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Ferran Josa Monegal   (Gallery Director)


Untitled - Lidia Masllorens

Lidia Masllorens Untitled
Lídia Masllorens' paintings, with acrylic paint and bleach, are emotional contagion in the most immediate way possible. The fragility of paper can show the fragility of humanity. Each of her paintings is the result of a rigorous and patient work that she keeps improving over the years.

Circus - Bruno Ollé

Bruno Ollé Circus

Exhibiting Artists

Other Represented Artists

  • Jordi Alcaraz

  • Hugo Alonso

    Biography : Some of the solo projects of Hugo Alonso has been presented in important art galleries and fesHvals such as La Salina in Salamanca, Salvador Díaz Gallery in Madrid, and The Cinema FesHval of Medina del Campo. He has had many group exhibiHons in Istanbul, Madrid, Barcelona and Berlin. He has been awarded several Hmes, and his works are part of important collecHons such as MUSAC (the collecHon of CasHlla y León Contemporary Art Museum), DA2 (Domus ArHum) and BMW FundaHon, among others.

  • Ivan Franco

  • Marcelo Fuentes

  • Miguel Macaya

    Biography : Miguel Macaya is a presHgious Spanish arHst. Since 1986 he has had many solo exhibiHons and presence in many Art Fairs. His work has been exhibited in Spain, Belgium, France, Italy, Greece and USA. With a Goyesque inspiraHon, his work is linked to the tradiHon of the Spanish baroque painHng, but it is also related to modern realism with references such Edward Hopper or Lucian Freud. His recurrent subjects are the portraits of boxers or bullfighters, animals and sHll life.

  • Lidia Masllorens  (+)

    Biography : Lídia Masllorens has had solo exhibitions on more than ten occasions in cities such as Barcelona, Paris and Los Angeles. She has participated in many international art fairs, which include Art Madrid, Eurantica, Affordable Art Fair and Antica Namur in Brussels, LA Art Show in Los Angeles, Solo Show in Basel and Art Elysees in Paris. In 2013 he won the Painting Prize of the Vila Casas Foundation.

    Artist's Objects:

    • Lidia Masllorens - Untitled Untitled

  • Bruno Ollé  (+)

    Biography : Bruno Ollé is a young artist based in Barcelona. He studied Art and Design and from 2003 he has had many solo exhibitions in Madrid, Berlin and Barcelona. Awarded several times, in 2013 he exhibited his projects at the prestigious Suñol Foundation in Barcelona and La Casa Encendida in Madrid. His work has been shown in many international art fairs such as Eurantica in Brussels, Art Madrid and Room Art Fair in Madrid, Arte Fiera in Bologna, Art Paris and ARTBO in Bogotá. Bruno Ollé’s works are part of important collections such as Olor Visual and Vila Casas Foundation.

    Artist's Objects:

    • Bruno Ollé - Circus Circus

  • Dominica Sanchez

    Biography : Dominica Sánchez has a long history of exhibitions, particularly in Paris and the United States, but has relatively little exposed in her home country. Dominica Sánchez took long years perfecting this pictorial language, whose simplicity belies the depth of emotions that involve drawings, and it is important to emphasize that they are not sketches for sculptures, but strictly independent works made with an individualized language they share with sculptures. It was precisely the drawing what eventually led to discover the possibilities of the third dimension.