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Davila Pablo   ()

Alejandro M. Davila   (Director)


Founded in 1998 in the city of Córdoba - Argentina - dedicated to the dissemination of the Visual Arts of Argentine creators. The presence of artists from different latitudes and especially those that most stand out for their commitment to the art have been partakers of multiple exhibitions organised SASHA D. on the conviction that the dissemination of them contributes to the enrichment of the aesthetic values of the society.
Alejandro Dávila director of the Gallery, he has been President of the Association Argentina of gallery Arts (AAGA), has also been director of the Art Museum Emilio A. Caraffa (Córdoba) and the Municipal Museum of fine arts Dr. Genaro Pérez (Córdoba).
Art in general contributes to the sensitivity of society, artists, gallerists, the media are part and architects of this building to the extent that their goals are the commitment and the passion to defend their creative processes.
In the year 2014 opens a new space of the Gallery SASHA D. On the traditional corner of Bulnes and Pringles from the city of Córdoba, specialized in painting, sculpture and photography.

MARI - javier Bellomo Coria

javier Bellomo Coria MARI
Photography Printing of pigmented inks on textured paper 240 gr.

Exhibiting Artists

Other Represented Artists

  • javier Bellomo Coria  (+)

    Biography : Javier Bellomo Coria / 1968 Córdoba, Argentina Architect Autodidactphotographer Exhibitions and shows 2018 - December - Art Miami CONTEXT 2018 - November - Feira PARTE Sao Paulo Brasil 2018 October - Art fair BARCU Bogota Colombia 2018 October - Art Fair Kiaf Seoul Corea 2018 September - BAphoto Buenos Aires - Aregentina 2018 August - Art Faria MAC Córdoba Argentina 2018 May - Art Fair FACA Buenos Aires - Argentina 2018 Abril – Art Lima Perú 2018 Abril – Contemporáneo – Ashville USA 2017 Diciembre – participación en feria Art Miami Context USA (SASHA D) 2017 Octubre – participación en feria BARCU Colombia (SASHA D) 2017 Septiembre – participación en feria SWAB Barcelona España (SASHA D) 2017 Agosto Participación feria Mercado de Arte Córdoba Argentina (SASHA D) 2017 Junio – Participación feria SCOPE Basel Suiza (SASHA D) 2017 Mayo – Participación Feria FACA – Buenos Aires Argentina (SASHA D) 2017 Abril - Participación feria Art Lima Lima Perú (SASHA D) 2017 Exposición individual SASHA D espacio de arte Córdoba Argentina (SASHA D) 2016 Participation in the collective exhibition "Self Portrait" at the Center for Contemporary Art Chateau Carreras. Cordoba Argentine. 2016 Participation in the "Art Market" exhibition organized by the city of Cordoba in the gallery space Sasha Davila. Córdoba, Argentine. 2016 Participation in group exhibition gallery Nodo 940 with the installation "Disarming (first person)". Córdoba Argentine. 2015 Individual Participation in Carlos Wienberg private presentation, Barcelona. 2015 Individual exhibition "The value of the ethereal" in Rojo Productora de Arte, Cordoba, Argentine. 2015 Participation in the "Art Market" exhibition organized by the Municipality of Cordoba in the space of Rojo Productora de Arte. Córdoba, Argentine. 2015 Participation in the exhibition Dia-Logos,-Lux in space OSDE, Cordoba, Argentine. 2014 Participation in group exhibition in Carlos Wienberg private presenta

    Artist's Objects:

    • javier Bellomo Coria  - MARI MARI

  • Luis Wells