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Exhibiting Artists

Other Represented Artists

  • Sylvie Adams

  • Julie Touchette aka ZUT

  • Nathalie Boissonnault

  • Hugo Cantin

  • Jean-Paul Cattin

    Biography : Born in 1964 in Geneva Switzerland, Jean-Paul Cattin received his first telemetric Canon camera at the age of 12. He was quickly fascinated by photography and only two years later, at the age of 14 Cattin's landscapes, reportages and portraits were being published by the local Swiss newspapers. Another two years later he began studying at the prestigious Photography School of Vevey and in 1984 after receiving the Federal Swiss Diploma in photography, he left Geneva for Paris where he would soon become a people & fashion photographer. In 1992 while continuing his work in Paris he based himself in Geneva. Cattin was now shooting international campaigns for luxury brands and directing numerous commercials. While his fashion & advertising work was praised for its precision and creativity, in 1999 Jean-Paul slowly shifted his photographic interest towards still life and by 2001 he was producing campaigns and editorials for international luxury brands. In 2007, Cattin's interest for artistic work developed and his photographs of landscapes in Switzerland, America, Germany and Portugal were awarded in international competitions and published in magazines. His most recent projects were highly influenced by the urban environment of New York and organic decay. They include large-scale abstract photographs in which reality is reinterpreted in a poetic and dramatic manner. In 2010 and 2011 Jean-Paul received several photographic awards and nominations in the categories of fine art, landscape and abstract. His work is exhibited across the world in cities such as New York, London, Berlin, Los Angeles, Mil - an, Brussels, Seoul ... Based in Geneva Jean-Paul works in New York and Europe.

  • Charles Alexis

  • Maryline Lemaitre

    Biography : Maryline Lemaitre was born in France and lived in Asia for nearly a decade before moving to Canada in 2001. In her paintings, Lemaitre accumulates layers of materials, and then glues, scratches, removes, returns, delivers, controls and flattens them, chanting a memorandum to the pallet or stencil. These elements are re-visited in large strokes with a brush or old credit card until she achieves the pictorial density that is her signature. Hers is an intuitive process inspired by a picture, a pattern, some words or a special piece of original old writing which could be the key to define a theme and begin a series. Topics vary over time, because they are inspired by her everyday life, by her memory, or are the expression of her unconscious. Lemaitre has participated in many solo and group exhibitions worldwide. Her works have been used as cover illustrations for two books published in Canada. Her paintings belong to the Cirque du Soleil collection, and to many corporate and private collections in the US, Canada, France, Hong Kong, Singapour and Shanghai.

  • Christian Dorey and Martin Fontaine AKA LIMBO

  • Tony Moriello

  • Virginie Schroeder  (+)

    Detailed Description : Virginie Schroeder puts in play lines, circles and other geometric forms to create works with subjects that are not immediately visible. Verbal and psychological interplay with the public is integral to her creative process. Her art is the result of reflection, and of aesthetic intuition provoked by the geometric of forms. Her art exists to intrigue, to elicit questioning of its abstract character visible at first glance. One must focus on a single point, and draw away slightly to begin to glimpse the impressively detailed work in its totality. Above all, Schroeder wants things not to be visible immediately. In order to perceive the works, the viewer must feel them, open up all of their senses and live them fully. It is insufficient to live the emotion of the work; Schroeder urges the viewer to enter the work, allowing their spirit to be absorbed into its face. Her paintings are made to inspire new artistic visions, while impressing their stunning technicality on the public. When a face, an animal, a landscape, or any other subject is evacuated of its linear structure, it acquires a completely different form, a different identity and dimension, a new prestige. One does not recognize it at first sight; it emerges as the very process of observation. It is here that the magic occurs, as the viewer consciously discovers a work of abstract character in vivid color which plays upon the tension between the figurative and the imaginary. Virginie Schroeder seeks an invented, unstructured, a different and yet popular vision, and hopes to awaken our senses in the search for her works.

  • Pasha Setrova