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Fragments of Time - Jason Hallman and Stephen Stum Stallman

Jason Hallman and Stephen Stum Stallman Fragments of Time

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  • Gil Bruvel

  • Zhuang Hong Yi  (+)

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  • Chris Martin

    Biography : Though his technique traces back to the 14th century, Christopher Martin’s approach to "Verre Églomisé" is entirely modern. He captures abstractions inspired by wood grain, the cosmos, sun, sea, or even ski tracks—magnificently—all while painting “in reverse" on acrylic panels. Martin coaxes layer upon layer of sheer pigment and water to achieve his vision ~ harnessing brushes, wind, heat, and gravity. As Simone Bretz, a former curator of the Munich Metropolitan Museum and noted expert in reverse glass painting states, “Well-executed reverse-glass paintings do not reveal the complexity of their manufacture. Since the designs are applied to the back of glass panes, they must be built up in reverse – starting with the foreground and working “backwards” – which makes corrections virtually impossible.” Describing his technique, Martin says, “Every layer of paint has a high influence on the one behind it as opposed to a flat covering stroke. It’s often around thirty layers of paint that fuse together." Finding inspiration in nature has fueled his motivation. "When you observe the veining in a slab of marble, or the alternating colors in petrified wood and other natural creations, they are all inherently poetic and attuned to the laws of abstraction. Study them closely, and you’ll identify compositions of abstraction. Being surrounded by these natural masterpieces in Colorado is a constant source of inspiration." Martin continues to broaden the scope of his collectors and admirers around the globe. A self-taught artist, he represents his own work with three eponymous galleries, in both Dallas and Aspen, along with numerous galleries and dealers across the United States. Illustrious collectors include presidents, princes, and CEOs. He is now represented by Decorazon in London, who has shown his work in Hong Kong, Brussels and New York since 2013. In 2012, three solo shows were mounted for Martin including KM Fine Arts of Chicago, Laura Rat

  • Gino Miles

  • Meredith Pardue

  • Gavin Rain

  • Jason Hallman and Stephen Stum Stallman  (+)

    Artist's Objects:

    • Jason Hallman and Stephen Stum Stallman - Fragments of Time Fragments of Time