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Elka and Alison work hand in hand as they are both very active and passionate about art and culture. Together they are able to meet and discover different local and international artists. They offer to those whom they find innovative, an inviting space to display their creations. Both women have a common desire of creating an impressive exhibition and initiating the public into the magic of art apart from the norms of daily life. They want to create a moment of magic , and are inviting the public in a journey into the heart of the creative process. The gallery serves a higher purpose than being just a place to show case art. It is more of an immersion into the alchemy of these creative works. The gallery strives to give those who visit a unique sense of inspiration and a glimpse of magic.
The gallery taps into the emotions of those who enter and strives to spread a dynamic and perceptive aura of magic and marvelousness. The gallery focuses on projects that are artistic as well as those that enter the event sector, such as hosting and providing the atmosphere for events.

This year, the gallery is already in the process of a creative and innovative collaboration with the Hotel Regina in Biarritz, France. Selected artists will be chosen and will then create specific artwork in line with the theme of the Roaring 20’s. Linked to the history of the hotel that was created during the second half of the Empire, this theme will give birth to a special and innovative exhibition from September 17th until 2018. Along with the exhibition, a collectors’ book will also be produced that will describe the project in detail. The book will be signed by the Art Design Gallery in exclusive partnership with the Hotel Regina.

In addition to the Hotel Regina, the Art Design Gallery is also collaborating with hotel Miramar a 5 star hotel along with Hotel Silhouette a 4 star hotel both located in Biarritz. The gallery will participate at the Roaring 20’s festival organized by the city of Biarritz this year. This is just the beginning. Art fares and social media are the new fields that Elka and Alison are on their way to conquering. Although the gallery is young, as it was just created in 2017, she has clearly made its mark on the art market. Since it’s opening, the gallery has experienced a successful year, and is looking forward to many more to come.

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Exhibiting Artists

Other Represented Artists


    Biography : The work of self taught prodigy, Lucile Callegari, portrays the human face that brings alive an infinite amount of possibilities. Her pieces are able to display a range of different emotions. The creative process for Lucile, is very fast and energetic as her paintings are completed in a very short time period based on pure instinct. There is no going back or correcting. No fixing or changing.

    Exhibition : Lucile’s art now appears in many galleries in France and is starting to attract international attention in the art world. Her art, now owned by a private collector is making its mark on the international art market.

    Detailed Description : In the artist’s process, nothing is planned. Faces from daily life inspire and permit her to create new portraits, as a materialization of the subconscious. The woman that Lucile paints in the provided example, is a reflection of herself, which is in turn a reflection of the soul. Transcendental and infinite variations of the female image become universal. Her paintings bring testimony to a lost reality where the real is modified. This is just a pretext to be confronted to see your true self. This is how the subjective eyes can imagine their own history through the art of portraiture. Just like a story about meeting someone.

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  • JOFO JOFO  (+)

    Biography : Jofo is a multidisciplinary artist : painter, drawer, poster artist, video maker and also singer in the french rockband SNOC. Self-educated in everything, Jofo is the creator of a unique and total artistic world very colorful exalted by strength, tenderness for art and life in general.

    Exhibition : Several works by the artist have been sold at auction, including 'The Unknow Boy' sold at Auctionata, Berlin 'Post-War & Contemporary Art' in 2015. His artworks are nowadays in many privates collections in France and abroad.

    Detailed Description : Architect by training, Jofo kept in mind the taste for observation, composition, linearity with his pencil' stroke very precise and strong. It’s been almost thirteen years that he’s painting and drawing faithfully many stories embodied by his one and only character named TOTO, very naïf and flabbergasted, extremely evocative and distinctly recognizable. Inspired by free figuration and art brut, his artistic world is connected to them by many references belonging to : media, rock and roll, loves, sex, family, war, religion …

    Artist's Objects:



    Biography : Artist-painter, Elka Leonard has an insatiable curiosity, She notices every little sparkle of life and feeds herself on love at first sight, which makes life very intense. Just like a movie director, she takes the observer through a maze of feminity, sensuality and chic perversity in a decor full of color and references. Her pictorial artwork, intoxicatingly full of liberties, gives to those that it touches and captivates, the key to a special universe so that they may take part in her short movie.

    Exhibition : Since she first appeared in the public art market in 2015, an array of collectors and people have fallen in love with her picturesque, unique and magical worlds. Currently shown in France, her artwork has also gained a following in the United States and Switzerland.

    Detailed Description : Behind Elka Leonard’s artwork are very detailed stories. These stories give way to a vibrant and elaborate tribute to the Woman, which is the main theme of her artwork. Her paintings are emotional and she inspires to bring the observer into a feminine world. The detail of her work is immense and full of references. Her muse is the hero of the Classic Century painting, such as a Saint, divinity, and the mythological face and figure. The women that she portrays (“Les Aristochattes” a french play on words, created by Elka) shows the longing and quest of finding their place in history as a whole. The women portrayed in the paintings share a common goal of the greatest adventure of all : being completely yourself with no inhibitions. Elka Leonard throws her feelings into her artwork. She aims to light up the imagination, to be a driver of dreams, and an opener into the window of the mind.

    Artist's Objects:


  • TITO MULK  (+)

    Biography : Born of the anxiety of an all mapped out and inevitable life, the work of Tito-Mulk reinvents a fantastically wealthy world " bédéiesque " in the new esthetics. Of the contrast the most blatant black / white emerges an opposition to yokes which oppress, like a fit of bad temper against the big contemporary pains. In this total commitment Tito and Mulk " cadavrent-exquisent " in a perfect symbiosis. They find their plastic vocabulary in the imagination of their childhood and their desires. The universe of the Super-heroes and the métamorphes monsters mixing sex, drug and 100% organic in a chaotic characteristic destabilizing antagonism of our society, empty of marks. La densité du graphisme accentue cette jungle hystérique. Toutefois l’harmonie et le savoir-faire des différents plans et perspectives dévoilent la véritable intention des artistes : trouver un ordre, se frayer une voie dans cet imbroglio. The density of the graphics stresses this hysteric jungle. However the harmony and the know-how of the various plans and perspectives reveal the real intention of the artists: find an order, clear itself a way in this imbroglio. If the Narrative Representation from 1964 through Edouardo Arroyo announces " the program is to participate totally in the reality. That is accuse, denounce, crying out and not avoiding the taboo subjects such as the sexuality or the politics", today the societal situation is aggravated. It is necessary to break the deadlock, to go out of the color to refocus, not scatter and cut to adopt a chosen, matured way. To denounce is not sufficient any more, closer to concerns of their time Tito and Mulk look for a road, open a way

    Exhibition : Collective exhibitions 2017 // Taverne Gutenberg // Exposition, installation et live painting // juillet 2017 - Lyon. 2016 // Summer Train Festival // Exposition et live painting // juin 2016 - Paris 18ème. 2015 // Favela Chic // octobre 2015 - Paris 11ème. 2014 // Galerie Catherine et Frédéric Portal // de juillet à septembre 2014 - Saint-Jean-de-Luz. 2014 // SAM 2014 // du 22 au 25 octobre 2014 - Galerie Galerie Étienne de Causans, Paris 5eme. 2014 // 2DaysArt // du 8 au 9 novembre 2014 - Luxexpo, Luxembourg. Solo exhibitions 2017 // Galerie Avant-Gartiste // Février 2017 - Paris 17ème. 2015 // Galerie Dobone // depuis novembre 2015 - Paris 12ème. 2014 // Showcase Naya x Ardo // Du 6 au 7 décembre 2014 // Galerie Angel Orensanz, Paris 3eme. 2014 // Whatever // Du 9 au 25 mai 2014 - Galerie 21 artstreet, kehlen, luxembourg

    Detailed Description :

  • ERIC NEVEU  (+)

    Biography : Eric neveu was born in france 1947. In 1972, Eric Neveu is hired by the largest publishing company of the world Daniel Filipacchi editions as the personal assistant of the famous owner. One year later Daniel Filipacchi will promote the young Eric Neveu to the task of editor in chief of its art book collections on surrealism and american realistic photography. In 1979, Daniel Filipacchi ask Eric to move to New-York to perfect his young man artistic experience then Eric is deeply inspired by the magical discovery of photography. Passionate by cars, he will take his first pictures of automobiles and upon his return to Paris his work is exhibited in a parisian gallery which will sell 40 of his prints on the very same day of the opening. In 1983, Eric Neveu choose to shoot nude and erotic photography for Penthouse magazine, the U.S. success is instant, Daniel Filipacchi asked Eric to create a new magazine named after his dog Newlook. Newlook mag after few months will brake a record sales in Europe of 600.000 per months. The big boss d.f. award Eric Neveu for his unprecedented result, by giving him the high responsibility of chief editor of many magazines such as: Union, Lui, Penthouse etc.... In 2008 Eric dedicate himself to his own artistic creations on various affectioned themes : fish, cats, architectural cities, airplanes and abstractions.

    Exhibition : In june 2009 his airplane pieces installation are gigantically projected in the booth of masterjet in the famous french world air show in the salon du Bourget. May-june 2010, Eric Neveu work enters in the museum in the musée du Montparnasse where hundreds of visitors acclaimed the artist and two of his pieces are acquiered by the greatest private world collections.

    Detailed Description : About his artist work Eric Neveu modestly defines himself as an image crafter, whose like to fill up empty walls.


    Biography : Mikael Vojinovic, was introduced to photography as a young 10 year old boy. First taking photos of his then girlfriend, it was something that came naturally to Mikael. The camera acts as a magic wand with which Mikael produces something ineffable, innocent and intriguing. A look, a posture, an aura that only the camera is able to capture for eternity.

    Exhibition : His client base consists but is not limited to Dior, Fred, Villebrequin , Cacharel, Rado, Watch, Sigg, S, Simons, Virgin and Mother Agency. His work is found regularly published in international magazines such as Elle, Maxim, W, Ludlow, Oyster and Soma.

    Detailed Description : His photography is intended to honor the feminine subject. A way for him to portray the female essence. Mikael Vojinovic, uses the word “raw” to describe his artistic practice. His process is impromptu and unrehearsed in order to obtain the most genuine and profound representation of his subject . No artificial light or much editing is used in his photographs. He is deeply in touch with his subjects’ unique and sensual nature. He is inspired by the surrounded environment that is spontaneously chosen as the background of his images. The result is a portfolio of pictures that tell reverent stories of sex and rock and roll.

    Artist's Objects: