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Z Gallery Arts is dedicated to fostering the work of emerging and internationally established artists. It was created in order to promote and support intellectual and visual dialogue with artists from around the world and embracing diversity

Untitled 2,  2017  -  Lei  Xie

Lei Xie Untitled 2, 2017

Out  of  the  Blue, 2018 -  KANGI, CONNIE WANG

KANGI, CONNIE WANG Out of the Blue, 2018

Interchangeable, 2018 -  KANGI, CONNIE WANG

KANGI, CONNIE WANG Interchangeable, 2018

Untitled #9, 1999 - FERLE FERLE

FERLE FERLE Untitled #9, 1999

Untitled #8, 2015 - FERLE FERLE

FERLE FERLE Untitled #8, 2015

Untitled #4 - FERLE FERLE

FERLE FERLE Untitled #4

La mariee, 2017 -

La mariee, 2017
Acrylic on canvas
150 x 195cm
Khaled Alkhani

Untitield 4, 2017 -  Lei  Xie

Lei Xie Untitield 4, 2017

Untitled 3, 2017 -  Lei  Xie

Lei Xie Untitled 3, 2017

Esprit Danseuse, 2017 -

Esprit Danseuse, 2017

Exhibiting Artists

Other Represented Artists

  • Jerome Rapin

  • XIE LEI  (+)

    Biography : Xie Lei was born in 1983 in Anhui Province and now works and lives in Paris His work is shown regularly with the Galerie Anne de Villepoix and now in Vancouver BC at Z Gallery Arts. Xie Lei had a solo show at the Galerie Charlotte Moser in Geneva in 2012, two in 2011 and 2013 at Feasts Projects in Hong Kong and one in 2012 at the Foundation Yishu 8 in Beijing. The Marlborough Gallery showed his work in New York in 2008. French public institutions organized solo shows of his work at Château d’Ardelay in Herbiers (2014), Les Rencontres d’Art Contemporain in Cahors (2014), the Palais des Beaux-Arts in Paris (2016). In 2010 he participated in a group show at the Foundation Ricard and, in 2012, at the Saline Royale in Arc-et-Senans. His works are now part of private collections in Europe (particularly in France) and in China.

    Detailed Description :

    Artist's Objects:

    •  Lei  Xie - Untitled 2,  2017 Untitled 2, 2017
    •  Lei  Xie - Untitled 3, 2017 Untitled 3, 2017
    •  Lei  Xie - Untitield 4, 2017 Untitield 4, 2017


    Biography : Henni Alftan is interested in the mimetic relation of paint as material and the image. She likes to discover the moment when the mere paint on canvas transforms into a resemblance of an object – when our gaze interprets and forms the mix of materials into an idea. Thus, her paintings are as much about the painting itself as an object, cherishing the physical qualities of the painting, its history and objecthood. Alftan’s brushstrokes are never improvised, but always made according to a thorough plan. She likes to think of this method of predetermined strokes as manneristic, in the sense of seeking to represent art itself and the artifice of the actual mark-making. She pictures small observations of the surrounding world, and of its already existing representations. Therefore her pictures often possess a certain déjà-vu. Henni Alftan (born 1979, in Helsinki, Finland) moved to France in 1998 where she graduated from Ecole Nationale d’Art de la Villa Arson and Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris. Her work has been exhibited in both Finland and France in venues such as Galerie Anhava, Forum Box, Galleria Huuto, Amos Anderson Art Museum, Galerie Claire Gastaud. and Z Gallery Arts. Her works are present in public collections such as at the Helsinki Art Museum, Amos Anderson Art Museum, and the Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art. She has received the support of institutions such as Arts Promotion Centre of Finland, Swedish Cultural Foudation in Finland, Finnish Fund for Culture, and Centre Nationale des Arts Plastiques in France etc. She has benefited from several international artist residency programs, such the ISCP in New York

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  • Francisco diaz Deb Young

  • The International Collaboration Project Artists Francisco Diaz and Deb Young  (+)

    Biography : About the Artists: The International Collaboration Project duo Deb Young + Francisco Diaz www.diaz-young.com Deb Young is an artist-photographer based in New Zealand and Francisco Diaz is an artistphotographer based in the USA. Young was awarded her Photographic Society of New Zealand Licentiateship by the PSNZ Honours Board and Diaz graduated with his BA from Queens College and his MA from Adelphi University. Together the duo is known as The International Collaboration Project. They have been published internationally in magazines such as L’Oeil About Z Gallery Arts: Opening reception time and date: Exhibition Dates: March 16th through April 30. 2018 Founded in 2016 by Zohra Bonis, Gallery Arts is located at 102-1688 West 1st Avenue, Vancouver BC. The gallery is open Wednesday to Saturday 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Tel: 604.742.2001. Email: info@zgalleryarts.com www.zgalleryarts.com International Collaboration Project Representation: Z Gallery Arts, Vancouver BC Gilman Contemporary Gallery, Sun Valley, Idaho Susan Spiritus Gallery, Irving, CA de la Photographie, Lenscratch, Dodho, Hi-Fructose, The Photo Review, F-Stop Magazine, Blur, Bleek, Silver Shotz and were named "International Photographers of the Year" at the 6th Edition Pollux Awards, the Fine Art and Documentary Photography Biennial held in Malaga, Spain. Recently, they were awarded the 9th Julia Margaret Cameron Award in Berlin, were selected as finalists for the 2017 Biennial Grant and they were awarded gold in the People/ Children category at the Moscow International Foto Awards 2017.

    Exhibition : Francisco Diaz, Born in 1962, USA Deb Young, Born in 1963, New Zealand Education – Young was awarded her Photographic Society of New Zealand Licentiateship by the PSNZ Honours Board – Diaz graduated with his BA from Queens College and his MA from Adelphi University. Solo & Duo Exhibitions 2018 – Z GALLERY ARTS Lost Boys. March 8th – April 30th 2018 2017 – Gilman Contemporary Gallery Solo Exhibition of the International Collaboration Project’s “The Playground Series” Sun Valley, Idaho – Bokeh Bokeh Magazine Feature on the International Collaboration Project Duo – Propa Magazine Feature on the International Collaboration Project Duo’s “Suspicion” Series – Dodho Magazine Feature on the International Collaboration Project Duo – PHOTOGRVPHY Magazine Feature on the International Collaboration Project Duo – Lenswork Magazine International Collaboration Project Duo 2016 – Capture Magazine Annual Features the International Collaboration Project – The Renowned Beekman Boys Feature the International Collaboration Project’s “The Wandering Kind” Series – Feature Shoot Magazine Spotlights the International Collaboration Project’s “The Wandering Kind” Series – Adore Noir Magazine Features the International Collaboration Project’s “The Playground Series” -Exhibiting at the Berlin 4th Biennial of Fine Art Photography Where Diaz + Young also won the 9th Julia Margaret Cameron Award, Germany -Griffin Museum of Photography Peter Urban Legacy Exhibition, Includes Work by the International Collaboration Project, MA -Fstoppers Magazine Features the International Collaboration Project’s “The Playground Series” -New York’s Feature Shoot Magazine Features the International Collaboration Project’s “The Playground Series” -Creative Boom Magazine Features the International Collaboration Project’s “The Playground Series” -Chile’s MOR. BO Magazine Features “The Playground Series” of the In

    Detailed Description : The Lost Boys | The International Collaboration Project Artist Francisco Diaz + Deb Young (ESSAY ON THE PETER PAN SYNDROME) By Drazenka Jalsic Ernecic The International Collaboration Project Artists Francisco Diaz and Deb Young are pleased to announce exclusive representation by Z Gallery Arts, Vancouver British Columbia. Vancouver B.C for Lost Boys Series. Francisco Diaz and Deb Young developed their photomontage series as a simulacrum of real life, with random photographs they put together to create a metaphorical story of growing up as a subversive act of life. The Lost Boys project starts as a conceptual artistic idea that talks about the process of becoming an adult, and it continues their interest in how childhood speaks so profoundly on who we will be as adults. It is storytelling about those particular times and moments just before our personality comes out, as we become an important and prominent part of society. We are all witnessing the emergence of our crossroads as the main point of our lives, but at that time we usually don’t have to understand the mystery and insights of our transition. Sometimes, we are afraid of growing up because we find certain occasions as unknown, hard times, filled with dramatic moments. Inspired by escapism, controversy and mischievous stories of adventures and pranks of Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn and Peter Pan, Diaz & Young find their personal stories and lessons through The Lost Boys images, and turn the literature and fantasies into real life reaches of children’s imagination. Diaz and Young start The Lost Boys project as a story where growing up is a subversive act of life. The Lost Boys series is a metaphorical look at collectivism and individualism as social and cultural syndromes. The fact is that the fundamental social conflict of Western culture today is an issue of individualism vs. collectivism. With photographic manipulation, Diaz and Young explore the visual language, reviewing evidence of childh

    Artist's Documents:

  • FERLE FERLE  (+)

    Artist's Documents:

    Artist's Objects:

    • FERLE FERLE - Untitled #4 Untitled #4
    • FERLE FERLE - Untitled #8, 2015 Untitled #8, 2015
    • FERLE FERLE - Untitled #9, 1999 Untitled #9, 1999

  • Etienne Garceau  (+)

    Biography : Etienne Garceau is a young self-taught painter. Creation is a major part of his life. If he began his career with gastronomy, it is one year ago that he decided to devote himself to painting. During his first life, he travelled the world, looking for flavours and textures, trying to provoke original sensations. In 2016, he left the world of food and found in painting a form of achievement. Since then, he has coloured strange and erotic faces of women. The figures he draws on the canvas recall the materials that are put in the mouth and become, by this gesture, almost sensual. This relationship to food and to free portrait, Pop art artists had already thought, and it is in a movement of hyperrealism that Etienne Garceau passes the door of the world of art.

    Exhibition : Z GALLERY ARTS May 10th 2018

  • Kinu Kamura  (+)

    Biography : Born in 1988, Kinu Kamura is a young French-Japanese artist. She spent most of her studies abroad in Tokyo, Paris and London. She attended the Parsons School Paris and got graduated from the Central Saint Martins in 2011. After her degree, Paris is finally the place where the artist decides to settle. She discovers and works in different fields such as digital marketing for luxury brands and film production. All these experiences have inspired her artistic process and make it what it is today. The artist has always been attracted to minimalist, raw and sober aesthetics although her work on colour appeared to be an important element in her process. Along working on the latter, came a strong interest in shapes and patterns. Throughout various mediums, she is looking to achieve the perfect combination. It is the beginning of a reflection on abstraction and an exercise of a composition. Kinu is represented by Z Gallery Arts.

    Exhibition : Scope New York March 2018 Scope New York March 2017 2017 – June 15th, 2017 – July 31st, 2017: Z Gallery Arts, Vancouver [Solo Exhibition] 2016 – November: EARLYWORK.COM, Paris [Group Show “Binôme”] 2016 – May: ODONART.COM, Paris [Group Show] 2015 – November: SAATCHI ONLINE, USA [Nominated “Artist of the Day” by Saatchi Online team] 2011 – June: CENTRAL SAINT MARTINS SCHOOL, London [Group Show: Degree Show] 2009 – June: PARSONS PARIS NEW SCHOOL OF DESIGN, Paris [Group Show: Degree Show]

    Detailed Description : Kinu Kamura (1988-) is a Japanese–French artist. Her favourite medium is painting, but she also practices digital collage and sculpture. Through different media, she reveals her very personal view of the world. She has been short-sighted since childhood and finds in the blur surrounding her a way to nourish her imagination. It was obvious for her to practice art. Everything she sees and feels has to be materialized and offered to the world. She evolves in a world of art fusion and her work takes its inspiration from Arte Povera, Minimalism and the Mono-Ha Japanese movement. These influences provide a framework for her practice, a framework she has chosen to trespass in her composition and study of colour. Her works are like a second skin, and it was but recently that she found she could call them self-portraits. Strong with a very deep introspection and reflection, motivated by a real need to understand and learn, her canvases and installations encapsulate all sorts of unconscious analyses, inexpressible sensations and emotions that can only be conveyed by colours and matters. The world that Kinu Kamura creates is open to free interpretation and that’s certainly why she practices abstraction. That’s how she can materialize her unique perception of the world around her while letting viewers able to build it all. The introspective atmosphere is clearly present in the Le Nuage de Soulage series where the identity issues that each of us has a right to raise juggle together. In La tête dans Soulage, we could see a silhouette with a head clouded with questions that the strict shape at the core of her body informs. A mixture of blue and pink lines, a quest for sexual orientation and gender identity, it could be interpreted in many different ways.

  • Tanis Saxby


    Biography : Natalia Trivino works and lives in Rome, Italy now. She grew up in Colombia and spent most of her life in Bogota. In 2008, Natalia participated in “Amnesia to Memory” organized by the United Nation Development Program and in 2011 she exhibited at the Modern Art Museum of Bogota. In 2012 her work was shown at the VII International Bogota Art Biennial and also in Ecuador at the Municipal Museum of Guayaquil same year. In 2005, Natalia did her residency in London at the Florence Trust London, United Kingdom.

    Exhibition :

  • Jasmine Wallace  (+)

    Biography : Jasmine Wallace was born in Prince George, BC; she comes from a family of self-taught artists and grew up surrounded by the artist community on Vancouver Island. She has a diverse studio practice which includes painting, sculpture and ceramics. Jasmine holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, and a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Minnesota. Wallace’s work has been inspired by her continued interest in the built environment, constructs of space, real or imagined and the processes of construction and deconstruction of urban centres. Her work evokes the sense of history and time that is evident in the drawing and re-drawing of a floor plan and the progression of acts in the building, construction and deconstruction of cities. Interested in the creation of structures through the repetitive layering of paint with the use of tape, the work becomes an act of building in itself. Through the use of wood grinders to expose the hidden layers beneath; the painting then becomes the site of an excavation as it is deconstructed. The finished highly textured surfaces possess their own sense of depth. Drawn to the idea of labor and its ability to show time she allows the processes by which the work is made to show through. This serves as a metaphor for the growing networks of cities that are built and unbuilt every day with their resulting residual effects.

    Exhibition : Solo Exhibitions 2018 – February 1st-March 3rd, Z Gallery Arts, Vancouver, British Columbia 2015 – Jasmine Wallace, Robert Lynds Gallery, Vancouver, British Columbia 2013 – Jasmine Wallace, Robert Lynds Gallery, Vancouver, British Columbia 2010 – The Best of all Possible Worlds, MFA Thesis Exhibition, Katherine E. Nash Gallery, University of Minnesota Selected Group Exhibitions 2016 – XXV Access Auction Fundraiser, Access Gallery, Vancouver, British Columbia 2015 – A Vibrant Assemblage, Access Gallery, Vancouver, British Columbia 2015 – ArtBeat, Belkin Residence, Vancouver, British Columbia 2014 – ArtBeat, Belkin Residence, Vancouver, British Columbia 2013 – Super Natural Industry, Robert Lynds Gallery, Vancouver, British Columbia 2013 – Sussurates, Robert Lynds Gallery, Vancouver, British Columbia 2012 – Precipice, Seattle Design Centre, Seattle, Washington 2010 – The Drawing Room, Pendulum Gallery, Vancouver, British Columbia 2010 – NCECA, “National Graduate Exhibition”, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 2009 – Diverse Perspectives, Minnesota State University, Mankado, Minnesota 2007-2009 – Fresh Works, Quarter Gallery, University of Minnesota 2008 – Hardscapes and Softscapes, Northrup King Building, Minneapolis, Minnesota Teaching Experience 2012-2017 – Instructor Ceramics, JustPotters, JustWork Economic Initiative, Vancouver, British Columbia 2008-2010 – Instructor Ceramics, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota Curatorial Projects 2010 – Tangible Digital Matter, Wilson Library, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota Residencies 2003 – Guldagergard Ceramic Centre, Skaelskor, Denmark Grants/Awards 2017 – DTES Arts Grant, Vancouver Foundation, Vancouver, British Columbia 2007-2010 – Graduate Art Scholarship, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN 2009 – Dedalus Nominee, Dedalus Foundation, New York, NY 2009 – Northern Clay Center Ceramics Award, Northern Clay Center, Minneapol

    Detailed Description : The Eternal City The city inspires the omnipresent grey in Jasmine Wallace's paintings. This colour recalled in Charles Baudelaire's poems describe sinuous streets, low heavy skies, and the sad charm of clouds swollen with water. This threatening grey, from a time past that is gloomy and cold, is entirely different from the shade used in Jasmine Wallace's paintings. In her work this colour is dynamic, enveloping and inspiring; it is the colour of the city. Taking the tone of concrete, it allows the towers to rise above the roofs and recalls the intensity of entangled road networks. It reminds us of a city of pipes that cuts through houses and the city of electric wires that bring light. Slowly other colours emerge in the painting; they could represent a patch of blue sky, a poster washed out by the rain or the rainbow colour of a diluted drop of gas on asphalt. On the canvas, grey is mixed with white, black, green and blue, creating a palette of new colours which contrast each other in a geometric mesh. The lines cross and face at each other, they overlap, converge and repel each other. This urban maze could be a map or even the view of a mortar detail under a microscope. Colours play with lines, and we see in them, the footprints of a builder's boot on scaffolding. The mud mixed with cement leaves the shadow of its passage. Jasmine Wallace, a Canadian artist, finds her inspiration in the city, in its colours and its lines. The underground spaces dug by the people to shelter from the cold (metro, underground galleries) and the way they have been adapting their infrastructure fascinates her. This impulse of life we get from concrete, and the constructions and deconstructions appearing and disappearing inspire the motivations of the artist. The relatively new urban history of Canada influences her fascination. Unlike the vast heritage of the Western metropolis, the speed of modulation of Canadian cities allows one to witness enormous changes. Through the echoing of ja

  • Kangi, Connie Wang  (+)

    Artist's Documents:

    Artist's Objects:

    •  KANGI, CONNIE WANG - Interchangeable, 2018 Interchangeable, 2018
    •  KANGI, CONNIE WANG - Out  of  the  Blue, 2018 Out of the Blue, 2018