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Jan Corey Helford   (Owner)

Bruce Helford   (Owner)

Sherri J. Trahan   (Director)


Corey Helford Gallery (CHG) was first established in 2006 by Jan Corey Helford and her husband, Bruce Helford. It has since evolved into one of the premier galleries of New Contemporary art. CHG represents a diverse collection of international artists, primarily influenced by today’s pop culture and collectively encompassing style genres such as New Figurative Art, Pop Surrealism, Neo Pop. Its goals as an institution are the support and growth of young and emerging, to well-known and internationally established artists, the production and promotion of their artwork, and the production of their exhibits, events and projects.

After nine years in Culver City, CHG re-located in December 2015 to a 12,000 sq. ft. building in Downtown Los Angeles where it continues to host exhibitions within the heart of the city’s art community. The current space boasts three separate galleries, each of which house individual artist and group exhibitions, whereas the main gallery offers 4,500 sq. ft., providing total immersion for its attendees. New exhibitions are presented approximately every four weeks.

Exhibiting Artists

Other Represented Artists

  • Nataly (Kukula) Abramovitch

  • Hush ...

    Biography : From his London studio, HUSH paints for exhibition and site work in Japan, Europe, Australia, and North America. A UK native, his street art, murals, and paintings have been featured in numerous books and publications and was recognized by London’s The Independent as one of the ‘Top 20 Up and Coming Artists’. His OneThirty3 project space in Newcastle UK, presents the best in street and urban art from around the world. For more information about the artist, please visit

  • D*Face ...

    Biography : D*Face is a London-based sculptor and street artist whose work features reoccurring themes about celebrity, fame and mortality. Over the past decade, D*Face’s artwork has been exhibited worldwide in galleries, museums, and on city streets. Influenced by punk music, graffiti, skateboarding, his work can be seen across a variety of different media applying his playful, tongue-in-cheek imagery with anti-establishment values, and his early artistic inspirations include pop artists such as Lichtenstein, Haring and Warhol.

  • Eine

    Biography : Ben Flynn, a.k.a. Eine, shot to international fame when David Cameron presented one of his works to President Obama as a gift on an official state visit, but is arguably more famous for ‘Alphabet Street’ – the shutters and murals he painted in his trademark colours and typography in Middlesex Street London– described by The Times as “a street now internationally recognized as a living piece of art with direct links to The White House.” Born 1970. London, England. Ben Eine is one of London’s most prolific and original street artists. Originally a 'writer' he started his career over twenty five years ago as a vandal leaving his first tag all over London eventually developing a distinct typographic style

  • Mary Jane Ansell

    Biography : Mary Jane Ansell was a previous finalist in the prestigious BP Portrait Award in 2004, 2009, 2010 and 2012 and has exhibited several times with the Royal Society of Portrait Painters and The Threadneedle Prize. Based in the UK she exhibits internationally with group and solo exhibitions in London, New York, Singapore and Los Angeles. Mary Jane's work also features on the covers of a number of recent novels, including New York Times bestselling author Tiffany Baker and on the recently released album: Adam Ant is The BlueBlack Hussar In Marrying The Gunners Daughter With a love of intriguing narratives and in catching a contained but dramatic moment Mary Jane's work draws influences from a multitude of inspirations, from classical portraiture to the world of haute couture and with an appreciation for a refined technique that invokes the past but with a resolutely modern viewpoint.

  • Chris Anthony

  • Troy Brooks

  • Nigel Cox

    Biography : Nigel Cox was a previous finalist in the prestigious Royal Society of Portrait Painters Annual Exhibition in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, and has exhibited with the Royal Institute of Oil Painters 2010, 2015 and The Discerning Eye Prize. Based in London, UK he shows internationally with recent group and solo exhibitions in London, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Mykonos, Italy, Germany, Austria and Ireland. With a love of solitude, developing thought provoking narratives and in capturing fleeting moments in the life of a solitary figures, Nigel's work draws influences from a multitude of inspirations, from the Dutch Masters to the Surrealists, the landscapes of the Transglobe Expedition and modern culture, with an appreciation for a refined technique that invokes the past but with a contemporary edge. Nigel grew up on the edge of a small Harbour/Market Town - Dundalk in Ireland. In his early 20s he was a part of the Transglobe Expedition’s team who successful circumnavigated the globe, via both poles, by land, sea and ice, with Sir Ranulph Fiennes. This three year expedition to the ends or the earth has strongly influenced his life and paintings. His minimalist landscapes and solitude can certainly be attributed to this period of his life. After many years of travel and living for long periods in Germany and Holland, Nigel returned to London, UK in 1989 and has made it his permanent home.

  • Adrian Cox

  • Chloe Early

    Biography : Bio coming soon

  • Ron English  (+)

    Also represented by:

  • Natalia Fabia

    Biography : Natalia Fabia has been painting the female form in environments for years. After the birth of her daughter, Peribeau, and the sudden loss of her brother, her painting exploration has progressed. Fabia was drawn to the absolute truth of what remains of the physical body after one transitions; a tangible ash of our carbon frame, our stardust. It is this stardust that links us to the planets and cosmos, to the sand and dirt of the earth, and to each other. While so much of our existence and human experience is a mystery, Fabia found comfort through meditation, and in the knowingness she felt holding and even painting with human stardust, a tangible truth.

  • Korin Faught

    Biography : Korin Faught was raised in Colorado, and she received her B.F.A. from Art Center College of Design in 2004. Faught finds inspiration in mid-century modern design, fashion, and white on white. Faught’s work has been exhibited at galleries in Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, San Francisco and Seattle as well as published in ArtNews, Abitare, and American Art Collector magazine. She has also been a featured artist on, Artist A Day and Juxtapoz. For more information about Korin Faught, please visit

  • Ian Francis

    Biography : Ian Francis is a British mixed-media artist, whose paintings, inspired by visual style of modern computer games, often depict violent, urban scenes. Born in 1979, Ian Francis was raised in the west of England, in the city of Bristol. His desires and aspirations were always aimed towards art and creativity, since his early childhood years. Nevertheless, Ian never really got on with art as an academic subject – art teachers were always giving him a B grade for his work. After finishing high school, Francis enrolled into the University of the West of England, with a goal to get a degree in fine arts. At that period, in the late 90s, the influence of art collector Charles Saatchi was on its peak. Some kinds of art were favored over the others – such as conceptual art and video installations over the usual acrylic paintings. Ian Francis’ desire to paint came up against the snobbery of the creative industries, and he had to completely bypass the traditional artistic career model. As a result, he rather took a degree in illustration than fine art. Ian got his BA in Illustration with honors from the University of the West of England, UK, in 2001.

  • Ben Frost

  • Camille Rose Garcia

    Biography : Camille Rose Garcia was born in 1970 in Los Angeles, California, The child of a Mexican activist filmmaker father and a muralist/painter mother, she apprenticed at age 14 working on murals with her mother while growing up in the generic suburbs of Orange County, visiting Disneyland and going to punk shows with the other disenchanted youth of that era. Garcia’s layered, broken narrative paintings of wasteland fairy tales are influenced by William Burroughs’ cut-up writings and surrealist film, as well as vintage Disney and Fleischer cartoons, acting as critical commentaries on the failures of capitalist utopias, blending nostalgic pop culture references with a satirical slant on modern society. Her work has been displayed internationally and featured in numerous magazines including Juxtapoz, Rolling Stone, and Modern Painter, and is included in the collections of the Los Angeles County Museum as well as the San Jose Museum of Art, which held a retrospective of her work, Tragic Kingdom,in 2

  • Nicole Gordon

  • Alex Gross

  • Herakut

  • Eric Joyner

    Biography : Eric Joyner attended the Academy of Art and the University of San Francisco and went on to establish himself as a commercial artist, creating illustrations for Mattel Toys, Levi’s, Microsoft and Showtime. A member of San Francisco Society of Illustrators and New York Society of Illustrators, Joyner has been an instructor and speaker at San Francisco’s Academy of Art University and California College of the Arts. His work has been featured in San Jose Museum of Art’s exhibition “Robots: Evolution of a Cultural Icon”, and he has shown in numerous galleries and cultural institutions worldwide. For additional information about the artist, please visit

  • Elizabeth McGrath

  • Lori Nelson

    Biography : Lori Nelson is a Brooklyn-based painter whose narrative work incorporates aspects of traditional portraiture, Magic Realism, and vintage storybook illustration. Nods to urban mythology and current tech crazes will often appear in her work so that both yeti and iPhone apps can exist in a strange almost sweet landscape. Teens and tweens are of particular interest to Nelson and, with the fur and scales of cryptids, have been the inspiration of her ongoing "Cryptotween" series where, for several years, she has explored the vulnerability and essence of what it means to be young and monstrous. Growing up in a religious household in the West, Nelson's primary access to art was through the devotional paintings reproduced in the family scriptures. The believer depicted on the page was of interest to the artist, beyond the gospel message, and a fascination in believers of all types took root, leading to an appreciation for conspiracy theorists, magicians, cryptozoologists, and all who declare, "I want to believe". Through her oil paintings, Lori Nelson presents an alien world inhabited by strange and powerful children and beasts whose situations and experiences seem spookily familiar as we recognize ourselves in the monsters and the monsters in ourselves.

  • Marion Peck

    Biography : Marion Peck was born on October 3, 1963 in Manila, the Philippines, while her family was on a trip around the world, and grew up in Seattle, Washington. She received a BFA from The Rhode Island School of Design in 1985. Subsequently she studied in two different MFA programs, Syracuse University in New York and Temple University in Rome. She currently lives in Los Angeles, California.

  • Okuda San Miguel

  • Hikari Shimoda

  • Kazuki Takamatsu

    Biography : Kazuki Takamatsu was born in Sendai, Miyagi in 1978. Influenced by media and subculture growing up, he attended the Department of Oil Painting at Tohoku University of Art & Design and graduated in 2001. Takamatsu’s haunting black and white imagery explores narratives of death and society, through a unique depth-mapping technique that he developed, in which classic mediums such as drawing, airbrush and gouache painting are combined with computer graphics.

  • Jacky Tsai

  • Nettie Wakefield

    Biography : Nettie Wakefield (b.1987) is a British artist based in London. She spent summers at the Charles Cecil studios in florence before completing a foundation year at Chelsea College of Art, a BA in Art History at Leeds University and her Masters degree in Drawing at Wimbledon College of Art, graduating September 2013. Nettie has been exhibiting in London since early 2013 and was selected as 1 of 75 out of 3,000 shortlisted for The prestigious Jerwood Drawing Prize 2013 which was shown at Jerwood Visual Arts Space 2013, before touring to venues across the UK in 2014. Wakefield had her debut solo show at the Rook and Raven Gallery in Fitzrovia, February 2014, where she exhibited her Reverse Portrait series which she then gained recognition for. In June 2014 she donated work charity auction organised by Christies alongside Tracey Emin, The Chapman brothers and Jonathan Yeo to raise money for The Old Vic. The auction was supported by a pop-up exhibition in London's Soho. Wakefield also showcased her work at Banksy's bemusement park, 'Dismaland', in 2015. Alongside artists such as Banksy himself, Damien Hirst and 55 other artists by doing a live demonstration of her Reverse Portrait series. Nettie has recently been shortlisted for The John Ruskin Prize 2015 with supporting exhibitions in February and again in May 2016.

  • Martin Wittfooth

    Biography : Born in Canada, raised in Finland, and now residing in New York City, Martin Wittfooth (b. 1981) received his MFA from The School of Visual Arts. He has exhibited extensively in galleries and museums throughout North America and Europe, and his work has appeared in numerous publications, including cover features in books and magazines such as New American Paintings, Hi Fructose, and American Artist.