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Vitavie Gallery, based in Toronto, Canada, is a multi-faceted contemporary art gallery, which represents the select and diverse group of emerging, mid-career and established contemporary international artists. Vitavie Gallery collaborates with several galleries across the globe and continues to cultivate these relationships to strengthen international connections and continuously aims to create a presence for emerging artist in global spaces.

N/A - Vincent Devine

Vincent Devine N/A

N/A - Vincent Devine

Vincent Devine N/A

N/A - Vincent Devine

Vincent Devine N/A

String Theory - Anand  Jaggernauth

Anand Jaggernauth String Theory

The Natural Abstraction - Vincent Devine

Vincent Devine The Natural Abstraction

Snow Queen -  D. Burner

D. Burner Snow Queen

Lunarscape - Anand  Jaggernauth

Anand Jaggernauth Lunarscape

Shower her in Gold - Vincent Devine

Vincent Devine Shower her in Gold

The kiss - Vincent Devine

Vincent Devine The kiss

Exhibiting Artists

Other Represented Artists

  • D. Burner  (+)

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    Artist's Objects:

    •  D. Burner - Snow Queen Snow Queen

  • Vincent Devine  (+)

    Biography : Vincent Devine lives and works in Tullamore, in the midlands of Ireland. Beginning his painting practice in 2008, Vincent started to paint independently while studying for his BA in Visual Communications. After his unique “Portraiture” series, his work has been lauded internationally by a variety of celebrities, some of which include Shakira,, Alanis Morissette and J.K Rowling, to name a few. He was commissioned by Tyra Banks, Roisin Murphy, Iggy Azalea and had his work featured on Madonna’s “Rebel Heart Tour”. With his “Ambigutree” series, he garnered an extensive client list. Today, he is one of Ireland’s rising talents.

    Exhibition : 2018 – The Asia Contemporary Art Buyer (Hong Kong) 2018 – Artist Project 2018 (Toronto) 2017 – Chester Racecourse Art Fair (Chester) 2017 – Artsource (Dublin) 2017 – Artist Project (Toronto)

    Detailed Description : Vincent Divine pushes the boundaries of pictorial representation through an exploration of memory, nostalgia, and identity. He seeks to find answers to the subconscious undertones that have always informed his work yet eludes understanding on a conscious plane. With his series “Ambigutree” he plays with the symbolic nature of his work. The hidden shapes in the trees engage the viewer, asking to search and spend time on the paintings for longer. The reward for standing and allowing the painting to occupy your mental and physical space then gives the visual reward that there are more to these “trees” than meets the eye with the shapes becoming apparent after a time.

    Artist's Objects:

    • Vincent Devine - The Natural Abstraction The Natural Abstraction
    • Vincent Devine - Shower her in Gold Shower her in Gold
    • Vincent Devine - The kiss The kiss
    • Vincent Devine - N/A N/A
    • Vincent Devine - N/A N/A
    • Vincent Devine - N/A N/A

  • Anand Jaggernauth  (+)

    Biography : Anand Jaggernauth graduated from the University of Western, Ontario. He has a decade-long career in the oil and gas industry as a geophysicist. Now having made Toronto his permanent home, he is fulfilling his passion as a full-time artist. Since 2015, he is a resident artist of Canada’s new national stock exchange: NEO Exchange. Based at Walnut Studios, he moved in 2018 to another location situated in downtown Toronto, close to TIFF and OCAD University. Today, his works can be found in numerous private and public collection

    Detailed Description : By mixing 90% oil with other materials, Toronto-based artist Anand Jaggernauth is part of a generation of artists invigorating abstract painting today. His art process creates a unique medium that he applies to the canvas using tools, but never paintbrushes. Employing diverse techniques, he overthrows materials. With tools, he plays with various degrees of friction. As a geophysicist, he sees the canvas as the first layer in the Earth’s subsurface as he brings the oils to life, creating and integrating textures. This layering process builds depth, fluidity, and movement transferring harmony into his pieces. The deposition of non-uniform layers, movement of layers amongst one another and visibility of unique findings “anomalies”, all draw parallels between Earth Science and lives.

    Artist's Objects:

    • Anand  Jaggernauth - String Theory String Theory
    • Anand  Jaggernauth - Lunarscape Lunarscape