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With locations in the Dallas Design District and in the heart of Aspen downtown, the galleries specialize in contemporary art, mainly abstraction and Organic Expressionism with a focus on the work of American artist Christopher H. Martin. The expanded gallery program includes artists working on sculpture and this year’s focus is on the glass sculptures of Gregory Price and the stoneware work of Brandon Reese.  

With 22 years of experience, Christopher Martin Gallery serves national and international collectors and manages the creation and completion of commissioned works of art for private and corporate collections.

Callisto Rings  - Christopher H. Martin

Christopher H. Martin Callisto Rings

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Exhibiting Artists

Other Represented Artists

  • Jim Keller

  • Christopher H. Martin  (+)

    Biography : Though his technique traces back to the 14th century, Christopher Martin’s approach to "Verre Églomisé" is entirely modern. A self-taught artist, Christopher coaxes layers of sheer pigment and water to achieve his vision ~ harnessing brushes, wind, heat, and gravity. Describing his technique, of painting in reverse on acrylic panels, Christopher says, “Every layer of paint has a high influence on the one behind it as opposed to a flat covering stroke. It’s often around thirty layers of paint that fuse together." Finding inspiration in nature has fueled his motivation. "When you observe the veining in a slab of marble, or the alternating colors in petrified wood and other natural creations, they are all inherently poetic and attuned to the laws of abstraction. Study them closely, and you’ll identify compositions of abstraction. Being surrounded by these natural masterpieces in Colorado is a constant source of inspiration.” As Simone Bretz, a former curator of the Munich Metropolitan Museum and noted expert in reverse glass painting states, “Well-executed reverse-glass paintings do not reveal the complexity of their manufacture. Since the designs are applied to the back of glass panes, they must be built up in reverse – starting with the foreground and working “backwards” – which makes corrections virtually impossible.” In the twenty years since he began painting, his works have been sought for corporate and private collections nationally and internationally. In 2012, he celebrated the completion and installation of a 120-ft. painting aptly titled, "Velocity," consisting of 15 consecutive panels for the Formula One Racetrack, Circuit of the Americas, in Austin, Texas. Kidz Creations, a charity project launched in 2001 involves painting with hundreds of children over 13 years benefitting various hospitals, which will exceed the $500,000 benchmark this year.

    Exhibition : 2015 Context Art Miami | Miami, FL 2015 Art San Diego | San Diego, CA 2015 Houston Fine Art Fair | Houston, TX 2015 Art Aspen | Aspen, CO 2015 Chase Edwards Gallery | Summer Show | Bridgehampton, NY 2015 Art Hamptons | Bridgehampton, NY 2015 Christopher Martin Gallery | Twenty Years | Houston, TX 2015 Art Wynwood | Miami, FL 2015 Laura Rathe Fine Art | Twenty Years | Houston, TX 2014 Context Art Miami | Miami, FL 2014 Art Silicon Valley | San Francisco, CA
 2014 Art Aspen | Aspen, CO
 2014 Art Hamptons | Hamptons, NY 
2014 Art Southampton | Southampton, NY
 2014 The McLoughlin Gallery | Organic Fusion | San Francisco, CA
 2014 Art Wynwood | Miami, FL 
 2013 Context Art Miami | Miami, FL
 2013 Unique Dialogue | Galerie Mondapart | Paris, France 2013 Houston Fine Art Fair | Houston, TX 2013 Laura Rathe Fine Art | Luna | Houston, TX 2013 Art Aspen | Aspen, CO
2013 Art Southampton | Southampton, NY 2013 Personal Structures Time, Space & Existence | 55th Venice Biennale I Venice, Italy 2013 Scope Basel I Basel, Switzerland
 2013 Palette to Palate | Laguna Art Museum | Laguna, CA 2013 Scope I New York, NY
 2013 Art Wynwood I Miami, FL
 2012 McLoughlin Gallery | Viscosity | San Francisco, CA
 2012 Houston Fine Art Fair I Houston, TX
 2012 Laura Rathe | Opening Reception | Houston, TX
 2012 Private Exhibition I Watermill, NY
 2011 Opening Reception “FLOW” I KM Fine Arts | Chicago, IL
 2010 Red Dot Miami | Miami, FL
 2009 Laura Rathe “Fluid Dynamics” | Houston, TX 
 2009 Red Dot Fair | Miami, FL
 2008 Art Expo Winner “Best Solo Artist” | Las Vegas, NV 
2008 Art Now | Miami Beach, FL

    Detailed Description : Artist Statement My artwork takes an interpretative view of natural patterns. Through my paintings I seek to create an organic development of form, depth and color working together to create a unique expression. Organic Expressionism, is a succinct way to describe my process. I start with a clear acrylic panel and apply heat, wind, water, brush and pigment in a reverse order to create my paintings. In reverse glass the artist works from foreground to the background, the initial strokes being the most imperative and the final being of very little consequence; inverse of a canvas. By engaging forms of interlaced ovals, linear movement, arcs and fields of color, I seek to produce a unique visual expression in each painting. As a botanist crosses variant orchids to create beautiful new strain, I fuse various applications, and forms to evolve my paintings. In the end I paint to create a strong aesthetically engaging presence, that evokes a calm excitement of natural beauty. SELECT COLLECTIONS Met Life - Houston, TX Omni Hotel - Dallas, TX Circuit of the Americas - Austin, TX Former President George Bush Sr. - Houston, TX Hillwood Company - Dallas, TX Mirage Hotel & Casino - Las Vegas, NV Wolfgang's Steakhouse - Beverly Hills, CA Ritz Carlton - Tucson, AZ Deloite & Touche - Dallas, TX Anheuser Busch - St. Louis, MO Vincent and Elkins - Dallas - Houston - Washington Motorola - Austin, TX Cushman Wakefield - Dallas - New York MGM Grand Hotel & Casino - Las Vegas, NV Westin - Napa Valley, CA Equinox Gym & Spa - Dallas, TX Nordstrom - Portland, OR Boeing Areospace - St. Louis, MO Mandarin Oriental - Dallas, TX Wachovia - Houston, TX Stroz Friedberg - Dallas, TX - Chicago, TX Starbucks - Seattle, WA Gensler Architecture - Dallas, TX Adera Inc. - Stockholm, Sweden Hyatt Hotels - Dallas, TX - Key West, FL American Financial International - Houston, TX Mercantile - Dallas, TX Palms Steakhouse - Palm Springs, CA Lazarus Property - Dallas

    Artist's Objects:

    • Christopher H. Martin - Callisto Rings Callisto Rings

  • Gregory Price

  • Michael Enn Sirvet  (+)

    Biography : Biography I was born in the forested suburbs of the Pascack Valley of New Jersey with a backyard that opened onto a fifty acre wetland. This enchanting area was only twenty miles from all that Manhattan had to offer. My father was a renowned mechanical engineer and my grandmother a painter and nature lover of the highest order. These influences figure heavily not only in my creative life, but my life in general. I attended Fordham University in New York City where I studied Finance and Art History. Studying in the city was invigorating, enlightening and challenging. After receiving my degree in Finance, I promptly put that to no use whatsoever in the publishing industry. I gravitated more toward the arts, a byproduct of my art history minor and the dynamic culture surrounding me. After leaving Fordham, I spent much time in both the steel canyons of New York City and amid the hills, valleys and waterfalls of northeastern New Jersey. It was during these years that I began to closely relate the machines and intricate mechanical systems of my father’s designs to the complex rhythms, structures and patterns I was discovering in nature. I am a trail runner, and while running among deer and wild turkey in the hills and hollows of the Ramapo Mountain Range, I decided to return to college for further exploration of the arts and sciences. I attended the University of Maryland where I studied Mathematics, Engineering, Sculpture and Music. The interplay of these varied disciplines was revealing, inspiring, maddening and meditative. I also begin traveling the northeastern hemisphere to devour the most intense offerings of the natural world I could find. I have since camped, hiked and mountaineered over fifty national parks. I graduated from the University of Maryland with a degree in structural engineering and an overflowing fascination with science, the arts, nature and the patterns that bind them together. I was fortunate enough to practice engineering with some

    Exhibition : Exhibitions Current and Upcoming Shows SOFA CHICAGO ART FAIR - 2015 C FINE ART Chicago, IL November, 2015 Past Showings ART ASPEN ART FAIR - 2015 THE CHRISTOPHER MARTIN GALLERY Aspen, CO August, 2015 HAMPTONS ART AND DESIGN ART FAIR - 2015 C FINE ART Bridgehampton, NY July, 2015 ART HAMPTONS ART FAIR - 2015 THE CHRISTOPHER MARTIN GALLERY Bridgehampton, NY July, 2015 GALLERY PLAN B 1530 14th Street, NW Washington, DC October 15 - November 23, 2014 VISARTS - CONCOURSE GALLERY Rockville, MD October - November, 3014 ART WYNWOOD ART FAIR - 2015 ALIDA ANDERSON PROJECTS Miami, FL February, 2014 THE HAMILTONIAN GALLERY - 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY SHOW Washington, DC October - November, 2013 Opening reception - October 26 THE ARTIST CIRCLE North Potomac, MD October - 2013 ADLON DESIGN Washington, DC March - November, 2013 THE CAPITOL ARTS NETWORK GALLERY Rockville, MD May, 2013 ADLON DESIGN Washington, DC March - November, 2012 UNCOMMON GROUND III @ Bridge Gardens, Bridgehampton, NY Bridgehampton, NY June - September, 2012 THE ARTERY PLAZA GALLERY Bethesda, MD April - May, 2011 UNCOMMON GROUND II @ Bridge Gardens, Bridgehampton, NY Bridgehampton, NY July - September, 2011 ART HAMPTONS ART FAIR - 2011 C FINE ART Bridgehampton, NY July, 2011 REYES+DAVIS INDEPENDENT EXHIBITIONS Washington, DC Dec - Jan, 2011 UPSTAIRS ON 7TH Wearable Sculpture Exhibited Washington, DC June 2010 - March 2011 THE HAMILTONIAN GALLERY - GROUP SHOW Washington, DC June - July 2010 THE HAMILTONIAN GALLERY Washington, DC April 2010 SCOPE ART FAIR MIAMI - 2009 HAMILTONIAN GALLERY Miami, FL December, 2009 SPECIAL EVENT KINESTHESIA - Collaborations in Sculpture and Dance Reye

    Detailed Description : Artist Statement I strive to capture the primitive beauty within familiar forms, to interpret their underlying architecture and construct a bridge between those simple icons and complex ideas. Inspired by chaotic and yet uniform naturally occurring patterns, and the technology and industry which mimic them, I build archetypal structures, melding and juxtaposing independent and varied material elements, natural and manmade, expected and unexpected. I recreate the ocean’s waves in steel tangent lines, the decaying of leaves and trees are interpreted through thousands of perfectly drilled holes, the canopy of a forest in plasma-cut irregular aluminum plates, the rhythm of a waterfall in geometrically cut and placed wood, the ephemeral wind captured in billowing metal… My hope is that the simple intricacies of my abstracted, purified assemblages and forms will invoke recognition and impart the wonder that I feel for nature. That I use industrial materials and methods to create my artworks is an embedded irony when considering the effects of man's technological and industrial development upon nature and our environment. In essence, I restructure nature to show it to people anew; creating a mythos of forms that are born of nature and forged in the fires of industry, technology and human desire. The tension between these ideas and sustainability of actions, my own included, is perhaps the defining question of our time. To that effect, the most organic of my sculptures are industrial, and the most engineered of my pieces reflect primitive natural calm. Nature cannot be considered without acknowledging humanity’s effects, and my artwork is a fusion of the harmony and disharmony, the beauty and tension of that relationship. Thank You, Michael Enn Sirvet