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Imperial Dish - Sônia Menna  Barreto

Sônia Menna Barreto Imperial Dish

Mona Lisa Colours Black -  Neno Ramos

Neno Ramos Mona Lisa Colours Black

Exhibiting Artists

  • Sônia Menna Barreto  (+)

    Biography : Sonia Menna Barreto Currently lives and works in São Paulo. Born on November 5th, 1953 in São Paulo, the capital city of the state of São Paulo in Brazil, Menna Barreto began drawing in 1960. From that time through 1962 she attended a Junior Art school. At the age of 16 she became a student at the painting school of Waldemar da Costa (a well known artist who has received a very important prize at the São Paulo Biennial) where she studied for one year. From 1974 to 1980 she taught English and at the same time she was a participant in the art competitions in various cities. As a result of her participation in these contests she received many prizes. In 1980 she began studying at the studio of Luiz Portinari (Cândido Portinari’s brother), in the Cândido Portinari Art Center in São Paulo. During her time there she learned about artistic life and artistic trends, and heard many stories about the great painters, writers and poets who had lived at the time of Portinari. Luiz Portinari introduced her to the work of Max Ernst, De Chirico, Magritte and Paul Delvaux. After this time with Portinari her work took a surrealistic direction. This was a conclusive phase in her career as she began to develop her inmost creative side, and learned how to solve technical problems on her own. Three years later, when the course was over, Sônia installed her studio in her home and began her first works as a professional artist. In 1989 she made her first solo exhibit in São Paulo which was a success with both the public and art critics. In 1991, the artist started her serigraph production. Those serigraphs were introduced in 1995 in the biggest travelling solo exhibit ever to be realized in the country, covering 12 cities. The artist Sônia Menna Barreto, has been focusing her artistic production on the expression nearest to homo ludens, the lucid man. Her creative spirit has searched for places and characters who inhabit the imagination of people of all ages. Her technique has

    Exhibition : 1980 - Brazilian Association of Drawing and Visual Arts of Rio de Janeiro Citation (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
    1981 - IV Itu Fine Arts Salon - Artistic Merit (Itu, Brazil)
    1982 - I Brigadeiro Eduardo Gomes Fine Arts Competition - Silver Medal (São Paulo, Brazil)
    1983 - II Itu Plastic Arts Salon - Gold Medal (São Paulo, Brazil)
    X “Primeira Mão” a Fine Arts Competition for young artists - Acquistion Award; also
    the winner of the Annual Award (Santos, Brazil)
    II Araraquara Fine Arts Competition-Acquisition Award; also the winner of the
    Annual Award. (Araraquara, Brazil)
    II Ararense Fine Arts Competition - Merit of Honor (Araras, Brazil)
    1984 - I Fine Arts Free Competition Salon - Workshop do Carmo (São Paulo, Brazil)
    XXXIV Belas Artes Official Salon of Juiz de Fora City- Silver Medal (Juiz de Fora, Brazil) III Araraquara Fine Arts Competition - Gold Medal (Araraquara, Brazil)

    Contemporary Art Center Salon - Gold Medal (Paris, France)
    II São José do Rio Preto Contemporary Art Salon - Gold Medal (São José do Rio Preto, Brazil) I Fine Arts Free Competition Salon - Silver Medal (São Paulo, Brazil)
    VII Itu Fine Arts Competition Salon - Bronze Medal (Itu, Brazil)
    1989 - Solo Exhibit at André Art Gallery (São Paulo, Brazil)
    1990 - 12th Annual Art-Expo, Jacob Javits Convention Center (New York, USA) 1992 - Chapel Art Show - First Prize (São Paulo, Brazil)
    1993 - Chapel Art Show - First Prize (São Paulo, Brazil)
    1994 - Chapel Art Show - First Prize (São Paulo, Brazil)
    1995 - Solo Exhibit at André Art Gallery (São Paulo, Brazil)
    1996 – Ambassador Galleries in NY begins to represent the artist
    1997 - Chapel Art Show - First Prize (São Paulo, Brazil)
    Annual Art-Expo, Jacob Javits Convention Center (New York, USA) Annual Art-Expo, Los Angeles Convention Center (L.A., USA)
    1998 - Chapel Art Show - First Prize (São Paulo, Brazil)
    Annual Art-Expo, Jacob Javits Convention Center (New York, USA) Solo Exhibit at Casa das Artes Gallery (São Paulo, Brazil)
    1999 - An

    Artist's Objects:

    • Sônia Menna  Barreto - Imperial Dish Imperial Dish

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  • Alexandre Frangioni  (+)

    Biography : Born in São Paulo, Alexandre Frangioni was graduate in 1989 with a degree in Engineering from Mackenzie Presbyterian University. In 2005 he began his activities in the visual arts, producing works that went through painting, photography, sculpture and installation, having, in this trajectory, participated in exhibitions in different places in Brazil. Currently his artistic production is executed in his atelier located in Sao Paulo.

    Exhibition : 2018

    Scope Art, Miami EUA
    “Memória e Engajamento”- Galerie Brésil, São Paulo SP
    PARTE – Hebraica Edition, São Paulo SP
    “iMaterial”- Museu de Arte de Goiânia, Goiânia GO
    “3D”- Pinacoteca Municipal de São Caetano do Sul, São Caetano do Sul
    Casa do Olhar Luiz Sacilotto, Santo André SP
    Scope Art, New York USA

    Curto Circuito de Artes, Casarão da Cultura de Rio Claro SP
    Temporada de Exposições 2017- MARP, Museu de Arte de Ribeirão Preto SP
    “o desejo do Outro” – Espaço Ophicina, São Paulo SP
    Brazil Generations Exhibition – Pinacoteca Benedito Calixto, Santos SP
    46o Chapel Art Show, São Paulo SP
    Pinta, Miami USA
    Scope Art, Miami USA
    PARTE – Hebraica Edition, São Paulo SP
    BA Photo, Buenos Aires, Argentina
    P.AR.C’17, Lima, Peru

    Museu de Arte Contemporânea de Jataí, GO
    Museu de Arte Contemporânea MARCO de Campo Grande, MS
    #Prélocação Av. Europa 614 – São Paulo SP
    Pinta, Miami EUA
    PARTE- Hebraica Edition, São Paulo SP
    PARTE, Cidade Jardim Edition, São Paulo SP

    Museu de Arte Contemporânea de Blumenau SC
    45o Chapel Art Show, São Paulo SP
    13o Salão de Arte de Jataí – Jataí GO

    43o Chapel Art Show, São Paulo SP

    Emia Galeria, São Paulo SP
    42o Chapel Art Show, São Paulo SP

    60o Salão de Abril – Fortaleza CE
    41o Salão de Arte Contemporânea de Piracicaba, SP
    40o Chapel Art Show, São Paulo SP
    2008 – 39o Chapel Art Show, São Paulo SP

    39o Salão de Arte Contemporânea de Piracicaba, SP
    38o Chapel Art Show, São Paulo SP

    41o Salão de Arte Contemporânea de Piracicaba, SP.


    “Exodus II – White Bull” – AAL (Arte Al Limite) Collection
    “Exodus V” – Renata de Paula’s private collection

    “Kite II” – Museu de Arte Contemporânea de Campo Grande collection
    1989 Graduated Engineer by the Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie.

    2005 to present – Project orientation, guided by the artist João Carlos de Souza.


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  • Suzana Meyer Garcia  (+)

    Biography : Currently lives and works in São Paulo. Graduated in July 1989 at FEI - Faculty of Industrial Engineering - SBCampo - SP in Production Engineering with emphasis in Chemistry. Graduated in Fine Arts in 1983 by the Pan American School of Art. Bachelor of Laws from Universidade Paulista in 2015. He studied History of Art at Masp- Museum of São Paulo in 1993 and 1994 with Profs. Luiz Marques, Luciano Migliacio, Agnaldo Farias and Jorge Coli, among others. Graduation and specialization in Restoration of Painting, Documents, Photographs, Rare Works and Works of Art on Paper at the Technical Center of Art in São Paulo. Extension Course in Religious Iconography at Pontifical Catholic University PUC-SP. With technical training in Architecture, worked with designs and architectural projects in the Builders Figueiredo Ferraz, Wysling Gomes and in the company of his father, Suplanta. Artist member of the International Association of Plastic Artists of Unesco under no. 1952/08. Art Director of the Association SINAPESP - São Paulo Brazil. Expert in evaluation of works of art by methodology of non-destructive tests. Curator and Owner of Area-Artis Art Gallery in Moema from 2003 to 2006. Specialization in engravings by the LasarSegal Art Museum (lito, xilo, metal and solarplate). He has held several solo exhibitions, among them the Pinacoteca Benedito Calixto in Santos and MACC Caraguá Art and Culture Museum. He has been awarded prizes in several national and international exhibitions, including two biennials - Rome and Florence. Hall of Cannes-France in 2007. Artist Member of the Academy of Arts Sciences and Letters of Paris Participated as curator in the salons “I Salão de Artes Plasticas Solar dos Andradas - CPOR / SP” in 2014, Arts Hall of the Navy in Celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Riachuelo in 2015 - Centro Cultural da Marinha SP, Salão de Artes Plásticas of the Southeastern Military Command in 2015 and the Preparatory School of Cadets of the

    Exhibition : Main Exhibitions
    2019 - I Mostra DI -Vida com Arte - Centro Brasileiro Britânico - SP -
    2017 - Triarte - TRIAR Asset Management - SP
    2nd. VINCIT Show - Clube Payneiras do Morumbi - SP Painting, Daring, Dreaming - OAB Section Vila Mariana - SP Mostra Banco Uruguay - SP
    2016 - 25 years old Habibs - Livraria Cultura Iguatemi - SP São Paulo in Two Times - Clube Pinheiros - SP
    1st. Show VINCIT - Clube Ipê - SP
    Art in the Forum - Fórum Jabaquara - SP
    “Art and Olympics” - 2nd Cultural Conference of the São Paulo Commercial Association XXX Plastic Arts Hall of Arceburgo - MG
    São Paulo in Two Times - Clube Pinheiros - SP
    Open Territory II - Santo André Municipal Palace
    2014- Alma Inquieta - CRC - Regional Accounting Council of the State of São Paulo Alma - JAM Warehouse - SP
    2013- Metropolis - Circolo Italiano - SP
    Solar Story of the Andradas - CPOR - SP
    Jubileu de Prata - Central Office Grupo Habibs - Morumbi - SP Metropolis - Octavio Café - SP
    2012- Cultural Center Banco Central do Brasil - RJ
    JAM Warehouse Jardins - SP
    Retrospective - Cultural Center Unimed Paulistana - SP
    2010- Archdiocesan Marist College of São Paulo
    MACC Museum of Contemporary Art of Caraguatatuba JAM Warehouse Itaim - SP
    JAM Warehouse Jardins - SP
    Reviews - Clube Ipê - SP
    Retroperspectiva - Clube Paineiras do Morumby - SP
    2009- Cultural Week AASP - SP Association of law SP Ipê Clube - São Paulo / SP
    2008- Revision II - S. Judas University Tourism Week - SP
    2007- Re-vision - Pinacoteca Benedito Calixto - Santos - SP
    Guarujá Mostra House - Guarujá - SP
    “São Paulo: Past and Future Gifts” - Cultural Space V Centenário - Legislative Assembly of SP
    2006- Paulicéia desvairada - Area Artis Gallery - SP

    2001- Urban Perspective - Brazilian Theater of Comedy - TBC - SP
    2000- Data Processing Center of SP - PRODAM - Ibirapuera Park - São Paulo
    2015 (June) - Silver Medal - Arceburgo Plastic Arts Hall - MG
    2014- Gold Medal - FIESP / CIESP International Salon X Women

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  • Neno Ramos  (+)

    Biography : Architect, Neno Ramos began painting professionally in 1994 and since then has been researching materials and developing techniques that repackage and reinvent pop art. He switched the banday reticles, much used in pop art, creating his own pattern of reticles, using hearts, bite apples, stars, kisses, balls and colored lists. With a playful side, he excelled with new techniques and the development of daring and unusual subjects such as The Journey of Mona Lisa to Brazil, a utopia so real that deserved the Prix Spécial in the hall of the Société Nationale des Beaux- Arts at Carrousel du Louvre in 2007, and two years later, again at the SNBA Salon, he was nominated as one of five outstanding artists with the Regard Sur recommendation. The artist is a delegate in Brazil of the Société Academique de Arts Sciences et Lettres, an associate member of the Société Nationale de Beaux-Arts and member, adviser and correspondent in Brazil of Amitiés Internationales André Malraux (AIAM), all of France. It has works in several public spaces, as in the collection of AIAM and in the Tenniseum - Museum of Roland Garros.

    Exhibition : 2018 - Scope Art Fair, New York
    Inaugural Exhibition of Instituto Amo - São Paulo
    2017- ParC Art Fair - Lima - Peru.
    Gold Medal of Arts Sciences et Lettres - France.
    II Bienal Internacional de Gaia – Portugal
    Collective Exhibition “Curto Circuito das Artes” - Casarão da Cultura de Rio Claro Collective Exhibition - Brazil Generations – Pinacoteca de Santos - S.P.
    Bronze Medal at Collective Exhibition Centro Britânico - São Paulo
    Collective Exhibition 46a Chapel Art Show - São Paulo
    BA Photo 2017 – Buenos Aires - Argentina
    Collective Exhibition “ Brazil Generations” at Duo Art Gallery - Miami
    Visual Arts Press Award 2018 – Best Collective Exhibition
    Parte Art Fair - São Paulo.
    Pinta Art Fair - Miami
    Scope Miami 2017
    2016 - Parte Art Fair – edition Cidade Jardim – São Paulo. BA Photo Art Fair -Buenos Aires - Argentina
    Parte Art Fair – Edition Faria Lima – São Paulo Pinta Art Fair – Miami
    2015 - Solo Exhibition at Pinacoteca de Santos - S.P. Collective Exhibition 45a Chapel Art Show - São Paulo
    2014 - Solo Exhibition at Slaviero e Guedes Art Gallery - São Paulo Book launch OF the artist “Neo Pop Art Neno Ramos”
    2013 - Art Monaco
    Art Shopping - Paris
    Brazil Art Fair - Miami
    2012 - Collective Exhibition “Horizontes” at Slaviero e Guedes Art Gallery - São Paulo
    Salon 2012 de La Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts, no Carrousel du Musée du Louvre, Paris
    2011 - Salon Art Capital - Grand Palais - Paris
    Special Award - Salon 2011 de La Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts - Paris
    2010 - Collective Exhibition “Lugar” at Slaviero e Guedes Art Gallery - São Paulo Affordable Art Fair - Paris
    Off Bienal 4 - São Paulo.
    Salon de La Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts - Paris.
    2009 -Exhibition “6 brazilian artists” at Britto Central - Miami
    Solo Exhibition Camden Art Gallery - London
    Special Room with the recommendation “Pay Attention” (Regard Sur...) at the Salon 2009 of the Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts - Paris
    2008 - Off

    Artist's Objects:

    •  Neno Ramos - Mona Lisa Colours Black Mona Lisa Colours Black

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  • Gersony Silva  (+)

    Biography : By creating a whole world of images and dreams, she had managed to overcome the physical pain caused by a disease that followed her throughout entire her childhood. That was how the art landed in her life and pushed her with its wings, talking her to a lighter path. Since she was a child, she walks hand in hand with the art, in a constant investigative analysis and reflection movement among its theory and practice. From the significance of the surrealist movement traced by her, look, folds, slits, light and shadow passages have emerged, reflecting the transcendences of body and soul, of nature and human beings, in which much is veiled and little is revealed between the blue and the red. Through the pulsation and the sway of these existences, that is, through these movements that are life itself, she try to go back to her silence, in the cave inhabited by her existence, her Higher Self. It is in this space that she grows wings made of dreams and carry on... with a body yet fragile. In the instalations, objects, drawings, paintings and performances, there are inertia and movement issues that are still part of her story. Therefore, today’s research and reflection issues are also present. Since the 80’s Gersony has participated in exhibitions in Brazil and abroad in Galleries, Art Museums and Cultural Centers She has works in Museums, Cultural Centers and in private collections. The philosophical study of contemporaneity, the research of materials, and its iconographic universe, result in paintings, drawings, installations, performances, videos, photographs and objects. Currently lives and works in São Paulo.

    Exhibition : 2018 - Meeting Points - Parallel Poetics – A Hebraica Art Gallery. São Paulo – SP
    2017 - Virgilio Art gallery - Stagings for Icarus- São Paulo, SP
    Mosteiro de Grijó “There are- White Gatherings for Maria”.
    Exhibition Mater Dei Mater Eclesiae. Gaia, Porto- Portugal
    2nd International Biennial of Gaia, Porto- Portugal
    Cultural Center of Mackenzie University. Group exhibition APAP. São Paulo SP APAP- Museum of Contemporary Art of Campinas. Brazil
    BA Photograph Art Fair, Galerie Bresil. Buenos Aires- Argentina
    Group exhibition APAP. Benedicto Calixto Pinacoteca. Santos SP Brazil Part Art Fair- São Paulo, Brazil
    Pinta Art Fair- Miami- EUA
    2016 - Cultural space of Unesp “Extensions in sensations toward the horizon”- São Paulo, SP Villa Tesoriera Palace. SOBRE vôos- Torino Italy
    Marta Traba Gallery - Memorial of Latin American São Paulo, SP “APAP 35 anos” Pinacoteca of Santos - Benedicto Calixto art gallery – “APAP 35 anos” - Santos, São Pau
    2015- Marcas D”água- Villa Tesoriera- Torino - Itália
    2014- Museum of Xingu- Espaço Amarelo. Sobre um nome não dado, fronteiras devidas IV “Hanging of the dance of time” São Paulo, SP Brazil
    Paradise Festival 2014- Vattis Art Hall et le Théâtre Apollon,Fondation Franz Liszt. Greece

    2013 - The Magic of mobility. Camões” room, General Consulate of Portugal , São Paulo, SP Sergio Caribé Gallery “ Trialidade” São paulo SP
    2012- Mônica Filgueiras Art Gallery “Vermelho” São Paulo SP, Brasil
    2011- Sabrina Falzone gallery, Il Borgo “Colorful World”, Milan, Italy.
    Cultural Space Condominium Planalto “ smal big works”, São Paulo, SP. Osterrechisches Lateinamerika-Institut “Brazilian paintings and sculptures”, Wien, Áustria XVI International Circuit of Brazilian Art : Museu- Convento de S. Domingos, Portugal XVI International Circuit of Brazilian Art: Casa do Brasil, Centro Cultural, Madrid- Espanha XVI International Circuit of Brazilian Art: Museu Inimá de Paula, Minas G

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Other Represented Artists