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  • Cho, Hyun-Ik  (+)

    Biography : born in South Korea in 1978 BFA the College of Fine Arts, Sejong University (Seoul, Korea) MFA the College of Fine Arts, Sejong University (Seoul, Korea)

    Exhibition : Solo Exhibition: 2014 Private Temple or Holy Temple, Gallery Jinsun, Seoul, Korea 2013 The Temple of Light, Kwanhoon Gallery, Seoul, Korea 2011 Gathering Rays of Lights into a Focus – Medusa’s Room, Zaha Museum, Seoul, Korea 2010 Light, Cut Myself, Ganainsa Art Center, Seoul, Korea 2007 Flash III, Gallery Jung, Seoul, Korea 2006 Flash II, Gallery Jung, Seoul, Korea 2005 Flash I, Gahjin Gallery, Seoul, Korea

    Detailed Description : Cho’s work synthesizes two contrasting forces. In his work, we discover a solitary woman portrayed on an iron plate. Despite the cold material property of iron, the woman gives off feelings of intimacy, sensuous and sensual love. The woman is a protagonist at the altar. The basis of Cho’s work is his consistent effort to balance Western physical experimentation with Oriental, elemental, and cosmic thoughts. Cho has been a disciple of Mircea Eliade, a philosopher of religion and anthropologist. Eliade referred to the mountain, a place where a harmonious encounter of earth (woman, mother) with heaven (god) is made as the “axis mundi,” or the world center. This mountain is the birthplace of shamanism, bridging earth and heaven. Shamanism can be defined as an earnest gesture to express modesty toward all things in the world.  Cho’s work can be interpreted as an expression of his own shamanism, an earnest gesture to express care for, and modesty toward the world.

  • Sook-Uey Cho  (+)

    Biography : Current Vice president of Korean Sculptress Association D.F.A. in sculpture, Hongik University, Seoul, Korea Selectes as one of the 55 Modern Artists by Critics' Choice (Seoul Art Center, 2007) Grand Prize from Annual Jeonnam Province Art Exhibition (1979,1980) Special Prize from the Grand Exhibition of Korean Fine Arts (National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea, 1994)

    Exhibition : 17 Solo Exhibitions from 1991 to 2013 (Seoul, Geneva, and Beijing) Over 300 domestic & foreign group exhibitions Art Fair: 2014 Art Hamptons 2013 KIAF 2012 ART EDITION Seoul 2006 MANIF Seoul International Art Fair 2006 Europe Art Fair. Geneva Palexpo. Swiss

  • Taesub Chung  (+)

    Biography : Tae-Sub Chung was born in Busan, Korea in 1954. He gained a PhD in Medicine from the Medical College of Yonsei University in 1979 and is currently a Professor of Diagnostic Radiology at Yonsei University Gangnam Severance Hospital in Seoul. Tae-Sub combines his artistic inspiration and expertise in radiology to create x-ray photo art, which visualises the internal structures of humans and nature.

    Exhibition : Solo exhibition 2015 The ART to see through, Gallery Dom Mod, Omsk, Russia 2015 The art over the vision. Timiryazev National Museum, Moscow, Russia 2014 About invisible things, Novosibirsk state art museum, Russia 2014 Vision on your eyes, Gallery Index, Seoul, Korea 2013 Of things, not seen. Classic Photo Gallery, Moscow, Russia 2013 Welcome spring with X-ray art, Dong-in art-hall, Gangneung, Gangwondo 2012 Opera in nature, Insaart center, Seoul, Korea 2011 New Horizons of X-ray Art, AUP Gallery, Paris, France 2010 Peep her aura: X-ray 3D art exhibition, Insaart center, Seoul, Korea 2010 X-ray art; Gail art museum, Gyunggido, Korea 2010 Contemplation of inner space with X-ray, Palais de Seoul gallery, Seoul, Korea 2010 Party of X-ray art, Gallery Arthill, Suwon, Gyungido 2010 X-ray art, Keumsan Gallery, Paju Heyri, Korea 2010 “Look the Spring through X-ray’, Art Space, Seoul, Korea 2009 ‘Photographs without camera: Ximage’, Insaart center, Seoul, Korea 2008 ‘X-ray Photo art’, Doctor Park Gallery, Gyunggido, Korea Group exhibition 2015 the Face, Toljiatti gallery, Toljiatti, Russia 2015 The magic of art 3D, Kwon Jin Kyu art museum Opening exhibition, Kwon Jin Kyu art museum, Chuncheon, Korea 2015 SeoMiMo 3rd, Gallery the space, Seoul, Korea 2014 2014 Bioart exhibition, Gwacheon National Science Museum, Gwacheon, Korea 2014 Seven pioneers on Sovereign art foundation, Gallery Index, Seoul, Korea 2014 SeoMiMo 2nd, Gallery the space, Seoul, Korea 2013 Open your eyes, Guha gallery, Seoul, Korea 2012 SeoMiMo, Baeakmuseum, Seoul, Korea 2012 2012 Seoul Nuclear Security Summit, Invited artist, COEX, Seoul, Korea 2012 The blue wind-Young artists collection, Jinsun gallery, Seoul 2012 Spring Invitation Exhibition, Regina Gallery, Yongin, Gyunggido, Korea 2011 Paratechnology, Pohang Museum of Steel Art, Pohang, Gyeongsangbukdo 2011 Points and.., Interalia, Seoul 2011 Picasso & Einstein 3.0, Seoul Arts Center V Gallery, Seoul 2011

    Detailed Description : Tae-Sub has enjoyed extensive solo and group exhibitions of his x-ray photo art. His artwork was recently introduced as a peaceful contribution of radiation in the 2012 Seoul Nuclear Security Summit. His pioneering work has also been published in various Korean textbooks on Fine Arts, thus introducing x-ray art as a new field of art genre.

  • Kim Hojin

  • Sunguck Kang

  • Kim, Soo Ja  (+)

    Biography : BFA the College of Fine Arts, Ewha Womans University MFA the College of Fine Arts, Ewha Womans University

    Exhibition : Solo Exhibition: 19 times from 1983 to the present Group Exhibition: 2009 Incheon Women Artists' Biennale (Artplatform, Incheon) 2008 Korean Abstract Art 1958~2008(Seoul Museum of Art) 2008 Different Paintings by homonyms (Urban art) 2008 Art Expo New York (New York) 2005 The Exhibition, "Women, Nature and Korean Sensibility: Accepting and Sublimating (Broadway Gallery, New York) 2005 The Exhibition "Making Their Remarks" (Posco Museum, Seoul) 2004 The Exhibition "Soft Desires" (Dukwon Gallery, Seoul) 2002 Another History of Art Representation of Feminity (Ewha Womans University Museum, Seoul) Awards: 1981 Awards at the 30th Korean National Art Exhibition (National Museum of Modern Art, Seoul) 1985 Awards Special Prize at the 4th Korean National Art Exhibition (National Museum of Contemporary Art, Kwachon) 1986 Awards Special Prize at the 5th Korean National Art Exhibition (National Museum of Contemporary Art, Kwachon)

  • Heekyung Kim

  • Heekyung Kim  (+)

    Biography : b.1956 Professor at Dept of Sculpture, College of Art in University of Suwon Vice-president of Korea Sculptor’s Association Education 1979 B.F.A in Sculpture, Ewha Woman’s University 1987 M.F.A in Sculpture, graduate of Woman’s University

    Exhibition : Solo Exhibition 2016 Gallery Ponzetta , pietrasanta , Italy 2015 International sculpture Festa 2015, Seoul, Korea 2014 International sculpture Festa 2014, Seoul, Korea 2013 Gallery Uhn , Frankfurt, Germany 2012 Doowon Art Center, Busan, Korea 2012 ART Karlsluhe ,Messe Karlsluhe, Karlsluhe 2011 Insa Art Center, Seoul, Korea 2010 Jay Gallery, Seoul, Korea 2009 Seoul Modern Art show, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul, Korea 2009 Centro S. Allender Art Center, La Spezia, Italy 2008 Seoul International Contemporary Art Festival, Seoul, Korea 2006 Urban Art, Seoul, Korea 2005 Beijing International Art Expo, Beijing, China 2003 Pepper’s Gallery, Tokyo, Japan 2000 Sun gallery, Seoul, Korea 1999 MANIF International Art Fair ,Seoul, Korea 1998 Mac 2000 ,Paris, France 1996 Gallery 2000 ,Seoul, Korea 1994 Gallery Meegun ,Seoul, Korea 1991 Press Center, Seoul ,Seoul, Korea Selected Exhibition 2015 KOELN ART FAIR , Koelnmesse Hall 1, Koeln 2015 ART Karlsluhe , Messe Karlsluhe, Karlsluhe 2014 Korea International Art Fair , Coex Hall A, Seoul 2014 SCOPE Basel , Scope Basel Pavilion, Basel 2013 ART Karlsluhe , Messe Karlsluhe, Karlsluhe 2013 SCOPE New York , Scope Pavilion3, NewYork 2012 SCOPE Miami , North Miami Avenue, Miami 2012 LA Art Fair , LA Convention Center, Los Anseles 2011 SCOPE Basel , Kaserne Basel , Basel 2011 ART CHICAGO , The merchandise mart, Chicago 2011 ART Karlsluhe , Messe Karlsluhe, Karlsluhe 2010 ART ASIA Miami , North Miami Avenue, Miami 2010 ART CHICAGO , he merchandise mart, Chicago 2010 LA Art Fair , LA Convention Center, Los Anseles 2008 Europ Geneva Art Fair , Geneva Palexpo, Geneva 2007 Art International Zurich , Kongesshaus, Zurich 2007 Beijing Art Fair , Beijing Trade Center, Beijing 2006 Shanghai Art Fair , Shanghai MART, China 2006 The exhibition of art works by the association of asian , Tiwan 2005 Beijing Art Fair , Beijing Trade Center, Beijing 2004~1983 Group Exhibition 200th Public Collections National Museum ,Kwachun, Korea Seoul Arts Center ,Seoul,

    Detailed Description : Breaking away from three-dimensional sculpture for which she was mostly known, Kim started producing works with paper that can be seen as bas relief in 2009. The works became “bloom” series. For the series, the artist uses hanji which is traditional Korean paper hand-made with mulburry bark. Hanji is easy to press, stretch, or fold when it is still not completely dry, so it affords an artist great freedom in creating form. It is also very strong and absorptive. By a compressed air injector, Kim sprays colors on the paper sculpture she has created to complete her artwork. The image of the circle, the most complete of all forms, serves as the basic template of Kim’s “Bloom” series. Most of her works are of simple structures with gentle and elegant curves that are nearly circular, and multi-layered papers create delicate waves inside those circles. Numerous lines in parallel create gentle harmony with surrounding lines. Inside a circle is often found a condensational flow toward the center. It is much like a volcano erupting, sending lava shooting into the sky, or the coiling of a snail shell, or a leaf of a tree unfolding. Sometimes, it seems to be folding into the inside of the third dimension. Some works of the “Bloom” series are reminiscent of erotic flower and plant motifs created by Georgia O’Keeffe in her paintings and sculptures. Kim’s work has always been inspired by nature, and her “Bloom” series is a beautiful tribute to the nature’s creative energy. Kim describes flower as “a marvelous living thing that carries a new life as womb of a plant.” The goal of her work, according to the artist, is not just to represent beautiful figures of flowers, but to express wide, deep, and unlimited natural vitality in nature.

  • Taesoon Kwon

  • Lee, Junghee  (+)

    Biography : Junghee Lee studied and taught music. Since her retirement in 2000s, she has been pursuing a career as an artist, holding numerious exhibitions. It seems that her artistic sensibility and experience translate well into her visual creations, enriching her works with unique symphonic harmonies of colors and textures.

    Exhibition : Solo Exhibitions: 11 times (Seoul, Beijing, Shanghai, France, etc) Group Exhibitions: more than 60 times Selected Exhibitions: 2015 Korea International Art Fair 2014 Korea Galleries Art Fair 2013 Solo exhibition at Insa Art Center, Seoul 2012 Grand Art Exhibition of Korea Awardees at Korea Art Gallery 2011 Invitational Exhibition by Insa Art Fair at United Gallery 2009 Seoul Open Art Fair at COEX Korean Fine Arts Association Exhibition at Seoul Arts Center 2008 Solo exhibition at Dansung Gallery Beijing 798 Art Festival in Beijing 2007 The 7th Art Metz in Paris 2006 Korea Galleries Art Fair at Seoul Arts Center Seoul Art Fair at COEX 2005 Shanghai Art Fair in Shanghai Korea Women’s Art Festival at Sejong Center Awards: Special Selection at Grand Art Exhibition of Korea Participation Prize at the Kyunghyang Shinmun Art Exhibition Awarded at Danwon Environmental Art Exhibition Collection: National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea

    Detailed Description : What is most intriguing about her painting is what is called 'knit collage'. Without almost no exception at all, one can find something of a 'net' in her works. Her paintings are strewn with all sorts of close lines within which clear and bright colors breath. In Lee's art making, painting is preceded by knitting which uses threads of various colors and textures. The knits she made give tactility to her picture planes.

  • Lee

  • Jounghyo Lee

  • Heungwoo Shin