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Mother and child -  Stefan Yordanov

Stefan Yordanov Mother and child

El Duelo -  Alberto Sanchez

Alberto Sanchez El Duelo

Hot Dog Queen II - Gabriel  Moreno

Gabriel Moreno Hot Dog Queen II

Wounds-CLXXVII - Juan Miguel Palacios

Juan Miguel Palacios Wounds-CLXXVII

Girl with Dragon | Diptych - Gabriel  Moreno

Gabriel Moreno Girl with Dragon | Diptych

Exhibiting Artists

  • Juan Miguel Palacios  (+)

    Artist's Objects:

    • Juan Miguel Palacios - Wounds-CLXXVII Wounds-CLXXVII

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  • Gabriel Moreno  (+)

    Biography : Gabriel Moreno graduated from Facultad de Bellas Artes in Seville in 1998. He was selected as one of the most influential illustrators in the world by renowned Taschen editorial. His work has been featured in leading international publications such as WSJ, Squire London, GQ USA, and Rolling Stone. His experience and reach is remarkable as an illustrator in advertising commissioned by iconic brands such as Nike, Rolex, Universal Music, and Coca-Cola. His pieces make striking statements about female beauty through graphic and elegant images. The obvious eroticism of Moreno’s work is contained by a modesty and delicacy of temperament which infuses the technical and aesthetic elements of his art. His works comprise of owing and precise ne black lines, over which he deploys shocks of colour and dramatic gradients, accenting clothing, faces, or environments. In order to fulfill his vision, he uses multiple artistic mediums and tools such as pencil, ink, marker, watercolour, and digital art. Most recently he has been working with Spain’s most renowned foundry in the creation of a hand-engraved bronze sculpture that was released in Scope Miami.

    Exhibition : Gabriel Moreno has exhibited in New York, London, Hamburg, Washington, Toronto, Madrid, Byron Bay, Mexico City, Rome, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Singapore, Seoul and Miami, including SCOPE Art Show.

    Detailed Description : For beauty is nothing but the beginning of terror which we are barely able to endure, and it amazes us so, because it serenely disdains to destroy us. Every angel is terrible.
- Raine Maria Rilke My work is born from a hypersensitivity to the beauty of the femme in an attempt to keep that essence. Visceral, it responds to a need to calm an obsession, like a civilized Jean-Baptiste Grenouille in the novel Perfume, where my ability to express emotions is directly proportional to my ability to translate them into the skin of the women I draw. Delicacy, strength, sensuality and fragility as values, a woman and a canvas, is my way of understanding the world both sensorially and intellectually. Lines of pencil or pen, and modelling clay take shape until they become a feminine gure. Inspiration along with my tools of work, have created a world of contemporary women, who dwell between roughness and purity, through the spaces within the lines of drawing. The subtlety of pencil lines show beauty and a hidden fragility. The tattoos that overlay the delicate bodies suggest what is secret. With these contrasting images and ideas; I explore the aesthetic of contradiction. CLIENTS Moreno’s work is also held in private collections around the world including Germany, Sweden, Australia, UK, Hong Kong, Singapore and USA. Corporate commissions include works for Naciones Unidas, Orion Books London, Cadena Ser, Telefónica, Repsol, 40principales, Timotei, Jim Beam, Ron Santa Teresa, Mahou, Snickers, Movistar, Marlboro, Universal Music, Activa, Chester eld, Nonoloa, Mondariz, CocaCola, Fnac, Tele5, Nike, Wonders, Rolex, Victoria’s Secret, Seat, Acqua Colonia, Brizo, Fiat, Universidad Europea de Madrid, Germinal, Kellogg’s, Lux, Mc Donald’s, Vita, Vogèle EDITORIALS Tendencias, Vogue, Sunday Times London, Calle 20, Hmagazine, Time Out, DT, Revista 40, Rolling Stone, Harper’s Bazaar, Esquire, DIF MAG, Computers Arts, Arte y diseño, Neo2, Los Ángeles Times, Mens Health,

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    Artist's Objects:

    • Gabriel  Moreno - Girl with Dragon | Diptych Girl with Dragon | Diptych
    • Gabriel  Moreno - Hot Dog Queen II Hot Dog Queen II

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  • Alberto Sanchez  (+)

    Biography : Spanish/Australian artist Alberto Sanchez is a photographer and multi-media artist based in Byron Bay, Australia. Sanchez has pushed the medium of photography, developing a unique hand-colouring technique that enables him to create imagined scenarios from everyday moments. This heavy use of hand-colouring and texture results in a conceptual masquerade and ultimately creates an improbable landscape, in which us, the audience, are invited to participate in the struggle of modern life. The images fluctuate between the narrative to the matter-of-fact photographic record, resulting in a hybrid reality, of physical and imagined worlds. Alberto conceives photography as a creative art form that is not constricted to the digital medium, where he prints, hacks and re-invents his own photographs to give them an idiosyncratic flavour. He sees photography as a kind of time traveling experience, a mixture of magic realism, which enables him to rediscover the world through his viewfinder. His body of work explores the notions of urban expansionism, capitalism and how individuals define themselves in this overloaded environment. AWARDS His work has appeared in many press articles and publications. Awards include: Bowness Photography Prize (Finalist), Wilson Viual Arts Award (Finalist), Sunshine Coast Art Prize (Finalist), Prometheus Visual Arts Award (Finalist), Doug Moran Portrait Prize (Semi-Finalist), Byron Bay Arts Class (1st Prize),, Head On Alternative Portrait Awards (Finalist & People’s Choice Award), Olive Cotton Portrait Award with Tweed Regional Art Gallery, NSW (Highly Commended), Australian Institute of Photography (AIPP) National & QLD Awards Photographer of the Year, Guest Artist at Photo Istanbul (by invitation)

    Exhibition : Alberto Sanchez has exhibited globally in Hong Kong, New York, London, Hamburg, Byron Bay, Brussels, Stockholm, and Los Angeles among other locations, and including in shows such as SCOPE Art Show Miami, FOTO Istanbul (Invited Artist), CONTEXT Art Miami, Art Silicon Valley, Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair, Photo Contemporary, and Korean International Art Fair.

    Detailed Description : “Photography gives certainty, the camera records something that is, something that exists. I use black and white photography to minimise interference with perceived time or expectations of place. The fluorescent colours I use have an unnatural, almost sci- vibrancy. At the same, I want the viewer to be aware that it has been intervened by hand, an illustrative narrative only achieved through the physical application of paint. The painting modifies what is already there. I search for balance between photography and paint, which then becomes a hybrid of both.” - Alberto Sanchez

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    Artist's Objects:

    •  Alberto Sanchez - El Duelo El Duelo

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  • Stefan Yordanov  (+)

    Biography : Stefan Yordanov was born in Sofia, Bulgaria and lives and works in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy (1990 – 1994) and at the Amsterdam School of Art (1995 – 1997), both in Amsterdam. Yordanov experiments in a broad range of artistic mediums including drawing, collage, interactive objects, site-specific installations and most recently light sculptures.

    Exhibition : Stefan Yordanov has exhibited his works in several galleries including KersGallery (NL), Galerie Franzis Engels (D), Bob Smit Gallery (NL), Art MOTI Museum (NL), Espace 116 (FR), and in several exhibitions in Bulgaria and Austria, as well as displayed his installations at the Big Art Fair and KunstRAI in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

    Detailed Description : Human (and animal) anatomy has an important place in Stefan’s research. The artist transforms the physical remains of a being (its skeleton or skull) into a light-giving creature in order to investigate new possible forms of ‘life’. His spectacular animal skeletons are a symbiosis between primitive and industrial materials. They unite antagonisms in life, such as the spiritual & the materialistic world, nature & technology, life & death… Poetic symbol and a product of consumption at the same time the sculptures provoke a new experience of our existence, which is finally a form of energy, LIGHT itself…

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    Artist's Objects:

    •  Stefan Yordanov - Mother and child Mother and child

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Other Represented Artists

  • Dan Baldwin  (+)

    Biography : Contemporary artist Dan Baldwin is at the forefront of the Young British Artist movement. Coming from the same abrasive, two-fingered salute school of peers Banksy, Tracey Emin and The Chapman Brothers, over the last decade he has quietly built a reputation to match. Today, Baldwin is an established figure in the art world, exhibiting globally. Celebrity collectors include Bernie Ecclestone, Sir Ronald Cohen, Jake Chapman and Jo Whiley among others. Influential artists Damien Hirst, Gilbert & George and Peter Blake also collect Baldwin’s work and credit him as a key influencer of his generation. In addition, his work is found in prominent collections and institutions around the world. “Looking at Dan’s work is like meeting old friends for me,” Sir Peter Blake once said. “It’s fascinating to see Mickey and all the chaps used in a newer different way.” Born in Manchester in 1972, Dan Baldwin initially studied at Eastbourne College of Art before completing a BA in Illustration from the Kent Institute of Art and Design in 1990-1996, where he was invited to be studio associate. He has since gone on to become one of the most prominent artists working in the UK today. The multi-talented artist is a global favourite at the very pinnacle of the Young British Artists movement, and has previously exhibited with the likes of Damien Hirst, Banksy and Sir Peter Blake. Dan Baldwin art has been shown around the world and the artist has enjoyed a stream of critically-acclaimed sell-out solo shows in London, Los Angeles and New York. He has also presented his work in art fairs in Basel, London, Miami, Tokyo and New York. In addition to this, Baldwin’s artworks are constantly being featured in some of the world’s leading magazines. Publications including Vogue, Elle, The New Order, Art of England, Aesthetica, Dazed and Confused, Modern Painters and I.D have all featured his work.


    Detailed Description : Art is at its best when it evokes passionate feelings and creates controversy, and Dan Baldwin’s art is particularly explosive. Many works offer striking commentaries on politics, current affairs and philosophical matters, and his style is often described as allegorical and dreamlike. Reoccurring topics include life and death, innocence, nostalgia and memory. Dan Baldwin uses mixed media to create work that is layered both thematically and physically. His practice has incorporated ceramic pots and ceramic tile paintings, bronze sculpture editions and the art of printmaking, mainly silkscreen and etching. Regardless of the medium he works in, Dan Baldwin’s art overwhelms the viewer in an compliation of intense, witty, kitsch and dystopian imagery. Baldwin has always been an avid collector of vintage books, photography, toys and real found objects, which he incorporates into his work. He uses 3D objects on his canvases, and has cast them in clay to use on ceramics and to create his bronze editions. Viewers may be prepared for a full rush of anarchistic free play, but find something much more nuanced, restrained and poetic. Through multiple stages of reworking and layering, Baldwin aims to achieve balance and harmony between various iconography and colours. Each canvas becomes taut and explosive, mimicking punk, acid trips and pop art.

    Artist's Documents:

  • Minas Halaj  (+)

    Biography : Minas Halaj graduated from University of Fine Arts, Yerevan, Armenia in 2002. He moved to the United States in the same year and studied in 2004 at the University of Art in San Francisco. Born into an artistic family, Minas grew up dreaming only about art and creating his own art world. He can remember himself drawing since he could remember, experiencing and exploring the medium. He worked with various materials such as recycled, old, vintage clothes, and textiles. For Minas, he would just create and not think about a particular style, or label his works in any way. The concept of beauty is a burdened one. We live in a society that fears its adoration in contemporary art, yet intimidates its women into accepting it as their highest value. We have degraded it in mass media and the celebrity yet revere it above all other qualities of life. Beauty is a double-edged sword, an instrument of seduction and inaccessibility burdened by an overwhelming distrust in the simple sensation of pleasure. The Floral Minds collection is vibrant and reminiscent of the Old Masters. Incorporating elements of classical education with contemporary influences, Minas’ art manifests itself by way of a symphony of graphics, sculptures, collages and figurative compositions. He uses a variety of recycled material including tar as part of the background and pieces of a pre-Victorian dress to add texture and dimension, making his work deeply complex.

    Exhibition : Minas Halaj has exhibited across the world including Austraia, UK, Armenia, and in the US in California, Florida, and New York. Minas’ works have been on display at the International Art Symposium in Vienna, Saatchi Art, Riverside Art Museum, Italian American Museum of Art in Los Angeles and the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood. Fair participation includes the LA Art Show, Art Miami, SCOPE New York, and Affordable Art Fair (New York, Hong Kong, Hampstead).

    Detailed Description : “You can discuss and argue about art forever. To me, everything is abstract and interchangeable. It’s all about how you look at things. I love light, life, shadow, line, & color, where the world of an artist begins, trying to sink into art, being drawn into emotion. It helps me to understand the tragedy and the happiness of the reality of life itself. I consider myself the luckiest of all to have been given the gift of creation and I live and work through the appreciation of divinity of art.” – Minas Halaj

    Artist's Documents:

  • Lantomo  (+)

    Biography : Lantomo, pseudonym of Antonella Montes, is an Italian artist based in Barcelona. Lantomo graduated in Architecture at the Faculty of Rome La Sapienza, obtained a MA in Architecture, Art and Ephemeral Space at UPC Barcelona, as well as pursued professional courses of Drawing and Graphic Design in various disciplines (Live nude drawing, illustration, Screen Printing, Web Design, book Layout, Illustrator, Indesign). The passion for drawing, inherited from her mother, has been a constant in her life. She studied architecture in Italy, in Rome and Genoa; then moves to Spain, specializing in scenography and exhibition design. Just a few years ago, since 2010, Lantomo started to dedicate herself exclusively to painting, and her passion has definitely become a job. And in this journey, her stay of almost two years in Beijing, China, you have left an indelible trace. Her drawings have become more accurate and detailed, her only colors the black and white, with touches of red, and the drawn faces have come to have Asian features. To create the portraits, Lantomo uses photography as a starting point, and cleans the image with an extreme minimalism, in the composition, medium and colors, due to her architectural formation. Lantomo works in grayscale with touches of red, drawing inspiration from iconography and traditional Asian drawings (especially Chinese and Japanese), trying to avoid the excess of decoration. The subjects, mainly female, are portrayed as proud and visibly melancholic, whilst the artist’s experience in the contrast of cultures between East and West is palpable through the artist’s process of creation and the atmosphere portrayed. AWARDS 2018 - Selected in the Biennial of Contemporary Drawing contest 'Las huellas del dibujo' organized by the Unicaja Foundation and the Association of Plastic Artists Malaga (APLAMA) 2015- Preselected in the 8th Figurative Painting and Sculpture Contest organized by the Fundació Privada de les Arts i els Artistes

    Exhibition : Lantomo has exhibited worldwide in Barcelona, Paris and Beijing including at ZA JIA Lab project space, MITTE Art Space and Surge Art Beijing.

    Detailed Description : “The graphite portraits I create are almost realistic, suspended in a personal universe between realism and vision, but I'm not interested in virtuous details, I look for the representation of the emotions of my subjects. Drawing has always been present in my life, like a way of expressing myself. My portraits embody a feeling of isolation and introspection, involved in silence. Memory, fears and loneliness in this society are the subjects that obsess me. I try to bring to the surface all traces of emotions behind a gaze.” - Lantomo

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  • Rod McIntosh  (+)

    Biography : Rod McIntosh is an artist with his studio in the midst of the English countryside of rural Kent. He works between Kent and London as an exhibiting artist and is represented by several galleries and consultants working together to build a national and international profile for his work. He studied figurative sculpture in Sheffield, graduating in 1992. He maintained a dynamic practice alongside a successful Arts Management and academic career until 2009. When he returned full-time to the studio. His current work as a mark-maker lies within the tradition of drawing. With his body, the breath along with materials, and repetitive often-obsessive processes, focuses an attention to the present. Observing and recording the moment of creation within a continuum. He speaks of them as; “Physical meditations, that offers himself, and the viewer, a moment to pause.”

    Exhibition : London Art Fair 2017 AAF London, New York, Brussels 2017 TOAF London - preseted by Saatchi Art

    Detailed Description : Process is central within the painting practice of Rod McIntosh. His mark making has a fluidity and honesty that reveals itself through a muted pallet of monotones. This lends the work a striking and minimal appearance, which coalesces with the quiet sensitivity to his materials, time invested and action. Through rehearsal, the mark-making is an embodiment of a gestural flow with the breath that is privately performed. For McIntosh the provenances and particular characteristics of each material are of great importance. Following closely traditional eastern recipes for archival inks and pastes he works upon delicate Chinese papers that absorb every fluid movement as he accepts the brevity of a final committed stroke. Presence and concentration is key to his practice in cultivating a meditative quality. Examining his temporal gestures, alongside ideas of mindfulness, permanence, attachment and acceptance.

    Artist's Documents:

  • Gavin Mitchell  (+)

    Biography : London-based artist and photographer Gavin Mitchell reworks found objects to explore the relationship between East and West in his recent collection ‘East Meets West.’ Gavin Mitchell's portfolio is always 'work in progress' whether creating art or observing. Having graduated with a BA (Hons) Fine Art, Gavin Mitchell chose to take an extended sabbatical from sugar tints, soft grounds, solarisation and f-stops for a career in design and production, which still allowed him to indulge in creative fantasies. But this never really fully satisfied his artistic appetite. Gavin Mitchell returned to be a full-time artist. To use his talents as a photographer, print-maker and collagist in an attempt to create images that resonate and appeal. "The human and material landscape is where I draw my inspiration. Captured through my lens or found through digging deep, the environment I live in and the world I travel through provides a limitless source of references that enthuse, intrigue and excite. My own photography or ‘found’ material provide me with the origins from which my artwork is created. I am always striving to find ways of adding another visual ‘layer’ to the inherently two-dimensional nature of my source. The eclectic nature of the editions of work featured on this website are a reflection of my restless ‘digging’, either visually or literally. "Every corner you turn or old box you dig through can send you off on an entirely new adventure." - Gavin Mitchell

    Exhibition : EXHIBITIONS Solo Exhibitions 2017 | Absolutism V Relativism – Turner Barnes Gallery 2017 | Transient – Northcote Gallery, Chelsea 2015 | Abstract Notions – Northcote Gallery, Chelsea 2015 | Kodachromes – SPH, London 2016 | Pictures of a Floating World – Northcote Gallery, Chelsea 2014 | It isn't what is was – Northcote Gallery, Chelsea 2014 | Fourth Wall – Northcote Gallery, Chelsea 2013 | Bodymaps – Northcote Gallery, Chelsea 2013 | When East meets West – Northcote Gallery, Chelsea 2012 | Their Future. Portraits – Accra, Ghana Group Exhibitions 2018 | Summer Show – Xin Art Gallerie Ars-en-Ré, France 2018 | AAF – Battersea – Turner Barnes Gallery 2018 | AAF - Hampstead – Turner Barnes Gallery 2018 | AAF - Hong Kong – Turner Barnes Gallery 2018 | A Women in Motion – Nassau 42 Fine Arts, Antwerp 2018 | The Illusion of Permanence – Thames Side Studios Gallery, London 2016 | Twelve Days – Cat Street Gallery, Hong Kong 2016 | AAF Battersea 2016 | Wimbledon Open Studios 2016 | Bustin’ Out On A Dream – Creative Debuts & Whitechapel Gallery, London 2016 | Manipulation, Joint Show w/ Frederick Lowis – Luminaire Arts Gallery, London 2015 | AAF Battersea 2015 | Sound & Vision. collab w/Groove Armada – SPH, London 2015 | Signal 8 – Cat Street Gallery, Hong Kong 2014 | Cracker – Cat Street Gallery, Hong Kong 2014 | Wimbledon Open Studios 2014 | On the Perimeter: The Edge of Photography – High House Gallery, Oxon 2014 | Return to Splendour – Collagistes Collective, Marylebone Gardens, London 2014 | LAPADA Art & Antique Show – Berkeley Square, London 2013 | Strarta Art Fair, Saatchi Gallery, London 2013 | AAF Battersea 2013 | Cambridge City Art Fair Charity Work & Professional Residencies Drive Forward Foundation - Care Leavers Charity. Artist in Residence. Workshops 2012 - 2014 Chelsea & Westminster Hospital - Post Graduate Centre - Commissioned Work 2013 - 2016 Facilitator /Reflection Workshops. End of L

    Detailed Description : “Thematic and Material layers. I choose from found materials and assemble an image using relevant or contradictory themes… Mixed Media allows you to use material layers that may be entirely different with each new project. There are no rules… I think you instinctively know when the concept, imagery and materials will work together.” “The collages create compelling fictional scenes with imaginary boundaries overriding the reality of two clashing cultures.” The images I use are from commercial postcards produced in the early 1900’s. Most of the postcards have stamps on the rear which post marked them between 1905-1915. They are generic studio produced pictures, unattributed to any artist. They are black and white/sepia photographs and hand coloured with ink. Once you blow up the image the hand colouring appears to be quite crude and add a personal layer to the image. I have added to the original image with gold and metal leaf embellishment to enhance the original photograph much much as the original colourist would have done over 100 years ago The work by well-known photographers such as Kusakabe Kimbei preceded these postcards in the mid to late 1800’s and using the much less commercial daguerreotype process

    Artist's Documents:

  • Claire Newman-Williams  (+)

    Biography : I was born and raised in England and moved to America in 1988 where I worked primarily as a portrait photographer. Also known for photographing actors, my work appeared in numerous national and international publications including Time Magazine, The New York Times and The Advocate. I returned to the UK in 2005. After 20 years of working as a commercial and editorial photographer I had become disenchanted by the hours I spent sitting in front of a computer tweaking digital files and making people look pretty. I wanted my work to reflect more of my life. It has been said that creativity can simply be the process of learning about ourselves and for me, the change that led me to being an artist was when I stopped looking for things to photograph that could be “fine art” images and started looking instead for emotions and memories, feelings and thoughts that I wanted to express.

    Exhibition : Exhibitions Buckenham Gallery, Southwold - ongoing Bils and Rye Gallery, Kirkbymoorside, - ongoing "Out of the Shadow", Lingwood Samuel Gallery, Feb. 2018 "The Curious World", Lingwood Samuel Gallery, Nov. 2017 The Other Art Fair, Victoria House, London, Apr. 2017 Turner Barnes Gallery, Brentwood, Dec.2016 The Other Art Fair, Old Truman Brewery, London, Oct 6-9, 2016 The Other Art Fair, Bristol, July 22-24, 2016 "Fragments", The Last Supper Gallery, London April-May 2016 The Other Art Fair, Victoria House, London, 2016 Lingwood Samuel Art, Godalming, Nov. 2015 The Other Art Fair, Shoreditch, London, 2015 The Other Art Fair, Bristol, 2015 The Other Art Fair, London, 2015 Driftwood Gallery, Padstow, 2014 The Other Art Fair, Old Truman Brewery, London, 2014 "Strata & Schtick", Plank Gallery, Wiltshire, 2014 "Portraits", Brick Lane Gallery, London, 2014 Clowns", Great Western Studios, London 2011

    Detailed Description : I began by combining my own photographs with text and the inscriptions that other generations have left behind in old books to build a story using layers of recalled experience and nostalgia. These images collected in the project named “Strata” were printed on a textured Japanese paper and then mounted on antique book covers. ​ This process of layering evolved into the assemblage work I am currently working on. Combining original photographic images (usually portraits that I create with old cameras and alternative processes) with found objects, I create collages layered and arranged in antique wooden boxes. These Story Boxes are intended to be like inner landscapes, addressing the recurrent themes of the smothering of identity and our fear of being seen - truly seen by those around us. I source the boxes themselves from auctions and house clearances and the contents of the box are the ephemera of everyday life, the junk that others throw away: old book covers, flakes of old textured paint, strips of leather, old nails, snippets of newspaper from years past. Vintage glass slide casings cover the photographic portraits giving the viewer the impression that they are being looked at from behind a window. The viewer becomes the viewed. I don’t use any one camera or process to produce my images. I have a cupboard full of old film cameras; a Brownie Autograph from the early 1900’s, a 1940’s Speed Graphic, old polaroids, plastic Holgas, and 35mm Nikons from the 1970’s. I particularly love working with a process called wet plate or collodion photography, which is a photographic process that was used before film existed. Now when I shoot, I regularly find myself capturing somewhat random images that inspire me at the time, but have no real sense of context. That comes later when I layer together the different elements of a piece to create a narrative. In the moments that I capture the images it’s more like being a collector than a photographer. Combinin

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  • David Shillinglaw  (+)

    Biography : d Shillinglaw, street artist & muralist whose works explore human nature and the way we think… British artist David Shillinglaw talks about the fantastic overload we experience every single day. There is so much going on, so many demands on our attention and numerous engagement opportunities … “Touch-Screen, Vaporizing, Gender-Neutral, Illuminations everywhere – especially in London – it’s like human soup”. He processes these sensory implosions through is art works creating images that buzz, hum, boom, scream and crash into our consciousness. David explores the inner dialogue that balances our public and private persona in the midst of all this noise in his mural at the Facebook Office in London (May 2018) London based artist David Shillinglaw was born of British parents in 1982 in the Middle East, which may explain his thirst for travel and exhibiting in galleries worldwide. Since graduating from Central Saint Martins in 2002 he has exhibited in galleries in Japan, China, The Gambia, Holland, and key cities such as NY, London, Berlin, and Istanbul.

    Exhibition : 2018 Summer Lovin' , heliumcowboy, Hamburg CRISP , heliumcowboy, Hamburg HELLO MY DEAR , heliumcowboy, Hamburg 2017 75 Works on Paper , Beers London, London COWBOYLAND , heliumcowboy, Hamburg That Gallery, Bristol Moniker Art Fair, London

    Detailed Description : David Shillinglaw is a British painter and muralist, known for his works which explore human nature, success and failure, and language people use in the context of their experiences. David grew up in London. He was interested in art since childhood, as he used to doodle and draw his favorite cartoon characters all the time. Soon he realized that a career in art is the one he needs to pursue, and he started his education at Central Saint Martins in London, eventually graduating from it in 2002. The comics and cartoons were Shillinglaw’s earliest influences, and they continue affecting his style to this day. His art also draws from Ancient Egypt, and he appreciates children’s drawings, as he thinks that children have a completely different perspective on the world that adults do. Another thing that dictates David’s style is the medium he uses. Shillinglaw often changes his mediums, as he believes that fresh new ideas come from the constant growth and development of his artistic expression. He sees his body of work as a whole, with each new piece only adding to it. When painting, David Shillinglaw taps into his past experiences and travels in search for inspiration. He draws from the places he visited, people he met, and most importantly – times when he got lost. Losing oneself is a great motivator for David as an artist. While we are finding our ways back to safety, we are also finding our true selves, thus growing and really knowing the beauty of life and the world around us. Language here plays an integral part of the whole experience – if we don’t know it, then we reach for the more abstract ways to communicate in order to be found again, which is the point of the entire David Shillinglaw’s artworks tell a story through his words and symbols, using colour as a communication tool to make people feel certain emotions when connecting with the work. David Shillinglaw states: “Art is a universal language which we can communicate.” David Shillinglaw com

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  • Olimpia Velasco  (+)

    Biography : Olimpia Velasco was born in Madrid and currently lives and works in Palma de Mallorca. Her work relates to lines (which form pathways to infinity) and others worlds (which allow us to survive in our existing world) from a woman ́s perspective. Her obsession is about desire, nomadic thinking, the capacity to float in a vacuum (silence) and the power to cross over the line that control us and exposes us. These concepts repeat themselves in her work taking different forms. This is how she frees herself from the whirlwind of chaos that pursues her and she transforms this into an art. EDUCATION 2001-2003 Printing and lithography works, Fundación Joan Miró, Palma de Mallorca. 1999-2000 Second year of Doctorate, department.of painting, University of Fine Arts of Madrid 1998-1999 First year of Doctorate, Grant Sócrates, T.E.I. Athinon, Atenas, Grecia 1997 Bachelor of Fine Arts, speciality in Paintig, University Complutense of Madrid 1992 Degree in Graphic by Centro Español de Nuevas Profesiones, Madrid AWARDS Olimpia’s works were selected for over 30 grants, awards and scholarships including the 9th Bienale of Plastic Arts of Albecete, a scholarship residency in Tannerie, Barjols in France and a residency at the Venice Sculpture Laboratory. COLLECTIONS Düsseldorf Airport / Colección DKV / Colección Diezy7 / Centro de Arte Contemporáneo Hospital del Rey, Melilla /Ajuntament de Palma de Mallorca /Colección Jesús Bárcenas / Colegio de España en París / Editorial América- Ibérica / Lego-Group /Esquina Arte Contemporáneo /SKLgallery / H.C Espai Lluc Fluxà ./ Ajuntament Calvià / Ajuntament de Inca / Ajuntament de Marraxti

    Exhibition : Has exhibited her works in galleries, museums and art fairs including MARCA Museum, JustMad Arte Fair, Art Beijing, Artelisboa, Estampa, Korean International Art Fair (KIAF), and Art Paris among others.

    Detailed Description : “During the last years, my artistic work has been linked to nature and to the desperate answer that it offers in front of human invasions, from its silent awakening to its more violent yells. To be an artist is my way of life. Across the art I see the world, it is the only possible view to understand what is happening in the world. I criticize the world from an ethical, aesthetic and beautiful point of view since I think that the contemporary society has forgotten these values. I meet in the world advancing horizontally and adapting to the place that I come across, I do not understand the meaning of constructing vertical roots if these catch you and take away your freedom.”

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