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Yann Bombard   (Founder)

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The gallery is based in Paris in 8th arrondissement, in the heart of the 'Triangle d'Or' close to the Place of the Elysees, the Champs Elysees and the lovely Parc Monceau.
Our program embraces artworks across all media including paintings, sculptures and photos. Since the gallery has been established we launched several eclectic group shows or provided solo-shows.

Since its inception, the gallery has been part of major international art fairs to promote its artists and K+Y gallery's vision is to sustain the artists' freedom of expression by exhibiting them in a setting that is fertile for both the artist and the collector alike.
Thoughout our exhibitions and participations in more than 10 art fairs per year our artists enjoy an international audience of high-end collectors.
Some of them have been selected to Biennale or have been bought by prestigious private collections, American Art Centre and museums.

Nutella - Cecile PLAISANCE

Cecile PLAISANCE Nutella

Aperture 9 - Jeff Robb

Jeff Robb Aperture 9

Exhibiting Artists

  • Jeff Robb  (+)

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    • Jeff Robb - Aperture 9 Aperture 9

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Other Represented Artists

  • Edouard Buzon  (+)

    Biography : Born in Clamart in 1979. Buzon works in Montreuil, France. He has always painted, but still had his job in parallel. Painting has always been his real passion. From design to painting, he has felt the need to express his creativity. One day, he realised that he could make this passion his job. This happened the same year he started to work with Envie d'Art. He has never studied art but he has always been interested in it. He has always paid attention to attach a great importance to it in his life. He read a lot of books about artistic movements, contemporary art or the great masters that influenced art history. By soaking up their works, he found the path that he always wanted to take. He made his references, his influences.

    Exhibition : 2016 AAF Hong Kong, New York, London, Brussels Envie d Art gallery, Paris XVI Context New York art fair Art wynwood, Miami Art central, Hong Kong Scope miami Los Angeles art show K+Y gallery, Paris 2015 AAF Singapore, Milan, Hamburg, Amsterdam Art wynwood, Miami Art hamptons Art southampton Scope miami Kolm art fair Los Angeles art show Xin art gallery, France Scope basel Envie d Art gallery, Paris VIII Florence Rasson gallery, tournai, Belgium K+Y gallery, Paris Envie d Art gallery, London 2014 AAF London, Singapore, Brussels, New-York Art hamptons Scope miami Scope basel Los Angeles art show Art Toronto Love art fair Toronto London art fair Cologne art fair Envie d Art gallery, Paris VIII Envie d Art gallery, London De gallery, the hague, Netherlands Florence rasson gallery, Tournai, Belgium K+Y gallery, Paris 2013 Galerie Envie d'art www.enviedart.com London art fair AAF Milan, London, Hong Kong, Singapore 20-21 international art fair, london Art hamptons K+Y gallery, Paris Envie d Art gallery, London 2012 London art fair Art hamptons 20-21 international art fair, london AAF London, Singapore, Brussels, Milan Envie d Art gallery, Paris VII K+Y gallery, Paris 2011 AAF Brussels, London, Milan, New York London Art Fair Envie d'Art Gallery, London Pierrick Touchefeux Gallery Art Chicago Envie d'art Gallery, Paris Lille Art Fair 2010 AAF Brussels, Singapore, New York, London, Amsterdam Envie d Art Gallery, Paris Chic Art Fair,Paris Lille Art Fair Art London Pierrick Touchefeux Gallery Art Chicago Line Art, Belgium 2009 AAF Brussels, London, New York, Amsterdam, Paris Pierrick Touchefeux Gallery Art Elysees, Paris Salon Realites Nouvelles, Paris St art gallery, Strasbourg Lille Art Fair Art London Envie d'Art Gallery, Paris Open Art Fair, Utrecht Line Art, Belgium 2008 Envie d Art gallery, Paris Envie d Art gallery, London Glasgow Art Fair Art Santa Fe, New Mexico Art London Pierri

    Detailed Description : "Through my work I want to bear witness to a certain kind of modern urban aestheticism. The creative process takes several months; the necessary time to paint, write, erase and recoat, to charge each piece with history. The technique opposes a harsh, urban universe with the smooth, glossy aspect of the varnish. My method involves the use of flat tints on a wooden chassis built up through successive layers of polyurethane varnish, into which I combine pigments and photographs. Each layer is sanded and polished." He takes a picture he uses as a sketch. Then, he chooses places with heavy history that have been colonized by Human beings A factory, a house, disused liability... all places that people deserted one day. When he is in a chosen area, he immerses himself of all things that give strength to this urban landscapes, he looks at these structures marked by time and gather all these elements in order to build an atmosphere, a universe around these places. In his work, he tries to make them his by giving them a second breath of life. That is why he uses bright colors. He wants to warm up these desolated landscapes. He inlays element of nature, flowers, tribal symbols, and his hand in his painting. Indeed, he wants to add his signature. And If he employs varnish it is to give them back their original and so precious charm. He finishes an artwork in two months as a minimum. It takes time for the pigments and varnish to dry. But sometimes he can keep a painting during six or eight months in his studio in order to spend the necessary time to assimilate its soul and engrave his signature. He always works on several paintings at the same time.

  • Park Byung-Hoon  (+)

    Biography : Park's work is based completely on color and transparency. It is simple and fundamental which has been the principal concepts of western art for the past 40 years. His works are based on the concept that creativity is produced from belief and confidence. Park believes that an artist's mission is to create an invisible transcendent being, celebrating the power of existence, and trying to re-create minimalism and simplicity. His pursuit of transparence shows, not only in the choice of material - acrylic and glass - but also in the expression of three primitive color tones. The traces produced by the color combinations then create an industrial although natural sense. The material used to create this Transparence is impermeable unlike paper or canvas. His work is a conversation rather than an illusion as we are allowed to look beyond the surface. Born in 1967 in Korea, Park Byung-Hoon works and lives in Paris since 1992. He graduated from Inchon City University in South Korea, and School of Fine Art in Versailles, France.

    Exhibition : EXHIBITIONS 2016 AAF Hong Kong Art Southammptons 2015 Scope Basel Art Southampton 2014 Art Fair KIAF, Seoul Art Southampton Art Hamptons Scope Basel Art Wynwood Miami Art Palmbeach Miami 2013 Art Fair Spectrum, Miami Art Fair 21 Koln, Germany Galerie Alexandre Mottier, Geneva Shangri-la Hotel, Hong Kong 2012 Art Fair Karlsruhe, Germany Paris Art Fair Art Monaco 2011 Galerie an der Pinakothek der Modern, Munchen LEE gallery, Berlin Art Fair Karlsruhe, Germany 2010 Galerie Courant d'Art, Mulhouse, France Scope Basel, Switzerland Affordable Art Fair, Paris 2009 Galerie Alexandre Mottier, Genève Art Fair de Lisboa, Portugal 2008 Galerie an der Pinakothek der Modern, Munchen St-art Fair, Strasbourg, France 2007 Galerie MOA, Seoul

    Detailed Description : Park Byung-Hoon " One morning, gazing at myself in the mirror, I was surprised. In was not familiar with the person that I saw hurrying up for a daily life. I asked myself: Who am I? But I couldn't get a clear answer. I'm the husband of a woman early in the morning, then a pedestrian in the streets, then a passenger on a bus, then a researcher at an institute, then a customer in a restaurant, then the father of a child at night. I'm living with different roles in every moment and space. And every role has its own colour and shape. I can see myself vaguely at the moment that several layers of colour and shape overlap in the framework of my life. I'm composed in this manner. "

  • Silvia Calmejane  (+)

    Biography : Silvia Calmejane was born and raised in South-West France. Arriving in paris 20 years ago, her urban way of life was newly embraced in her art, paying constant homage to Basquiat. She later returned to Southern France, where she lives and works to the present day. Her work is shown throughout Paris and other capital cities across Europe. Calmejane won a “Contemporary creation” prize, presented by the Saraleguinea Museum in France. She has been shown in many cities such as London, New York, Toronto, Miami, Singapore, Hong Kong, Hamburg, Paris and Milan and she has now a worldwide audience of collectors.

    Detailed Description : Silvia Calmejane’s world is raw, powerful and vulnerable all at once. She invites us viewers to dive into an urban landscape were basquiat himself could have lived; and tells a story of her own. Despite the mysterious character of her painted motifs and symbols, they all complement one another when regarding the painting as a whole. Calmejane’s technique is very rough, almost brutal: she haphazardly attaches the plexiglas onto beaverboard; purposefully leaving bolts. Despite this way of working, Calmejane pays great attention to detail. Her work represents a paradox of ‘rough tenderness’.

  • Didier Fournet

  • Reinhard GORNER  (+)

    Biography : Reinhard works with large-format cameras, both digital and analogue. He has developed a language capable of telling new stories. He continually works to refine a pictorial idiom, the stories he wants to tell, the feelings he convey. This is visible in his pictures; Landscape and architecture are his principal areas of interest. The travels associated with his projects and places call for concentration, for the ability to get to grips with history, knowledge and people. Reinhard is fascinated by typology and record the heritage of both the cultural and industrial past. His influence has beared upon a generation of documentary photographers: including Andreas Gursky, Candida Höfer, Thomas Ruff, Thomas Struth and Reinhard Görner. His series on the vanished architecture of the past and its appearance in our own times come across just as vividly as the craziness of today’s societies that his images depict. His pictures convey both width and intimacy, and depth and mystery.

    Exhibition : 2016 Art Central Hong Kong 2015 Berlin, Kunstsalon Europa Art Hamptons Scope Basel & Miami Los Angeles Art Show Affordable Art Fair New York London, Envie d’Art Paris, K+Y gallery Kronberg, Galerie Paul Sties New York City, Hamburg Kennedy Photographs 2014 Scope Basel & Miami LA Art show Art Hamptons London, Envie d’Art Paris, K+Y & Envie d’Art New York City, Hamburg Kennedy Photographs 2013 Paris, K+Y gallery London, Envie d’Art 2012 Paris, K+Y gallery London, Envie d’Art 2011 Fotofever Art Fair, Paris, galerie Hamburg Kennedy Scope Basel Paris, K+Y gallery London, Envie d'Art gallery AAF New York 2010 Reinhard Görner, Architekturfotografie, Galerie Paul Sties, Kronberg/Taunus London, Envie d'Art 2008 Arturimages, Wissenschaftspark, "Erhabene Räume", Galerie LUMAS à Cologne, Berlin, Frankfort 2006 Architekurfotografie, AMJ Design Interiors, Berlin 2005 ‘Deutschland in Japan’, Gallery B and C, Tokyo, Japon 2001 ‘Bait Canteen’, Origin Gallery, Dublin, Scope Art Basel

    Detailed Description : EDUCATION 1979 Starts working as architecture photographer 1974 Starts working as self- taught photographer 1973–1978 Works as translator and editor 1969–1973 Studies theatre, literature and art history COLLECTIONS Langham hotel in Chicago, The Marron Art collection in New York City, Foster & Partners, London PUBLICATIONS Posthorn & Reichsadler, Nicolai Verlag Berliner Fassaden, Nicolai Verlag Das Ullsteinhaus, Jovis Verlag Die Bundesdruckerei, Eigenverlag K.-F. Schinkel: Charlottenhof - Römische Bäder, Potsdam Sanssouci, Edition Menges, Steidle & Partner, KPMG-Gebäude München, Edition Menges The Reichstag Graffiti, Norman Foster, Jovis Verlag Bode-Museum, Heinz Tesar, Edition Menges Max-Planck-Institut für Wissenschaftsgeschichte, Dietrich+Dietrich, Edition Menges

  • Nemo JANTZEN  (+)

    Biography : "In my mixed media body work of painted ceramics on wood, I try to capture and address these times of vigilance and voyeurism of hidden cameras and video surveillance that have become accepted in our society, creating awareness of this invasion of privacy for our own perverted need to know and watch everything. In the name of safety and control and fed by the media, this imagery has changed into entertainment and pleasure. Portraying public figures that became common good through the lens of a camera and a language of blurred and pixelated imagery, our eyes got too used over these last decades, thus I want to create photographic stills and scenes that can tell whole stories in one glance. In these pieces, built up out of hand painted ceramic tiles which I use as building blocks which by themselves are nothing more than that but put together form pixelated shapes they merely suggest an image that our imagination transforms into flowing and complete figures. The missing details and shortage of information stimulates our imagination to fill in the blanks and create the excitement." Intrigued by light and the mystery of darkness I play with focus creating a sense of depth and connecting the image and viewer through the inclusion of the optical vocabulary of cinematography and the allusion to the constraints of the instant polaroid. Thus bringing the question of the act of voyeurism and the deceiving and relevant nature of privacy."

    Exhibition : 2016 Art New York Art central, Hong Kong Art Wynwood, Miami Artstage, Singapore Los Angeles Art Show Envie d Art gallery, London Envie d Art gallery, Paris VIII K+Y gallery, Paris VIII AAF Singapore, New York 2015 Contemporary Istanbul Artstage, Singapore Art Hamptons Art Southampton Art Toronto Art Jakarta Art Miami Art Wynwood, Miami Scope Basel, Miami Los Angeles Art Show 8ème avenue Paris AAF New York Wanrooijn gallery, Amsterdam De Medicis gallery, Paris K+Y gallery, Paris VIII 2014 Los Angeles art show Art Hamptons Art Wynwood, Miami Scope Miami Scope Basel AAF Hampstead Sold Out Show, Singapore Amsterdam Show Hong Kong art show Singapore art show Cube gallery, London Wanrooij gallery, Amsterdam K+Y gallery, Paris VIII De Medicis gallery, Paris 2013 Scope Basel Artered gallery, New York Artstage, Singapore Toronto art fair AAF New York, Paris, Singapore Galerie Envie d'art www.enviedart.com 2012 Houston Fine Art Fair Context art fair, Miami Artered gallery, New York Houston fine art Artered Project


  • Peter Keizer  (+)

    Biography : Peter Keizer was born in Amsterdam in 1961. He studied at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam, and began working as a professional artist following his graduation from the Royal College of Art in London. Since then, he has exhibited in over 40 solo-shows in Amsterdam and throughout Northern Europe, and in over 50 group exhibitions around the world. Keizer’s talent has been acknowledged, having been awarded three Dutch Art Prizes and having received over fifteen commissions from a variety of prestigious Dutch institutions. We met Keizer in Amsterdam and successfully promotes his work in countries where his work is still little known: including Italy, France and the USA.

    Detailed Description : At once both magnificent and absurd, Peter Keizer’s work is about a world where only positive feelings arise: full of flowers, trees, mountainous landscapes and dogs. His themes are closely connected to childhood memories; as if time had turned his memories into idealized, colorful works of art. The thick oil paint is mostly used directly out of the tube, and gives a sculptural aspect to the paintings: thus enhancing the presence of the colours. “lie on the grass and look up to the trees, if you have a young mind, you’ll see what i painted” - Peter Keizer says.

  • Cecile PLAISANCE  (+)

    Biography : Working in a very masculine environment for years, Cecile Plaisance left the world of finance and banking several years ago when she settled in Brussels. Then she become a full time photographer and her work was exhibited in several galleries such as the Young gallery in Knokke and Brussels, Envie d’art galleries in Paris and London, Belair gallery in Geneva... Her work was also shown in the most prestigious international art fairs in London, New York city, Hong Kong, Singapore, basel, Los Angeles, Miami, Toronto… Her famous wall street journal lens barbie has been aquired by the Handler family (Mattel founders). Last june in Art basel, the former chairman of the museum of contemporary art of Chicago, Mrs Pritzker acquired one piece as well and the famous investor & dragon of the dragons’den canadian version, Michael Wekerle acquired his own in art Toronto.

    Exhibition : COLLECTIONS NICOLE SASSAMAN, BARBIE PENTHOUSE PRITZKER COLLECTION, LOS ANGELES WEKERLE, TORONTO KING OF MOROCCO JO MALONE COLLECTION COLLECTION MEESCHAERT, PARIS MIMRAN GROUP COLLECTION ACCOR GROUP VICK VANLIAN COLLECTION, BEIRUT 2016 AAF Brussels, Battersea, Hong Kong, New York Art Wynwood, Miami Art hamptons Art southamptons Art central, Hong Kong Los Angeles art show Context art fair, New Yotk Rotterdam contemporary art fair Envie d Art gallery, Paris Rarity gallery, Mykonos Dock gallery, Rotterdam 2015 AAF Hamburg, Seoul, Singapore, New York, Hong Kong, Brussels Los Angeles art show Scope Miami Beirut art fair, Lebanon Cologne art fair, Germany Istanbul contemporary art fair 8e avenue fair, Paris Art Hamptons Art Dubai Art Miami Art Southampton Scope Basel Palm Spting art fair Art palm beach l'Exil gallery, Paris Envie d Art gallery, Paris Envie d Art gallery, London Vogeslgang gallery, Brussels Opera gallery, Hong Kong 2014: January, Solo show June, Scope Basel, with K + Y Gallery, Lens Series July, Art Hamptons, with K + Y Gallery, Lens Series October, Group show at K+Y Gallery, Paris October, Art Cologne, with K + Y Gallery, Lens Series October, Art Toronto, with K + Y Gallery, Lens Series December, Art Miami, with K + Y Gallery, Lens Series And other shows and art fairs in Amsterdam, Brussels, Hamburg, Hong Kong, London, St Tropez, Singapore,

    Detailed Description : Sophisticated and clearly out of the line, the barbie series show the famous dolls in different attitudes! Photographed in a studio like real models, the plastic dolls appear to be alive and posing. Black dresses, naughty underwear, nude models, a ‘bond girl’ look alike in a swimsuit or even wearing a burqa: Cecile Plaisance is clearly inspired by all the women and their capacity to live many lives. Cecile’s shameless barbies give us a new vision of our childhood favourite dolls even though we can still dress or undress them through the specific process: lenticular printing creates a brilliant illusion as it has the abilty to change or move from different angles. Over and above the myth of a woman being an object, cecile strips our idol supporting the challenges of women of today to defend their rights, their desires and maintain their gained freedom. She transforms the little black dress worn by a timid woman, the nuns cloak, and the burqa of the veiled woman. Be careful : behind one woman there may be another one hiding! The‘barbie serie’ doesn’t belong to childhood but definitely plays with the innocence of the audience’s eyes! A fun tribute to all women with Cecile’s humour: it’s a statement!

    Artist's Objects:

    • Cecile PLAISANCE - Nutella Nutella

    Also represented by:

  • Michelle Y. WILLIAMS  (+)

    Biography : Michelle Y Williams is a Houston based creator, explorer, humanitarian, and artist. The imagination of her work is evoked through multiple channels, including canvas, wood, metal, plexiglas and clay. Yet, it is an absence of negativity and cynicism, which sustain the heart of her creations: a mélange of interwoven spirit and gratitude. Inside her studio is where she can always be found, cloistered in, as if a closet in the wall of the world she scarcely leaves, unassuming of her successes, ensconced in her appetite to create, to expose herself only in her art, which can be displayed as a proxy, as our closest impersonator of her innermost self. Michelle's privacy within her studio walls should not mark reclusion, but illuminate the independence with which she works, conquering the materials at her disposal as opposed to the materials of the everyday that fail to incite change, to bring about a bettering in people. Much of michelle's methods gain influence from the worldview wabi-sabi, a japanese aesthetic that embraces the transient self. That is to say, rather than disregarding one's weaknesses, or thinking of such imperfections from a state of confrontation, Michelle, as put forth in her work, seeks to embody these reputed flaws. In accepting the process of life, of its misshapen ways and understated moments, one can maintain a fuller sense of self, and approach once challenging faults with gratification, with thankfulness. In a stain, we find understanding; in a dent, our ability to heal; in a blemish, an unchained beauty. Michelle's art is a diligent offering of this ideal, of the concerted outlook we must bring into others, and into our own lives.

    Exhibition : 2013 "Recent Paintings", Addison Gallery, Delray Beach, FL 2012 "Best Laid Plans", Aberson Exhibits, Tulsa, OK 2011 "Headlock", Michelle y Williams gallery, Houston, TX "Interact", Kaller Fine Arts, Bethesda, MD "Canvas", Aberson Exhibits, Tulsa, OK 2010 "Dialectic", Michelle y Williams gallery, Houston, TX "Project A5", Artamo Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA 2009 "Fire & Ice", Michelle y Williams gallery, New Orleans, LA 2008 "Divergent Abstractions", Deloney Newkirk, Santa Fe, NM "ArtWorks", Laura Rathe Fine Art, Houston, TX "New Works", Gallery IMA, Seattle, WA 2007 "Texas Connection", Artamo Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA "Abstraction-Three Points of View", Deloney Newkirk, Santa Fe, NM "Paintings & Sculpture", AnArte Gallery, San Antonio, TX "Lightness", Artamo Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA "Recent Works, Grand Contemporary, Lafayette, LA "Pulse", Laura Rathe Fine Art, Houston, TX 2006 "Cross Currents: American Paintings", Kevin Barry, Los Angeles, CA "Urban Series", Mind Puddles Gallery, Houston, TX 2005 "Urban Series NY", Phoenix Fine Art, Nyack, NY "New Paintings", Grand Contemporary, Lafayette, LA "Recent Paintings", Mind Puddles Gallery, Houston, TX "Third Anniversary Show", Mind Puddles Gallery, Houston, TX 2004 MAC Fine Art, Ft. Lauderdale, FL Bering James Gallery, Houston, TX "1000 Words", Mind Puddles Gallery, Houston, TX Swanson Reed Galleries, Louisville, KY 2003 "Recent Works", Mind Puddles Gallery, Houston, TX "Recent Paintings", Phoenix Fine Art, New York, NY "Williams - Betz", Betz Gallery, Houston, TX 2002 "Natural Selection", Dragon Gallery, Hamptons, NY

    Detailed Description : Mixed media on torched metal floated in acrylic.