy used by the artist resembles of classical Japanese painting. For example, Jingoji Landscape Screen (beginning of the 13 century), where each individual scene is separated by small hills and banks of the river without any interference of other scenes, thus allowing a coexistence within the sphere of the picture plane. The artist is literary cutting her work into separate pieces. “Cut” is kiri in Japanese language and is also a distinctive notion in traditional aesthetic discourse. The “cut” appears as a fundamental feature in ikebana in which organic life is cut off in order to let the true nature of the flower come to the fore. Or another distinctive example is the dry landscape garden which owes its existence to the landscape being cut off from the natural world beyond its borders. The best world wide known example is the Fifteen Rock Garden at Ryoanji Temple in Kyoto. At Ryoanji the dry rock garden is cut off from the outside by the wall that is low enough to permit a view of the natural surroundings.

    Artist's Documents:

  • Heechang Yoon  (+)

    Artist's Objects:

    • Heechang  Yoon - Kamogawa River # 1338 Kamogawa River # 1338