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Gallery MAC, which opened in March of 2007, is a gallery specializing in contemporary art. The gallery focuses on featuring leading international artists as well as discovering and introducing talented young emerging artists. Recently, we also participate international art-fairs in home and abroad for cultural interchanging and interacting. Through various types of exhibitions, gallery MAC tries to introduce art lovers to the current trends accurately, and at the same time, makes an effort to offer the public opportunities to understand the current flow of the market and to appreciate today’s art.

Exhibiting Artists

Other Represented Artists

  • Moon Hyeongtae  (+)

    Biography : Born in 1976, Korea Awards 2011     LA Art Show "Emerging artist prize" 2009     Designated as SOAF Young Generation Art Artist 10 2002 Won Art World Grand Exhibition / Gwangju Metropolitan Exhibition New Frontier Exhibition / Mudeung Art Exhibition 2000    Won Art World Grand Exhibition / Republic of Korea’s Painting exhibition   Other Art work sponsorship for movies / Producing art works for promoting KT / Art work sponsor for music video of the Group / Producing special album for the 8th music album of Kim Jang Hoon / the 2nd collection of Oh Ji Chong, Producing covers for 2nd and 3rd collection of composer group music mount and album director / Planning and producing web sites (Other several areas including KBS Online Challenge Golden Bell, Music Mount and Oh Ji Chong)

    Exhibition : Solo Exhibition 2017 Unicorn (Gallery Sun, Seoul) 2016 siamese (MirGallery, daegu) PlayGround (Mac Gallery, Busan) meditating submarine - Jean Gallery (Jean Gallery, Seoul) 2015 Stars - gallery C (Hallery C, Daegu) cats cradle - Gallery Sun (Gallery Sun, Seoul) A stone in my shoe - Mac Gallery (Mac Gallery, Busan) After Date - LotteGallery (Bucheon, Gyeong-gi) 2014 After Date - LotteGallery (Yeongdeungpo, Seoul) After Date - LotteGallery (Gwangbok, Busan) True,lies of Life - Able Fine Art (Able gallery, NewYork) Miss K - Gallery Sun (Gallery Sun, Seoul) Crown - Gallery Cheongan(Gallery Cheongan, Seoul) CAKE – Gallery Now (Gallery Now, Seoul) A Door -  Mac Gallery (Mac Gallery, Busan) Mr,Geppetto - LotteGallery (Bucheon, Gyeong-gi) 2013 Mr,Geppetto - LotteGallery (Yeongdeungpo, Seoul) Candy – Gallery Now (Gallery Now, Seoul) SAW A U,F.O -  Mac Gallery (Mac Gallery, Busan) 2012 Jack in the box  - Gallery We (Gallery We, Seoul)         Rabbit Hole - Mac Gallery(Mac Gallery, Busan) 2011   Spaghetti – Gallery Ik (Nature for 4M, Seoul)         I see you – Gallery Tongkeun (Gallery Tongkeun, Seoul)         Bobby Dazzler - Mac Gallery(Mac Gallery, Busan) 2010   Painter - Mac Gallery(Mac Gallery, Busan) 2009   INTERMISSION  (SUPEX Hall , KAIST, Management Graduate School, Seoul)         Rainbow Garden – Topo House Gallery  (Topo House, Seoul)         Inspector Gadget - Mac Gallery(Mac Gallery, Busan) 2008   Drive - for strangers, Topo House Gallery  (Topo House, Seoul)         Somniloquy – Making cafe, objet exhibition (Cafe somniloquy, Seoul)         Love is a lonely fight - Mac Gallery(Mac Gallery, Busan) Love is a lonely fight, Encore exhibition -  (Topo House, Seoul)         Love is a lonely fight - (Topo House, Seoul) 2007   PlayGrou

    Detailed Description : The artist, Moon Hyeong Tae has expressed his daily routines, experiences and surrounding incidents ingeniously. In his artworks, extremely ordinary materials maximize his own sense thanks to thick and splendid colors of matiere and physical properties of paints. Although his artworks are similar to documentary in a sense that they describe himself in daily life and surrounding routines, its distorted shapes and senses of colors well expose surrealistic sense beyond daily routine which the artist experiences. If there is any artwork that requires information and aspiration when people review it, the artworks of Moon Hyeong Tae could be ones that require senses. Because of this, the artist doesn't want any specific information, analysis of expression format or conclusion. Although his artworks contain specific shapes just like diary, he doesn't draw only realities which he experienced by five senses. In addition, subjects in his art works have truth which everyone can sympathize although they are not same as realities. Therefore, we can't help loving his art works. This aspect is a contact point and communication method with mass which he owns. He focuses on the fact that passing emotion at a certain moment is varying although general behaviors exist to everyone. Delicate and attractive sense of difference which is created in a way that sharing of record and personal emotion are imported to a distorted shape is made at this moment. Whether or not it is planned or extemporaneous is not important for him. As he mentioned that he dreams of a person who lives happily and magnificently not dreaming of a famous and excellent artist rather than approach in terms of artist or art formats, it would be correct that he performs his art works as a person who completes his life. His recent art works show more future-centric aspects than previous ones. Since his art works are carried out as a recorded format just like his diary, his past also has lots of influence upon art wor

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