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María-José Fuentes Labbé   (Gallery Director)

Néstor Soto Godoy   (Gallery Director)


For over twelve years, ArtLabbé has had a unique vision and passion. The vision is art should encompass every aspect of life. The passion is the art should inspire, heal, challenge, bring joy wherever it resides. With these eyes, we find and work with holistic artistic solutions able to traverse cultures and intra-cultural spheres. We have a focus working with government embassies and organizations to support art and use its potential to unite people and bridge differences. Its directors, Nestor S. Godoy, PHD in Theology and Philosophy, and María-José Fuentes Labbé, Visual Arts Degree, work to show this vision to their audience.

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Exhibiting Artists

Other Represented Artists

  • Javier Baliña

    Biography : Javier Baliña (XAVO) is an Argentinian visual artist. With a multifaceted education (studies of architecture -4 years-, painting, scenography, film, theater and photography), he worked in animation and documentary films and in several argumentative films both with Argentinian and foreign directors. Since 2005 he manages his own art gallery in Buenos Aires. In 2013 he started showing his flat and corporeal artwork in galleries and art fairs.

  • Jean Dubuffet

  • Julio Fierro

  • Isabel Margarita Haeussler

  • Maria Laura

  • Joan Miró

  • Sebastián Riffo Montenegro

    Biography : Visual artist born in Chile. He has a degree in Design and works as an Art Director in the area of marketing and advertisement. Along with this activity he maintains a strong art work production based primarily on consumerism behaviour.

  • Amauri Torezan

  • Valeria Yamamoto  (+)

    Detailed Description : I'm fascinated by organic forms, processes, and patterns in nature. My work starts with the perception of the natural world through the senses, creating free associations of forms and lines. This active contemplation is materialized in a new reality that bounces between abstraction and figurative representations. With these abstract and ambiguous sculptures, I want to leave room to be interpreted and completed by the imagination of the observer.