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Expression -  Petro Lebedynets

Petro Lebedynets Expression
Expression, 2010
Oil on canvas, 75 x 85 cm

Identity -  Ola Rondiak

Ola Rondiak Identity
Identity (Version M2)
120cm x 140cm
acrylic collage on canvas 

FredricC -  Ivan Bratko

Ivan Bratko FredricC
FredricC, marble, 21 lbs

Duindigt - Max Vityk

Max Vityk Duindigt
Duindigt, 2012, acrylic, enamel, spray paint, oil bar, sealant foam, 150x120 cm (59x47in)

Exhibiting Artists

Other Represented Artists

  • Ivan Bratko  (+)

    Biography : Ivan Bratko graduated from the School of Fine Arts and Design in Kyiv (Ukraine). In 1991 earned the title of Ukrainian National Master. His works can be found in private and national collections in Europe and USA. In his Art Studio (Livingston, New Jersey, USA) he teaches the basics of sculpture (including pottery), drawing and painting. Children participate in the fun-filled projects that awaken and challenge their creativity. They learn about proportions, perspective, horizon line, etc. Specific attention is paid to drawing animals and comics.

    Artist's Objects:

    •  Ivan Bratko - FredricC FredricC

  • Petro Lebedynets  (+)

    Biography : Petro Lebedynets was born in 1956 in Ukraine. He graduated from the prestigious Kyiv State Arts Academy in 1984 and currently resides and works in Kyiv, Ukraine. The artist is a member of the National Artists' Union of Ukraine since 1990. Lebedynets specializes in modern abstract paintings, selling major works at auction across Europe and art fairs in the USA.

    Artist's Objects:

    •  Petro Lebedynets - Expression Expression

  • Ola Rondiak  (+)

    Biography : Ola Rondiak, a graduate of Hunter College, grew up in Ohio in a Ukrainian family. She studied art in both Ukraine and Hungary. Her paintings stem from her family’s experiences living in Ukraine, the events of WWII, Stalin’s Iron Curtain, the Orange Revolution, and the Revolution of Dignity. The Orange Revolution in the fall of 2004, as well as the Revolution of Dignity in 2013, shaped Rondiak’s worldview; emotional experiences began to surface in her paintings, family history intertwining with Ukrainian history and tradition. Ola lives and paints between Kyiv, Ukraine and New York City. Some of her recent exhibits include the Tauvers Gallery International, in Kyiv, The Delaware Contemporary in Wilmington, DE, the US Embassy in Kyiv, Ukrainian Embassies in Berlin and Munich, Odessa Opera House in Ukraine, Nymphenberg Castle in Munich, and Ukrainian National Museums in Cleveland, Ohio and Chicago, Illinois.  Her paintings can also be found in private collections throughout the world. Ola's artwork is currently on display at Zorya Fine Art Gallery in Greenwich, CT. Currently exhibiting at the Ukrainian Institute of America, in New York this month, and an upcoming exhibition in Rome, Italy, in July.

    Artist's Objects:

    •  Ola Rondiak - Identity Identity

  • Max Vityk  (+)

    Biography : An American artist of Ukrainian descent, Max Vityk (b. 1964) began painting in the late 1990’s, after earning a doctorate in Earth Sciences. His primary education in geology, has greatly influenced his paint- ing style to produce canvases with unique multilayered rock-like textures, energetic broad brushstrokes and naturally vibrant colors. As one art critic wrote: “When Vityk looks at a mountain, he doesn’t see its top, but the forces that created it.” He has lived and worked in the United States, Ukraine, and The Netherlands and since 2015 lives in Cairo, Egypt. Vityk’s work can be found in private, corporate and institutional collections worldwide. See his website for more information on his work: maxvityk.com.

    Exhibition : Recent Exhibitions by Max Vityk 2016, Group Exhibition at Summer Art Show & Sale, Ukrainian Institute Of America, New York http://maxvityk.com/album/group-exhibition-summer-art-show-sale-ukrainian-institute- america-new-york 2016, Solo exhibition at ArtsMart Gallery In Cairo http://maxvityk.com/album/2016-artsmart-gallery-cairo 2015-2016, Group Exhibition at Ukrainian Institute Of America, NY Winter Art Show & Sale http://maxvityk.com/album/ukrainian-institute-america-new-york-winter-art-show-and-sale 2015, Solo Exhibition at SomethingElse O Cairo Biennale http://maxvityk.com/album/somethingelse-cairo-biennale 2015-2016, Group Exhibition “Contemporary Art Of Ukraine” http://maxvityk.com/album/group-exhibition-contemporary-art-ukraine-private-collections 2015, Solo Exhibition at Tauvers Gallery, Kyiv http://maxvityk.com/album/tauvers-gallery-silver-bullet 2015, Group Exhibition at The Museum Collection. Ukrainian Contemporary Art. 1985–2015 http://maxvityk.com/album/museum-collection-ukrainian-contemporary-art- 1985%E2%80%932015 2015, Solo Exhibition at Pete-Art Gallery, Kyiv http://maxvityk.com/album/solo-exhibition-pete-art-gallery-kyiv 2014-2015, Group Exhibition at Winter Art Show & Sale, Ukrainian Insitute of America, NY http://maxvityk.com/album/winter-art-show-sale 2014, Solo at Art Kyiv, Ukraine http://maxvityk.com/album/art-kyiv-2014 2014, Group Exhibition at Summer Art Exhibit, Ukrainian Institute Of America, New York 5 http://maxvityk.com/album/summer-art-exhibit-ukrainian-institute-america-new-york-au- gust-september-2014 2014, Solo Show with Pete-Art Gallery, Scope Basel http://maxvityk.com/album/max-vityk-solo-show-pete-art-gallery-scope-basel 2014, A Journey: Solo exhibition, New York http://maxvityk.com/album/journey-solo-exhibition-new-york-ukrainian-institute-america 2014, Group Exhibition at Mystecka Zbirka Gallery, Kiev http://maxvityk.com/album/mystecka-zbirka-gallery-kiev

    Artist's Objects:

    • Max Vityk - Duindigt Duindigt