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A Series of Dramas -  Justin Lyons

Justin Lyons A Series of Dramas

Material Girl -  Nelson De La Nuez

Nelson De La Nuez Material Girl

Exhibiting Artists

Other Represented Artists

  • Daniel Brice

  • Nelson De La Nuez  (+)

    Biography : As one of the world's most collected, significant pop artists today, Nelson De La Nuez is a born iconoclast with a great American story, having come from Cuba at age 7 with nothing but talent... Using his unique juxtaposition of pop culture and surrealism, blended with America’s rich culture and history, De La Nuez has created works of art that are now considered timeless. He became recognizable for his style in the early 1980's for his original use of iconic games such as Monopoly with newspaper backgrounds as well as luxury items utilizing fun, pop bubbles to emphasize in a tongue in cheek manner the luxury lifestyle. He created and set the trend for this style long before any others that were to follow. De La Nuez took pop art far beyond where its roots began..and made it all his own. Listed on the “Who’s Who List of the Most Collected Artists of Our Time,” his works are original, bold and outspoken. The artist is known for his distinctive, trademarked style called “Art on the Edge,” which is creating art on all sides of the canvas and wood. De La Nuez’s artwork is hanging in some of the most prominent, private collections of movie stars, directors, producers, comedians, corporations and fine art connoisseurs, as well as purchased for auctions by Sotheby's.His work sells out consistently at prestigious shows such as Art Basel Miami, Art Aspen, Art Southampton and Hong Kong Art Fair and worldwide at his galleries. The Nelson De La Nuez "King of Pop Art®" designer brands are composed of many collections that have merged art, fashion, home decor and design.

    Artist's Objects:

    •  Nelson De La Nuez - Material Girl Material Girl

  • Pablo Dona  (+)

    Biography : Pablo Dona is Miami based sculptor and photographer who often refers to his memories of playtime in his art. His installations of hand-crafted miniature people interacting with commonplace items take the innocence of play and create a surreal new reality. Dona’s use of miniatures recalls those of like-minded artists like Issac Cordal and Slinkachu. But while their art can typically be found on the street and ‘lives’ in that environment, Dona does not require the outside world to build upon his own. It’s meant to be a fantastical place “where sharks swim in teacups, boats navigate across a alphabet soup and polar bears live in north pole made of marshmallows,” he explains. “A journey where everything is possible even be that child again.” Dona says “Childhood is a unique and a precious time in the life of a person. We come into this world with a clear purpose and determination to live it. It’s during our early stages in life when we really know who we are and what we want - With my photographs I aim to create a bridge to childhood, tap into the emotions associated with the simple things in life, those that when seeing through the eyes of a child become magical.”

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  • Michael Gorman  (+)

    Biography : Michel Gorman grew up in the mid-west, back and forth between Texas and Kansas. After a four-and-a-half year tour of duty as a cryptologist in the United States Navy (1983-1987), he enrolled in the School of Architecture at the University of Kansas at Lawrence. He changed his major to Fine Art following a brush with death from boredom. Six semesters later, he was accepted into the graduate painting program at the University of California at Berkeley, where he received his Master’s Degree in 1992. Painting all the while, Gorman began to work as a set designer for motion pictures in Los Angeles in 1993. He continued in this line until attending an art opening held by a little-known gallery in West Hollywood, where he first met the Lurie family. After visiting his studio, the brothers were eager to offer him a show, and over the next twenty years they developed a relationship that thrives still today, stronger and closer than ever. He remains their number one artist, with around 1,800 paintings in circulation in Los Angeles and around the world; in addition to numerous prestigious One-Man Shows, he has three times received the Presidential Seal of Approval for Artist of the Year. Gorman is incapable of living a normal life. He is touched with the genius that breeds insanity, in a world of his own and of his own making. He paints and draws in a frenzy, heart and hand bypassing the brain to mark those exquisite, perfect lines on paper or canvas, a pure unmediated form of communication. Whether he is painting simple figures or constructing a complex mixed media piece, the urge to create, to express himself, is paramount, a necessity.

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  • Mel Greet

  • Plastic Jesus  (+)

    Detailed Description : Plastic Jesus is a Los Angeles based street artist that specializes in bold stencil and installation work, inspired by world news events, society, the urban environment, culture, and politics. His critically acclaimed work combines humor, irony, criticism and unique opinion to create art that engages on many levels. Often questioning the norms in society Plastic Jesus confronts our compliance of culture and current affairs. The artist uses scale and contradiction as a means to highlight issues and opinions that often go unquestioned. The aesthetic appeal of his work combined with the engagement produces an addictive mix that challenges our acceptance. Plastic Jesus is not about revolution, he is not an anarchist but would like to see some changes around the place. His work is more about shining a small light into some of those dark corners of society. His work has been featured by The BBC, CNN, ABC News, Huffington Post, Gizmodo, Buzzfeed, The Sun, The Daily Mirror, LA Times, LA Weekly, The Daily Mail, MSNBC, The Daily Telegraph, Complex Art and Design, Time, Us Weekly, USA Today and much more. Prior to his commitment to producing provocative street art Plastic Jesus has worked for over two decades as a photographer.

  • Ralph Lazar

  • Justin Lyons  (+)

    Biography : Justin Lyons is a self taught contemporary mixed media artist from the Florida panhandle, Lyons credits his first introduction into the world of street art as ‘the spark’ that led him to pursue his own form of artistic expression. His mediums include wood (sometimes found), acrylic, house paint, photographs, spray paint, oil stick, epoxy resin and pencil. He aims to produce art that sticks with the viewer long after they seen it. “What i am after is capturing the thoughts and feelings of the human condition with images and words that make you stop and think about what’s in front of you.” Justin wants “to make honest art, raw art, vulnerable art, art that makes you happy, art that makes you cry,” and ultimately, art that’s approachable to everyone and the human element within. Justin’s inspirations are most often triggered by a word, phrase or thought, which in association with the other elements within the work, intend to try and tell a story without giving away too much, letting the viewer interpret his own connection to the piece. In addition to creating pieces for his own gallery and commissioned pieces, Justin is dedicated to community involvement, regularly donating pieces for the benefit of local non- profit organizations and various fundraising efforts. Justin makes his home in Santa Rosa Beach, FL. When he’s not painting he enjoys skateboarding, surfing and being a father.

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    Artist's Objects:

    •  Justin Lyons - A Series of Dramas A Series of Dramas

    Also represented by:

  • Scarlet Mann

    Biography : Scarlet Mann (b.1977, Southern CA) spent the last year traveling the United States in a Volkswagen Van with her husband and two boys. AMERICA AND I is a series she created while on the road. The series is a mix of still life documentation of America intermixed with self-portrait nudes in natural environments wearing a gas mask. The gas mask acts as an allegory to the toxic environment ever present in society with all of the hate, racism and bigotry. Mann says, “The shoot itself is a sort of performance art piece. Observing the feeling I obtain while posing within the open space natural environment is liberating, yet there is a vulnerability. I feel small in the vast grandeur that surrounds me.” She adds, “Being nude, for me, is the most organic human state without all of the facades of social standards. It represents liberation, the feeling of complete freedom, and a void of rules and expectations”. AMERICA AND I looks at the gritty underbelly of the reality that is now America, and the “elusiveness” of “The American Dream”. From the surface, you see beauty - bold colors, pastels, candy-like aesthetic, vibrancy, etc., and upon a closer look, you see dilapidated structures, businesses gone under, and remnants of a once powerful idea. Mann’s work is represented by the Lurie Gallery in Los Angeles and the Zener Schon Gallery in San Francisco. She was a finalist in the Hellerau Portrait Competition in Dresden, Germany in 2015 with works she shot for project LA ODYSSEY. Her works have sold at Art Basel Miami (Red Dot and Scope), the Aspen Art Fair, and the LA Art Show.

  • Steven Marshall  (+)

    Biography : Steven’s pictures are created by painting on to front and back surfaces of multiple sheets of glass, which are layered one in front of the other with gaps between to create an actual depth. This means that the figures in the picture throw real shadows which move with any change of light source. The composition of the whole picture, and the relationships between the elements in it, alter with any change in environment and movement of the audience’s viewpoint. The cool non-coloured surface of the glass lets people hang about, behind, in front, between one another, no longer up to their necks in background. This wallpaper uses moments as motifs.

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  • Ron Piller

    Biography : Los Angeles artist Ron Piller takes his inspirations from traveling extensively all his life. He has been fortunate to visit many beautiful and fascinating countries including India, Vietnam and most recently Cuba. Ron notes “every dilapidated building and car is an inspiration and feast for the eye.” Colors and architectural formations permeate Ron Piller's artworks and create a sense of depth and curiosity. His artworks are created by layering newsprint, acrylic paint, and pencil marks on wood panels. Piller relishes the materiality of his medium, finishing the front of each work with a layer of resin to give it a reflective sheen. The sides of the artwork are finished separately, either with layers of paint or paper or both, sanded down to add a compelling look, incorporating a further dimension to the artworks. "Color and geometric order/disorder are my constant concern. Beginning each painting I seek to create a subtle but visually engaging ground which serves as a foil to the next layers of geometric shapes - all contained within or challenging the penciled grid. Balancing the shapes and colors of pieces fascinates me. Often I will place a strong color or shape anywhere, knowing that the challenge to engage it successfully is so satisfying. I finish the front of my work with resin, as it provides a window into the work. It is my desire to convey to the viewer my humble recognition of the Mystery that we live in and the spiritual which creates, infuses and envelops all." His series of geometric abstractions consist of conversations between colors in a defined space yet at the same time the infinite. The geometric shape tries to contain the colors, but the colors demand, emerge, transform and dazzle.

  • Michael Suchta  (+)

    Biography : Michel Suchta has always attempted to see the world in all its layers of existence and was influenced by Dr. Carl Sagan’s explanation of a 4 dimensional model known as a “Tesseract” or “Hypercube”. His first work was in creating a acrylic sculpture of a Tesseract/Hypercube Model which received a US Design Patent DS449,237 S on October 16 2001. This was followed by US Design Patent D480,425 S on a Polyhedral Sculpture in October 7 2003. His passion is to add real depth to the work he creates, something that emulates the philosophy that we live in a 4 dimensional existence, with a 3 dimensional comprehension. About “Eye Chart”: His popular series of inspirational optometrists’ charts, display another turn of whimsical genius. The literal layers of text incorporate a metaphorical layer of meaning, absent from the usual charts. Interspersed among the letters lie colorful elements, a play on painting’s place within this reconstructed visual tool. Pop and conceptual co-exist in this formidable series.

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