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Did you never see that sweet creature in the dark - Did you never see love where you least expected it -  Josè Molina

Josè Molina Did you never see that sweet creature in the dark - Did you never see love where you least expected it

How long does it take to start a god -  Josè Molina

Josè Molina How long does it take to start a god

Lucy, Arcangel I -  Josè Molina

Josè Molina Lucy, Arcangel I

Luz de luna -  Zaida Del Rio

Zaida Del Rio Luz de luna

Naturaleza Budica -

Naturaleza Budica

No title - Eduardo Roca (Choco)

Eduardo Roca (Choco) No title

MADRE MORTA -  Josè Molina


AZULES -  Zaida Del Rio

Zaida Del Rio AZULES

N/A - Eduardo Roca (Choco)

Eduardo Roca (Choco) N/A

Exhibiting Artists

Other Represented Artists

  • Zaida Del Rio  (+)

    Biography : Zaida del Rio was born in Guadeloupe, Las Villas, Cuba, June 3, 1954. The designer, painter, ceramist, engraver, decorator, lithographer and poet, the Cuban artist Zaida del Rio can’t be classified into a single aspect. She studied at the National Art High School (ENA) in Havana, Cuba (1971-1974), at the Instituto Superior de Arte (ISA) in Havana, Cuba (1982-1987) and at the School of Fine Arts in Paris, France (1988-1989). He is a member of the National Union of Cuban Writers and Artists (UNEAC) and the International Association of Plastic Artists (AIAP). With more than 30 solo and group exhibitions in Brazil, Cuba, Spain, United States, France, Italy, Japan, Martinique and Mexico. His works are present in all editions of the Biennial of Havana, at the Biennial of Engraving of San Juan, Puerto Rico, Cuenca, Ecuador; Sao Paulo, Brazil; Cairo, Egypt and the Caribbean, the Santo Domingo Biennale and the Dominican Republic. Her illustrations decorate several books, magazines and CDs; has published her book “Heritage Classic”, which collects the representation of popular religious prayers. The round shapes of the characters, a feature of all her paintings, gives strength to the message that the artist wants to convey in every creation. Red, yellow, orange, blue and purple are the colors that predominate in these works. Although the artist uses the combinations of white, gray and black. Among the most important prizes, with which her work has been recognized are the gold medal, the First Prize for painting of the Cairo Biennial, Egypt (1993). The Alejo Carpentier (1994) and the Third Medal of Painting Prize at the Tenri Biennial, Japan (1998).

    Exhibition : Group Exhibitions: 1981 Retrospective of young artists. Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia 1982 The Sing Cuban Gallery Art of New York, USA 1984 Joan Miró competition. Joan Miró Foundation, Barcellona, Spain 1987 Cuban painting . United Nations, New York; Museum of Contemporary Art of New York, USA 1989 Living Jeune Peinture, espressione jeune. Galerie Nesle, Paris, France 1995 The shapes of earth . Buades Gallery, Madrid, Spain 1996 ARCO. Madrid, Spain 1997 Latin America Pt. Casa de America, Madrid, Spain Solo Exhibitions: 1976 Zaida del Río, prints, Galleria L. L’Avana, Cuba. 1978 Stories, drawings, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Cuba. 1979 Notes from our field , drawing: Galleria di L’Avana, Cuba. 1981 Venturas creol, drawings and ceramics, Fine Art Gallery Avana, Cuba. 1982 Cabinet drawings and prints, Gallery Agora-FONAPAS, Tabasco, Mexico 1984 Zaida del Río, ceramics and engravings, Provincial Museum of Villa Clara, Cuba. 1974-1976 National Salon of Engravings , Fine Arts, Cuba. 1975 Cuban graphics and painting, Mexico. 1980-1987 National Plastic Arts UNEAC, Fine Arts, Cuba. 1982 Cuban art, New York, USA 1985 1° Latinamerican Exhibition of Engravings, Quito, Ecuador. 1988 International competition for children’s book illustrations, NOMA, Japan

    Artist's Objects:

    •  Zaida Del Rio - AZULES AZULES
    •  Zaida Del Rio - Luz de luna Luz de luna

  • Josè Molina  (+)

    Biography : José Molina was born in Madrid in July 1965. He lives now in Gravedona, Lake Como. At the age of 11 he started his artistic training in several art schools, but his first impulse for painting was already apparent since he was four. Aged eighteen, while pursuing his studies at the University of Fine Arts in Madrid, he started to work in advertising. At thirty-five he decides to return to his roots and devote himself to painting. His first exhibition, dating back to 2004, was held at Galleria Rubin in Milan where he put on show his first series “Morir para Vivir”. This pictorial production is marked by a deep introspective and psychological research. Between 2005 and 2007 he completed his second collection “Predatores”, in which his analysis focuses on the relationship between man and society. The collection enjoyed a rich exhibiting season, including a personal show at Milan’s Museo della Scienza curated by Vittorio Sgarbi. Other personal shows were held at Fondazione Mudima, at the galleries Ca’ di Fra and Mc2, and at Galleria Romberg in Rome. In 2010, following three years of black & white, Molina completed the collection “Cosas Humanas”, twelve big-sized oil paintings on board that went on show at Fondazione Mudima. In 2011 he started to work simultaneously at two different collections “Los Olvidados” (The Forgotten) and “AnimaDonna”, which greatly differ from one another: in the former the artist goes back to the grease pencil with a series of 14 works that, in terms of iconography, are similar to Predatores, while the latter greatly differs from the apocalyptic and grotesque universe inhabited above all by male characters. Here the artist seems to be looking for a sort of redemption and finds it in the female soul and in the female side that dwells in each one of us. The project, consisting of approximately 100 works, is a sort of “tale” divided into eighteen chapters going from maternity to the symbiotic relationship between women

    Exhibition : Solo and Group Shows, Art Fairs Upcoming exhibition “Dialogo della croce” curated by Dominique Stella, Santa Maria del Tiglio Church, Gravedona, Lake Como L’abbraccio di Cristo (solo exhibition in Como’s cathedral) Soulwoman, Galleria Hernandez Milan 2017 Uomini e altri demoni, Deodato Arte, Milan curated by Chiara Gatti (solo show) Paesaggio dopo la battaglia curated by Lorenzo Canova, Reggia di Caserta (solo show) Ricapitolando curated by Roberto Gramiccia, Plus arte Plus, Rome (group show) 2016 “Veritatis splendor: il senso del divino,” Graziani Palace, and Asset Bank, Republic of San Marino (Solo Show) “Dolce acqua” Muma Museum, Genoa (Solo Show) 2015 “De l’amor y otros demonios” , curated by Alessandra Redaelli, Biffi Gallery, Piacenza (Solo Show) WunderKammer Grand Tour, ART STAYS, 13th Festival of Contemporary Art, Ptuj “Un mondo di pane”, Fabbrica del Vapore, Milano (group show) “L’altra bellezza”, San Pietro in Atrio, Como (solo show) Presentation of the anthological catalogue “Humanitas” and interview by Martina Mazzotta (Mazzotta Foundation), Sormani Public Library, Milan Group Show “Shots of Bread”, Mediateca di Santa Teresa, Milan Contemporary Art Fair, Hong Kong Neaples Art Fair 2014 “La sconfitta della Tauromachia”, Cervantes Institute, Milan. Critical essay by Arturo Lorenzo (Solo Show) “The World Outside, The World Inside” Ugolini Castle, Verona “Dioses y hombres. Men and Gods”. Brenna Tosatto Villa, Lenno. (Solo Show) “Humanity”, Fabrik Gallery, Honk Kong. (Solo Show) L’arte spagnola a Palazzo Gallio, Gravedona ed Uniti. Curated by Mariella Casile. (Solo Show) Bestias Humanas, Real Academia d’Espana, Roma. Curated by Rosetta Gozzini. (Solo Show) L’arte al tempo della crisi, Triennale, Milano (Group Show) “Non di solo pane”, Spazio Oberdan, Milan. Curated by Susanna Vallebona. (Group Show) Honk Kong Contemporary Art Fair Art Fair Verona 2013 Wunder Ka

    Artist's Objects:

    •  Josè Molina - MADRE MORTA MADRE MORTA
    •  Josè Molina - Lucy, Arcangel I Lucy, Arcangel I
    •  Josè Molina - How long does it take to start a god How long does it take to start a god
    •  Josè Molina - Did you never see that sweet creature in the dark - Did you never see love where you least expected it Did you never see that sweet creature in the dark - Did you never see love where you least expected it

  • Eduardo Rocha (Choco)  (+)

    Biography : Painter, engraver and sculptor. Born in 1949 in Santiago de Cuba. Graduated from the School of Art Instructors, 1963. Graduated from the National School of Art, 1970. He studied at the Faculty of Arts and Letters of the University of Havana. Member of the National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC), and of the International Association of Plastic Artists (AIAP). He has been awarded the Distinction for National Culture granted by the Ministry of Culture of Cuba; with the Alejo Carpentier Medal and Julio Antonio Mella, assigned by the Council of State of the Republic of Cuba, The Seal of the Laureate and the Raúl Gómez García Distinction granted by the National Trade Union of Cultural Workers. He has been recognized with the Diploma of Artistic Merit and the category of Consultant Professor by the Higher Institute of Art of Havana.

    Exhibition : PERSONAL EXHIBITIONS 2016 "Choco. Opening roads ", Doran Gallery-MassArt, Boston, USA «Human balance», artMorfosis Cuban Art Gallery, Zurich, Suisse. 2015 Raw material. XII Biennial of Havana, Morro Cabaña, Havana, Cuba. 2014 Raw material. MININT Gallery. Havana Cuba. Multiple choco Carmen Montilla Gallery. Havana Cuba. Painting in action. F.A.C. As part of the Leo Brouwer Chamber Music Festival. Havana Cuba. 2013 Retazos del Sol. Valley Arts, Firehouse Gallery. New Jersey, U.S.A. The breath of life. Tristá Gallery. Trinidad, Cuba. 2012 Retazos del Sol. Latin Art Space Multiculturel Arts Center Cambridge. Boston, U.S.A. 2011 Reunion. Tribute to Antonia Eiriz. Antonia Eiriz House. Cuba. 2010 Beyond the edge. Villa Manuela Gallery. Havana Cuba. 2009 Havana to Harlem. Caribbean Cultural Center. NY, U.S.A. 2008 Color and Rhythm from Cuba. The Chambers Gallery. London England. 2005 Choco. Infanta Cristina Cultural Center. I paint Madrid Spain. The gods of Choco. Emilio Bacardí Museum, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba. 2004 Fan of Possibilities. National museum of fine arts. Havana Cuba. 2003 The Breath of Life. Center of Culture Casa Lamm. DF, Mexico Cuban Graphics Erasto Cortés Museum-Workshop. Puebla, Mexico 2002 The mysteries of blue. Promo-Art. Tokyo, Japan. Choco Gallery Art of Columbus. Matanzas, Cuba. 2001 Choco ... beats. José Martí Memorial. Havana Cuba. Cuban Styles Somart Gallery, San Francisco and Ira pinto Gallery. Washington, USA. At the Edge of the Millennium. Museum of the Americas. San Juan Puerto Rico. Paintings and Engraving. Casal de Ca S'Hereu. Llucmajor, Palma de Mallorca, Spain. Exhibition of awards of the Grand Prix Triennial of Kochi, Japan. 2000 Eduardo Roca, one man exhibition. PROMO-ART Latin American Art Gallery. Paris Gallery. Yokohama, Japan Benito Ortiz Gallery,

    Detailed Description : PRIZES AND MENTIONS 2017 National Prize of Plastic Arts, Havana, Cuba. 1999 Grand Prix. IV International Engraving Triennial. Kochy, Japan. 1995 Honorable Mention. First Biennial of Latin American and Caribbean Engraving. Barranquilla, Colombia. 1986 First Prize Drawing. National Exhibition of Plastic Arts UNEAC, Cuba. 1985 First Prize Drawing. National Exhibition of Plastic Arts UNEAC, Havana, Cuba. 1984 First Prize. International Engraving Contest, "Small Format". Orense, Galicia, Spain. 1981 Medal of Honor. International Graphic Exhibition. Sofia, Bulgaria. First prize. National Exhibition of Plastic Arts UNEAC, Havana, Cuba. 1978 First Drawing Prize of the FAR, Havana, Cuba. 1977 First Prize of Engraving, National Youth Hall, Havana, Cuba. First Painting Prize, National Youth Salon, Havana, Cuba. 1976 First Mention of Engraving, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba. PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITIES 2016 Collation Course, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston, USA 2015 Collagration Course, Centro de las Artes, Guanajuato, Mexico. 2012 Mural Project, University West Indies, Trinidad and Tobago 2009 Collagration course. University of Chapell Hill. North Carolina. 2005 Collagration course. Infanta Cristina Cultural Center. Madrid Spain. 2004 He teaches courses of collage for professionals. Joan Miró Foundation. Palma de Mallorca, Spain. 2003 Collagration course. Erasto Cortés Museum Workshops. Puebla, Mexico 2001 Collagration course. SomArts Cultural Center. San Francisco, U.S.A. 2000 Invited to work in the URDLA workshop. Lyon, France He teaches course of collage, Academy of Fine Arts. Sokei, Japan 1999 Works in the workshop of Brandy wine Graphics Workshop. Philadelphia, USA. 1994 He teaches courses of collage for professionals. Joan Miró Foundation. Palma de Mallorca, Spain. 1989 He teaches engraving course in Galicia, Popular University of Villa Nueva. Aroza, Spain. 1978 Integrates the Chair of painting in the National School of Art. 1973 Integ

    Artist's Objects:

    • Eduardo Roca (Choco) - N/A N/A
    • Eduardo Roca (Choco) - No title No title