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Other Represented Artists

  • Pablo Dona  (+)

    Biography : Pablo Dona is Miami based sculptor and photographer who often refers to his memories of playtime in his art. His installations of hand-crafted miniature people interacting with commonplace items take the innocence of play and create a surreal new reality. Dona’s use of miniatures recalls those of like-minded artists like Issac Cordal and Slinkachu. But while their art can typically be found on the street and ‘lives’ in that environment, Dona does not require the outside world to build upon his own. It’s meant to be a fantastical place “where sharks swim in teacups, boats navigate across a alphabet soup and polar bears live in north pole made of marshmallows,” he explains. “A journey where everything is possible even be that child again.” Dona says “Childhood is a unique and a precious time in the life of a person. We come into this world with a clear purpose and determination to live it. It’s during our early stages in life when we really know who we are and what we want - With my photographs I aim to create a bridge to childhood, tap into the emotions associated with the simple things in life, those that when seeing through the eyes of a child become magical.”

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  • Michael Gorman  (+)

    Biography : Michel Gorman grew up in the mid-west, back and forth between Texas and Kansas. After a four-and-a-half year tour of duty as a cryptologist in the United States Navy (1983-1987), he enrolled in the School of Architecture at the University of Kansas at Lawrence. He changed his major to Fine Art following a brush with death from boredom. Six semesters later, he was accepted into the graduate painting program at the University of California at Berkeley, where he received his Master’s Degree in 1992. Painting all the while, Gorman began to work as a set designer for motion pictures in Los Angeles in 1993. He continued in this line until attending an art opening held by a little-known gallery in West Hollywood, where he first met the Lurie family. After visiting his studio, the brothers were eager to offer him a show, and over the next twenty years they developed a relationship that thrives still today, stronger and closer than ever. He remains their number one artist, with around 1,800 paintings in circulation in Los Angeles and around the world; in addition to numerous prestigious One-Man Shows, he has three times received the Presidential Seal of Approval for Artist of the Year. Gorman is incapable of living a normal life. He is touched with the genius that breeds insanity, in a world of his own and of his own making. He paints and draws in a frenzy, heart and hand bypassing the brain to mark those exquisite, perfect lines on paper or canvas, a pure unmediated form of communication. Whether he is painting simple figures or constructing a complex mixed media piece, the urge to create, to express himself, is paramount, a necessity.

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  • Justin Lyons  (+)

    Biography : Justin Lyons is a self taught contemporary mixed media artist from the Florida panhandle, Lyons credits his first introduction into the world of street art as ‘the spark’ that led him to pursue his own form of artistic expression. His mediums include wood (sometimes found), acrylic, house paint, photographs, spray paint, oil stick, epoxy resin and pencil. He aims to produce art that sticks with the viewer long after they seen it. “What i am after is capturing the thoughts and feelings of the human condition with images and words that make you stop and think about what’s in front of you.” Justin wants “to make honest art, raw art, vulnerable art, art that makes you happy, art that makes you cry,” and ultimately, art that’s approachable to everyone and the human element within. Justin’s inspirations are most often triggered by a word, phrase or thought, which in association with the other elements within the work, intend to try and tell a story without giving away too much, letting the viewer interpret his own connection to the piece. In addition to creating pieces for his own gallery and commissioned pieces, Justin is dedicated to community involvement, regularly donating pieces for the benefit of local non- profit organizations and various fundraising efforts. Justin makes his home in Santa Rosa Beach, FL. When he’s not painting he enjoys skateboarding, surfing and being a father.

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  • Steven Marshall  (+)

    Biography : Steven’s pictures are created by painting on to front and back surfaces of multiple sheets of glass, which are layered one in front of the other with gaps between to create an actual depth. This means that the figures in the picture throw real shadows which move with any change of light source. The composition of the whole picture, and the relationships between the elements in it, alter with any change in environment and movement of the audience’s viewpoint. The cool non-coloured surface of the glass lets people hang about, behind, in front, between one another, no longer up to their necks in background. This wallpaper uses moments as motifs.

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  • Michael Suchta  (+)

    Biography : Michel Suchta has always attempted to see the world in all its layers of existence and was influenced by Dr. Carl Sagan’s explanation of a 4 dimensional model known as a “Tesseract” or “Hypercube”. His first work was in creating a acrylic sculpture of a Tesseract/Hypercube Model which received a US Design Patent DS449,237 S on October 16 2001. This was followed by US Design Patent D480,425 S on a Polyhedral Sculpture in October 7 2003. His passion is to add real depth to the work he creates, something that emulates the philosophy that we live in a 4 dimensional existence, with a 3 dimensional comprehension. About “Eye Chart”: His popular series of inspirational optometrists’ charts, display another turn of whimsical genius. The literal layers of text incorporate a metaphorical layer of meaning, absent from the usual charts. Interspersed among the letters lie colorful elements, a play on painting’s place within this reconstructed visual tool. Pop and conceptual co-exist in this formidable series.

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