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PENCIL no.1 - Mba Fabrications Inc.

Mba Fabrications Inc. PENCIL no.1

SHOELACE no.1 - Mba Fabrications Inc.

Mba Fabrications Inc. SHOELACE no.1

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    Biography : Donald Ian McCaw is engaged in a long-term project named after the fictional company he created called Mba Fabrications Inc. Launched with a series of full page ads in ARTFORUM magazine in 2011, McCaw has been playing out in public the story of a visionary businessman seeking to reinvent the way art is made in the 21st century. He creates corporate-styled environments where he interacts with visitors in a manner that is partly scripted and partly improvisational. Every installation/performance presents a fictional business initiative that is at once clearly preposterous and curiously plausible.

    Exhibition : At Context Art Miami 2018, Donald Ian McCaw will present an all-new installation/performance called ‘INVEST IN ART’. The fictional pretext for this installation is the announcement that Mba Fabrications Inc. will be listing shares on the American Stock Exchange effective March 2019. This will make it the world’s first publicly traded art-making company. For visitors who choose to engage, McCaw will share the fictional story of how he decided to take his company public in large part due to the success of the book ‘Paleo Investing’ by Dr. Dominic Nadali. Dr. Nadali’s thesis is that individuals should invest only in companies that reflect the preoccupations of mankind’s earliest ancestors, popularly known as WAMMA: weapons, agriculture, mining, medicine and art. While the public has found it relatively easy to invest in the first four, there has never been a publicly traded art-making company for investors to put their money into. Until now, that is. The booth will feature eight examples of the company’s paintings that quietly reflect even more primal human activities.

    Artist's Objects:

    • Mba Fabrications Inc.  - PENCIL no.1 PENCIL no.1
    • Mba Fabrications Inc.  - SHOELACE no.1 SHOELACE no.1