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The Markowicz Fine Art gallery offers an ever-changing collection of artworks and has developed a unique listing of influential artists, such as Andy Warhol, Damien Hirst, Tom Wesselmann, Fernando Botero… Our gallery, located in the heart of the Miami Design District, offers a wide variety of artists with exceptional creative talent: from the bildoreliefos of Alain Godon, to the Richard Orlinski's sculptures, the street artist Kaï or the delicate crystal glass sculptures from Rudolf Burda.

Exhibiting Artists

Other Represented Artists

  • Rudolf Burda  (+)

    Biography : Rudolf Burda was born on 29.05.1973 in the industrial city of Mladá Boleslav in the center of Europe, in the Czech Republic. During the years 1987 -1991 Rudolf Burda studied at the School of Applied Arts in Turnov (Czech Republic) major of artistic blacksmithing. In 1992 until 1993 he was interned in California, USA, and then founded his art studio back in the Czech Republic. In 2010, he was fascinated by glass and since then is professionally engaged in the creation of glass objects and sculptures.

    Detailed Description : Rudolf Burda develops the concept of dynamics and unity in the relationship with fundamental existential statements. Glass and crystal are materials that somehow reconstruct the creation of natural crystals. During their execution, minerals were undergoing a process known as crystallization. At a certain temperature the ore is still in a liquid state, and by cooling it solidifies to polyhedral shape. The inner composition is characterized by the perfect order of its molecules. His art has been shown in the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Holland, UK, USA, the Middle East and is represented in private collections in USA, Europe, Asia, Australia. “The idea behind all my sculptures is to reduce everything to its most simplistic form and its barest minimum”.

  • Maria Cristina Carbonell  (+)

    Biography : Maria Cristina Carbonell was born in Puerto Rico, 1964 of Venezuelan parents. She is a versatile artist who works and masters different mediums to express her ideas through drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, installation and video art. She studied at the Museum of Fine Arts, 1982-1984, in Boston and at the Art Student League, 1985 -1987, in NY. Carbonell obtained her BA in Fashion Design from The Fashion Institute of Technology, F.I.T., NY, in 1987. Since 1989 Carbonell has exhibited in museums and galleries in Caracas, Barcelona, Sao Paulo, Madrid, México D.F, London, New York, Miami, and Taipei, Basels. She lives and works in Miami since 2010.

    Exhibition : Solo Exhibitions 2010 An Idyllic World, Dot Fiftyone Gallery, Miami, Florida 2007 Amazilias, Galería La Cuadra, Caracas, Venezuela 2006 The Art of Dealing, Douz & Mille, Diva Video and Art Fair, New York City 1989 Aqua que me muero de sé, Galería Via, Caracas Selected Group Exhibitions 2012 Olivier Mestre and María Cristina Carbonell, Ricart Gallery, Miami, Fl 2011 Art for a Better World, Affordable Art Fair, Miami Beach, Fl Burst Project Art Fair, Masaya Fine Arts, Miami Beach & Wynwood District 2010 In Wolves Clothing: Re-imagining the Doll, SHOWstudio-Home of Fashion Film, London, England 2009 Visionarios: Video y Cine Experimental Latinoamericano; Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, Madrid, Spain A time to Bloom, VideoArtWorld, Basilea Foundation, Hot Art Fair, Basel, Switzerland 2008 Visionarios: Audiovisual Na América Latina, Instituto Itau Cultural, Sao Paulo, Brasil 2006 63 Edición del Salón Bienal Arturo Michelena, Valencia, Venezuela 1st Prize award

    Detailed Description : Notions related to lightness, suspension, weightlessness and their opposites, are at the chore of Carbonell’s oeuvre. Her Pillows, a series of sculptures that she began making in 1999, with marble are quite representative of her art. One might question: why marble? Isn’t she looking to represent something soft and inviting? That would be if we were talking about a conventional artist searching for traditional ways of representing pillows, and Carbonell is far from being that. So when she decided that marble was the right material for her pillows she understood the challenge that it would represent, and took it. The result is this series of pillows, which by looking at them we wouldn’t be able to tell what are they made from. The stone acquires the weightlessness and lightness of the fabric of dreams.

  • Carole A. Feuerman

    Biography : Carole A. Feuerman is recognized as a sculptor who started the Hyperrealism movement in the late seventies with Hanson and De Andrea. With a career spanning over four decades, she has produced a rich body of work by combining steel, bronze, and resin, with more unconventional media. She has taught, lectured, and given workshops at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Solomon Guggenheim Museum, Columbia University, and Grounds for Sculpture. In 2011, she founded the Carole A. Feuerman Sculpture Foundation. Feuerman has had nine solo museum retrospectives, exhibited worldwide, and is included in the permanent collections of 19 museums. She currently has an exhibition featured in conjunction with the 2017 Venice Biennale and in Kassel during Documenta 14. Feuerman’s collectors include the Emperor of Japan, Bill and Hillary Clinton, the Caldic Collection, and Malcolm Forbes. On an ongoing basis, Feuerman's work can be seen in selected galleries and museums worldwide.

  • Alain Godon  (+)

    Biography : Alain Godon was born on November 1st ,1964 in Bourges, France. At the age of 11, he learned how to draw with his uncle, an artist in Achicourt, France. In 1985 he moved to Paris and then to Brighton (UK), earning his life doing graffiti on pavement. In 1988, he lived in Courchevel, during the first period of what he calls “Childish Art”. In 1989 Alain moved to Saint Tropez where he created his first oil on canvas. He currently lives in London. Alain Godon savoured his first personal exhibition in 1994 in the Palais d’Europe in Le Touquet. Countless exhibitions have since followed in numerous galleries both in France and abroad, to include New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Aspen, Denver, Amsterdam, and Bali. He is going now to be exhibited permanently at Matisse Museum in France.

    Exhibition : 1994: First personal exhibition at Le Palais de I`Europe in Le Touquet. 1996: Personal exhibition at the Dorval Gallery (Poliakoff, Herbin, Paul Jenkins…) in Le Touquet. 1997: Personal exhibition at the Lustman Gallery, rue Quincampoix, Paris. 1998: Personal exhibition at the Dorval Gallery in Lille, France. Exhibition at La Tour des Cardinaux Gallery in Iles sur Sargues, France. Purchase by the collector Guessas of a series of paintings for an exhibition in the United States. 1999: Private exhibition with Artcote in Paris, France. Exhibitions at the Krix Gallery, Amsterdam, the Guessas Gallery, Denver USA and a personal exhibition at La Tour des Cardinaux Gallery. Exhibitions of thirty paintings by the museum of Le Touquet for permanent and travelling exhibitions. 2000: Personal retrospective exhibition at the Museum of Le Touquet Personal exhibition at the Fardel Gallery, Le Touquet. 2001: Personal exhibition in the Great Hall of Lille City Hall. Exhibition in the National Assembly of France at the invitation of the Deputy Mayor Léonce Deprez. First partnership with Pascal Lansberg of the Lansberg Gallery, rue de Seine, Paris (Matisse, Magritte, Fernand Léger…). His painting "Jules Vernes" was accepted into the public collection of the Museums of France. 2002: Personal exhibition at the Fardel Gallery, Le Touquet. Private exhibition with Artcote, Paris. Private exhibition in Megève, France. 2003: Exhibition at Seine 51 Gallery, Paris. 2004: Personal exhibition at the Fardel Gallery, Le Touquet. Retrospective of one hundred paintings in the town hall of Le Touquet at the invitation of the Deputy Mayor Léonce Deprez. Personal exhibition at the Dorval Gallery, Lille. 2005: Personal exhibition at the Seine 51 Gallery, Paris. Travelled to Rhodes and studied the Greek community and its culture. At the request of Pascal Lansberg travelled to Bali, Indonesia and worked for two months on a series of oil paintings Exhibition at the Darga Gallery, Bali (Basquiat, T

    Detailed Description : Jean Pierre Delarge described Godon's work as "aligned with free figuration drawing on the caricature figures of his graffiti origins. His representations are simplistic, his colors vivid, his outlines defined by thin black strokes; his figuration achieves contour and definition in the composition of curved and straight lines." Around 1994, Alain Godon also started sculpting, using this medium as a means of expression for the way in which he views the world; he infuses his subject matter with a childish inspiration and through the eyes of his own particular and unique humor. In 2009, Alain Godon originated a new artistic concept, which dovetails the ancient ancestral technique of oil on canvas with modern digital technology, and to which he ascribed the term "BildoReliefo". He takes one of his paintings, which he photographs in ultra-high definition, and by de-constructing" each element of the original oil painting and then "re-constructing" the picture by adding a shadow effect, the artist creates a three-dimensional impression. Each artwork is unique and original, as it is created with its own color nuance.

  • KAÏ  (+)

    Biography : KAÏ is a native angeleno artist, born in 1993. At the young age of 14, he pursued his passion and the streets of Los Angeles became his canvas. Four years later, he accepted an offer to study at California Institute of Arts, the leading school in contemporary art, and L'école des Beaux Arts in Paris. He started in the streets but became quickly noticed for his own style and his social messages, using the landscape as medium, appropriated symbols and objects of everyday life. In 2014 he collaborated with Chris Brown (Konfuzed) to make paintings and murals.

    Exhibition : SELECTED EXHIBITIONS SOLO 2015 FAAM urban art auction The Revolution Wall Street Gallery 2014 – « Now Royalty » at Lulu Laboratorium, Miami, USA 2013 - Lab Art « Lost Values », Los Angeles, USA 2013 - Exhibit at Louvre Rivoli « Illegal », Paris, France 2012 - Now Royalty at Guetta Gallery GROUP 2017 Urban Art Fair, New York Context, New York 2015 FAAM urban art auction, Miami, USA The Revolution, Wall Street Gallery, New York, USA 2014 Art Basel at Lulu Laboratorium, Miami, USA Lab Art Texas Grand Opening, Texas, USA Tagliatelle NYC showing, New York, USA Lab ART, Los Angeles, USA Studio Bancs, Los Angeles, USA 2013 Art Basel Lulu Laboratorium, Miami, USA Tagliatelle NYC showing, New York, USA Solo Exhibit at Louvre Rivoli Illegal, Paris, France 2012 Lab Art, Los Angeles, USA Under Ground Gallery, Collinsville, USA

    Detailed Description : Kaï has promoted for ten years his social and humanist messages, all over the world, in the streets of Los Angeles, New York, Paris, London, Tel-Aviv, Amsterdam. He created a signature character, "IF", which stands for "Imaginary Friend". IF has no color, no sex or race, no physical/ distinguishable traits which breaks all societal stereotypes and cultural divides. He wanted to create a character that everyone can relate with, in order to help communicate the universal issues that tie cultures together, such as love, money, time, happiness, success and the environment.

  • Richard Orlinski  (+)

    Biography : Richard Orlinski is a French artist born in 1966 Paris. It is at the age of 18 that he was first fascinated by contemporary art and felt the need to create. First a interior designor, he became a sculptor in 2004. Since then, he has surrounded himself with a team of highly qualified technicians. His works of art are designed around the concept of "Born Wild". They represent core values in a contemporary style, without being extravagant. His work is directed to a wide audience, including children fascinated by its iconic creations. He has been a guest of honor at Art Elysees, Paris Art, the Artiferia Bologna to Cannes, Deauville, Cabourg ... In 2015, he was ranked first best selling contemporary French artist in France by Art Price, and two of his works are among the 10 largest auction in 2011.

    Exhibition : Selected exhibitions: 2013 : Hôtel le Royal Monceau, Paris 2013 : Inception Gallery, Paris 2013: Markowicz Fine Art Gallery, Miami 2010/2013 : Courchevel (France) 2012 : Inception Gallery, Paris 2010/2012 : A Leadouze Gallery, Paris 2010/2012 : Art Cadre Gallery, Paris 2010/2012: Opera Gallery, London and Singapour 2010/2012 : Galleries Bartoux, Courchevel and Cannes (France) 2010/2011 : Place Guy d'Arezzo, Bruxelles 2010/2011: Art Elysées, Paris 2010/2011 : Château de Pommard, Bourgogne (France) 2010/2011 : Galerie des Remparts, Bordeaux (France) 2010/2011 : Galerie Alain Daudet, Toulouse (France) 2010/2011: Galerie Zimmermann & Heitmann, Hambourg, Düsseldorf et Dortmund 2010/2011: Bel Air Fine Art, Genève 2010/2011 : Galerie des Lices, Saint Tropez (France) 2010/2011 : Fondation Kneipp, Luxembourg 2010/2011 :Fouquets Barrière, Champs Elysées, Deauville, Marrakech 2008/2009 : Pierre Cardin Gallery, Paris 2008/2009 : Artclub Gallery, Paris 2008/2009: Art Elysées, Paris 2008/2009 : Pascal Lorain Gallery, Paris 2008/2009 : Opera Gallery, Paris 2008/2009 : Art Partner, Paris 2008/2009 : Art Partner, Bruxelles 2008/2009: Lounge Art Gallery, Bruxelles 2008/2009 : Hôtel Metropole, Monaco 2008/2009 : Maretti Arte Monaco, Monaco 2008/2009: Happy Art Gallery, Cannes 2008/2009: Soul Of Asia, Thaïlande 2008/2009: Alexis Lartigue Gallery, Paris 2008/2009: Chabanian Gallery, St Barth 2008/2009: Pulse, New York 2007: Artcurial Gallery, Paris 2007: Bel Air Fine Art, Genève 2006: La Fiac, Paris 2006: Galeria Del sol, Miami

    Detailed Description : Richard Orlinski wants to sublimate reality and create beautiful and timeless works of art that creates emotion for the spectators. Deeply rooted in his time, Richard Orlinski primarily uses contemporary materials such as resin and aluminum, but also marble, stone and bronze. His artworks, designed around the concept of "Born Wild" acts on our archaism. His idea is to question the transformation of "primordial instincts" into a "civilized emotion".

  • Reine Paradis  (+)

    Biography : Reine Paradis is among the primitives of the future of art. She flew off to Los Angeles in 2012. There, distant from the weight of history that at times asphyxiates European Art, she found her own phrasing. The artist feels free under California skies. Her photos open a new avenue in contemporary creation, and offer a spectacular, exhilarating headway in their purpose and in the art of today: the artist sows some confusion and a joy most welcome in the present leaden world.

    Exhibition : Exhibitions : Jungle photo series June 8th - July 15th 2017 Gallery Hug, Paris ​Jungle Photo series featured at the Photo Basel June 14-18, 2017 ​ ​​Jungle photo series June 18th - August 27th 2016 Kopeikin Gallery, LA April 29th - July 30th 2016 Exhibition at SNAP! Downtown Gallery ,Curated by Holly and Patrick Kahn Orlando

    Detailed Description : Reine Paradis constructs narrative photographs staging herself as the central figure in a surreal landscape. Paradis is dressed in orange in her images and is shown interacting in color filled landscapes. Shot in many locations throughout America, the photo series "Jungle" takes us on an introspective journey across a symbolic and chromatic world, projected above the limit of reality and imagination. All the scenes are imagined and conceptualized before shooting in real locations. Once the scene is visualized in it’s entirety, Paradis makes sketches and paints the scene to use as a blue print when photographing the final scene. All the costumes, accessories and origamis are meticulously designed and prepared according to the initial vision of the scene. Each scene is an adventure and a story in and of itself.

  • Kristin Simmons  (+)

    Biography : Kristin Simmons is a painter, printmaker, and silkscreen artist born in 1989 in New York . She graduated from Columbia University in 2012 with a BA in Studio Art and Art History. She received several prestigious awards including the Orra White Hitchcock and National Endowment of the Arts Award. She grew up in New York, and her experience of the culture of excess is her major inspiration. Simmons used the internet, books and pop culture to appropriate source images for her work before blending these images with childhood toys and objects in her studio. Her Senior Thesis at Columbia University, was a re-interpretation of the canonical children’s board game 'Candy Land'. Her art tends to explore the conflation and confusion of two languages: the simplicity of a child’s, and the overwrought complexity that exposure to mass media imposes. She currently lives and works in New York.

    Exhibition : SELECTED EXHIBITONS 2017: Context: Miami Basel 2017, Markowicz Fine Art (expected) Kristin Simmons, Galerie Mourlot Solo Show, New York, NY (expected) Debtfair, The Whitney Musuem, New York, NY Where’s the Afterparty?, The Ivy Exhibition, New York, NY 2016: Back to Our Future, SVA Galleries, New York, NY Beauty is Life’s E-Z Pass, The ICP Printfest, New York, NY American Dream, The Affordable Art Fair, New York, NY 2012: Candyland, The LeRoy Neiman Gallery, Columbia University, New York, NY

    Detailed Description : Kristin Simmons' art undermines sexuality, exploitation, violence, gun culture, and all the other painful aspects of consumerism. In doing so, she wisely engages with a complexity of contemporary society. Bold, graphic, and colorful, Simmons’ most recent work recalls current political affairs, particularly gun rights and Wall Street scandals. Simmons’ work is eye-catching, playful, and polemical. The discussion and debate surrounding her chosen themes (drugs, capitalism, guns) are never not politicized and divisive. But, however much her work provokes and polarizes, it never moralizes.

  • Idan Zareski  (+)

    Biography : From Idan : 'When I’m at a loss for words, my hands take over. I’ve been blessed with an artist’s soul. From my childhood in Africa and through multiple pilgrimages around the world, my eyes have been nourished by images, which my hands now wish to reproduce. Memories of people from my past, sprinkled throughout my mind, are now my personal creations, born out of clay. These days I’m in the mood to play Creator; to shape this same Earth to which I belong and to extract my vision of man, my experience and the beauty which surrounds me. I generally sculpt with a very lively emotion, almost in a trance, perspiration mixed with strong inspiration. At first, there is nothing but a confusing image, a mental sketch. But then, through contact with the Earth, with every beat of my thumb, the shape is born and my hands know; they have faith in what they create. Rapidly, the imprecise becomes precise and what was just a vague idea transforms. I believe in my hands; they have never betrayed me. I am always amazed at what they produce when I allow them to express themselves freely. No sketches; pure creation, instinctive, spontaneous. The topics which inspire me vary according to my mood. Sometimes fun and at others serious;it doesn’t really matter. What is fundamental is to extract and transmit this emotion that lives within me and later find it in the faces of the people who contemplate my sculptures.'

    Exhibition : 2014: Solo show, Florence Italy 2013/2014: Avenida Escaau, Costa Rica 2012/2014: Markowicz Fine Art, Miami 2012/2014: Botanical Garden Miami Beach 2012/2014: Tore del Lago, Italy – Puccini Festival 2013: Context Miami 2013: NAO Cartagena, Columbia 2013: Mana Contemporary, New York 2012: Art Monaco 2012: Top Marques Monaco 2012: Scope Basel Switzerland 2012: Art Miami 2012: Carla-Bayle, France 2011: Via Lindora Santa Ana, Costa Rica 2011: Metalogik - Hotel Villa Caletas/Zephyr Palace, Costa Rica 2011: Valoarte Costa Rica 2011: Jacob Karpio Who? 2011: ARTBO Colombia 2011: Scope Miami 2008: Mazeres, France

    Detailed Description : Idan Zareski's Bigfoot is a world traveler. He travels around the world to be exhibited. Already exposed in Latin America where he was conceived, and having recently finished his North American journey, he is now on his way to Europe and Asia. It is said that his last stop will be in Antarctica where an acoustic concert will be held in his honor for a select public of only penguins. It is a call for awareness that raises the essential questions of “who we are, and, where is it that we really live!” With its African roots and Latin American genealogy, Bigfoot is not a denunciation to racism, as it might first seem, on the contrary, it is a peaceful call for hope, for unity amongst the human race. His huge feet evoke the roots of our past, our anchor to this small fragile planet. Reminding humans that we are all from the same small world. His relaxed attitude and the appearance of contemplation that emanates from Bigfoot is a testimony: No matter what our race or color is, where we live or who we are, we are all enslaved to our paradisiac planet, our home. At ease in all continents, Bigfoot will carry his awareness message about cultural differences and origins in a peaceful way, without offending. Born out of the hands of a French-Israeli sculptor that lived in Africa, Europe, North America and now Latin America, Idan Zareski, a true globetrotter, has been immersed at an early age in the multicultural mold that makes up our beloved planet. His sculpture, a peaceful African with big feet, bares witness to human stupidity. It carries the odors of mass deportation, forced labor, slavery and abuse that countless cultures suffered through history.

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