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Ai Bo Gallery showcases art that stands out and translates across multiple arenas of discourse, art history and culture. We focus on promoting internationally emerging and mid-career artists who mix traditional disciplines like painting, drawing and sculptures as well as installations with new media, mixed media, and unique methodology. Working closely with our artists, we encourage the balance of innovative conceptual ideas with a highly visual approach. Committed to facilitating global exposure for our artists, the gallery determines to bring their works to the most prestigious art shows world-wide.

Meditation Man -

Meditation Man

Gold Amber Wings - Tom Marosz

Tom Marosz Gold Amber Wings

Break Through -

Break Through

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Other Represented Artists

  • Jean Luc Virard BOUN

  • Tom Brzon

  • Ford Crull

  • Casper Faassen

  • Doug Frohman

  • Cristina Ghetti

  • Le Thanh Son

  • J. Margulis  (+)

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  • Tom Marosz  (+)

    Artist's Objects:

    • Tom Marosz - Gold Amber Wings Gold Amber Wings

  • Nguyen Van Cuong  (+)

    Detailed Description : Nguyen Van Cuong was born in 1976 in Bac Giang Province, Vietnam. He graduated from the Fine Art Teachers College in 1995 and at the top of his class from the Hanoi Fine Art University in 1999,. He is currently a lecturer at the National College of Music and Painting. Cuong has had over 15 solo and group exhibitions since 1997 and has won numerous honors and awards including first prize in 1996 (Propaganda Paintings) and in 2011 (Self Portraiture).Nguyen Van Cuong primary medium is Oil on Canvas and he paints in a number of styles. The paintings on exhibit are from Cuong's recent exhibition in Hanoi entitled "Make-up Faces" "My paintings are an attempt to show the contradiction between who women are and who they make themselves up to be. They address contradictions: femininity versus frivolity, truth versus fallacy, purity versus vulgarity, and true beauty versus a sheath of deception … I hope that "Makeup Faces" gives the viewer a subtle but provocative message with the aesthetic contained within each piece. Even better would be that the paintings lead to a dialog about "Makeup" and its implication.

  • Mattia Novello

  • John Petrey

  • Madonna Phillips

  • Suzy Scarborough

  • Louis Sclafani

  • Janet Sherman

  • Petr Stacho

  • Truong Tan  (+)

    Exhibition : Truong has had solo exhibitions at Gallery Ecole, Hanoi (1994), Kunsthalle Bielefeld, Germany (1996), Gallery Les Singuliers, Paris (1997, 1999, and 2000), Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris (1998 and 1999), Gallery 4A, Sydney (1998), Asian Fine Art Gallery, Berlin (1999), Nhasan Studio, Hanoi (2002), Ryllega Gallery, Hanoi (2004 and 2005), and Thavibu Gallery, Bangkok (2010). Notable group exhibitions include Singapore Biennial

    Detailed Description : Truong Tan currently lives and works in both Hanoi and Paris. Truong Tan was born in 1963 and graduated in 1989 from the University of Fine Arts in Hanoi, Vietnam. Truong Tan’s unique artistic perspective is rooted in his struggles to maintain and express his sexuality in a sexually repressed society. As an openly gay artist, Truong Tan has long fought for the opportunity to exhibit his art whose overarching theme relates to his homosexuality. Truong Tan’s difficulties in exhibiting his work in Vietnam forced him to move to Paris where he began to receive world-wide acclaim. Working primarily with lacquer on wood, Truong Tan has mastered this medium with a distinct style and voice. Truong Tan’s works have been added to the permanent collections of major art museums including the Singapore Art Museum, the Queensland Art Gallery in Australia and the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum in Japan. Truong Tan’s Truong Tan’s paintings were also part of the exhibit at the Guggenheim Museum in New York entitled “No Country” sponsored by the UBS MAP Global Art Initiative in 2013.