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Cristina Mato García-Ansorena   (Director)

Lorena Pizarro Durán   (Assistant Director)


Ansorena is a family group of companies founded in 1845 engaging in different activities in the world of Art and Jewellery.

The Contemporary Art Gallery, inaugurated in 1986, hosts monthy exhibitions by both, recognised and promising young artists. It is one of the few galleries specialising in realist and figurative painting and collaborates with official institutions in staging and preparing exhibitios to crease knowledge of contemporary realist painting.

The gallery participates in fairs, such as CONTEXT Art Miami, to promote its artists.

Primavera de corales, 2017 (DETAIL) - Guillermo  Oyágüez

Guillermo Oyágüez Primavera de corales, 2017 (DETAIL)

The skater -  Michele del Campo

Michele del Campo The skater
85 x 110 cm.
oil on canvas

OPUS PPC, 2017
 -  Alberto Bañuelos

Alberto Bañuelos OPUS PPC, 2017
20 x 37 x 32 cm.

Antilla, 2017 - Enrique Santana

Enrique Santana Antilla, 2017
162,5 x 238,5 cm.
oil on canvas

Ecstatic Shanghai VII
153 x 102 cm.
watercolor on paper  -  Gary Bukovnik

Gary Bukovnik Ecstatic Shanghai VII 153 x 102 cm. 60"v40" watercolor on paper

Red iris in a tall vase -  Gary Bukovnik

Gary Bukovnik Red iris in a tall vase
102 x 52 m.
40.5" x 20.5"
watercolor on paper

Ecstatic Shanghai III -  Gary Bukovnik

Gary Bukovnik Ecstatic Shanghai III
153 x 102 cm.
60" x 40"
watercolor on paper

Las cenizas del viento. Torre -  Juan Luque

Juan Luque Las cenizas del viento. Torre
114 x 80 cm.
mixed media

La luz habitada -  Juan Luque

Juan Luque La luz habitada
114 x 146 cm.
mixed media

Mare eternum, IV - Mar Solís

Mar Solís Mare eternum, IV
40 x 30 x 30 cm.

The apple -  Michele del Campo

Michele del Campo The apple
100 x 110 cm.
oil on canvas

The doubt -  Michele del Campo

Michele del Campo The doubt
150 x 180 cm.
oil on canvas

The records -  Michele del Campo

Michele del Campo The records
90 x 170 cm.
oil on canvas

Amazonas, 2009 - Eduardo Marco

Eduardo Marco Amazonas, 2009
90 x 130 cm.
Photograhy C-Print
Ed. 1/7

Amazonas, 2009 - Eduardo Marco

Eduardo Marco Amazonas, 2009
120 x 170 cm.
Photograhy C-Print
Ed. 1/7

Amazonas, 2009 - Eduardo Marco

Eduardo Marco Amazonas, 2009
130 x 190 cm.
Photograhy C-Print
Ed. 1/7

Exhibiting Artists

Other Represented Artists

  • Alberto Bañuelos  (+)

    Exhibition : SOLO EXHIBITION 2.017 Sculto 2017. Feria de Escultura Contemporánea. Ansorena Galería de Arte, Logroño. Ansorena Galería de Arte. Madrid. 2.016 “Alhóndiga de Granaditas”. Festival Internacional Cervantino. Guanajuato. Gto. México “Museo de Identidades Leonesas”. Festival Internacional Cervantino. León. Gto. México 2.012 Museo Nacional de Antropología e Historia. “La Liturgia de las piedras”. México DF. 2.011 ARCO 2011 Madrid. Stand del periódico El Mundo. Madrid. 2.010 Galería Salvador Díaz. Luis Gordillo. Alberto Bañuelos. “Procesos creativos”. Madrid. 2.009 IVAM. Exposición retrospectiva. Instituto Valenciano de Arte Moderno. Valencia. 2.008 Embajada de España, México. Resid. Embajador. Celebrac. 12 Octubre. Día Hispanidad. Galería Oscar Román. México D.F. Pinacoteca de Nuevo León. Monterrey. México. Sala Especial en el Pabellón Internacional de Aguascalientes. México 2.007 Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Ateneo de Yucatán. MACAY. Mérida. México Sala Hermenegildo Bustos y Polivalente. Universidad de Guanajuato. México. Casa del Siglo XV. Segovia. Museo de Arte Abstracto Manuel Felguerez, Zacatecas. Zac. México. “Centro Cultural Gómez Tortosa. Exposición de Maquetas. Novelda. Alicante. 2.006 Galería Raquel Ponce. Madrid. Exposición individual Itinerante por Museos de México: Museo de Arte de Querétaro. “Antiguo Convento de San Agustín”. Querétaro. México. 2.005 Sala Arco de Santa María. Ayuntamiento de Burgos. Burgos. 2.004 V Feria Internacional de la Piedra Natural. ( IFEMA ). Galería Edurne. Madrid. 2.003 Exposición individual Itinerante. “Constelación Arte

    Detailed Description : In the panorama of contemporary Spanish sculpture, Alberto Bañuelos stands out for his work with such classic materials as stone and marble. Significantly, this sculptor from Burgos began learning the art of sculpting in the quarries of Carrara in the late 1970s.

    Artist's Objects:

    •  Alberto Bañuelos - OPUS PPC, 2017
OPUS PPC, 2017

  • Gary Bukovnik  (+)

    Biography : Born and educated in Cleveland, Gary Bukovnik has lived in San Francisco for more than a third of a century. Primarily using the media of watercolor, monotype, and lithograph, Bukovnik fuses sensual vitality with fluid yet powerful colorations, creating floral and culinary images of great depth, intensity, and size. In 2003 and 2005, invited Bukovnik was Visiting Artist at the American Academy in Rome in 2003 and 2005 and was an artist-in-residence at the Michigan Institute of Arts in Kalamazoo in 2010, as well as making a tour of exhibitions and watercolor demonstrations across Japan in 2010. Solo exhibitions include Caldwell Snyder Gallery in San Francisco and in St. Helena, CA, Campton Gallery in New York City; the Concept Gallery in Pittsburgh, the A.C.T. Gallery in San Francisco, and the Bonfoey Gallery in Cleveland. Other recent exhibitions have been organized by the Butler Institute of American Art, Youngstown, Paula Brown Gallery, Toledo, Neuhoff Gallery, New York; Lisa Kurts Gallery, Memphis; Irving Galleries, Palm Beach; Galerie Kutter, Luxembourg; the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art, Johnstown, Pennsylvania; Chin Show Cultural Center, Taipei; Takashimaya, Tokyo; the Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh; and Brevard Museum of Art, Melbourne, Florida.

    Exhibition : ONE-PERSON EXHIBITIONS: 2014 Exhibition at Ansorena Galleria, Madrid, Spain – May Exhibition at Today International Art Museum, Beijing, China – September 2013 Lecture at Commonwealth Club, San Francisco, CA – January Lecture & Drawing Demonstration at UC Botanical Gardens at Berkeley, CA – February Exhibition (Sunshine & Roses) at The Bonfoey Gallery, Cleveland, OH – May Exhibition at the Thomas Reynolds Gallery, San Francisco, CA – May Exhibition at Tianjin Museum of Art, Tianjin, China – September Exhibition at the US Embassy in Beijing, China – September Exhibition in Shanghai, China – September Exhibition (Eternal Spring) at the Fellows Riverside Gardens, Youngstown, OH – October 2012 Campton Gallery, New York, NY Jiya Art Gallery, Quanzhou, China Xiamen Art Museum, Xiamen, China Exhibition of Monoprints at Alameda Public Library, Alameda, CA 2011 Exhibitions in China: Quanzhou – Jiya Culture Gallery Shanghai – Shanghai HongQiao Contemporary Art Museum Suzhou – Art Museum of the Suzhou Art Academy 2010 Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia, Washington, DC Exhibition at The Slovenian Museum & Archives, Cleveland, OH Exhibitions in Japan: Ureshiro, Saga Prefecture Ebino, Miyazaki Prefecture Kanazawa, Ishikana Prefecture Shibukana, Gunma Prefecture Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture Exhibitions in Slovenia: Indria Zagotje Ljubijana Caldwell Snyder Gallery, San Francisco, CA 2009 Kunstzal Van Heijningen, The Hague, Netherlands University of California @ Berkeley Botanical Garden, CA The Bonfoey Gallery, Cleveland, OH Campton Gallery, New York, NY 2008 Paula Brown Gallery, Toledo OH Caldwell Snyder Gallery, St. Helena, CA St. Bonaventure University, New York State Fellows Riverside Gardens, Youngstown, OH 2007 Gallery at A.C.T., Geary Theatre, San Francisco, CA South Eastern Regional Flower Show, Atlanta, GA Caldwell-Snyder Gallery, San Francisco, CA Trajan Gallery, Carmel, CA Campton Gallery, New York, NY 2006 South Eastern Regional

    Artist's Objects:

    •  Gary Bukovnik - Ecstatic Shanghai VII
153 x 102 cm.
watercolor on paper Ecstatic Shanghai VII 153 x 102 cm. 60"v40" watercolor on paper
    •  Gary Bukovnik - Red iris in a tall vase Red iris in a tall vase
    •  Gary Bukovnik - Ecstatic Shanghai III Ecstatic Shanghai III

  • Michele del Campo  (+)

    Biography : Michele Del Campo was raised in San Nicandro Garganico, a small town in rural South Italy. When he was 18 he moved to Milan (Italy), where he started his Fine Art studies, then he went to study in Falmouth (UK), Dundee (UK) and Madrid (Spain). In 2008 he moved to London and in 2016 to Glasgow (UK), where he now lives and works. He has a degree in Fine Arts from the Universidad Complutense of Madrid (Spain, 2007), and a degree in Illustration and Printmaking from the University of Dundee (UK, 2001). Del Campo has had solo exhibitions in Italy, Spain, UK, Switzerland and Peru, and group exhibitions around Europe, US and Asia, and has won many art prizes, among which the 35.000 Euros Premio BMW in 2006, given by Queen Sofía of Spain. In his ongoing series of paintings “Daydreamers”, he generally depicts an idle and melancholic youth, beautiful and kissed by the bright Mediterranean sun, but they appear aloof and immersed in an unfulfilled inner world. In his other ongoing series “Life on the edge” he expresses, in a more dramatic form, the isolation, the loneliness and the sense of loss of the individual. He paints both from life and from photos, according to the complexity of the composition. His works from photos are careful combinations of a number of different reference photographs that he has taken to models, objects and spaces in different times and places. He paints often on large formats with the freshness and sensuality of a very personal wet on wet technique.

    Exhibition : Born in 1976 in Sannicandro Garganico (Italy) Works in Glasgow Education 2007 Fine Arts Degree, Universidad Complutense, Madrid 2001 Bachelor of Design (Honours) Degree in Illustration and Printmaking, University of Dundee, UK Solo exhibitions 2018 (upcoming) Galería Ansorena, Madrid 2017 "Mentes errantes" Galería Enlace Arte Contemporáneo, Lima, Peru 2015 "The Fall", Westminster Reference Library, London 2013 Stranded and Adrift, Alpha Gallery, London 2012 Il Muto Rumore dell'Acqua, Imago Art Gallery, Lugano, Switzerland 2011 Viaje de no retorno, Galería Enlace Arte Contemporáneo, Lima, Peru 2010 Close Strangers, Mark Jason Gallery, London 2008 Urban Chic, Mark Jason Gallery, London 2007 Galería Jorge Alcolea, Madrid 2006 Gente di mare, Galería Fernando Alcolea, Barcelona 2005 Galería Jorge Alcolea, Madrid Galería Fernando Alcolea, Barcelona 2004 Galería Jorge Alcolea, Madrid Galería American Prints, Valencia 1998 Villa Zoya, Concorezzo, Milan Selected group exhibitions 2015 Anthology, Aesthetica Art Prize, York Royal Society of Portrait Painters Annual Exhibition, Mall Galleries, London Colectiva de Verano, Galería Ansorena, Madrid 2013 Royal Institute of Oil Painters Annual Exhibition, Mall Galleries, London 2012 Royal Society of Marine Artist Annual Exhibition, Mall Galleries, Londres Ten Paths to the Future, Imago Art Gallery, London Once pintores realistas + 1, Galería Jorge Alcolea, Madrid 2011 Summer Exhibition, Rarity Gallery, Mykonos, Greece Premio BMW de Pintura, Winning paintings 1986-2010, Casa de Vacas del Parque del Retiro, Madrid 2010 Captured, Catmose Gallery, Oakham, Rutland Originals10, Mall Galleries, London 2009 Threadneedle Art Prize, Mall Galleries, London 2008 Urban Chic, FRINGEMK Project Spaces, Milton K

    Artist's Objects:

    •  Michele del Campo - The apple The apple
    •  Michele del Campo - The doubt The doubt
    •  Michele del Campo - The records The records
    •  Michele del Campo - The skater The skater

  • Juan Luque  (+)

    Exhibition : SOLO EXHIBITIONS 1990 - ESPACIOS Y ARQUITECTURAS. Galería Marta Moore. Sevilla. Spain 1991 - JUAN LUQUE - PINTURAS. Galería Raygón. Valencia. Spain 1992 - DETRÁS MARRUECOS. Galería Marta Moore. Sevilla. Spain 1994 - INTERIORES CABEZAS Y OBJETOS. Galería Marta Moore. Sevilla. Spain 1996 - JUAN LUQUE - PINTURAS. Galería José Pedraza. Montilla. Spain 1999 - DÉBILES. Galería José Pedraza. Montilla.Spain 2001 - CARTOMETRIA DE LA MEMORIA. Galería Cobalto. Córdoba. Spain 2002 - LA DISCIPLINA DEL HORIZONTE. Galería Carmen del Campo. Córdoba. Spain 2004 - OCÉANOS DE TIEMPO. Galería Haurie. Sevilla. Spain 2005 - EN MITAD DE NINGUNA PARTE. Galería Carmen del Campo. Córdoba. Spain 2008 - GEOMETRÍA DE LA LUZ. Galería José Pedraza. Montilla. Spain 2008 - PINTANDO EL CIELO CON LUCES. Galería Haurie. Sevilla. Spain 2009 - UN PASEO POR LA LUZ. Galería Ansorena. Madrid. Spain 2011 - WHERE I END AND YOU BEGIN. Galería Carmen del Campo. Córdoba. Spain 2012 - LA LEY DEL VIENTO. Galería Ansorena. Madrid. Spain 2014 - JUAN LUQUE. Sala Parés. Barcelona. Spain 2015 – EL ARTE PERDIDO DE GUARDAR LA LUZ. Galería Ansorena. Madrid. Spain

    Detailed Description : The subjects in Juan Luque’s paintings share the search for spaces where humans can find themselves, spaces of positive and creative seclusion e.g. lighthouses surrounded by either a peaceful or wild sea, circus big tops, Tuscany landscapes, and roadside motels. They often are images referring to the cinematographic world. Juan Luque is a Bachelor in Fine Arts by the University of Seville. He has received many prizes, among them the BMW painting award twice. He regularly exhibits individually in various Spanish capitals, mainly Madrid, Seville and Córdoba and has participated in many art fairs and group shows in Spain and London.

    Artist's Objects:

    •  Juan Luque - Las cenizas del viento. Torre Las cenizas del viento. Torre
    •  Juan Luque - La luz habitada La luz habitada

  • Eduardo Marco  (+)

    Biography : Eduardo Marco studies in Click Studios in London, one of the most prestigious photographic centers, and assists, among others, Albert Watson, Annie Leibovitz, Michael Thompson and Nick Knight. After this learning, he directs his career towards fashion photography and makes major campaigns for magazines such as Big Magazine, ELLE and Vogue, and also reports in the newspapers El Mundo, Le Monde and El País. This experience involves "a great school for photographer, where he learns to control and treat perfectly light, composition, harmony and beauty. I've always thought that if you send a fashion photographer to war will come with a much richer work visually what would a reporter, who are more interested in the transmission of news. " Following the publication in Brazil of his first photographic book A Maior Praia do Mundo, begins to develop his artistic side, exhibiting his work at La Casona city of Panama and making new series in Tokyo, Cairo or Laos . In 2009 he moved to Madrid where he has finally taken residence; there exhibited in various galleries in Spain as Ansorena in Madrid and Zielinski Gallery in Barcelona. Eduardo Marco has participated in numerous group exhibitions, among which the one held in 2012 at the headquarters of the United Nations in Geneva. Without neglecting its most committed face or its American roots, he has exposed with photographers of the stature of Sebastião Salgado and Alberto García-Alix in the exhibition Group Show Fundation Watu Indigenous Action in 2010, in the XI Sample documentaries and photography of America America in 2011 and participated in the 2013 and 2015 editions of the auction organized by Christie's to benefit the Balia Foundation in the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum. In 2015 he has made an artist residency in New Delhi, resulting in the Color Field and The Painted World series that will show in the 2016 edition of ARCO. His work is represented in major collections in Spain, France and the UK.

    Artist's Objects:

    • Eduardo Marco - Amazonas, 2009 Amazonas, 2009
    • Eduardo Marco - Amazonas, 2009 Amazonas, 2009
    • Eduardo Marco - Amazonas, 2009 Amazonas, 2009

  • Guillermo Oyágüez  (+)

    Exhibition : SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2016 Galería Ansorena, Madrid. 2016 Galería Aurora Vigil Escalera, Gijón. 2015 Galería Haurie, Sevilla 2014 Sala Parés, Barcelona. 2012 Galería VanDyck, Gijón 2011 Galería Ansorena (Madrid) 2010 Estela Docal Santander 2010 Sala Parés, Barcelona 2009 Galeria Nolde, Navacerrada, Madrid 2008 Galería Ansorena, Madrid 2007 Sala Parés, Barcelona 2006 Galería Estela Docal, Santander Galería Nolde, Madrid 2005 Galería Ansorena, Madrid Galería Pedro Torres, Logroño 2004 Galería Estela Docal. Santander 2003 Sala Parés. Barcelona Galería Van Dyck. Gijón Galería Juan Amiano, Pamplona 2002 Galería Akros, Bilbao Galería Ansorena, Madrid 2001 Galería Estela Docal, Santander Galería Nolde, Navacerrada, Madrid 2000 Galería Ansorena, Madrid 1999 Galería Nolde, Navacerrada, Madrid 1998 Feria D’arte Moderna y Contemporánea de Turín, Italia 1997 Galería Nolde, Navacerrada, Madrid Galería Haurie, Sevilla Galería Pedro Torres, Bilbao 1995 Galería Milán, Madrid 1994 Galería Arles, Madrid 1992 Galería Balboa 13, Madrid PRIZES 2010 Salón de Otoño de Madrid, Premio “Excmo Ayuntamiento de Madrid” 2009 Segundo Accesit, Fundación Villalar. 2008 Premio Fundación Taylor, Grand Palais, París 2004 Primer Premio de Dibujo de la Academia de Bellas Artes de Granada Segundo Accesit Aitor Urdangarín 2003 Primer Accesit Aitor Urdangarín Segundo Premio Emilio Ollero 2002 Segundo Premio I Certamen Nacional de Pintura “Virgen de las Viñas” 2000 Primer Premio Certamen Nacional de Pintura de Guadarrama 1999 Primer Premio de Acuarela, Colmenar Viejo Primer Premio de Pintura, Villa de Riaza Primer Premio VI Certamen Nacional de Pintura “Lozano Sidro”, Priego de Córdoba 1997 Primer Premio “Ejército de Aire” 1996 Primer Premio Certamen Nacional “Ciudad de Tudela” Primer Premio Certamen Nacional Acuarela, Priego de Cordoba 1994 Pintura al aire libre “Parque del Retiro”, Madrid. Mejor artista menor de 25 años

    Artist's Objects:

    • Guillermo  Oyágüez - Primavera de corales, 2017 (DETAIL) Primavera de corales, 2017 (DETAIL)

  • Enrique Santana  (+)

    Biography : Born and educated in Spain, Enrique Santana has been living and working in Chicago since 1991, but recently he come back to Spain again. He is a participant of numerous gallery and museum exhibitions both in the United States and in Europe. He is a recipient of the Government of Andalusia Gold Medal of Honor for his achievements in the arts.

    Exhibition : 2012 Atlantic, Chase Young Gallery, Boston, MA. 2012 San Francisco, Caldwell Snyder Gallery, San Francisco, CA. 2009 Approach to Manhattan, George Billis Gallery, New York, NY. 2008 Urban Sunset, Ann Nathan Gallery, Chicago, IL. 2007 Downtown, Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Huelva, Spain. 2006 Chicago Reflections, Ann Nathan Gallery, Chicago, IL. Doñana, El paraíso encontrado, Ciecema, Alm onte, Spain. 2005 Lake Michigan, Galería Punto, Valencia, Spain. Chicago Reflexions, Chicago Cultural Center, Chicago, IL. Cuadros de la Serie Tránsito de la Luz, Instituto Cervantes, Chicago, IL. 2004 St Vincent Cape, Chase Gallery, Boston, Ma. Aguas, Galería Isabel Ignacio, Sevilla, Spain. Tránsito de la Luz, Museo del Mar, Vigo, Spain. Art and Fashion, Galería Fernando Serrano, Trigeros, Spain. Tránsito de la Luz, Monasterio Santa Inés, Sevilla, Spain. 2002 Chicago: Light & Space, Ann Nathan Gallery, Chicago, IL. 2001 Contrasts, GSI, Cleveland, OH. 2000 Viaje interior por dos Países, Museo Provincial de Huelva, Spain. An Interior Journey Between Two Countries, Teatro Municipal, Lepe, Spain. 1999 Views, Ann Nathan Gallery, Chicago, IL. 1998 Galería Punto, Valencia, Spain. Galería Antonio de Barnola, Barcelona, Spain. 1997 Art Miami 97, Struve Gallery, Chicago, IL. 1996 Absolut Vision Chicago, Gwenda Jay Gallery, Chicago, IL. Art Chicago 1996, Struve Gallery, Chicago, IL. 1995 Chase Gallery, Boston, MA. 1994 Struve Gallery, Chicago, IL. Galería Ansorena, Madrid, Spain. 1993 Chase Gallery, Boston, MA. 1992 Galería Ansorena, Madrid, Spain. 1990 Casa de la Cultura, Lepe, Spain. Galería Ansorena, Madrid, Spain. 1989 Schémes Gallerie, Lille, Francia. 1988 Galería San Michele, Brescia, Italia. Estudio D'art San Michele, Milan,Italia. 1987 Embryo Gallery, Lovaina, Bélgica. 1985 Schémes Gallerie, Lille, Francia. 19

    Artist's Objects:

    • Enrique Santana - Antilla, 2017 Antilla, 2017

  • Mar Solís  (+)

    Biography : Bachelor of Fine Arts with the specialty of sculpture, from the Complutense University of Madrid. From 1997 to present, he performs various individual exhibitions. His most notable projects are "The Line, Curve, Ellipse" Valencian Institute of Modern Art (IVAM); "The Tale of unknowing Island", Frost Art Museum, Miami; "Encounters in Space", Museum of Contemporary Art Eduardo Sivori, Buenos Aires; "Travel Notebooks Madrid - Damascus". Cervantes Institute in Damascus, Syria; "The Vertex Vibration" ARCO'09, El Mundo Newspaper; "The Open Sky" Barjola Museum of Gijon, Asturias; "Rincones Chosen", Palace of Pimentel, Valladolid, among others. His work is permanently exhibited in different collections like Foundation Alberto Jimenez de Arellano Alonso, Valencia Institute of Modern Art IVAM, City of Madrid, Madrid, Ministry of Environment and Tiflológico Museum. Winning, among other awards First Prize for Sculpture Art Caja Madrid "Generation 2003". "Critical Eye-Second Millennium" Plastic Arts National Radio of Spain. Award First Prize at the International Sculpture Contest Caja de Extremadura. First Prize for Sculpture "Mariano Benlliure" Villa de Madrid. His public work can be found among other places, in the Park Charcones, Navalcarnero, Madrid. Casa de la Cultura de Navacerrada, Madrid. City of Ceuta, Murcia. Park Outdoor Sculpture Kasklauttanen, Lapland. Park Outdoor Sculpture Kyonggido, South Korea.

    Exhibition : SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2015 “Barroco, Barroco”. Ansorena Galería de Arte. Madrid 2013 “La Sustancia del Aire”. Galería Art4+. Madrid. 2012 “La Línea, la Curva, la Elipse”. Instituto Valenciano de Arte Moderno, IVAM. Valencia. “Dibujar. Transformar”. Tiempos Modernos. Madrid. 2011 “Un camino sinuoso”. Fundación Artsur. Madrid. ”Encuentros en el espacio”, Natalia Abot y Mar Solís. Museo de arte contemporáneo Eduardo Sívori. Buenos Aires, Argentina. Museo de arte contemporáneo de Salta, Argentina. “Bajo la sombra de un sol roto”. Casa de la Provincia, Sevilla. Galería El viajero Alado. Lebrija, Sevilla. “The Tale of unknowing Island”. Frost Art Museum, Miami. USA 2010 “Encuentros en el espacio Natalia Abot – Mar Solís”. Museo de arte contemporáneo de Unquillo. Córdoba. Argentina. 2009 “Raíces del Aire”. Galería Sao Mamede. Lisboa. Portugal “El Cielo Abierto”. Museo Barjola, Gijón, Arturias. “Cuadernos de viaje Madrid – Damasco”. Instituto Cervantes de Damasco. Siria. “Cuadernos de Rincón”. Galería Raquel Ponce. Madrid. 2008 “La transformación del eco” Galería Ana Vilaseco. La Coruña. “Paréntesis del Aire”. Galería Full Art. Sevilla. “El Cielo Abierto”. Galería Raquel Ponce. Madrid. 2007 “Balcones a escena”. Sala Mauro Murieras. Torrelavega. Santander. “Balcones a escena”. Sala Conca. La Laguna. Tenerife. 2005 “Rincones escogidos”. Palacio de Pimentel. Valladolid. 2004 “Encuentros con la Pared”. Galería Raquel Ponce. Madrid. “Espacios de papel”. Sala Campus Stellae. León. 2002 “Estancias”. Galería Raquel Ponce. Madrid. 2000 “Estancias”. Ateneo de Madrid. 1997 Mercado Puerta de Toledo. Red de Arte Joven. Madrid. Museo Tiflológico. Madrid

    Artist's Objects:

    • Mar Solís - Mare eternum, IV Mare eternum, IV