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Ronen Art Gallery’s mission consists on showcasing a select group of young and emerging artists.

Offering them a “travel wheel“ to expose their Artworks. Tightening the relationships between local artists and international venues.We choose to work with Artists who use their artistic talents for the Joy of creating Art as well as making a living.

Artist who put “ Their Heart in the Art “ !

The Hangover -  Daan Oude Elferink

Daan Oude Elferink The Hangover
Limited Edition 8

Still Life In White - Hans Withoos

Hans Withoos Still Life In White

Exhibiting Artists

Other Represented Artists

  • Klaus Neuper  (+)

  • Daan Oude Elferink  (+)

    Biography : Daan Oude Elferink, is a true explorer who manage to show in his photography art works the glory and the beauty of abundant monuments. Castles, hospitals, villa’s in decay, deserted industry facilities, forgotten cars and so many forbidden places. He brings back the light of those past days, mostly in Europe. The details of those historical buildings and more than anything else the life that had been lived there before our time… Searching for a way to get in, sometimes through sewers, sometimes by claiming, trying to enter into buildings that have been closed and locked away from the public for decays. With the golden rule of not touching anything but just bringing out, with the click of his camera, the mystery and magic that waiting there to be seen again..

    Exhibition : Daan's photography is shown world wide exclusively by Ronen Art Gallery

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    •  Daan Oude Elferink - The Hangover The Hangover

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  • Paco Raphael  (+)

    Biography : Paco Raphael combines digital arts with traditional. His work starts on the computer and thereafter it’s elaborated and completed with other resources such as paintbrush, stencils , stained paper and paint. His work is best described as a mix between graphical design, photography and painting. Over the years he worked as a graphic designer for several leading companies, after which he decided to explore on his creative extravaganza, art and design. Currently he’s working as a graphic artist for clients in The Netherlands and as well International. His arts are used, among other things, for magazines, furniture, wall decoration and all kind of objects.

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  • Diederik Van Apple  (+)

    Biography : Diederik van Apple was born and raised in Leiden, Netherlands in 1985. In his childhood he always visualized the bigger picture. There was no line between fantasy and reality. He was addicted to Walt Disney books and legendary movies such as The Godfather, Scarface, Pulp Fiction and Boondock Saints. He loved watching, reading and fully go up in the stories, as if he was part of the story play himself. With his experience, artistic insight and passion for art he started to think of designs for artworks. Combining his fantasy and the reality of life as the power of money bills, credit card with the joy of the inner child world.

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  • Lotta Van Droom

    Biography : I was born and raised in a small town in the mountains of Saxony in Germany and now I live in County Galway / Ireland. I am hooked to photography for over 15 years now. It all began with an old SLR (a "Praktika") my Grandfather gave me. I started to photograph flowers, landscapes and ruins. In order to gain better control over my art, I bought gradually the equipment for my own darkroom, which I then set up in my first apartment's bathroom, I was completely thrilled with the possibilities to create my own perfect dream world. Six years ago I switched to digital SLR. It was not easy for me because of all the work and time invested in analog photography but it took not long until I started appreciating all the new possibilities. Nowadays I spend many hours daily in front of my computer, building my own world of imagination. Under normal circumstances my photoshootings are precisely planned and prepared. That means that I arrange the setting beforehand to test how things will appear. But of course there are at times photos which arise spontaneous. Mostly this happens when I try to photograph children or animals.

  • Hans Withoos  (+)

    Biography : Hans Withoos career spans more than twenty years world wide. After graduating from the Art Academy. He specializes in fashion and video/photography. Although highly successful in his international fashion work, he is also prolific in his autonomous work, making many photography series over the years. Mostly situated in recognizable places and cities around the world. His fascination is with beauty in all its aspects.The beauty of strength seen in his serie New Romantics and Lady with her golden toys. In His new series: ” Still Life” he brings the beauty and the light of the 17 century Dutch old masters into life again.. Hans Withoos photography is set in a world simultaneously familiar and different. In Withoos exaggerated scenes, the figures crowding the images become archetypes, and the viewer is overcome by a sense of alienation. The work is full of layered, staged images with idiosyncratic aesthetics. Sometimes the photographs evoke emotions related to suffering, sensuality and hidden oppressiveness. At other times the images depict the complete opposite and are deliberately emotionless. The artist describes his oeuvre: “The images don’t show a critical perspective, but rather an observant one.”

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    • Hans Withoos - Still Life In White Still Life In White