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Ahmed Eldabaa   (CEO/Founder )

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UBUNTU Art Gallery is an Egyptian art gallery based in Zamalek, Cairo -
Egypt, specializing in showcasing Egyptian art with a serious original
identity by young emerging artists as well as established ones. Since its
launch in October 2014, UBUNTU has invited over 40 local artists to display
their works in a variety of mediums ranging from sculptures to abstract and
classical paintings.

N/A - Khaled Sirag

Khaled Sirag N/A

N/A -  Eman Hussein

Eman Hussein N/A

N/A - Sayeda  Khalil

Sayeda Khalil N/A

N/A -  Tarek El Sheikh

Tarek El Sheikh N/A

N/A - Hakim  Abukila

Hakim Abukila N/A

N/A - Mutaz Elemam

Mutaz Elemam N/A

N/A - Sahar Alamir

Sahar Alamir N/A
Medium: Mixed media on canvas
Size: 150*150 cm
Year: 2015

N/A - Hayam  Abdelbaki

Hayam Abdelbaki N/A
Medium: Oil on board
Size: 120*120 cm
Year: 2015

Exhibiting Artists

Other Represented Artists

  • Hayam Abdelbaki  (+)

    Biography : Born in 1972 in Kafr El-Sheikh, Hayam earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Specific Education at Tanta University in 1995, both a Master's degree and Diploma in Oil Painting in 1997 and in 2002, as well as a PhD in Art in 2003. She is involved in the Egyptian art scene since 1995. Abdel Baky participated in many exhibitions, biennales and workshops both in Egypt and overseas. She also earned several international and national awards.

    Exhibition : LOCAL EXHIBITIONS: 1993 - (The Four Villages), Issaca City, Kafr el-Sheikh Province, Egypt 1994 to 2003 - The 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th,Cairo Youth Salon, Egypt 1996, 1998, 2001 - The 3rd, 4th, 5th Port Said National Biennale, Egypt 1997 to 2003 - The 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th Autumn Salon of Mini Works of Art, Egypt 1997 to 2003 - The 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th National Art Exhibition, Egypt 1997 - An exhibition with artist Iman Ezzat at Abdel-Monem Motawea art gallery, Egypt 1998 - Roving exhibition in Cairo, Egypt 1994, 2004 - Exhibition of the Egyptian Contemporary Woman, at Gezira Arts Center, Egypt 2002 - The Arabic Woman Art Exhibition, Arts Palace, Egypt 2004 - The 16th Youth Salon, Egypt 2004 - The First Nour al-Shakl (Shape’s Light), Arts Palace, Egypt 2004 - Festival of “The Egyptian Woman Creations in Contemporary Arts”, at Gezira Arts Center, Egypt 2004 - The 7th Salon of Mini Works of Art, Egypt 2005 - `Art and Spirit`, Egypt –Korea at the Arts Palace, Egypt 2005 - The 3rd National Graphic Exhibition, Arts Palace, Egypt 2005 - The 17th Youth Salon, Egypt 2005 - The Second Nour el-Shakl ‘Shape’s Light’ Art Exhibition, Arts Palace, Egypt 2005 - The 29th National Art Exhibition, Egypt 2006 - The Premier Alexandria International Salon in Alexandria Atelier 2015 - Hayam Abdebki, UBUNTU Art Gallery, Egypt INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITIONS: 1997 - Krakow International Print Triennale, Poland 2001 - The 11th Graphic Triennale, Bulgaria

    Artist's Objects:

    • Hayam  Abdelbaki - N/A N/A

  • Hayam AbdelBaky

  • Hakim Abu-kila  (+)

    Biography : Born in 1989, Hakim Abukila earned his B.A. in graphic Design - Print Making Division (2012) from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Alexandria. His work expresses the outstanding energy coming out from the artist directly and spontaneously on the canvas or wood. Abou-kila does not depend on a certain material neither focuses on one artistic category in his work, as he believes that all forms of art are connected to one back bone which is meditation in the surrounding and getting creativity out of it, that's why he likes to preserve his diversity by performing many art types such as photography, video, print making, sculpting and painting, rather than exclusivity in any of them. He believes painting is the origin of all seven art categories and as it's the core from which art has developed. Abu-Kila took part in various local and international exhibitions among them; Jankalees Studio, Alexandria, Egypt (2014), Lyon festival for Arab Revolutions, France (2014), Mail Art Atelier Alexandria, Egypt (2015), Turin Festival for Egyptians short movies, Italy (2015) and many more.

    Exhibition : LOCAL EXHIBITIONS: - Youth Salon Exhibition, Egypt - Jankalees Studio, Alexandria, Egypt - Mail Art Atelier, Alexandria, Egypt - Mahmoud Saeed Museum Exhibition, Alexandria, Egypt - "Connect the Dots", UBUNTU Art Gallery, Egypt - "Points of View 2" Group Exhibition, UBUNTU Art Gallery, Egypt INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITIONS: - "Image around the world", Italy - Turin Festival for Egyptians short movies, Italy - Lyon festival for Arab Revolutions, France - ELKASABI ART GALLERY Group Exhibition, KSA - Context Art New York, USA

    Artist's Objects:

    • Hakim  Abukila - N/A N/A

  • Said Abu-raya  (+)

    Biography : Born in 1956. Abu-raya earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Faculty of Art Education, Helwan University 1978. He holds a PhD in Philosophy in Art Education 1990. He is specialized in the art of shadow play, marionettes and masks. He taught in many universities such as Faculty of Art Education in Helwan University, Minia University and Cairo University. He also lectured in Nizwa University in Amman and in Omar Al-mukhtar University in Libya. He participated in numerous exhibitions and has several holdings in Egypt, Germany, Italy, Netherlands and America.

    Exhibition : LOCAL EXHIBITIONS: -“The Places” exhibition in Cairo Atelier, Egypt -Exhibition in the Foreigner Diplomats Cultural Center, Egypt -"Points of View 2" Group Exhibition, UBUNTU Art Gallery, Cairo, Egypt INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITIONS: -“Contemporary Egyptian Art” Exhibition in Mexico and in Spain

  • Sahar Alamir  (+)

    Biography : Alexandrian born artist Sahar El-Amir (1970) earned her B.A. in design at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Alexandria University, Egypt (1993). In her works, El-Amir examines Egypt’s daily life through the lens of ‘Abstract Expressionism’, a movement, which had originated in the Western art world in the 1940's and was developed by American painters such as Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko. The colorful paintings by El-Amir portray the chaotic world of a Cairene's daily life, where rules of dimensions and perspective are not respected. Her style is extremely distinctive, in a sense that it is different from the commercial and the figurative. It can be described as quite childlike due to the haphazard layout, gestural brushstrokes and overall bold technique. It is appears that she is looking for "visual convergence" with fabrics, colored paper and pointillism, as she takes up the themes of the city, with its lights, popular cafes, flags, etc. – a scent of the everyday, bathed in an abstract atmosphere.

    Exhibition : Solo shows • The Art Academy in Rome, Italy, 1995. • “The Twice” Studio ‘S’ art gallery for Contemporary Art, Rome, Italy, 1995. • The Cultural Youth Center (L.I.A.), Rome, 1996. • The Arts Center, Fodja, Italy, 1996. • Granica Cambiolly art gallery for graphic exhibitions in Montro Tondo City, Italy. • Enjy Aflatoon art gallery, Cairo Atelier, 1997. • Hanager art gallery of Cairo Opera House, 1999. • Zamalek Arts Center, 2002. • Zamalek Arts Center, 2006. • Al-Hussein Fawzi art gallery, Gezira Arts Center, 2006. • Ubuntu Art Gallery, 2015 • Ubuntu Art Gallery, 2016 Local exhibitions • Exhibition of graduates of the Faculty of Fine Arts at Alexandria Fine Arts Museum. • The 17th Salon of Fekr wa Fann art gallery, Goethe Institute, Alexandria, 1994. • The 6th, 11th, 13th Youth Salon, 1994,1999,2001. • The 29th National Art Exhibition, 2005. • Festival of Fine Arts Creations for Kids, Arts Palace, January 2006. • Salon of the Circle Mini works of Art - Portrait Gallery - Down Town 2006 • 1st Festival of Fine Creation ( General exhibition and 1st Fine Art Fair 2007) • 2nd Festival of Fine Creation (31st General exhibition) 2008 International exhibitions • Took part in seven international exhibitions in Italy, 1995,1996. • Rome –Paris Exhibition (with five artists from Italy and France), 1995. • Kanagawa International Print Biennale, Japan, 1996. • Egypt International Print Triennale, 1997. • The 3rd Egypt International Print Triennale, 1999. • Tashkent International Biennale, Uzbiekstan, 2001. • -Exhibition of the Contemporary Egyptian Art - Mascat the Cultural capital of the Arab World 2006 Assignment • Took part in decorating Koum Ghurab district in Misr al-Kadima, 1997. • Participated in illustrating two books (The Four Seasons) and (Lines and Circles), for kids less than six years old. Local and internation

    Artist's Objects:

    • Sahar Alamir - N/A N/A

  • Ahmed Chiha  (+)

    Biography : Ahmed Chiha (born in 1945) is considered one of the best alive artists in the Egyptian art field. He learnt the techniques of art from the Armenian artist, Kasbar Donikian who used to live in Alexandria at that time. Chiha earned a diploma from the French Art Academy. He worked as an assistant lecturer in the Creative Studies Center in Detroit in 1990. His abstract work represents the essence of the Ancient Egyptian Art in a modern contemporary vision. He mostly works with oil, acrylic and mixed media adding a form and a texture by using papers and thin fabrics that are applied to the canvas and wood. He took part in 6 international competitions and won the 1st and 2nd places in four of them. He has held more than 49 private exhibitions among them, 3 exhibitions in Lebanon (1973-1978), 2 exhibitions in Kuwait (1975-1976) and The Egyptian Artists exhibition in Germany in 1983. During his stay in the USA, Chiha participated in exhibitions taking place at the Lancaster museum, Sheffield gallery in Los Angeles in 1989 as well as an exhibition in Martin Luther King hall in Sacramento in 1989, amongst others. Chiha’s researches have been published in many Arabic magazines and newspapers and he has been hosted several times on the show Good Morning America.

    Exhibition : Local Exhibitions: - Geothe Insituit, Alexandria, Egypt (1983) - The Swiss Club, Alexandria, Egypt (1992) - Alexandria Biennial, Egypt (1994) - Hanager Arts Center, Cairo, Egypt (1995 - 1996 - 1999 - 2003) - Cairo Opera House, Cairo, Egypt (2006) International Exhibitions: - The Red hall, Kuwait Sheraton, Kuwait (1976) - The Cartlon Hotel hall, Beirut, Lebanon (1978) - Lancaster museum, USA - New Age Art hall, Sacramento, USA (1987) - Sheffield Gallery, LA, USA (1989) - Martin Luther King hall, Washington, USA (1989)

  • Tarek El Sheikh  (+)

    Artist's Objects:

    •  Tarek El Sheikh - N/A N/A

  • Abdelrahman Elborgy  (+)

    Biography : Born in 1981, Elborgy earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Faculty of Fine Arts, Sculpture department in 2003. He holds a master’s degree from faculty of Fine Arts in 2015.

    Exhibition : 2000 - Small art work saloon, Egypt 2009 - Port Said Biennale, Egypt 2015 - Agenda Exhibition in Bibliotheca Alexandria, Egypt 2016 - participated in the workshop of Aswan International sculpture symposium, Egypt 2016 - Points of View 1 at UBUNTU Art Gallery, Egypt

  • Mutaz Elemam  (+)

    Biography : Mutaz Elemam is a Sudanese painter who was born in Kasala in the eastern province. He lives between Egypt and Sudan where he is fully devoted to his painting practice. He is a graduate of the department of Fine Arts at the Sudan University of Science and Technology in Khartoum. He is also a member of the General Union of Sudanese Plastic Artists in addition to the Cairo Atelier of Artists. Elemam’s practice is informed by the many places he has worked, lived and continues to experience today. His work includes both landscape paintings and abstract works. Elemam has participated in solo and group exhibitions both regionally and internationally including the 5th Beijing Biennale in 2012, the exhibition “The Khartoum School: The Making of the Modern Art Movement in Sudan (1945-Present” at the Sharjah Art Foundation, and the Biennale de Sarria in Spain, 2017 . He also served as the editor of the Africa Art File for the art magazine Not Apartheid Cam Casoria art magazine which was published in Italy. His works are to be found today in both private collections and public institutions.

    Artist's Objects:

    • Mutaz Elemam - N/A N/A

  • Refki Elrazzaz  (+)

    Biography :  Born in 1958, Refki Elrazzaz earned his B.A. in Art Education (1981). He is a member of the Fine Artists Syndicate. His work is embodied in oil, painting with thick layers to add a form and a texture and it represents the Egyptian folklore in an ancient language. Many formative experiences and developments in the concepts and visions and research. The greater the progress, the greater the lack of conviction, of hyper-inflation of question, searching always about an answer, stands confused between space and time, a horizon followed by horizons and cultures, to keep the vast universe embracing secrets, spreading silence prowling in depth of change perspectives, and the different and multi-art paths, suffering and striving to live up meanings of beauty and wisdom. He has held several exhibitions among them, The Royal Cultural Center, Amman (1985-1987), Shouman Scientific Center, Amman (1990), Soul of East, Gaugan Gallery, Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt (2007). He also participated in many local and international exhibitions among them, Dual exhibition with artist Said Al-Qamash, Zagazing Culture Palace (1997), The Contemporary Egyptian exhibition, Athens (2004) and many more

    Exhibition : LOCAL EXHIBITIONS: 1983 - At Cairo Atelier, Egypt 1993 - At Arts Center, Egypt 1996 - At ` Akhenaton 3` Gallery, Arts Center, Egypt 1997 - Dual exhibition with artist/ Said Al-Qamash, Zagazig Culture Palace, Egypt 1997 - At ` Fine Arts` gallery, The Egyptian Opera House, Egypt 2000 - At Al-Hanager gallery, Egypt 2001 - Dual exhibition with artist/ Mansoura Al-Mansey at Grant gallery, Egypt 2001 - At the Egyptian Center of the International Cultural co-operation ` Foreign diplomats`, Egypt 2003 - Fourfold exhibition at Grant gallery, Egypt 2004 - Exhibition entitle ` Oriental directions` at ( Rateb Sedek) gallery, Cairo Atelier, Egypt 2005 - At Bride gallery, Nile Hilton, Egypt 2005 - 29th National exhibition of Fine Arts, Egypt 2006 - Festival of Fine Creations of Child , Palace of Arts , Egypt 2007 - Exhibition entitle ` Academics` at Gougan Gallery, Egypt 2007 - Exhibition entitle ` Soul of East` at Gougan Gallery, Egypt 2008 - 2nd Festival of Fine Creation (31st General exhibition), Egypt 2015 - The Spirit of Civilization, UBUNTU Art Gallery, Egypt INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITIONS: 1985 - At the Royal Cultural Center, Amman 1987 - At the Royal Cultural Center, Amman 1990 - At Shouman Scientific Center, Amman 2004 - The Contemporary Egyptian exhibition in Athens

  • Amgad Eltohamy  (+)

    Biography : Born in 1968, Amgad Eltohamy earned his B.A. in Art Education, Helwan University, Egypt (1992). He received his M.A. and a PhD in Carving, Art Education. His bronze pieces show a contemporary essence held with elegance, smoothness and simplicity varying between abstract forms and human figures and portraits. El-Tohamy participated in several local exhibitions among them, Circles Exhibition in Saad Zaghloul Cultural Center, Egypt (2015), Ubuntu art gallery, Egypt (2015) and the Youth Salon (1995-1996). He has many holdings in many private collections in Egypt as well as Arab and European countries.

    Exhibition : LOCAL EXHIBITIONS: 1995, 1996 - Youth Salon in 1995 and 1996, Egypt 2003 - National Exhibition of Fine arts (28), Egypt 2015 -‘Circles’ Exhibition, Saad Zaghloul Cultural Center, Egypt 2015 - ‘A way back’ Exhibition, UBUNTU Art Gallery, Egypt

    Artist's Documents:

  • Nevine Farghaly  (+)

    Biography : Born in 1973, Nevine Farghaly earned her B.A. in Interior Design at the Faculty of Applied Arts, Helwan University, Egypt (1997). She received her M.A. (2001) and a PhD in Applied Arts (2007). Her work represents a state of simplicity, humanity and childishness. The motion displayed in her swing, bird, animal and carousel pieces is what makes her work unique and distinguished. Farghaly took part in several local and international exhibitions, among them: 16th Egyptian Youth Salon, Egypt (2004), Venice Biennale for Architecture, Venice (2010), Birds International exhibition, Bahrain (2010), Cairo Salon Egypt (2013) and Peace exhibition, France (2014), she also participated as an assistant to artist Mohamed Abla in Salzburg Art Academy, Austria (2008).

    Exhibition : INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITIONS: - 16th Egyptian Youth Salon, Egypt (2004) - Venice Biennale for Architecture, Venice (2010) - Birds International Exhibition, Bahrain (2010) - Cairo Salon Egypt, Egypt (2013) - Peace Exhibition, France (2014) WORKSHOPS: - Participated as an assistant to artist Mohamed Abla in Salzburg Art Academy, Austria (2008)

  • Samir Fouad  (+)

    Biography : Samir Fouad was born in Cairo, Egypt, in 1944 and although he had shown outstanding talent in painting since early childhood he went on to study electronic engineering. He then pursued a successful career in IT but, at the same time, shared in the Egyptian art scene where he became known as one of the top water-colorists. During his fifties he decided to devote himself to art full-time, and is now considered one of the leading figures in the Egyptian art scene. His fascination with time and movement is apparent in the powerful treatment of his paintings, with sweeping strokes and scratches of the surface, with distorted objects and bodies, all as if melting under the energy of action. With sensibility driven from fondness for the Egyptian spirit, he handles the familiar subjects which excite him, such as maidens of the Nile, Oriental dancers, Egyptian swings, and musicians. Since 1997 Samir Fouad has held thirteen one-man shows and represented Egypt in the International Watercolor Biennial in 2001 and the International Luxor Symposium in 2011. His works have been exhibited in various countries such as the USA, UK, Italy, Russia, Dubai, Kuwait, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia.

    Exhibition : SOLO EXHIBITIONS: 1978 - Heliopolis Club Exhibition, Misr al-Gadida, Egypt 1979 - Spring Exhibition, Cairo, Egypt 1984 - Eleven Artists Show at the Italian Cultural Institute in Cairo, Egypt 1985 - Exhibition of contemporary art of portraiture in Egypt (Cairo, the Italian Cultural Center), Egypt 1987 - Exhibition, one plate (43) (Dutch club Cairo Atelier, Egypt 1992 - Watercolours Exhibition, Mervat Massoud art gallery, Egypt 1997 - The first exhibition of Call Society at Hanager art gallery, Egypt 1997 - Pastilles Exhibition, Picasso art gallery, Egypt 1997 - Watercolours Exhibition, Hanager art gallery in Cairo Opera House, Egypt 1998 - Five Artists Exhibition of Watercolors, Droub art gallery, Egypt 1998 - The second Exhibition of Call Society, Shomoua art gallery, Egypt 1999 - Oil paintings Exhibition Hanager art gallery in Cairo Opera House, Egypt 2000 - Eight Artists Exhibition, Cairo Atelier, Egypt 2001 - Spring Exhibition (Salama art gallery), Egypt 2001 - “Art Accompany” (Droub art gallery), Egypt 2001 - Mini Works of Art Exhibition, (Droub art gallery), Egypt 2002 - Picasso art gallery, Egypt 2004 - Hanager art gallery, Egypt 2004 - “Art Accompany”, Picasso art gallery, Egypt 2005 - The Premier Portrait Salon of Cairo Atelier, Egypt 2005 - The 29th National Art Exhibition, Egypt 2006 - Exhibition entitled (rhythm time), Picasso art gallery Egypt 2006 - Exhibition ( Ramadan nights) - Shadecor gallery - Egypt 2007 - Exhibition in the Egyptian Center of the International Cultural Co-operation ( Foreign diplomats) - Egypt 2007 - 1st Festival of Fine Creation ( General exhibition and 1st Fine Art Fair), Egypt 2007, 2009 - Exhibition entitle ( Water colors), Picaso gallery, Egypt 2008 - 2nd Festival of Fine Creation ( 31st General exhibition), Egypt 2009 - At Cairo Atelier, Egypt 2015 - 35X2, UBUNTU Art Gallery, Egypt INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITIONS: 1970 - Stevenage Library Exhibition, England 1

  • Mahmoud Hamdi  (+)

    Biography : Born in Giza 1980, Mahmoud Hamdi earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Faculty of Art education, 2002. He won several awards such as the Youth Salon prize in 2009. The artist had worked in the culture management field.

    Exhibition : LOCAL EXHIBITIONS: 2006 - AUC Fifth Floor gallery, Egypt 2008 - Saad Zagloul Art center, Egypt 2011 - Gezira Art center, Egypt 2014 - Isis Gallery in Moukhtar museum, Egypt 2015 - Connect the dots, UBUNTU Art Gallery, Egypt INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITIONS: 2008 - Mediterranean biennial for young artists, Italy 2014 - Cairo Documenta 2010 / 2012, the Arab symposium in Katara, Doha -“Amin” exhibition in Cairo / Washington / New York.

  • Eman Hussein  (+)

    Artist's Objects:

    •  Eman Hussein - N/A N/A

  • Leila Izzet  (+)

    Biography : Born in 1933, Leila Izzet is the granddaughter of Khedive Ismail. Unlike her predecessors who were constrained by family tradition and obligations during the monarchy days, she went public with her first exhibition appearing after 1952. Leila Izzet is an artist who, unlike many of her contemporaries, didn’t go the traditional art school route into the world of art. Strangely for an artist famed for her abstract paintings, Leila learned about painting from Zorian, an Armenian realist painter who ran a successful art academy at No. 7 (bis) Kasr al-Nil Street, Cairo during the 1950s. “He was a very good teacher,” explains Leila. “He could see what you needed and pushed you in your own way,”– quite different from contemporary teachers who liked to produce schools of thought following their own visions. A great lover of animals she first became known as a painter of horses before moving onto expressionist and becoming famous as an abstract artist in the 1990s.

    Exhibition : SOLO EXHIBITIONS 1960 Hilton Gallery - Cairo 1964-68 Akhenaton Gallery - Cairo 1966 Stadelhofen Gallery - Zurich 1970 De Beaune Gallery (S. de Coninck Group) - Paris 1972 Gallery of Fine Arts - Cairo 1976 Cutural Center of the Arab Republic of Egypt - Paris 1981 Mohammed Mahmoud Khalil Museum - Cairo 1983 French Cultural Center - Cairo 1984 Egyptian Touffice - New York 1984 Artist's Corner - Maadi 1993 Al-Hanager Art Center - Cairo 1999 50-Years Retro-Gallery - Zamalek, Cairo 2000 Safar Khan Gallery - Zamalek, Cairo 2002 Safar Khan Gallery - Zamalek, Cairo 2004 Safar Khan Gallery - Zamalek, Cairo 2006 Safar Khan Gallery - Zamalek, Cairo GROUP AND INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITIONS 1960-73 Cairo Salon 1967-1973 Gallery of Fine Arts, Cairo 1969-73 International Biennale of Sport - Madrid 1969 Paris Biennale + African Festival - Algeirs 1970-74 Biennale of Mediterranean Countries, Alexandria 1970 International Festival of Painting, Cagnes sur Mer - France 1971-74 III & IV Biennale of Merignac 1971 Galleria Museum - Paris 1971 Clichy Exhibition (Suzanne de Coninck Group) - Paris 1972 Arab Exhibition - Syria - Kenya 1973 Egyptian Exhibition - Maduradam - The Hague 1973 Exhibition of Egyptian Art - Nika Gallery - Japan 1974 1st Biennale of Baghdad - Iraq 1974 The Arab Week - Tubigen - Germany 1975 Salon of Women Painters - Museum of Modern art - Paris 1975 10 Women Painters, Arab Socialist Union - Cairo 1975 Egyptian Women Painters - Gallery of Fine Arts - Paris 1976 Contemporary Egyptian Art - Grand Palais - Paris 1976 International Exhibition of Graphic Art - FIAP - Paris 1976 II Arab Biennale - Casablanca 1977 88th Exhibition of Independent Painters - Gand Palais - Paris 1977 Union Women Painters & Sculptures - Luxemboourg Museum - Paris 1977 Exhibition of Egyptian Art - Mantes-La-Jolie - France 1977

  • Sayeda Khalil  (+)

    Biography : Egyptian sculptor Sayeda Khalil obtained her B.A. from the Faculty of Art Education, Cairo (1994). She received her M.A. in Art Education of laser sculpture (2000) and a PhD in Art Education of Sculpture (2006). She was the first Egyptian artist to use laser light in arts (2000) and provided the first Egyptian experience in holography art. Her work reflects the theme of imprisonment, as shown through the ever-recurrent transparent and yet solid cubic container, which hold her centerpieces. These three-dimensional, glass enrobed compositions where a collection of objects is unified in a sculptural work, posit as key signature to her style. Not only in their esthetic value, but also to the feelings that they evoke when looked at- one almost always experiences the urgency to break free. On a more metaphorical level, the physical cubic installments represent her personal experience struggling with traditions and norms, which can constrain an individual, especially of her gender in such a patriarchal society. Khalil participated in the International Sarajevo Winter, Sarajevo (2001); and in numerous national exhibitions, among them the 29th National Art Exhibition (2005) and the Egyptian Contemporary Woman Art Creations in Optical Arts, Gezira Art Center, Cairo (2000). She earned four national awards in the field of sculpture and compound work; such as the Merit prize of the 27th National Art Exhibition (2001) and the second prize for installation at the 12th Youth Salon (2000).

    Exhibition : Local exhibitions • Creations of Installation - at Horas art gallery - Faculty of Art Education -1995. • The 8th - 9th - 10th - 11th - 12th - 13th Youth Salon - 1996 - 1997- 1998 - 1999 - 2000 - 2001. • The First and Second Salon of Mini Works of Art - 1997 - 1998. • Staff teachers art exhibition - Faculty of Art Education - 1997. • Group show of Six Artists of Cairo Atelier - 1999. • The 14th Salon of Ahlia Art Society - Gezira Arts Center - 1999. • Egyptian Contemporary Woman Art Creations in Optical Arts - Gezira Art Center - 2000. • The 27th - 28th - 29th - 33th – 36th - 37th -National Art Exhibition - palace of arts - 2001 – 2003 – 2005 -2010 – 2014 - 2015 . • The 6th Salon of Mini Works of Art - Workshop ( the Experimental project) - 2003. • A special exhibition, "the first time" - Bibliotheca Alexandrina – 2006. • Contemporary sculpture 1th – 2th Saad Zaghloul Cultural Center 2008 – 2009. • A special exhibition, Saad Zaghloul Cultural Center2009. • A special exhibition - Horus Hall, Faculty of Art Education -2010. • Visual creativity 4th Festival, Small Business Market Mahmoud Mukhtar Museum2010. • A special exhibition - Ahmed Bassiouni Hall, Faculty of Art Education 2011. ‎‏ • Group exhibition of the Egyptian Cultural Center 2012. • Exhibition "is like that," Cairo Atelier - 2012. • The exhibition "Egypt salon." Arts opera Palace – 2013. • 92 years from Art - palace of arts 2013. • A special exhibition, Saad Zaghloul Cultural Center – 2014. • Silver Jubilee Exhibition, harvested 25-year-old Youth Salon, Arts Palace opera – 2014. • Exhibition agenda, Bibliotheca Alexandrina – 2015 • Faculty of Art Education, Gezira Arts Center – 2015. • Ubuntu Art Gallery - 2015 • Ubuntu Art Gallery - 2016 International exhibitions • The International Sarajevo Winter, Sarajevo, 2001. Exhibition and Workshop at the High School for the Arts -

    Artist's Objects:

    • Sayeda  Khalil - N/A N/A

  • Ibrahim Khattab

  • Mohamed Khedr

    Biography : Born in Giza in 1970. Mohamed Khedr graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Helwan University, set-design department in 1993. Since graduation, he has worked in the fields of computer graphics, décor and creative design. The Egyptian culture and environment affected Mohamed’s works, blended with different cultures where the east arts bind with the west arts. He has made numerous contributions to art and to art collections in several countries around the world.

  • Shereen Mostafa  (+)

    Biography : Born in 1979, Shereen Mostafa holds a PhD in Art Education. She earned several awards, including Ratib Seddiq Award 2007, Youth Salon painting prize (15th, 16th, 18th, 19th, 20th and 21st). Shereen Mostafa’s paintings are narrative expressions affected by her innocent childhood memories, and she is also affected by the methods of post-modern art. She has holdings at the museum of Modern Art and the Ministry of Industry and with many individuals inside and outside Egypt.

    Exhibition : LOCAL EXHIBITIONS: 2000 - Collective exhibition in Horus Gallery, Faculty of Art Education, Egypt 2003, 2004 - 15th, 16th Youth Salon 2004 - Festival of Creations of the Egyptian Woman in the Contemporary art, Geizira Arts Center, Egypt 2004 - Exhibition of the Ancient Egyptian Writing parallel to Alexandria Biennale of Book in Alexandria Library, Egypt 2005 - Competition of Rateb Sedek prize, Cairo Atelier, Egypt 2005 - Exhibition ` Egyptian Window`, Tut Gallery, Egypt 2005 - Exhibition of Youth in the National Party, Egypt 2006 - The National exhibition in Palace of Arts, Egypt 2007 -1st Festival of Fine Creation ( 18th Youth Salon),Egypt 2008 - At Khan Al-Maghraby gallery, Egypt 2006, 2008- 1st Solo exhibition, Geizira Arts Center, Egypt 2008 - Exhibition (Al-Mahrousa nights), Egypt 2009 - Exhibition (Contemporary Egyptian painting 1), Karma Ibn Hanee Center in Ahmed Shawky Museum 2015 - Stories, UBUNTU Art Gallery, Egypt 2015 - Shereen Mostafa, UBUNTU Art Gallery, Egypt INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITIONS: 2006 - Exhibition of 1st Fine art fair parallel to Alexandria Biennale 2007 - Biennale of Book fancy, Alexandria Library

  • Rawda Nour  (+)

    Biography : Born in 1990, Rawda Nour earned a Bachelor’s degree in Faculty of Fine Arts, Graphics Department, Alexandria University. She earned several awards including the first award in the youth exhibition for Fine Arts from Ebdaa Center 2014, CIB prize at the 25th Youth Salon, The Salon award for Graphics at the 26th Youth Salon.

    Exhibition : LOCAL EXHIBITIONS: - The 3rd Upper Egypt Salon in Luxor, Egypt - “The First Time” exhibition at Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Egypt - Youth Exhibition for Fine Arts, Ebdaa Center, Egypt - 25th, 26th Youth Salon, Egypt - "Points of View 2" at UBUNTU Art Gallery, Egypt - The International Painting biennale at Atelier of Alexandria, Egypt INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITIONS: - El Qassabi exhibition, Saudi Arabia

  • Mohamed Oraby  (+)

    Biography : Born in 1961, Oraby holds both a BA and a MA in Painting, Faculty of Fine Arts. He also holds PhD of Philosophy in Painting, Faculty of Fine Arts in 1996. He currently works as a Professor of Painting and Dean of Faculty of Fine Arts at Luxor, South Valley University.

    Exhibition : LOCAL EXHIBITIONS: 1986 - Solo Exhibition, Cairo Atelier, Cairo, Egypt. 1987 - “Annual Saloon of Youth”, Nile Art Gallery Zamalik, Cairo, Egypt. 1987 - "Annual Faculty Exhibition", Minia fine Arts Faculty, Minia University,Minia. Egypt 1987 - “Three Artists Exhibition”, Cairo Atelier, Cairo, Egypt. 1987 - “National Exhibition”, Cairo, Egypt. 1987 - “Competition of Heritage Inspiration Exhibition”, First Fine Arts Conference, Mina Fine Arts College, Minia University, Minia, Egypt. 1988 - “Competition of Desert”, Nile Art Gallery, Cairo, Egypt. 1988 - "Annual Faculty Exhibition", Minia fine Arts College, Minia University, Minia. Egypt. 1996 - “Saloon of Youth Artists”, ( Recognition Invitation by Egyptian Ministry of culture) , Alexandria. 1997 - "Biennale of Alexandria for Mediterranean See", Alexandria, Egypt. 1997 - "Touch of Light", Three Artists, Khan Al Makhraby, Zamalik, Cairo, Egypt. 1997 - "Come to be Happy", (Group), Khane Al Makhraby, Zamalik, Cairo, Egypt. 1997 - Solo Exhibition, Gouta Institute Art Gallery, Alexandria, Egypt. 1998 - "Egyptian Contemporary Art", Fine Arts Faculty - Luxor, South Valley University. Luxor. 1999 - Solo Exhibition, Black and White, Art Gallery of Minia Culture Center, Egypt. 1999 - Solo Exhibition, Compu-Painting, New Myth of Resurrection,Cairo Atelier, Cairo, Egypt 2003 - Solo Exhibition, Visual Approach for The Idea of Life, Fine Arts Faculty, Luxor, South Valley University, Egypt 2004 - Solo Exhibition,(Recognition Invitation by State and Conference of Egyptian Literatures) 2004 - Back Inside Between What is Realized and Imagined, Sohage Culture Center, Sohage, Egypt 2014 - "Annual Faculty Exhibition", Fine Arts Faculty- Luxor, South Valley University, Egypt 2006 - "Places in the Heart”, One-Person Exhibition, Khan Al Makhraby, Zamalik, Cairo,

  • Hoda Ragaa  (+)

    Exhibition : Layers of Green

    Detailed Description : Ceramics

  • Nehad Saeed

  • Khaled Sirag  (+)

    Biography : Born in Cairo 1969, Sirag earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Faculty of Applied Arts, Helwan University, Ceramics Department 1992 and he became a lecturer doctor there in 2006. He participated in more than 66 local and international exhibitions and more than 35 international workshops. He earned more than seven awards in ceramic art competitions in Egypt and abroad.

    Exhibition : LOCAL EXHIBITIONS: 2005 - An Exhibition at Ragheb Ayad Gallery, Egypt 2013 - An Exhibition at Gezira Art Center, Egypt 2015 - "Ma'at Changing Colors" Exhibition in Ubuntu Art Gallery, Egypt INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITIONS: 2014 - A duet exhibition with Istvan Zakar, Újlipótvárosi Klub-Galéria, Budapest, Hungary 2014 - 2 duet works in the solo exhibition of the Hungarian artist Anita Toth, Keramiapark, Budapest, Hungary 2014 - Collective exhibition titeled: "The Silk Road" with Anita Toth (Hungary), Sarra Ben Attia (Tunisa), and Vesna Vidrih (Slovenia), The Appolonian Palace Gallery, Piran, Slovenia

    Artist's Objects:

    • Khaled Sirag - N/A N/A

  • Margo Veillon  (+)

    Biography : Born in Cairo to a Swiss businessman and his Austrian wife, she settled in Maadi. She was one of Egypt’s best-loved artists. Margo was sent to Switzerland, to school in Zurich, returning in 1924 determined to become a professional artist. She spent much of her artistic career capturing the verve and movement of daily life in Egypt. One strand of her work is characterized by an ability to capture and depict the energy of a specific moment in time. She bequeathed her legacy to the American University in Cairo, which in turn issued seven books about her life.

    Exhibition : She held 78 exhibitions in Egypt and Europe, starting in Cairo in 1928—the last opened at AUC on her 96th birthday in February 2003.

    Artist's Documents:

  • Halim Yacoub  (+)

    Biography : Born in 1937, Halim Yacoub earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Faculty of Fine Arts, Helwan University, décor department, 1960. He holds a Diploma of Fine and Applied Arts Academy in Zurich in 1967. He has been moving creatively and diligently between different types of Arts such as decor, design and drilling on steel to print banknotes and postage stamps, then he moved to ceramics pottery and cast metal sculptures. He established seven metal field statues in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in association with the artist Salah Abdul Karim from 1981 to 1985. Halim Yaqoob earned several local and international awards and has many holdings in Egypt and abroad.

    Exhibition : LOCAL EXHIBITIONS: 1975 - The General Exhibition, Egypt 1976 - The Spring Exhibition, Egypt 1976 - General Art Exhibition, Egypt 1976 -Exhibition at Goethe Institute, Egypt 1976 -“Foreign Diplomats” art gallery of the Egyptian Center of international Cultural Cooperation, Egypt 1977 -Exhibition at Goethe Institute in Cairo 1992 -“Foreign Diplomats” art gallery of the Egyptian Center of international Cultural Cooperation, Egypt 1993 - The 11th, 12th, 14th of the Lovers of Nature and Heritage Society, at Cairo Opera House, Egypt 1998 - Khan al-Maghraby art gallery, Egypt INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITIONS: 1994 -The Egyptian Art Academy in Rome, Rome 1997 - The Egyptian Contemporary Art Exhibition in Sudan, Egypt 1997 - Egypt pavilion in Kuwait International Biennale, Kuwait 1996 - The first exhibition of the Egyptian Critics Association, Egypt 1997 - The 25th National Art Exhibition, Egypt 1998 - The 2nd Salon of Mini Works of Art, Egypt 1998, 2000 - The 4th, 5th International Miniature in Canada (SALLEAUGUS TIN CHENIER CANADA) 2000 -“Aid of Palestinian Intifada”, at the Round art gallery of the Fine Artist Association, Cairo Opera House, Egypt 2002 - The Egyptian Cultural Center in San Michele , Paris 2003, 2004 - Exhibition for painting and sculpture in Montreal, Canada 2004 - Alexandria Creativity Center, Egypt 2005 - Ahmed Sabry art gallery of Gezira Arts Center, Egypt 2005 - The 29th National Art Exhibition, Egypt 2006 - Group show at Droub art gallery in Garden City Avenue, Egypt 2015 - Halim Yacoub, UBUNTU Art Gallery, Egypt