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The Cave - David Yarrow

David Yarrow The Cave

Naive#4 -  Gabriel Wickbold

Gabriel Wickbold Naive#4

I am light -  Gabriel Wickbold

Gabriel Wickbold I am light

I am light -  Gabriel Wickbold

Gabriel Wickbold I am light

Exhibiting Artists

Other Represented Artists

  • Donal Boyd

    Biography : Donal’s imagery and captions probe his audience to think deeper about the world and to consider the connections we all share. He’s deeply passionate about wildlife conservation and much of his work focuses on promoting projects involved with protecting fragile ecosystems around the world. Donal was born and raised in Boston, MA, USA, but is now permanently based in Southern Iceland since 2015. He currently splits his time between roaming the sub-arctic landscape of Iceland in his Land Rover Defender and exploring other nearby arctic regions and traveling throughout Sub-Saharan Africa contributing to conservation initiatives across the region.

  • Raphael Macek

    Biography : Raphael Macek born on August 11, 1981 into a family of animal lovers. His father, a horse breeder and veterinarian, instilled in Raphael his passion and love for animals. This experience and relationship have made Raphael Macek one of the most important contemporary horse photographers in the world today. Macek decided early on to turn his hobby into a career. Working so closely with different cultures and people while searching for models had an impact on his life as well as his style and helped to shift his focus toward the natural world.

  • Fernanda Naman

    Biography : Graduated in architecture, dedicated to various courses and experiences focused on art, such as History of Art, Painting and Sculpture. His passion since childhood was to spend holidays in his grandmother's atelier amidst paintings, sculptures of stone, clay and enameling. Soon after graduating, he began to paint canvases and made his first solo exhibition at Galeria Candido Portinari, at the Brazilian Embassy in Rome. Since 2008 he has been dedicated to photography and, in 2017, he made his last solo exhibition at the Gabriel Wickbold Studio and Gallery. Her work does not seek documentary records, but document the anguish, desires and emotions experienced by the artis

  • Gabriel Wickbold  (+)

    Biography : Gabriel Wickbold, a native of Rio de Janeiro, an autodidact who has always had contact with different artistic expressions. He has written poetry and worked as a music producer, putting him in contact with video editing, television lighting, directing actors and a whole mixture of languages that allow him to compose his work until he reaches the most conceptual stage. His work is loaded with themes and questions

    Artist's Objects:

    •  Gabriel Wickbold - I am light I am light
    •  Gabriel Wickbold - I am light I am light
    •  Gabriel Wickbold - Naive#4 Naive#4