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Smoke - Isabel Alonso Vega

Isabel Alonso Vega Smoke
These pieces are transparent layers, painted and suspended inside acrylic boxes. By superposing these sheets, they create three-dimensional images.

They are the natural continuation of her previous work, “Smoke”. This evolution, while maintaining the germinating essence of Smoke, shifts from painting to sculpture.

The intangible is indicated and presented enclosed, but not statically, as the forms displayed by Isabel Alsonso, have their own life and change according to the light and the perspective from which they are viewed. Just as clouds enclose the silent movement caused only by light.

Despite being static objects, they summon the spectator in an inevitable process of search, movement and discovery.

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  • Jaelius Aguirre

  • Isabel Alonso Vega  (+)

    Biography : Born in Madrid (Spain). Isabel is graduated in Fine Arts by the Universidad Complutense. Currently she lives and works between Berlin and Madrid. In 2013 she starts to give shape and be an active part of the Art Center Urgel 3 in Madrid. This organisation promotes international interaction between European artists through residencies, art exhibitions, international Art Fairs etc. This year her work was shown in numerous galleries in Europe such as Löwenbrau Kunst Zurich (Zurich, Switzerland), in Ulf Larsson Gallery (Cologne, Germany), White Noise Gallery (Rome, Italy) among others. She has also participated various international art fairs: Art verona 2018, Positions Berlin 2018, Affordable Art Hong Kong 2018, Scope Miami 2016/2017, Scope NY 2017, Scope Basel 2017, Art Madrid 2018, Just Madrid 2018, and is represented by Flecha in Spain and other foreign Art Galleries. Also in 2018 Norlinda y José Lima Collection and Room Mate collection have acquired works of hers.

    Detailed Description : Soot, acrilyc case 50x80x100 cm Isabel Alonso Vega uses the smoke as a resource in her research of fear. In her works fear is presented as a huge and dreadful smoke cloud that only exist in our minds and dissolve when touched. That is why she started experimenting with soot, the black trace of fire. Soot looks intensly black but at the same time it is almost immaterial and very fragile. She creates big clouds of smoke by superiposing transparent layers stained with soot, which have to be kept in acrylic cases due to the fragility of the material. Like a taxidermist, Isabel assembles fear as a hunting trophy.

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    • Isabel Alonso Vega - Smoke Smoke

  • Yanespaintings  (+)

    Biography : ANTONIO GARCIA–YANES. Artist and surgeon. Born in Madrid in 1960.

    Exhibition : 2018 • Lisboa Lx . Flecha Gallery. • Munich art fair - MR Gallery. • Kolner Liste - Gaudi Gallery. • Lausanne Art Fair- MR Gallery. • Battersea Park Art Fair- MR Gallery. • Brussels Art Fair- Gaudi Gallery. • Flecha Art fair -Madrid. • Art 3F Paris- Gaudi Gallery. 2017 • Flecha Artea. Bilbao. • Flecha Palma. Palma de Mallorca. • Art Fair Málaga. Málaga. 2016 • Herraiz Gallery- Madrid

    Detailed Description : All the artwork presented in Yanes-paintings is made of epoxy resin. The texture, transparency and personality that the resin brings, as well as the unrepeatable one-to-one colors awakes the spectator attraction. With roots in the deep unconscious compromised by knowledge of life and exploring the most biological feelings of artistic expression using basic and courageous colors.. The artist works with the matter and alchemy of several different components, seeking an aesthetic of expression and fascination with color. "From the perspective of developing the technical skills of surgery, I have been applying the same planning, precision and aesthetic sense in the search for a very personal technique to approach art."

  • Elena & Isabel Pan de Soraluce  (+)

    Biography : Elena & Isabel Pan de Soraluce Were born in Madrid and Santiago de Chile (1951 and 1960). Owing to their father ́s Diplomatic career, they have lived in Lisbon, Vienna, Bern, Santiago de Chile, Washington and Nairobi. After finishing her High School studies in the Nairobi International High School, Elena is admitted into the Superior School of Fine Arts of San Fernando, in Madrid. After finishing her third year, she moves to Grenoble, remaining there five years. In France, she takes courses in Engraving, obtains the first prize in the painting contest The Pallete D'Or, participates in various Painting and Sculpture competitions and makes exhibitions in the Art Galleries Dauphine, in Grenoble, and La Regence, in Paris. In 1982, she returns to Spain and continues her Art studies in Madrid. Having finished her studies, she undertakes her first Painting exhibition in Madrid, in the Art Gallery Abril , in a joint show with painter Maria José Garcia de la Chica. Meanwhile, Isabel, at age sixteen, starts her artistic training in the Studio of the painter José Luis Azparren. She held the position of Drawing Teacher in the Centre of Restoration of Art Works in Madrid for one year. At age nineteen, she registers in the newly formed Faculty of Fine Arts of San Fernando, of the Complutense University in Madrid, in the speciality of Painting. In 1982, she discovers her interest in Sculpture thanks to an optional course in Carving. Having finished her studies, she starts her first studio in an attic on Segovia Street, a studio space where soon after Elena will join her. In their Madrilenian studio, Elena and Isabel dedicate themselves to painting, but also start to work with forms in space, and decide to further their education at the Ceramic Workshop of Jaime Barrutia, where they will remain for three years. The fruit of this double activity is their exhibitions in the Art Gallery Moriarty, Madrid, in 1985, with works in both Painting and Ceramic Sculptures, and their partic

    Exhibition : 2018. June.Glass Containers Vibration Sound, URG3L, Madrid Glass Exhibition with music by 'The Soul Reconcilers 2018. 2nd Edition ARTBANCHEL, Madrid 2018.February. FLECHA ART FAIR, Madrid 2º Prize FLECHAZO 2018 2017. May. 1st Edition ARTBANCHEL, Madrid 2016. June. ARTFARM PILASTRO , 15 th Edition Pilastro di Bonavigo, Verona 2016. May. Exihibition “CALABEZAS” in URGEL3 Art Space, Madrid 2016. April. Art Fair FAR OFF, Cologne (Germany) with URGEL3 2015 February. ART MADRID,Art Fair, Madrid with Materna and Herencia Art Gallery 2015. August. DONOSTIARTEAN, International Art Fair III Edition Kursaal Palace, San Sebastián, Spain, with Gallery Gaudi 2014. INDIA ART FAIR, International Art Fair, New Delhi, with Gaudi Art Gallery 2012. October. Collective Exhibition “EQUILIBRIUM,MOVEMENT,ORDER and TOUCH” RINA Bouwen Art Gallery, Madrid 2012. May. Exhibition “ MORE WOOD”, GALLERY Fernando Herencia, Madrid 2011. September. Collective Exhibition “ EQUILIBRIUM, MOVEMENT, ORDER and TOUCH” La CINOJA, Fregenal de la Sierra, Badajoz, Spain. 2002. September. Collective Exhibition, “ GARDENS FROM THE SOUL”, Villanueva Pavilion, Royal Botanical Gardens, Madrid. 2002. September. Exhibition Na(b) Room, Madrid. 1989. December. Collective Exhibition, Art Gallery Arteara, Madrid. 1985. December. Exhibition Art Gallery Moriarty, Madrid.

    Detailed Description : Our sculptures are mostly carved in Wood. We sometimes like to work together on a project from the beginning but also individually. The fact that we have shared many years of studio space and life experiences has produced a natural and profound artistic connection and inspiring feedback between each other. For us the nature of wood is specially alive and sensual. This has inspired and influenced the creative process and essentially the outcome of our work. We like to talk of our creative process as a “dialogue” between our original idea and the piece of wood itself. This has made us approach sculpture in a meditative, patient, and contemplative way. As artists our work is influenced by our concept of life and the inner essence of being. Sometime ago we started burrowing tunnels in our sculptures which ended up being cavities, caves, inner spaces. This project ended up being called GEODAS (geodes). In them, the interior is very present , and with the pure pigment finish , they manage to convey the idea of innerness. Now we have taken it as step forward and are investigating with Blown Glass sculptures with the collaboration of The Real Fabrica de Cristales de la Granja in Segovia, and the amazing possibilities on working with the transparency of this material, which permits a clear view into the mystery of the inner nature of the forms, and in a way has introduced us into an organic and a microscopic dimension of life forms.