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Located in the heart of Central London's buzzing art-district: Fitzrovia, the Woolff Gallery has earned its reputation as consistently offering the collector unique artworks from its stable of exclusive artists (both from the UK and International), each with an entirely original and often unconventional approach to their practice.

Justin - Zac Freeman

Zac Freeman Justin

Silver Lining - Susila Bailey-Bond

Susila Bailey-Bond Silver Lining

Boman + Bomen - Daisy Boman

Daisy Boman Boman + Bomen

Bottles Behaving Badly - Love Jordan

Love Jordan Bottles Behaving Badly

'Cactus', Beads on nylon thread with plant pot inside plexiglass case with white plexiglass base, 48 x 60 x 30cm / 19 x 24 x 12" - Natasja Van Der Meer

Natasja Van Der Meer 'Cactus', Beads on nylon thread with plant pot inside plexiglass case with white plexiglass base, 48 x 60 x 30cm / 19 x 24 x 12"

Exhibiting Artists

  • Susila Bailey-Bond  (+)

    Biography : Susila Bailey-Bond was born in Leeds, England in 1972. Following art collage & a degree in Fasion, she trained as a fashion buyer & then as a designer. She now works as an artist and manages a central London gallery. "My work is a reflection of my background as an art student, fashion designer, and life-long artist. From as early as I can remember I have been obsessed with creating bright and optimistic artworks in a variety of mediums. These days, whether I am making a delicate paper-cut work, or a bold, graphic based mixed-media print, my intention is to create something uplifting for the viewer through my appreciation of colour, form and composition".

    Exhibition : 2017 London Art Fair | Woolff Gallery Summer & Winter Group Shows | AAF Battersea | Lapada Fine art & antique fair, London |
    Summer show at Store Street Gallery, London | Winter show at Foss Fine art, London | AAF New York | Ffound V at Woolff Gallery | AAF Hampstead
    2016 Solo Exhibition, Woolff Gallery, London | Context, Miami | London Art Fair | SCOPE, Basel | Woolff Gallery Ffound IV |Woolff Gallery Summer & Winter Group Shows, London | AAF Battersea | Art Southampton, New York | Group Show, Envie D’art, Paris.
    2015 AAF Hong Kong | Woolff Gallery Summer & Winter Group Shows | AAF Battersea Park | AAF Singapore | AAF Hampstead |Group Show, Envie D’art, Paris | Ffound III Woolff Gallery
    2014 SCOPE, Miami | London Art Fair | Houston Fine Art Fair | Woolff Gallery Summer & Winter Group Shows, London AAFBattersea | AAF Singapore | AAF Hampstead | Ffound II Woolff Gallery
    2013 Solo Exhibition, Woolff Gallery, London | London Art Fair | Art Palm Beach, Florida | Palm Springs Fine Art Fair | Scope, New
    York | AAF Battersea Park | Art Miami | AAF Amsterdam | Ffound Woolff Gallery
    2012 London Art Fair | Art Hamptons, New York | Houston Fine Art Fair |Woolff Gallery Summer & Winter Group Shows, Art Toronto | AAF Battersea | AAF Singapore| AAF Hampstead
    2011 London Art Fair | Art Chicago | Art Hamptons, New York | Woolff Gallery Summer & Winter Group Shows, London | Art London
    Toronto International
    2010 Art Miami | Toronto International |Art London | Woolff Gallery Summer & Winter Group Shows, London Art Hamptons, New York | Art Chicago London Art Fair
    2009 Toronto International | Art London Woolff Gallery Summer & Winter Group Shows | London, AAF New York | Art Chicago | AAF Battersea London Art Fair
    Selected Commissions:
    2016 Invited to design an Elephant for The Great Elephant Parade, European Tour. To be displayed in various European cities throughout 2017
    2012 Davidoff. Commissioned for a packaging design, artworks were toured as an exhibition supporting the designs

    Detailed Description : Bailey-Bond’s work emerges between design, sculptural collage, and mixed media canvasses of bold, graphic art which is obscured by the insertion of thousands of tiny clear tubes, it is clear that Susila’s fashion background has informed her practice as a visual artist through the relationship with the flat image and its subsequent translation into three dimensions. Unapologetically joyful and playful in style, her inspiration stems from a personal reaction to current global issues. In an effort to encourage a moment of tranquility and calm, Susila presents artworks which resonate serenity and peacefulness.

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    • Susila Bailey-Bond - Silver Lining Silver Lining

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  • Zac Freeman  (+)

    Biography : Zac Freeman was born in Texas (1972), he currently lives and works in Jacksonville, Florida. Freeman builds layer upon layer of found objects, and junk into portraits whose detail and subtlety only emerges with distance. In his Assemblage series, out of a seemingly chaotic collection of objects appears an impressionistic two-dimensional face constructed from an impressive range of shades and tones.

    Exhibition : Zac Freeman has exhibited extensively across the USA and Europe, his work can be found in prestigious private and corporate collections across the globe. His work was included in ‘The Art of Seeing’, 8th edition by Mary Pat Fisher and Paul Zelanski. Published by Prentice Hall, and also in ‘Launching the Imagination’, 4th edition by Professor Mary Stewart. Published by McGraw-Hill Higher Education Publishers. Freeman was also selected as one of the artists for the Absolut vodka campaign with billboards featuring his work appearing across London in 2012.

    Detailed Description : Zac has been collecting discarded objects for 12 years now. Often a selection of the 1000’s of objects he uses in his artworks will relate to, or have been owned by the subject in the portrait. By using found objects as his medium Freeman feels that the story within his artworks can be broadened. We can read a lot more into the artwork by looking closely at these objects than we could if we were looking at a portrait created using just paint, or pencil. The narrative that Zac Freeman is trying to create is about everyday people and everyday objects, it is about our culture and the reflection of us in the things we use and the things we throw away. These days technology and objects change so fast, for example initially everyone had 8-track tapes, then everyone had cassette tapes, then CDs, then digital & what happens to all of those now redundant things? On the other hand one of the objects that Zac has used since his first assemblage artwork is black film canisters, initially these were readily available however they are becoming more and more rare since the introduction of the digital camera. Freeman’s artworks are in a sense a time-capsule, they save a time and a place. Zac enjoys the idea of someone looking at his artwork many years from now, and often considers how they would see these objects. Something he has put on an artwork today looks relatively new and common, but in 100 years the from now it will be completely archaic and as well as being an incredible and unique work of art created by an artistic pioneer, the work will also offer the viewer an insight into the way we live today.

    Artist's Objects:

    • Zac Freeman - Justin Justin

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  • LoveJordan  (+)

    Biography : Since first showing with Woolff Gallery in Miami 2016, this hardworking, collaborative art duo have achieved enourmous success at both art fairs and in the Woolff Gallery group shows. Their latest body of work demonstrates the broadness within their practice, and offers up some surprising creative and humerous elements, in their distinctive style. The selection of artworks presented at Context Art Miami are from both LoveJordan’s ‘Writers Block’ series where the artworks illustrate tall shelving units filled with books, scrolls, filled box's, envelopes, paper stacks, files and all other manner of objects all waiting for inspiration and ideas, & the Elephants breath series which is an entertaining series based around paint colours, names and repetition: “Writers Block can strike at any time rendering all ideas blank and unclear. The Writers Block Library takes all those blanks and stores them, waiting to be filled”. JOHNNY LOVE

    Exhibition : Over the years LoveJordan have been commissioned by a variety of high profile clients including the BBC and the Saudi Royal family, as well as a number of corporate and private collectors. The pair have exhibited widely across the UK, Europe, Aisa & in the USA.
    2017 - Solo show at Woolff Gallery | Art London | AAF Hampstead | AAF Battersea | Ffound V at Woolff Gallery | Context Art Miami
    2016 - Battersea Affordable art fair | Luminaires art first gallery show | Wimbledon art studios open studio exhibition | Ffound IV at Woolff Gallery | Context Art Miami.
    2015 - AAF Brussels | AAF Battersea | AAF New York | Wimbledon art studios open studio show | BBC great British design challenge |
    Moreton gallery | Vallebona solo show | AAF Singapore | Wimbledon art studio open studio show
    2014 - Art and Clyde, Guildford |AAF London | AAF Hong Kong | Caiger Spring showcase | Wimbledon art open studio exhibition AAF
    Hampstead | Moreton Gallery | Personal Spaces | Caiger Autumn showcase | Manchester buy art fair | Decorex | BBC Great British Design Challenge | Windsor art fair with Caiger art | Wimbledon art studios open studio exhibition | AAF Singapore |The London Art Collective at Hülsta Esher
    2013 - Solo show at Vallebona | Emerging Realities show at Craft Central, Clerkenwell | Wimbledon Art open studios Exhibition | Dulwich
    Contemporary Art Gallery | Art Rebellion Gallery | BBC Great British Design Challenge | AAF Singapore | Wimbledon art open studio show
    2012 Wimbledon art studios open studio exhibition
    2011 Wimbledon art studios open studio exhibition
    2010 Wimbledon Art open studio Exhibition.

    Detailed Description : LoveJordan is the combined work of London based artists Jonny Love and Samuel Jordan. The pair work in a large variety of mediums and produce a wide range of interesting and intricate pieces. Mostly known for their minature libraries, and tongue-in-cheek miniature paint displays, LoveJordan are also fascinated by complexity, en masse, sprawling cities, and the human desire to fill empty spaces. They have created an impressive body of work exploring these themes including: Excessively large ink works of London seemingly flowing into infinity / An estimated 36,000 ink and pencil coloured tessellating shapes on a single piece of paper / A miniature library made entirely out of paper containing over 100,000 elements / An elaborate marble run with 66 entangled tracks / Thousands of found publication dots and commas gathered on a single canvas.

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    • Love Jordan - Bottles Behaving Badly Bottles Behaving Badly

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  • Valeria Nascimento  (+)

    Biography : Valéria Nascimento was born in Brazil (1962) and spent her childhood on a farm, giving rise to an affection and fascination with natural forms that inspires her elegant, whisper-thin ceramics. Initially trained as an architect, Nascimento became fascinated by ceramics. She worked as a ceramic artist in Brazil through the 1990s, then moved to London in 1999. She has been represented by the Woolff Gallery since 2007.

    Exhibition : Valeria has recently completed large scale commissioned works for Tiffany & Co in the UK, Canada, and the USA, as well as Bucherer
    in France and Germany, and Escada in Dusseldorf. Impressive installations adorn the walls of Skye Gyngell’s restaurant ‘Spring’, which
    is located in London’s Somerset House. Her work also hangs in luxury hotels such as The Four Seasons, Washington, and The Marina
    Bay Sands in Singapore, and the Flame Towers in Baku has also commissioned works by this highly collectable artist.

    Detailed Description : Nascimento’s architectural training reappears through repetitive sequences and structures where tiny individual pieces are repeated into larger scale works ultimately resembling coral reefs, sea anemones, flowers, blossoms, leaves, petals, or pods. “Valéria has broken new ground at various points in her career as a ceramic artist. Her training as an architect has no doubt contributed to her exciting use of space and the relationship between her work and its setting, she was among the first to specialise in porcelain sculptural wall pieces and installations”. Lindsey Brown - Curator

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  • Graeme Purdy  (+)

    Detailed Description : Wildlife photographer, Graeme Purdy, has spent decades studying and photographing wild animals in locations around the globe. But, for the first time, he has captured some of our planet’s most dangerous and stunning wild animals from just eight feet or less away. This provides a different perspective on some of our favourite wildlife subjects by taking on the very real challenges of this type of photography. “‘EIGHT FEET’ provides a unique and intimate insight into the lives of some of the world’s most iconic wild animals. This type of photography is challenging, unpredictable and rarely seen. I feel extremely honoured to have been able to gain enough of the animal’s trust in order to photograph from inside their world. Being so close to each of the animals was thrilling but I remained deeply respectful of them at all times. First and foremost, I am extremely passionate about animal welfare and conservation. It is my hope that through my photography, and sales of the book, that people can enjoy these wonderful animals for years to come. Supporting the work of National Park Rescue in tackling the chronic demise of wildlife through poaching, is a major motivation with my ongoing work.” GRAEME PURDY Woolff Gallery is absolutely delighted to present this fantastic exhibition. These unique images capture the energy of these noble animals in a way that is very rarely seen. Classically printed in Black and White, and beautifully presented, these timeless images are in keeping with the majesty and integrity of Purdy’s inquisitive subjects. In his book ‘EIGHT FEET’ each portrait is accompanied with its own story, as Graeme explains: “It was not my original intention to provide a narrative for each image, but it felt such an injustice to try and present these animals stories with only an image. I felt these animals deserved more”. Graeme spent a period of 18 months on the ‘EIGHT FEET’ project including a number of months on location in East Afri

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  • Jack Tanner  (+)

    Biography : Jack Tanner graduated in 2012 with First class honours from Wimbledon School of Art. He is an exciting young addition to the Woolff Gallery stable of artists whose work has received wide acclaim.

    Exhibition : 2017 Hampstead and Battersea Art Fairs, London
    2017 London Art Fair
    2016 Context Miami
    2016 AAF Battersea & AAF Hampstead
    2015 Ffound, Woolff Gallery
    2015 The Hackwood Summer Exhibition
    2015 Fresh Green Shoots, Darren Baker Gallery
    2015 The Library; St Martins Lane, London
    2014 Bubbles and Light, Hampstead
    2014 Drawing in Conversation, Islington Arts Factory
    2013 Hackwood Art Festival 2013
    2012 Roy’s Salon Tea Party, Commune, London
    2012 Vibe Affordable Arts Summer Exhibition Vol.3, The Biscuit Factory, London
    2012-2013 Clyde & Co Art Awards Houndsditch, London
    2012 Controlling the System (Degree Show 2012). Wimbledon College of Art.
    2011 The Future of Contemporary Art, The Lloyd Gill Gallery,Weston-Super-Mare

    Detailed Description : Process is at the core of Jack Tanner’s practice, creating highly structured and carefully rendered artworks composed from a system of thought. Tanner’s works are a result of his methodological approach and are a combination of his visualization of a mathematical formula, and his artistic knowledge and understanding of colour and technique. The works reflect the characteristics of the systematic geometry present within nature and the purity and patterns found within numbers and formulae that can transform the world into a more beautiful place. Through the use of everyday hardware such as wood-screws, combined with spray paint or oils, Tanner’s optical explorations display an elegant and fascinating movement of physical form and colour. Tanner’s artworks appear to shift before the eye, changing in their appearance depending on the angle by which they are viewed. Having been trained by his father as a cabinet maker from a young age, Tanners practical ability is refined beyond his years, and it was in 2012 after being given a bag of screws that Tanner realised the potential of using re-purposed screws as a primary medium for his work. Each artwork produced is the result of numerous working drawings and it is here that the artist gains key knowledge to inform his future works, Tanner’s latest work ‘Transition Series’ (see overleaf for complete artwork) is a tenacious and delicate work made up from 12 individual panels, this new artwork displays intelligence and clarity through its complex simplicity and the elegant tones of colour used.

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  • Joanne Tinker  (+)

    Biography : Joanne Tinker is a self-confessed ‘collectaholic’, she has colourful boxes of sweet wrappers, bottle tops, buttons, butterflies, and papers all collected and stored neatly in her studio, waiting to be given a new life. Tinker initially trained as a silversmith, but after quickly tiring of the traditional materials of silver and gold she turned her delicate hand to more common, everyday materials and objects allowing her to create large, beautiful and kaleidoscopic pieces. Tinker is an artist who seeks to transform ordinary objects into something precious. Metal bottle tops, acupuncture tubes, confectionery wrapping and aluminium cans have all featured as materials, although chocolate foil wrappings remain a constant in her work, not due to her love of chocolate, but due to her wholehearted appreciation of the material’s colour, texture, delicacy and strength. Whether an organised array of tiny, miniature goblets made from brightly-coloured sweet wrappers, or rows upon rows of miniature chairs made from luxury wine bottle-tops, Tinker’s interest and skill in re-using discarded objects chimes well with these ‘recycle’ times. Tinker’s meticulous artworks always generate considerable interest from a diverse set of admirers, be it from Art Collectors, Museums, chocolate or champagne lovers, or simply due to the fact that these beautiful, joyful artworks evoke a certain sense of nostalgia to which most of us can relate.

    Exhibition : Joanne’s artworks are on permanent display at London’s Science Museum alongside work from Vivian Westwood. Recently her artwork has appeared at London’s Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, at the New York Museum of Art and Design, and in the White Rabbit Collection, Sydney. Tinker was also recommended in The Miami Herald as one of the top picks for Art Miami / Basel week 2010. Her artworks have been featured in TheTelegraph, The Evening Standard, and The Guardian as well as magazines such as Vogue, Homes and Property, Living Etc... To name a few

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  • Jud Turner  (+)

    Biography : Jud Turner Jud Turner has been working with found or re-purposed objects and welded steel for over 20 years, and although his training at the University of Oregon was focused on drawing and painting, he enjoys the process of making sculpture, finding objects which can be re-purposed, the long hours working in the solitude of the studio, and the way that his practice affects how he views the world around him. Placing a high value on craftsmanship and surface appearance Turner balances realism with stylisation, and whilst infusing this with a sense of humour he manages to push concepts into the deep levels of the viewers perception. As a result Turner’s sculptures are visually engaging, and incorporate symmetry, repetition and intricate detail to balance the contemporary themes he explores.

    Exhibition : Turner’s work has been featured in over 100 exhibitions throughout the USA & worldwide, he has also held a substantial number of solo exhibitions in the USA, and has won numerous awards and grants for his work. He has created public sculptures for the City of Eugene and Moses Lake Museum and Arts Centre. His work can be found in public and private collections around the world. Turner lives and works in Eugene, Oregon.

    Detailed Description : Turner’s work addresses the exhilarations and anxieties of living in our modern, industrialised society. His artistic philosophy is, “between seeming contradictions lie greater truths.” He aims to engage viewers on several levels; to make art that is fun to look at and at the same time highlight the contemporary issues that many of us ponder: mortality, the intersection of nature and technology, the passing of time, spirituality, and environmental sustainability.

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  • Natasja Van Der Meer  (+)

    Biography : Natasja Van Der Meer (1969) studied sculptural art at the Nieuwe Akademie in Utrecht. She likes to use different kinds of material, to express her vision on modern life. In her work, Van der Meer regularly incorporates existing objects to create iconic images, often witha sense of humour. A reoccurring theme in her work is childhood and parenthood. Van Der Meer’s interest in the curiosity and innocence of children and the way they experience this weird and wonderful world, has a considerable influence on her working process. It is the tiny details in life that inspire Van der Meer to make a sculpture. In order to express her ideas, the artist often works with scale: Some of Van Der Meer’s sculptures are a scaled version of existing, smaller objects. The adjustment of the size of these objects can sometimes evokes a sense of alienation and confusion. Recently (and as exhibited here at Context Art Miami) Van Der Meer started to use beads as three dimensional pixels to create hanging sculptures. With admirable precision she puts all elements together to create a clear recognisable image. Through the use of differenttechniques, the artist ensures that no discrepancy arises between the object and the final enlarged artwork. Keywords are simplicity and clarity, and no unnecessary details are added to the artwork. This simplicity and unambiguous expression make the works of Van der Meer not only accessible, but contribute to the experience of aesthetic enjoyment of her art. Her work has been shown at multiple exhibitions at Gemeentemuseum Den Haag in The Hague and Singer Museum in Laren and is included in several collections such as the Heineken Collection Foundation and Collection De Heus.

    Artist's Objects:

    • Natasja Van Der Meer - 'Cactus', Beads on nylon thread with plant pot inside plexiglass case with white plexiglass base, 48 x 60 x 30cm / 19 x 24 x 12" 'Cactus', Beads on nylon thread with plant pot inside plexiglass case with white plexiglass base, 48 x 60 x 30cm / 19 x 24 x 12"

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  • Russell West  (+)

    Biography : “I suppose it must have been about 1987, while working as a graphic artist in London, that I stumbled across an image of the Kowloon walled city in a magazine. It looked to me as if a high rise town had been crushed into a brick by a giant machine. I was mesmerised. Tens of thousands of people – at its peak I believe it was as many as 33,000 – had crammed themselves into an area the size of two football pitches, where they lived and worked. I settled in Hong Kong in 1991 and I visited the city many times before it was demolished by ball and chain in 1993. As the huge concrete ball was raised and dropped on the city at a height of about fourteen stories, the inner honeycomb of rooms and streets was revealed. There was an impossibly complex labyrinth riddled with electric wires and plumbing systems. The city had been built by its inhabitants for their needs without a town planner or architect involved. It occurred to me that I was looking at a genuine self-regulating ‘man nest’. I find the complexity and patterns found in densely populated slums fascinating; I believe there is much to be learned from the layouts and mend-and-make-do technologies of the people that dwell within them. For example, there is phenomenon known as a ‘desire line’ where unofficial paths emerge as people choose the quickest route in a municipal park, or through a flowerbed in a supermarket car park, rather than the one laid down for them by town planners. Slum dwellings are constructed in much the same way, guided by practicality rather than aesthetics, evolving organically. Doors and windows are placed where people need them, rather than where they should be. Through photography, drawings and sculpture I have attempted many times over the years to recreate what I first saw in Kowloon’s walled city, and later in India, the Philippines, and other parts of the world. The process I’m using at the moment is the best way I have found to represent what I saw in these slum neighbou

    Exhibition : Russell West has exhibited widely across North America and Europe. His work can be found in prominent collections worldwide.

    Selected Public or Private commissions
    ‘Splash’ Public Sculpture - Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, Hong Kong
    ‘Forward’ Bronze Sculpture – Sun Hung Kai Property, Hong Kong
    ‘West World’ – Manhattan Group, Hong Kong
    ‘Goddess’ relief sculpture – China Max, Hong Kong
    ‘Sardine’ Public Art – Clapham, London
    ‘Crushed Car’ – Earls Court, London
    ‘China Jazz’ – Berkley Square, London
    ‘Red Snapper’ – London W1
    Tenri Biennale International Sculpture competition, Japan

    Detailed Description : Russell West’s knowledge and control of paint is a skill that cannot be taught. He has developed and mastered his unique style over the past 15 years by patiently experimenting with paint, the result being artworks which appear as an astonishing labyrinth of paint, each of which West has nurtured and encouraged into form. These fascinating and complex artworks can take up to one year to create. Russell West is a pioneer, his distinctive work is completely unrivalled and there really is no-one to compare him to.

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Other Represented Artists

  • Daisy Boman  (+)

    Biography : Daisy Boman studied Interior design & photography at Antwerp’s Academy of Fine Art, she later started to work with ceramics but perhaps the most significant influence on her work was the 5 years which she spent living in Johannesburg, South Africa. Here her artwork matured but became strongly affected by social aspects and characteristics of South African society during Apartheid. After returning to Belgium in 1986 Boman’s inner turmoil gave birth to her ‘Bo-men’. She later presented a solo exhibition in Antwerp, where her work resonated with this African influence, an influence which has remained consistent within her works to this day. Daisy Boman’s work depicts a collective goal, evoking a sense of belonging, a united community, or destiny. Sometimes dozens of her ‘Bo-men’ characters strive, climb and struggle for the same goal. In contrast, a lone ceramic figure, or pair of figures are distanced by white space, powerfully communicating emotions of the need for human trust or togetherness, these seemingly humorous little men characterise a much deeper significance and worth. Their rich subtext provides a unique commentary on how we handle life’s personal challenges, disputes and hurdles. Boman believes we are all ‘from the same mould’, inured by the society in which we dwell, so each ‘Bo-man’ has a face without features. Their form transcends race and nationality and connects with the common thread of humanity. They are without colour and the white clay bakes almost ironically into the colour of mourning, it is the hue of pain and sympathy, but it also represents hope, the sun and life. The supple and malleable clay, like the human form, is hardened by exposure and cracks – giving each individual form his own unique human character. Boman’s work is conceived from her distinctive self-expression: plain, simple and contemplative in manner, she offers us a satisfying and ‘unique look at ourselves’. The sculptress reminds us that we ar

    Exhibition : Daisy (1948) studied art at the Sissa school in Antwerp. She then followed a course in interior design and ceramics at the Academy of Fine Arts in Mol. During her stay in South Africa (1981-1986) she completed a course in ceramic art. In her atelier in Johannesburg she developed her own personal style. She was selected to become a member of ‘The Association of Potters of S.A’ and the ‘Artist Under the Sun Association’. She has been selected for the National Ceramic Exhibition in Johannesburg several times. Her works were exhibited in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Sasolburg, Durban and Capetown. Her art is appreciated by an international public and her collectors come from Australia, New-Zealand, South Africa, U.S.A, Canada, Hong Kong, Germany, France, the Netherlands and U.K. Back in Belgium in 1987 she created her ‘Bo-mannetje’ (mannetje = little man), personalising man in his most primitive form. His structure is rudimentary, and curiously, he is without a face. Each man is the same, and yet so different. Square in face, their heads symbolise an unbending resistance to life’s challenges. Boman believes we are all ‘from the same mould’, injured by the society in which we dwell. After several exhibitions in Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Great Britain, her work was discovered by the Halcyon Gallery in London who proposed to represent her work worldwide. There was a major exhibition of Boman’s work in the Halcyon Gallery, 29 Bruton Street and at the same time in New Bond Street, London in November 2008. Her artworks are sold all over the world.

    Artist's Objects:

    • Daisy Boman - Boman + Bomen Boman + Bomen

  • Pure Evil  (+)

    Biography : Pure Evil Pure Evil (born in South Wales in 1968) is a London based street artist. He is a stablemate of Banksy, and the son of Welsh painter John Uzzell Edwards. It is also illuminating to know that he is a descendant of Sir Thomas More, the Lord Chancellor who wrote the controversial work Utopia and who was later beheaded by King Henry VIII.

    Exhibition : Pure Evil’s artwork is instantly recognisable, he has worked as an artist for the last 15 years and has exhibited worldwide in China, Hong Kong, South Africa, Russia, Mongolia, Brazil, USA, Chili and all over Europe. He also supports both established and emerging artists and has produced over 50 exhibitions in London and Internationally. He produces a monthly radio show, has lectured at the Tate Modern and the ICA, and regularly gives workshops on street art. He has also appeared on TV shows such as ‘Four Rooms’, and ‘The Apprentice’. Solo exhibitions: 2015 Galleri Fold, Reykjavik. 2015 Basically Disneyland, C.A.V.E Gallery, USA 2015 Elisabeth Weinstock, Los Angeles 2013 Saatchi Gallery, London 2008 Electrick Sheep, Newcastle 2008 Urban Uprising Sydney 2007 FakeSpace, Beijing 2007 Truman Brewery, London Collective exhibitions: 2014 Sergeant Paper and Maquis-Art, Paris 2014 Art 14, London 2014 The Nightmare series, The Saatchi Gallery, London 2013 Pure Evil Double Exposure, Culture Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa 2013 Pure Evil Nightmare, The Hoxton, London 2012 Pure Evil Deconstructed Nightmares, Pure Evil Gallery, London 2012 Pure Evil goes POP! Corey Helford Gallery, Culver City, USA 2011 Pure Evil Nightmares, La Cantine De Faubourg, Paris 2011 Pure Evil Nightmares, The Scarlett Gallery, Stockholm 2011 Pure Evil The Garage, Amsterdam 2011 Pure Evil Abel and Baker Gallery, Cologne 2011 The Last Good Time, Pure Evil XOYO 2010 Strange Girls, Pure Evil, London 2009 Dark Carnival, Choque Cultural, Sao Paulo 2008 Live East Die Young, Ink’d Brighton 2008 Run! The Old World Is Behind You, ATM Berlin 2006 55 gallery, NYC Pure Evil's artwork has also been selected for more than 70 Group shows Internationally.

    Detailed Description : Initially a streetwear clothing designer in San Francisco, and then a music recording artist in Frankfurt, Pure Evil has gathered inspiration from a variety of places and proffessions. Living in California for 10 years provided him with influences from West Coast Graffiti artists such as TWIST and REMINISCE, so when he eventually returned to London he picked up a spray can and started the Pure Evil revolution... Introducing his work by painting weird fanged Pure Evil bunny rabbits everywhere. He then became involved with Banksy’s ‘Santa’s Grotto’, and created prints for Pictures On Walls (Banksy’s official authenticators). After being refused entry back into the USA, Pure Evil started plotting and creating new prints and artworks from a tiny shed in the Black Mountains of Wales. Once he had produced enough work he moved back to London in 2007 and debuted his first Pure Evil solo exhibition from a Dickensian old shop and basement in Shoreditch, East London

  • Pam Glew  (+)

    Biography : Pam Glew, born in 1978, is a British artist best known for her unique bleaching technique on fabric. Glew started making artwork on flags and textiles around 2007 as a response to war, notably ‘Afghan Girl’ later appeared on the front cover of Le Monde Newspaper.

    Exhibition : Selected solo exhibitions (to 2009) 2012 Moniker Art Fair Project Space • London Air, Land and Sea Oct 2012 Solo Exhibitions: 2011 Mauger Modern - London Beautiful & Damned May - June 2011 2010 Red Bull Studios - London Circus Nov - Dec 2010 Bicker Gallery - Sydney, Australia Luminaries May 2010 2009 Stella Dore - London Noir March 2009 2008 Trash Express - Bristol Old Glory Nov 2008 Fairtrade Gallery - Brighton I fell in love with a video nasty May 2008 Commissions 2013 Pepe Jeans Artwork for Paris, Madrid, Barcelona & Rotterdam stores 2012 Armani Armani 30th Anniversary Portraits 2011 Wagamama Art and Eat installation for flagship restaurant,Brighton UK. MTV Commission for Staying Alive auction ($20,000 result) Mitsubishi Bank Large-scale flag commission for Bank HQ, London Tool Room Records Large-scale flag commission for Mark Knight Red Bull Framed flag commission for Red Bull music studio, London 2010 Ralph Lauren Polo Jeans Large-scale Art Star #1 commission 2007 Saatchi Gallery & The Independent Online Curating Prizewinner

    Detailed Description : Flags, quilts and brocade are used to explore and question how identity is constructed by the countries in which we live. The use of textiles; washing, dyeing and sewing cloth and images of women are used to highlight the minority of women in the history of art and also the plight of women’s rights. The artist has shown internationally in 6 major solo shows and over 100 group exhibitions in galleries, art fairs and museums. She has collaborated with Terry O’Neill and Bill Wyman and has produced commissions for Armani, Ralph Lauren, MTV and Mitsubishi Bank.

  • Keith Haynes  (+)

    Biography : Keith Haynes was born in 1963, he has lived and worked in London for his entire life. Haynes’ work is a playful and often nostalgic exploration of popular culture, and in particular, popular music culture from his past to the present day. Keith’s work is noteworthy for his interesting choice of materials, creating works from the ‘clutter’ of pop culture - button badges, CDs or, more uniquely, vinyl records. Whether it’s a graphically iconic portrait or a meaningful song lyric, each piece is created from original vinyl records chosen to enhance the subject matter, Haynes considers the subject and the object to be of equal importance within his practice. On leaving Harrow College with a BA(hons) Haynes worked as a designer and director at the BBC where his work featured in some of the most influential music and arts programmes of the past 20 years. In 1993 a selection of his video work was included in an exhibition of experimental and avant-garde television design held at the ICA. Haynes’ current work has been exhibited extensively in the UK and abroad and can be found in private collections in Europe, America, Hong Kong and Singapore.

    Exhibition : His current work has been exhibited extensively in the UK and abroad, and can be found in private collections in Europe, America, Hong Kong and Singapore.

    Detailed Description : “I’ve been a hoarder and collector of records, badges, t-shirts, music papers, even record store bags, for as long as I can remember. I started by making portraits of my favourite music artists in their own vinyl and maps seemed like a natural step – defining a country by the music and songs that it inspires”. I started by collecting songs with titles that mentioned tube stations. As the collection grew I realised I could construct a working tube map from them and have so far completed seven tube maps called the Going Underground series. I then completed a series of maps of the UK – titled Hitsville UK, after The Clash song – before attempting the US map, which became Hitsville USA. The biggest part of creating each piece is searching for those 50 records – a far harder task than I’d originally thought but very rewarding. The records range from the obvious, such as Massachusetts by the Bee Gees to the more arcane and obscure such as Kentucky Highway by Cyclops Eye. All the records are varied in genre and style are very much a musical road trip across the states. The original thought was that I would use my own personal record collection as my source material but I soon realised I had too much of a personal connection to it. So it’s a case of trawling second hand record shops, record fairs, charity shops and of course the internet. For example, for the New York Subway - Harlem to South Ferry artwork (displayed last year at Context 2016) I spent a year collecting enough records with New York place name in their title”. KEITH HAYNES

    Artist's Documents:

  • Carol Peace  (+)

    Biography : Carol Peace (b.1970) initially studied sculpture at Winchester School of Art, and later studied Drawing at The Prince’s Drawing School, London. In 2007 she cofounded the Bristol Drawing School and was the artistic director for four years.

    Exhibition : Carol Peace has been practising as a sculptor for nearly 25 years, during which time she has obtained numerous public commissions, including: ‘Possibly’ at Glyndebourne, and large-scale public sculptures in London, Bristol and Portishead. Carol Peace's sculptural work is collected across the globe, including Hong Kong, Singapore, the USA, Canada, Barbados and throughout Europe. Closer to home Peace has had solo shows in London, The Netherlands, France, Spain, Athens and Zurich and has a permenant collection at the Dorchester.

    Detailed Description : “The work is about everyday life, in its minutia, the sheer fantastic-ness of it all”. CAROL PEACE Peace is a sculptor who could not work without drawing. The process of drawing, that intuitive response, is in part what she aims for in her work. She initially sculpts in clay or plaster, which like charcoal is quick to make marks with. Once finished, the clay sculpture is then cast into bronze where those fluid marks of the making become fixed. ‘I draw with and in the clay, draw the varied bodies of folk that model at life classes. I draw, a lot. To get myself up to speed. To see’. CAROL PEACE Carol Peace has been practising as a sculptor for nearly 25 years, during which time she has obtained numerous public commissions, including: ‘Possibly’ at Glyndebourne, and large-scale public sculptures in London, Bristol and Portishead. Her work is collected across the globe, including Hong Kong, Singapore, the USA, Canada, Barbados and throughout Europe. Closer to home Peace has had solo shows in London, The Netherlands, France, Spain, Athens and Zurich and has a permanent collection at the Dorchester. Back in her studio she has explored new techniques: ‘Plaster forms change shape with a speed of a drawing. In form there is a safety, a freedom to take risks. It’s what 24 years of making does to you, there’s a comfort there, a confidence in the history that enables you to push on into the new, to run so fast you can’t sleep from the excitement of it all.’ CAROL PEACE “Walking into Carol Peace’s studio feels like arriving at a party in mid-flow. There seems to be people everywhere – some huddled close together and whispering, others striking a pose at various points around the room. Carol’s creations have a poise all of their own – elegant and caressing, they weave around each other like a room of bronze and resin lovers. “ David Clensy 2008

    Artist's Documents:

  • Yinka Shonibare  (+)

    Biography : Yinka Shonibare MBE RA was born in London and moved to Lagos, Nigeria at the age of three. He returned to London to study Fine Art first at Byam Shaw College of Art (now Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design) and then at Goldsmiths College, where he received his MFA, graduating as part of the ‘Young British Artists’ generation. He currently lives and works in the East End of London.

    Exhibition : Selected museums: Royal Museums Greenwich, London, Wroclaw Contemporary Museum, Wroclaw, Poland, Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth,Texas, San Diego Art Museum, San Diego, Centro de Arte Moderno, Las Palmas and Madrid, Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Western Michigan University, Nouveau Musée National de Monaco, Brooklyn Museum of Art, Brooklyn, St Louis Art Museum, Newark Museum, Miami Art Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA), Sydney, New York, USA and National Museum of African Art Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C, National Gallery, London, Musée du Quai Branly, Paris, France, Hayward Gallery, South Bank Centre, London, Speed Museum, Kentucky, USA. 2004 Turner Prize, Tate Britain, London, Boijmans van Beuningen Museum, Rotterdam. Moderna Museet, Stockholm, Sweden. Museum, Philadelphia,PA. The Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh, Victoria & Albert Museum, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, Kunsten Museum of Modern Art, Denmark. Sheldon Museum of Art, Lincoln, Nebraska, Le Pont, Musée d’Art Contemporain, Marseille, Museum of Art at Duke University, North Carolina, USA, Seattle Art Museum,

    Detailed Description : Over the past decade, Shonibare has become well known for his exploration of colonialism and post-colonialism within the contemporary context of globalisation. Shonibare’s work explores these issues, alongside those of race and class, through the media of painting, sculpture, photography and, more recently, film and performance. Using this wide range of media, Shonibare examines in particular the construction of identity and tangled interrelationship between Africa and Europe and their respective economic and political histories. Mixing Western art history and literature, he asks what constitutes our collective contemporary identity today. Having described himself as a ‘post-colonial’ hybrid, Shonibare questions the meaning of cultural and national definitions. Shonibare was a Turner prize nominee in 2004 and awarded the decoration of Member of the “Most Excellent Order of the British Empire”. He has added this title to his professional name. In 2013 he was elected Royal Academician by the Royal Academy of Arts. He was notably commissioned by Okwui Enwezor At Documenta 10 in 2002 to create his most recognised work ‘Gallantry and Criminal Conversation’ that launched him on an international stage. He has exhibited at the Venice Biennial and internationally at leading museums worldwide. In September 2008, his major mid-career survey commenced at the MCA Sydney and toured to the Brooklyn Museum, New York in June 2009 and the Museum of African Art at the Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC in October 2009. In 2010, ‘Nelson’s Ship in a Bottle’ became his first public art commission on the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square.

  • Static  (+)

    Biography : STATIC is a creative collaboration between two contemporary British artists, Tom Jackson & Craig Evans who have been producing limited editions and original works in house and by hand since 2006. Working out of their studio in the East End of London the duo employ myriad techniques including painting, screen printing, drawing, stencilling and spraypainting. Inspired by popular culture, music, film and current events STATIC are renowned for their dynamic layering of explosive colours, rich patterns and thought provoking visual references.

    Exhibition : 2015 ‘URBAN ART’ Woolff Gallery, May-June 2015 2 for 2 : Two Year Anniversary Group Show, Vertical Gallery, Chicago. Mar 2015 Robin Coleman & STATIC, Lamberty Showroom, Mar 2015 TRIPLE X - Moniker Projects & Jealous Gallery, Shoreditch, London. Feb 2015 2014 MIX-Winter Group Show, Lawrence Alkin Gallery, London, WC2H 8DA. Nov 2014 STATIC @ Playboy Club London, Nov 2014 Affordable Art Fair - Battersea, London. Oct 2014 MONIKER - Art Fair 2014 The Old Truman Brewery, London, Oct 2014 MIX - Summer Group Show, Lawrence Alkin Gallery, London, Jul-Sept 2014 IDOLS - Solo Show, EDITIONS by Collectors Contemporary, Singapore. May-June Art14 - London, Mar 2014 2013 the GROUP - Group Show, Lawrence Alkin Gallery, London. Dec 2014 BREAKING THE ICE - Group Show, Moscow, Russia. Dec 2014 Beautiful Crime Concept - Pop-Up Store LULU GUINESS, London. Nov 2014 Affordable Art Fair - Scream Editions, London. Oct 2013 MONIKER Art Fair - Scream Editions. Oct 2013 STRATA Art Fair - Saatchi Gallery, London. Oct 2013 PHANTASMS OF THE LIVING - Solo Show, London. Jun-July 2013 ‘London Original Print Fair’ - Royal Academy of Arts, London. April 2013 INDIA ART FAIR 2013, New Delhi. Feb 2013 LONDON ART FAIR. Jan 2013 2012 URBAN BARRIER - Group Show, No Format Gallery, London, Dec 2012 CHASING ACES - Solo Show, Emergency Arts, Las Vegas, USA Nov 2012 We Like STATIC - Solo Show, Collectors Contemporary, Singapore. Oct-Nov 2012 THE CONQUEST - Gallery Kawamatsu, Tokyo. Sept 2012 Ken Hamazaki Red Museum, Osaka. Sept-Oct 2012 WALLS - Group Show, Oriental Gallery, Hiroshima. Aug-Sept 2012 SELECTIVE ATTENTION - Solo Show, P.A.R.O.S.H Galerie, Milan. Jun-Jul 2012 ART & TOYS – COLLECTION SELIM VAROL, Berlin. May-Sept 2012 MOMENTS OF CLARITY - Solo Show, Whisper Fine Art, London. May 2012 ‘London Original Print Fair’m Royal Academy of Arts, London, April 2012 2011 ‘AFFORDABLE ART FAIR’ Singapore, Nov2011 ‘ULTRA 004’ Emerging Directors Art Fairm Spiral G

    Detailed Description : Combining backgrounds in Graphic design & Fine Art, STATIC are renowned for their layered glass pieces and multi-textural works. Their labour intensive practice involves completing every stage of the creative process in–house and by hand: from hand cutting large scale intricately designed stencils, to hand drawn typography. They take an innovative approach to materials and have previously employed such diverse components as wood, metal, Perspex, glass, diamond dust, resin, ask and magnesium powder. STATIC have continued in their rich vein of political commentary, but unlike artists such as Banksy whose artwork imagery suggests and hints toward a social or political message, Static’s pieces feature actual scenes in history that refer to key moments. With work touching on the Cuban missile crisis, the Paris riots, as well as the conflict in Northern Ireland their images portray a scene not always as we remember. STATIC’s layered glass works have been exhibited in the UK, Japan, Singapore, Italy, the USA, India and Russia. In 2013 a selection of pieces from their ‘Phantasms of the Living’ show was added to the private art collection of the Saudi Arabian Royal Family and in 2014 they were commissioned by Activision to create a unique Camo pattern for the release of the new Call Of Duty AW game launch.