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Axis-F5 -  Nak Jeon

Nak Jeon Axis-F5

Communication -  Joungsook Kim

Joungsook Kim Communication

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  • J.J. Marino  (+)

    Biography : J. J. Marino was born in Napoli, Italy on the year of 1978. In his artworks, people are en route to a location unbeknownst to the audience. The small figures may all seem very similar, but every figure in his paintings has their own set of colors, personality, and energy; thus he precisely captures the real world. When one observes a group of people, they are often seen as a unit, without any particularity of individuals. However, a group of people is ultimately a sum of various human beings. The gestures of the crowds seen in Marino’s paintings are cheerful and lively as if they are dancing across; the destination they approach is a happy one.

    Exhibition : Solo Exhibition 2017 People, Able Fine Art NY Gallery, NY, USA Group Exhibition 2017 Able Fine Art NY Gallery, Seoul, Korea Art Fairs 2018 BAMA (Busan Annual Market of Art), Busan, Korea Art Expo New York, New York, US Art Expo Las Vegas, Nevada, US 2017 Affordable Art Fair Singapore, Singapore Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands Affordable Art Fair Battersea, London, UK Affordable Art Fair New York, New York, USA GIAF(Gyeongnam International Art Fair), Gyeongnam, Korea

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  • Lorenzo Cascio  (+)

    Biography : Lorenzo Cascio, sculptor and painter, was born in Sicily in 1940, but now lives and works in Portofino. He started as a ceramist and opened a school in Sciacca, his home town, which taught the lost ancient tradition of the ceramic art. Lorenzo Cascio constantly exhibits in many galleries around the world, and his works are in museums, artistic collections, religious and public buildings. He worked from 2012 to 2014 to the realization of the new church dedicated to St. Sebastian and to the Virgin Mary in Sciacca. Here he sculpted four bronze doors in bas relief, the big glass windows and three large paintings for the altars. His inspiration, which is a theme in his artworks, are the myths of antiquity both Greek and Christian. He takes them and repurposes them for modern sensibilities, as well as the contemporary world. His bronzes employ the ancient lost wax technique and abandon the smooth shapes, conserving all the spontaneity of the artist’s hand and they catch the light, which makes them vibrate. Horses dominate the themes of his sculptural works. For his painting however, he finds inspiration in the contemporary world of fashion. In these works he expresses himself through the innovative and original technique of oil and collage as well as a wise use of colour and signs. He said “Today artists want to shock people, so as to attract the public's and critic's attention. I don't belong to this group, as in my opinion, art should be a free enterprise in which one has the right to find their own form of expression, based on their various experiments: it's one thing to invite scandal, another in a research of worthwhile pictorial illustrations, of artistic value.”

    Exhibition : Exhibitions Able Fine Art NY Gallery, New York & Seoul Museum of Contemporary Art of Gibellina, Sicily Thorigny Gallery, Paris St. Helena Golf Resort -Napa Valley Boston, Anne de Villemejane art studio New York – Artexpo Jacob Javits Center Horsens, Denmark – Galleri Progres Bratislava , SK River Gallery Marbella SP Houses of Art Bergamo , IT art Gallery Gli Angeli Amsterdam, Luzern, Tokyo Permanent Painting and Sculpture exhibitions and collections Spokane , WA (USA) Gonzaga University Museum – Bronze “Bust of Pope John Paul II” Santa Fe’ (USA) The Singleton – Biss Museum of Fine Art – Bronze “Pegasi in Volo” Nassau (Bahamas) D’aguilar Art Foundation – mixed media on canvas “Ulisse e Penelope” Mandelieu (Francia) Domaine de Barbossi, Collection d’Art Contemporaine – Bronze « Guerriero » Gibellina (TP) biblioteca comunale – Bronze Bust “Leonardo Sciascia” Portofino (GE) Museo internazionale di scultura all’aperto – Bronze bas-relief “Festa Pagana” Firenze Museo della regione toscana – Mixed media on canvas “Atelier” Bologna Museo della fondazione Cardinale Giacomo Lercaro – Bronze “La figuretta ritrovata” Lavagna (GE) biblioteca comunale – Bronze Bust of Generale Ravenna Racalmuto (AG) fondazione Leonardo Sciascia – Bronze Bust “Leonardo Sciascia” Gubbio (PG) museo dell’associazione Maggio Eugubino – Terracotta “S. Francesco e il lupo”. Huelva (Spagna) Museo del Ayuntamiento – Painting on canvas “La spiaggia della Doñana” Sciacca (AG) Biblioteca comunale – Bronze Bust “Leonardo Sciascia” ….

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  • Jeon Nak  (+)

    Biography : Jeon Nak is a Korean born artist. In his series, swirling vortexes of light and color emerge from a dark ground. Nak’s works depict three-dimensional, imaginary spaces that morph and change, starting as one thing and becoming something else; the printing methodology allows the image to move and change with the angle of vision. With a desire to explore the science and technology that can be used to improve the performance of buildings both socially and environmentally, architecture has brought out the overall structure of the lenticular lenses in this series titled Axis, Nexus and Vortex. It would be difficult to these images and not to be reminded of mathematical constructions or the reaches of space and the universe. Many of the creations recall galaxies, nebulae and even supernovas, exploding with color and the light. Deeply branded visual memory becomes the source of inspiration; there is both clarity and mystery in that geography, with its seemingly endless space that brings us inward. Depth fills and illuminates these spaces of transition as it plays off in endless visual array.

    Exhibition : Solo Exhibitions 2018 Neoteric Universe, Able Fine Art NY Gallery, New York, USA 2016 Mysterious Universe, Able Fine Art NY Gallery, Seoul, Korea 2015 Nexus, Able Fine Art NY Gallery, New York, USA 2014 Axis, Able Fine Art NY Gallery, Seoul, Korea Axis, Able Fine Art NY Gallery, New York, USA Axis, Able Fine Art NY Gallery, New York, USA Selected Exhibition & Group Exhibition 2014 SOKI International Exchange Exhibition, MK Gallery, VA, USA 2013 SOKI International Exchange Exhibition, Gallery Iang, Seoul, Korea SOKI International Exchange Exhibition, Bennett Gallery, Englewood, NJ, USA

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    •  Nak Jeon - Axis-F5 Axis-F5

  • Joungsook Kim  (+)

    Biography : Korean-born artist Joungsook Kim depicts the relationship between humans and nature on her canvas using Sumi Ink and Korean Mulberry paper, which can be considered as one of the materials that is the closest to nature. Her paintings are extremely tied to the landscape of Korea, especially. She paints her homeland, but she does not just illustrate the landscape or objects in nature, in particular. What she paints is “Communication,” which refers to the connection between trees, flowers, snow, memory, and human beings. All of her paintings are meant to capture memories or specific moments in nature, such as the experience of sitting underneath a tree on a warm summer’s day, or the sublime moment seeing a field of fresh, untouched snow. Rather than focusing on the mood and feeling of the artist, Kim’s paintings invite her viewers to communicate with nature, something that is sometimes lost and forgotten, but re-learned through the art of “Communication.”

    Exhibition : Solo Exhibition 2018 Able Fine Art NY Gallery, New York, USA 2017 Able Fine Art NY Gallery, Seoul, Korea Gallery Art Myuje, Seoul, Korea 2013 Able Fine Art NY Gallery, New York, USA Able Fine Art NY Gallery, Seoul, Korea 2012 HanaArt Gallery, Seoul, Korea 2011 Villa Haiss Museum, zell, Germany Soul Art Space, Busan, Korea 2010 Through Gallery, Seoul, Korea Gallery Live, Hanam, Korea HanaArt Gallery, Gallery, Seoul, Korea 2009 Gallery Chaes, Busan, Korea Bong Sung Gallery, Daegu, Korea Myeong Dong Gallery, Seoul, Korea 2007 Walter Bischoff Gallery, Berlin, Gemany HanaArt Gallery, I Park Department Store, Seoul, Korea 2005 Insa Art Center, Seoul, Korea Hans Gallery, Daegu, Korea 2004 Gallery 127,Paris,France 2003 Inthe Gallery, Yangpeong, Korea Asan Gallery, Seoul, Korea 2002 Intercontinental Hotel Live Gallery, Seoul, Korea 2001 Bom Gallery, Gwachun, Korea 1999 Gasan Gallery, Seoul, Korea 1998 Cast Iron Gallery, New York, USA 1996 Dongju Gallery, Seoul, Korea 1995 Insa Gallery, Seoul, Korea Group Exhibition 2006 The reality of Painting and Sculpture Exhibition Gyungnam-do Provincial Art Museum, Changweon, Korea 2003 Art in Life Exhibition (CJ invitational) Insa Art Center, Seoul, Korea Human Emotions Exhibition, Insa Gallery, Seoul, Korea Japan Road Exhibition, Japan 1998 Wold Art New York Exhibition, Cast Iron Gallery, New York, U.S.A. 1996 International IMPACT Exhibition, Kyoto Municipal Art Museum, Japan (Approximate Total 300 Group Exhibition) Art fair 2017~2007.2004 Korea international Art Fair (KIAF) Coex, Seoul 2017.2015.2008 Hwarang Art Fastival, (Bexco, Busan) Coex, Seoul 2017 Stockholm Art Fair, Sweden AAF Brussels, Belgium Le Sm'art, Aix-Provence, France 2016 Hong Kong Contemporary Art Show, Hong Kong 2015 AAF Hampstead Art Fair, Leondeon, England Art Fair Dubai, Dubai Shanghai Art Fair, Shanghai-Mart, China Art Fair Cologne 21, Cologne, Germany LA Art Show, LA, USA AAF Art Fair-Singapore, Singapore 2014 Art Fair Cologne

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    •  Joungsook Kim - Communication Communication

  • Kwanwoo Lee  (+)

    Biography : Lee uses a variation of mixed media with Korean stamps that have been described as allegories of memory, intrinsically linked to time, life and nature. Kwanwoo Lee treats Korean stamps asobjects, and creates large-scale pixilated assemblages that develop into a relief-like surface. In the series titled, “Condensed,” Kwanwoo Lee combines hundreds of stamps and seals of various shapes and sizes, each uniquely carved in the traditional Korean style, into large-scale pieces and abstract compositions. He pursues organic movement across the board simply using the Korean stamps. The engravings and symbols of stamps carry a sense of personalized identity, personhood, and great emotional and historical weight that by plainly laying them on the canvas without the pressure of trying to create a particular image, he is able to compose a natural rhythm.

    Exhibition : Solo Exhibitions 2017 Able Fine Art NY Gallery Solo Exhibition, New York, USA 2014 11th Jeju Museum of Contemporary Art, Jeju Island, Korea 10th Gallery Hanok, Seoul, Korea 2012 9th Able Fine Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea 2011 8th Able Fine Art Gallery, New York, USA Able Fine Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea 2010 7th Insa Art Center, Seoul, Korea 6th Gallery Soo, Seoul, Korea 2008 5th Insa Art Center, Seoul, Korea 2004 4th Hyundai Arts Center Invitational, Ulsan, Korea 3rd Kwanhoon Gallery, Seoul, Korea 1999 2nd KEPCO Art Center Gallery, Special Invitational, Seoul, Korea 1996 1st Jongno Gallery, Seoul, Korea Two Person Exhibitions 2009 Chu In-yeop & Lee Kwan-woo, Jung Gu Chan Gallery, Yongin, Korea 1994 Jeong Seok-do & Lee Kwan-woo, SaeAnYeSaRang, Gangreung, Gangreung Selected Exhibition & Group Exhibition 2015 VOICE OF KOREAN ART, Odetoart Gallery, Singapore Made & Found, Hans Gallery, Seoul, Korea 2014 MMCA Collections “Wall”, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Gwacheon, Korea Asiat in Seoul, Chungmu Art Hall, Seoul, Korea Gongpyeong Gallery Opening Show, Seoul Art Center Gongpyeong Gallery, Seoul, Korea Exhibition of Chinese and Korean Contemporary, Level space, Beijing, China 2013 Asiat in Seoul, Art Space Africana, Sungnam, Korea Korea Japan Latin, Gallery La Mer, Seoul, Korea Art Space Ben Permanent Exhibition, Seoul, Korea Women Chosun 29th Anniversary Commemorative Exhibition, Seoul, Korea Primavera, Amway Art Museum, Seoul, Korea Korea Japan Latin, Gallery La Mer, Seoul, Korea 2012 Bangladesh Biennale, Bangladesh Landscape in My Mind, LIG Art Space, Seoul, Korea Artists from Gyeonggi-do Province, Namsong Art Museum, Gapyeong, Korea The Essentials, Able Fine Art Gallery, New York, USA Journey of Time, Able Fine Art Gallery, New York, USA Asiat in Seoul, Seoul A

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  • Josè Molina  (+)

    Biography : Born in Madrid in 1965, aged 11 José Molina started attending several arts schools, then, while studying at Madrid’s University of Fine arts, he worked in advertising until the age of 35, when he decided to fully devote himself to painting. His first exhibition was in 2004 at Milan’s Galleria Rubin. Between 2005 and 2010 he held a solo exhibition at Milan’s Museum of Science and Technology and Civic Aquarium - curated by renowned art critic and historian Vittorio Sgarbi - and exhibited at other locations and galleries, like Galleria Ca’ di Fra’, Mc2, Fondazione Stelline and Fondazione Mudima. 2013 was a year of great solo and collective shows for Molina; his works were exhibited at Milan’s Museo Poldi Pezzoli, Spazio Oberdan and La Triennale. His first anthological exhibition took place in 2014 at Real Academia de España in Rome, in 2015 he released the volume “Humanitas”, a comprehensive collection of the artist’s production from 2002, and in 2016 he held a solo show at Museo del Mare in Genoa and at Galleria Deodato Arte in Milan. In 2017 at the Royal Palace in Caserta, took place a big anthological exhibition “Landscape after the battle” supported by the Spanish institutions and by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism. Today Josè is present on the international scene, both in Europe and Asia, with a series of solo exhibitions both in private and public spaces. He now lives in Gravedona, Lake Como.

    Exhibition : Solo Exhibiton / Presentation Upcoming L’abbraccio di Cristo, Como’s cathedral, Italy 2017 Soulwoman, Galleria Hernandez, Milan, Italy Dialogo Della Croce, Curated by Dominique Stella, Santa Maria del Tiglio Church Gravedona, Lake Como, Italy Uomini e altri demoni, Curated by Chiara Gatti, Deodato Arte, Milan, Italy Paesaggio dopo la battaglia, Curated by Lorenzo Canova, Reggia di Caserta, Italy 2016 Veritatis splendor: il senso del divino, Graziani Palace, and Asset Bank, Republic of San Marino Dolce acqua, Muma Museum, Genoa, Italy Uomini e altri demoni, curated by Chiara Gatti, Deodato Arte, Milan, Italy 2015 De l’amor y otros demonios, curated by Alessandra Redaelli, Biffi Gallery, Piacenza, Italy L’altra bellezza, San Pietro in Atrio, Como, Italy Presentation of the anthological catalogue “Humanitas” and interview by Martina Mazzotta Mazzotta Foundation, Sormani Public Library, Milan 2014 La sconfitta della Tauromachia, Critical essay by Arturo Lorenzo, Cervantes Institute, Milan, Italy The World Outside, The World Inside, Ugolini Castle, Verona, Italy Dioses y hombres. Men and Gods., Brenna Tosatto Villa, Lenno, Italy Humanity, Fabrik Gallery, Honk Kong L’arte spagnola a Palazzo Gallio, Curated by Mariella Casile , Gravedona ed Uniti, Italy Bestias Humanas, Curated by Rosetta Gozzini , Real Academia d’Espana, Roma, Italy 2013 Los Olvidados, Curated by Rosetta Gozzini , Luciana Matalon Foudation, Milan, Italy Day by Day, Deodato Art Gallery, Milan, Italy 2012 Sentimentos, Lake Art Gallery, Dongo, Como Lake, Italy 2011 Sentimentos, Curated by Claudio Composti, MC2 Gallery, Milan, Italy Sentimentos y Predatores, Galeria Movart, Madrid, Spain Tierra del Fuego, Curated by Carmen Pascual, Madrid, Spain Libux Library, Curated by Franca Castelnuovo Cantù 2010 Cosas Humanas, Mudima Foundation, Milan, Italy 2009 Pencil of paper: artworks by Escher, Gottfried Helnwein and Jose Molina, curated by Alex Pergher Brixen’s Civic M

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  • Youngok Park  (+)

    Biography : Youngok Park graduated from Ewha Woman’s University and later, Kaywon University of Art & Design. Park has always been interested in the idea of the familiar, the personal and the home when it comes to exploring her own identity. Working with images that evoke memories of childhood, Park plays with the idea of time, striving to express the warped nature of recalling a moment shaded with years of recollection. Like an old photograph yellowed and crumbled with age, the subject which is just barely visible through the fade; the work captures an essence of antiquity. Manipulating paint until it renders in almost a sculptural context, each piece has a tactility that is immediately apparent to the viewer. Park works in a repetitive, cyclical nature, scraping paint off just to slick more onto the mottled surface. Through this routine, each painting slowly comes to life, depicting animals, pots, loved ones, all pulled from the depths of Park’s emotional foundation. With the idea of the recreation of the relic: new paint holding old secrets, the work evokes a time that is both past and present, a place where the identity can grow and thrive.

    Exhibition : Exhibition / Solo Exhibitions 2017 Solo Exhibition, Jinburyeong Museum, Goseong, South Korea 2016 Solo Exhibition, Gana Art Space, Seoul, South Korea 2016 Solo Exhibition, Kaywon Univ. Susinjea Gallery, Uiwang, South Korea 2015 Solo Exhibition, Sumockwon Gallery, Anyang, South Korea 2015 Solo Booth Exhibition, Bexco, Busan, South Korea 2014 Solo Exhibition, Gana Art Space, Seoul, South Korea Selected Exhibition & Group Exhibition 2016 Korea-China International Art Festival, 958 Museum, Harbin, China 2013 Vision, Dream and Love Exhibition, Gallery GAIA, Seoul, South Korea 2012 Hwawoo Exhibition, Kaywon Univ. Susinjea Gallery, Uiwang, South Korea 2011 People who Like Paintings Exhibition, Seoul City Hall Gallery, Seoul, South Korea 2010 Vision, A Phase of Korea Modern Paintings Exhibition, Insa Art Gallery, Seoul, South Korea 2010 Good Life Exhibition, Inha Hopital Gallery, Incheon, South Korea 2009 Union Exhibition, Gunpo Culture and Arts Center, Gunpo, South Korea 2008 Jo hyung hwae Exhibition, Tablo Gallery, Seoul, South Korea 2007 Jo hyung hwae Exhibition, Insa Art Plaza, Seoul, South Korea Art Fair 2016 SCAF Hotel Art Fair, Lotte Hotel Seoul, Seoul, South Korea 2016 The 34th Korea Galleries Art Fair, COEX, Seoul, South Korea 2015 The 14th Korea International Art Fair (KIAF), COEX, Seoul, South Korea 2015 Art Gyeongju Fair, HICO, Gyeongju, South Korea

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  • Tony Kaye  (+)