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LGM Gallery has been dedicated to the representation of national and international artists since 1995. It was created by brothers Luis Guillermo and Elvira Moreno, and its mission is the promotion and marketing worldwide of modern and contemporary art. The gallery has professionals specialized in Spain and Italy in areas such as expert assessment, valuation, appraisal and restoration of the artistic heritage. It’s also well-known its extensive experience of more than twenty years working in the marketing of Colombian and Latin American art, in countries like Colombia, Spain, Venezuela, Mexico, China, Korea, Singapore, among others.

Fragmenta - Micaela Lattanzio

Micaela Lattanzio Fragmenta

Confini - Micaela Lattanzio

Micaela Lattanzio Confini



Nacimiento - GUSTAVO VELEZ




Hipercúbicos - GUSTAVO VELEZ

GUSTAVO VELEZ Hipercúbicos

Misterioso e impulsivo deseo - DANNY ESQUENAZI

DANNY ESQUENAZI Misterioso e impulsivo deseo

100 lives - ANTONIO PURI

ANTONIO PURI 100 lives

Serie Magdalena - SAIR GARCIA

SAIR GARCIA Serie Magdalena

Fragmenta - Micaela Lattanzio

Micaela Lattanzio Fragmenta



Maraña de Sensaciones - DANNY ESQUENAZI

DANNY ESQUENAZI Maraña de Sensaciones

Exhibiting Artists

Other Represented Artists

  • Diana Beltrán

    Biography : Diana Beltran (Bogotá, 1978) acquired the title of Master of Fine Arts at the prestigious National University of Colombia. Her first exhibition was at the Museum of the National University in a collective curated by Gustavo Zalamea, exhibiting with leading figures of Colombian art as Beatriz Gonzalez and Bernardo Salcedo. After graduating with honors she travels to Spain, where she makes a master’s degree in fine art photography in EFTI, participating in Photoespaña 2008. In the same year she won first prize for photography Novel Dove. In 2010 returned to Colombia with the exhibition Photo Dimensions. In 2013 participates in the exhibition Emerging Generation curated by Eduardo Serrano, and in 2014 she wins Arts Showcase at the Salon Regional Bank of the Republic. In 2015 participates in JustMad06 in Spain. Beltran’s work has been steady and identified mainly in photography. She has exhibited solo and group in Colombia, Spain, US and Venezuela, and belongs to different collections of Chile, Colombia, US, Panama and Peru.

  • Carlos Blanco

    Biography : Carlos Blanco was born in 1961 in Bogotá, Colombia. After completing his studies in Architecture in 1986, he performed a doctoral course at the Complutense University of Madrid, Spain. He finished his doctorate and then pursued his training with Santiago Cardenas, Eva Lootz, Bruce Mc Lean, José Guerrero and Julian Schnabel. His exhibitions have been shown in 24 countries around the world -the latest, Art Prize, Grand Rapids United States, and Scope Art Fair, Basel, Switzerland - and is in collections of Colombia, United States, Spain and Korea. In his studio in downtown Bogota emerge the thematic features of the architect, and the fun that characterizes the construction processes is present in his work: from inflatable sculptures in many streets in the world to make interventions, exhibitions in museums like a way to speak out against violence, to the current work, built with post-it. Always starts as an architect, with sketches and indications on drawings.

  • Danny Esquenazi  (+)

    Biography : Danny Esquenazi was born in 1975 in Bogotá, Colombia. In 1994 he moved to Jerusalem, Israel where he continued to study. He started out as an architecture student at the Bezalel academy and continued to learn Industrial Design at the Hadassah Collage and to graduate with distinction. His professional career began in design studios in Tel Aviv where he mainly worked in plastics. At first glance it is impossible to guess what his sculptures are made of. The initial impact is created by the fantastic finish in an amazing spectrum of acrylic colors. Then on deeper examination one discovers that the sculptures are mainly constructed in hardwood, veneer and MDF which has been taken on a journey out of context and in to a new wonderland of shapes, kinetics and colors. Danny´s sculptures are monumental in size and poetic in essence and it is this juxtaposition which really creates his funky visual conversation with his audience.

    Artist's Objects:

    • DANNY ESQUENAZI - Maraña de Sensaciones Maraña de Sensaciones
    • DANNY ESQUENAZI - Misterioso e impulsivo deseo Misterioso e impulsivo deseo

  • Sair García  (+)

    Biography : Colombian artist Sair García (Barrancabermeja, 1975) studied Plastic Arts at University Antonio Nariño, Bucaramanga, and National University, in Bogota. He has presented his work at Sandra Montenegro Contemporary Art at Miami; Gyvathayim National Theater, Tel-Aviv; Synart Art Gallery, at Frankfurt; Casa de las Américas, La Habana; and Universidad de Panamá at Panamá, among others. He received the PHILIPS Art Prize for Young Talents, in Bogota, Colombia and the first prize at the XVI Ibero-American Art Venue MIGRATION Mexican Cultural Institute, in Washington D.C, USA. Sair García has dedicated himself to denouncing the exodus and displacements around the world. In an effort to express the role rivers have played in these social dramas, he uses the Colombian Magdalena River as inspiration, on images of oil on aluminum steel, to focus his works on it.

    Artist's Objects:

    • SAIR GARCIA - Serie Magdalena Serie Magdalena


    Biography : The sculptural works of Miler Lagos (Bogotá, 1973) invite the viewer to reconsider an object’s material properties. By rendering paper, sculpting foam, and re-purposing materials like rubber and Formica, Lagos produces objects which appear to be made of cast bronze or solid wood. With the branch-like forms composed entirely of sheets of newspaper, densely stacked together and sanded at the edges, Lagos’ work enacts both a fantasy of return (the paper turning back into its natural source material) and a parody of it: these broken branches are, after all, dead, and their listless slumping has something of the exhausted body about it, something worn-out. Where the branches stop, the paper is revealed, in thin slices, like a preserved sausage. Fragments of photographs appear, or half-legible headlines. Time, here, is measured not in organic growth, but in the reception of information. This is a quiet critique of a contemporary world drowning in unprocessed information.

  • Micaela Lattanzio  (+)

    Artist's Objects:

    • Micaela Lattanzio - Fragmenta Fragmenta
    • Micaela Lattanzio - Confini Confini
    • Micaela Lattanzio - Fragmenta Fragmenta

  • Eun Sun Park

    Biography : Eun Sun Park (Korea, 1965) is a sculptor graduated from Kyung- Hee University, Seoul, and National Academy of Fine Art, Carrara, Italy. Since 1993 when Eun Sun Park left for Italy to study, he has been active in San Pietra Santa, Italy and Europe as a sculptor. With his choice of the conventional medium of marble and the columnar structure formed with accumulated identical units, Eun Sun Park’s work shows particular interest in the Minimalist search for the simple and absolute form. It is also noteworthy that Park’s method to repeat identical units has affinity to an architectural structure, and the sophisticated method of accumulating layers of marbles in different colors enhances the aesthetic quality. However, the weight and complicated shapes, provide a sense of stability, which prevents Park’s work from falling into mere embellishment. Cracked surfaces and broken corners provoke the viewer’s thoughts, showing both the balance and the eruption of forces. Park’s work stands on the border between construction and implosion, constantly fascinating the viewer.


    Artist's Objects:

    • ANTONIO PURI - 100 lives 100 lives

  • Gustavo Vélez  (+)

    Biography : Gustavo Velez is a Colombian artist born in 1975. He started his artistic formation in the Fine Arts Institute in Medellin (Colombia), and then traveled to Florence (Italy) where he studied Art History in the school Lorenzo de Medici and sculpture in the academy San Marcos. Subsequently, in Pietrasanta (Italy), he carved his first marble pieces in the sculpture workshop of the Palla brothers and his first bronze sculptures in the Marianni’s foundry, both pretty much cult places for marble carving and bronze foundry artists. In 2013 Gustavo Velez was chosen for the solo show of sculpture that is held every year at the iconic Italian town of Pietrasanta (Italy). With the exhibition ‘Gustavo Velez Scultore a Pietrasanta 2013’ Gustavo became the youngest artist showing their works on the Piazza del Duomo and the Chiesa di Sant`Agostino, and the second Colombian artist, after Fernando Botero.

    Artist's Objects:

    • GUSTAVO VELEZ - Hipercúbicos Hipercúbicos
    • GUSTAVO VELEZ - Memoria II Memoria II
    • GUSTAVO VELEZ - Nacimiento Nacimiento
    • GUSTAVO VELEZ - Torsión II Torsión II