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Moon walk - Eric Roux-Fontaine

Eric Roux-Fontaine Moon walk

Cosmology - Eric Roux-Fontaine

Eric Roux-Fontaine Cosmology

Blätterbild Violett und Rottöne - Volker Kühn

Volker Kühn Blätterbild Violett und Rottöne

Parallèle - Julien Graizely

Julien Graizely Parallèle

Surexposition XVII - Julien Graizely

Julien Graizely Surexposition XVII

U-0486 - Charles Fazzino

Charles Fazzino U-0486

Golden Apple - Charles Fazzino

Charles Fazzino Golden Apple

Hominium - Marcus Egli

Marcus Egli Hominium

The Entrance - Joseph Adolphe

Joseph Adolphe The Entrance

Toro Bravo no.51 - Joseph Adolphe

Joseph Adolphe Toro Bravo no.51

Exhibiting Artists

  • Joseph Adolphe  (+)

    Biography : Was born in 1969 in Calgary Alberta, Canada. He lives and works in New Haven, CT where he is a Professor of Fine Arts at St. John’s University. He is an artist and academician. Adolphe moved to NY in 1992 to attend the School of Visual Arts, after attaining his M.F.A in 1994, Adolphe went on to participate in over 40 exhibitions in the United States and Internationally. Joseph Adolphe’s oil paintings echo anxiety and vulnerability in the modern day. Whether they are beaten down fighters, agile and stoic beasts or innocent children, his subjects appear burdened by conflict and the weight of the world. Nonetheless, they are strong, resilient characters, as their confidence and bravery give the paintings an undeniable optimism even when the subject is dark. Strength and individuality are measured by their ability to endure the hardships of their personal confrontations with the world. While the trajectory of Adolphe’s paintings follows this same course there is nevertheless an illogical optimism reflected in the confident and powerful force of his marks and colors, as if to say that, ‘in spite of the downfall of the proud, we still stand, bloody and marked, broken, but beautiful.’ “Over the past 3 years or so I’ve been trying to paint not just the created thing, but the forces that shaped the created thing.” Joseph Adolphe

    Exhibition : Solo Exhibitions:
    2 persons show - Simon Breitbard Fine Art - San
    Francisco - CA
    Joseph Adolphe: Overflow - M Fine Arts Galerie -
    Boston - MA
    Joseph Adolphe: More Stories - Gremillion Gallery -
    Houston - TX
    Joseph Adolphe Paintings - Gremillion Gallery -
    Houston - TX
    Messages - Memories & Dreams - Bertrand Delacroix
    Gallery - New York - NY
    Toro Bravo - Bertrand Delacroix Gallery – New York - NY
    New Paintings - Kehler Liddell Gallery - New Haven - CT
    Paintings from Italy - West Rock Gallery - New Haven -
    Affinities - Kehler Liddell Gallery - New Haven - CT
    Deconstruction & Resurrection - Kehler Liddell Gallery -
    New Haven - CT
    Figures - Galerie Françoise - Baltimore - MD
    Joseph Adolphe: Urban Landscapes - Galerie Françoise
    - Baltimore - MD
    Joseph Adolphe: Urban Landscapes: Brooklyn & Rome -
    Gallery 119 - Jackson - MS
    New Paintings - The Object Image Gallery - Brooklyn -
    Rome: Paintings from the Eternal City - The Late Show -
    Brooklyn - NY
    Joseph Adolphe: Drawings 1993–2002 - Pulmone
    Pulsante - Rome - Italy
    Urban Landscapes-Brooklyn - The Late Show - Kansas
    City - MO
    Joseph Adolphe: Drawings and Paintings - North 6th
    Gallery - Brooklyn - NY
    Joseph Adolphe: Paintings - Bogigian Gallery - Brooklyn
    - NY
    Group exhibitions:
    Into the real - Galerie Artima – London
    Summer Collective - M Fine Arts Galerie - Boston - MA
    Inaugural Group Exhibition - M Fine Arts Galerie -
    Boston - MA
    Winter Salon - Jenn Singer Gallery - NYC
    Summer Collective - Bertrand Delacroix Gallery - NYC
    G’ddy Up! - Newzones Gallery - Calgary - AB

    Artist's Objects:

    • Joseph Adolphe - Toro Bravo no.51 Toro Bravo no.51
    • Joseph Adolphe - The Entrance The Entrance

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  • Marcus Egli  (+)

    Biography : Egli is one of Switzerland’s most successful sculptors today with his distinctive work in aluminum. Starting with raw aluminum, he heats, hammers, saws, welds, and polishes each piece by hand, making each figure unique. Marcus Egli creates aluminum figures which he calls «Hominium». He questioned about our relationship to the world and our relationship to our history. His themes are universal, anonymity, loneliness and multiplicity. His artistic process refers us at our own image. Egli (b.1957 - d. 2016) started producing his humanoid artworks in 1985, initially working with bronze and iron but eventually bewitched by the bright, lustrous spirit of aluminium in which to create the metaphorical manforms he calls ‘hominiums’. Each is unique - from the forge, they are machined, hammered, blasted and brushed by hand. Each has an individual appearance but lacks a character: their faces are blank, but polished to a mirror sheen to reflect the viewer. Egli has created many public works and permanent displays in his native Switzerland: for a bank in Neuchâtel, for the council chamber in Neuchâtel, the Arts Museum in Le Locle, and in Môtiers. His work has also appeared in advertising campaigns for Swiss watches and American Express. Egli was born in Zurich into a family of craftsmen, and though he studied precision engineering in Le Locle, the heart of the Swiss watchmaking industry, he instead bought with his wife Rita a business fabricating aluminium hardware. At a young age Egli saw a documentary about Auschwitz – images of machines pushing bodies into mass graves, of row upon row of uniform humans, dehumanised into mere shapes of people. His modern work decades later echoes this: they are presented in crowds, in regiments like soldiers, in cages, buried up to their necks in concrete, trapped in nets. The metaphor stretches beyond its genesis in the concentration camps and into the modern world, where men live trapped in the boxes of their homes, the restrict

    Exhibition : 2019
    Design - Galerie Artima - Paris
    Art Central Hong Kong - Galerie Olivier
    Galerie Artima - Paris
    The Art & Antiques Fair - London
    Galerie Artima – Group show - Paris
    Collection Particulière - Galerie Artima - Paris
    Remix - Group show – Galerie Olivier Waltman – Paris
    Art Paris - Galerie Oliver Waltman - Paris
    AAF Brussels - Galerie Artima - Paris
    Galerie Artima - London
    Galerie Artima – Group show - Paris
    Galerie d’(A) - Lausanne - CH
    Regards croisés - Paris/Liège - Galerie Dany Liehrmann
    - Liège - B
    Gewoelbe Galerie - Bienne - CH
    Art Paris - Galerie Oliver Waltman - Paris
    Galerie Artima - Paris
    Group show with Kurt Bratschi - Gewoelbe Galerie –
    Bienne - CH
    Art Paris – Galerie Olivier Waltman – Paris
    Lumières Métalliques – group show – Galerie Artima -
    G’Art – Galerie Grard – Neuchâtel - CH
    Atelier-Galerie Hofstetter – group show – Firbourg – D
    Lille Art Fair – Galerie LBL
    (D)eux – Galerie d’(A)– Lausanne - CH
    Aluminium – Galerie Artima – Paris – F
    St-art - Strasbourg - Galerie Artima
    Art O’clock – Paris – Galerie Artima
    Art en Paysage - Assens - outdoor group show - CH
    Uno, nessuno e centomila - Galerie OltreDimore - Bologne
    - IT
    Art Elysées - Galerie Artima - Paris
    Woolff Gallery - London - GB
    Aux yeux de tous - Visarte.VD - Lausanne - CH - outdoor
    group show
    Le manque - Galerie Grard - Fenin - CH - group show
    Art en plein air - Môtiers - CH - outdoor group show
    Visarte.NE - Neuchâtel - CH - group show
    Culture en pots - Visarte Neuchâtel - CH
    AAF New York - Woolff Gallery London - GB
    Aluminium 3.710 - L’Espinoa - Baignes - F
    Gewölbe Galerie - Bienne - CH - duo with Kurt Bratschi
    Galerie MMB - Avignon - F
    Galerie Nelly l’Eplattenier - Lausanne - CH - duo with
    Ex-voto La Nef - Le Noirmont - CH
    Skulptura 09 - Glarus - CH - outdoor group show
    TIAF Toronto - Woolff Gallery London - GB
    Biennale SAMBA - La Chaux-de-Fonds - CH

    Artist's Objects:

    • Marcus Egli - Hominium Hominium

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  • Charles Fazzino  (+)

    Biography : Charles Fazzino, creator of 3D Pop Art at the end of the seventies, was born in New York in 1955 where he still lives and works. For over 30 years, Charles Fazzino has enchanted us with his three-dimensional representations of colourful, playful and glittering worlds. The New York artist and creator of the 3D Pop Art movement, initially focused on his city, painting with extreme detail and in a very recognizable style with his districts, inhabitants, taxis and frantic life… In the following years, he turned to other American, European or Japanese cities. Sports, cinema and medicine are among his favourite themes. His artistic process includes several sketches to begin, then he creates an original painting from where silk screen prints will be made, hand-cut and glued in layers. Charles Fazzino is often referred to as a pop culture historian because of the breadth of his work and the way it touches his collectors and captures the best parts of their contemporary lives. His legacy will mark him as part of the next generation of famous pop art artists as he follows the paths originally forged by pop art pioneers like Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Red Grooms, and Robert Rauschenberg. He has been presented in Paris for fifteen years.

    Exhibition : Project partners and public collections: Private Collections:
    Japan’s Mt. Fuji Museum
    New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s NYC 2000 Committee
    Atlanta city, Georgia
    The Muscular Dystrophy Association
    Association Enfance et Partage (France) in 2001, 2003,
    International Red Cross
    Rosie O’Donnell’s For All Kids Foundation
    NBC’s «Today Show»
    American Theatre and Producers league of the Metropolitan
    Opera (NYC)
    Country Music Association (2005-2006 CMA Awards)
    Grammy Awards 2004
    Warner Bros. Studios (50th Anniversary of James Dean)
    Disneyland Studios
    Switzerland Sächsilüüte Festival (Zürich)
    United States Olympic Committee 2000-2008
    National Football League (Super Bowls XXXV–XLIII)
    Major League Baseball (2003 through 2008 All-Star
    The 2005 - 2007 Belmont Stakes
    Indy 500 2004
    President’s Council on Physical Fitness 2008-09
    Daytime Emmy Awards2006-2008
    Andy Roddick Foundation2008
    Pori Jazz Festival 2009
    Rosie O’Donnell
    Michael Eisner
    Hillary Clinton
    Presidents Bill Clinton, George Bush, Donald Trump
    Paul McCartney
    Michael Jackson
    Phil Collins
    Roger Clemens
    Michael Jordan
    Ronde Barber
    Justin Tuck
    Levar Burton
    Derek Jeter
    Joe Torre
    Mariano Rivera
    Keith Urban
    Michael Eisner
    Morgan Freeman
    Tony Stewart
    Whoopi Goldberg
    Marlo Thomas
    Ellen Degeneres
    President Halonen (Finland)
    Eli Manning
    Roger Clemens
    Eiji Okuda
    Lawrence Taylor
    Prince Albert of Monaco
    Richard Petty,
    David Winfield
    Angel Cordero
    Alexandra Kamp
    Julia Roberts

    Artist's Objects:

    • Charles Fazzino - Golden Apple Golden Apple
    • Charles Fazzino - U-0486 U-0486

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  • Julien Graizely  (+)

    Biography : Julien Graizely, born in the Ardennes in 1980. He lives and works today close to Royan. Installed near Royan, the spectacle of the seaside during the summer remains an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Characters, sketch with a fast gesture and without concern of the detail, devote themselves to the joys of the beach overcame by the heat. At this chapter titled Surexposition (Overexposure), the artist adds today a new one on New York where he regularly goes for two years now. With large and rapid black lines, he represents the density and the dynamism of this city that never sleeps when long run-outs accented the verticality of the buildings. Julien Graizely works on paper today. He explores and plays with space, time and knowledges which he masters and diverts by a lively and free gesture. From its paintings to its delicate drawings with infinite lines remains the contrast, the light and the vibration. Contrast of the lines. A graphic line, sure, empty but vibrating silhouettes outlined with graphite, superimposed moments. And then, the impulse of the gesture: the scrawl which erases, the scratch which hides or fills, this thick and powerful black line which replaces a head who think. Julien Graizely furrowed much the French cities throughout his formations (art metalwork in Avignon, visual communication in Royan, Ecole Boulle in Paris after having obtained the “Prix du Travail et des Apprentis” in 2001). It is in Paris that the inspiration comes to him.

    Exhibition : 2016
    Vous reprendrez bien une chaise - Abbaye de Trizay -
    Recent works - Galerie Olivier Waltman - Paris
    New York - Galerie Artima - Paris
    Abbaye de Trizay
    Surexposition #2 – galerie Artima - Paris
    Veronique Fontaine - La Rochelle
    Galerie Matière Première - Surgères
    La Mélangerie - Saint Sauvant
    Galerie Etre et Connaître - La Rochelle
    2006 - 2009
    Galerie Artima - Paris
    Galerie Etre et Connaître - La Rochelle
    2003 - 2005
    Galerie W - Paris
    Winter show – Galerie Artima - London
    Sous les pavés, la plage – Galerie Artima – Paris
    Galerie Olivier Waltman - Paris
    Collection Particulière – Galerie Artima - Paris
    Affordable Art Fair – Bruxelles – Galerie Artima
    Galerie itinérante - La Rochelle
    Art Atlantic - La Rochelle
    Art Atlantic - La Rochelle
    Galerie Pourquoi Pas - Saint Jean d’Angely
    Galerie Esprit Art - la Baule
    Art London - Galerie Olivier Waltman - London
    Bridge Art Fair - Galerie Olivier Waltman - Miami
    St’Art - Foire d’art contemporain de Strasbourg - Galerie
    Artima - Paris
    La Coupole - Bordeaux
    Galerie Artima - Paris
    Géraldine Zberro - Paris
    2003 - 2005
    Galerie W - Paris
    2002 – 2005
    Galerie Art Up Déco
    Others projects:
    2014 - 2016
    Rémy Cointreau project: 80 drawings of cocktails and
    portraits of bartenders for the Group of Artists 1806 -
    New York - USA
    Stand-in of the hands of Géricault for the film The Raft
    of Medusa - Grand angle Production for Arte

    Artist's Documents:

    Artist's Objects:

    • Julien Graizely - Surexposition XVII Surexposition XVII
    • Julien Graizely - Parallèle Parallèle

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  • Volker Kühn  (+)

    Biography : Volker KÜHN was born in 1948 at Neuenkirch (Germany). He lives and works in Lilienthal. Object Art might be said to date back to the cartouche of ancient Egypt, a framed hieroglyphic message to posterity. Its more immediate ancestors are maybe the medieval rebus or picture riddle, the camera obscura and camera lucida, Poussin’s praesaepe, a miniature stage used to establish perspective and figure groupings, […], the dioramas so beloved by the Victorians through the glazed cabinets, cases and boxes of Marcel Duchamp, Kurt Schwitters, Max Ernst and other Surrealists. The interest of three-dimensional graphic, as opposed to sculptural, subjects was revived with the coming of Pop art and now finds a contemporary expression with the art of Volker Kühn. After several exhibitions in Japan in 1986, Volker Kühn decides to put away his tools of engraver and to give a form to his ideas. Appear then “the Objects”, small scenes in three dimensions which report the joys and the sorrows of each man. These instantaneous of life makes smile or even laugh the person who looks at them because he finds himself in it. The themes approached are innumerable. The artist shows in an ironic way the stereotypes, the human weaknesses with which we all are confronted. By preserving a certain distance with its subject, he succeeds in reconciling the spectator with his own defects, his joys, his desperate search of the love or his aspiration for success. Nothing escapes the sharp glance of Volker Kühn, which by his humour and his friendly irony reveals us an important feature of his personality. The picturesque language that his speaks is universal.

    Exhibition : 2018
    Galerie Dany Liehrmann – Liège (B)
    London Art Fair - Galerie Artima – London (GB)
    Plus one Gallery – London (GB)
    Art Miami – Waltman Ortega Fine Art (USA)
    Bleu d’Art - Galerie Dany Liehrmann – Liège (B)
    Galeria Louise Michail – Milano (IT)
    Galerie Udo Lindenberg & More – Hamburg (D)
    Orly Blum Art – Tel Aviv
    Art in Boxes – Galerie Puri – Kassel (D)
    Graphik Lamers – Museumnacht – Dortmund (D)
    Is(s) was !? - Galerie Tobien – Husum (D)
    Sommeraustellung – Galerie Firla – Bonn (D)
    ILiva Zelev Universelle Bildzeichen – Lilienthal
    Galerie Anders – Lüner (D)
    Volker Kühn in der Ostsee - Galerie Timmendorfer
    Strand (D)
    Goodwin Gallery – Innsbruck (A)
    Scope Miami – Galerie Artima (USA)
    Galerie Schindel – Freiburg (D)
    Galerie Artima - London (GB)
    Galerie Kersten – Brunnthal (D)
    Kunterbunt – Lilienthal (D)
    Mit den Augen des Sommers – Galerie Kühn – Berlin
    Galerie Tobien – Husum (D)
    Assemblages – Galerie Artima - Paris
    Adi Holzer zum 80. Geburtag Spiegel des Lebens – Berlin
    Galerie am Dom – Wetzlar (D)
    Galerie am Hellweg – Werl (D)
    Galerie in der Wendelinskapelle - Marbach am Necker
    Städtische Galerie « Alter Löwen» - Stadt Pfullendorf
    Jim Avignon – Lilienthal (D)
    Galerie Jaeschke – Braunschweig (D)
    Horwarth Galerie - Reutlingen (D)
    Ulrik Happy Dannenberg « Candypop » - Lilienthal (D)
    Galerie Artima – Paris (F)
    Galerie Artiane – Honfleur (F)
    Stadthalle – Reutlingen (D)
    Galerie-Radicke Bonn - Sankt Augustin (D)
    Galerie des 3 Angles – Quimper (F)
    Kurt Schönen - Lilienthal (D)
    Galerie Liehrmann – Liège (B)
    Galerie L’Espace – Dijon (F)
    Das kleine Format – Lilienthal (D)
    Galerie des 3 Angles – Quimper (F)
    Galerie Artiane – Honfleur (F)
    Galerie Walentowski - Werl (D)
    Daniel Gasser - Galerie Kühn – Berlin (D)
    Galerie-Radicke Bonn - Sankt Augustin (D)
    Stadthalle Reutlingen – Reutlingen (D)
    Michaelas Kunst & Lebensart – Schwabach (D)
    Volker Kühn Obje

    Artist's Objects:

    • Volker Kühn - Blätterbild Violett und Rottöne Blätterbild Violett und Rottöne

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  • Eric Roux-Fontaine  (+)

    Biography : Eric Roux-Fontaine was born in 1966. He lives and works in Lyon. Eric Roux-Fontaine is a creator of marvelous dreamscapes. Convincingly constructing fictional realms and alternate realities, he renders the surreal and fantastic by strategically borrowing from conventions of the familiar. The artist, like the nineteenth and early twentieth century painters before him, goes on «grand tours» around the world—particularly Central America, Eastern Europe, and India—for inspiration. During his travels, Roux- Fontaine has developed a close relationship with the Romani and Borucan communities, who greatly inspire his works. In contrast to the bustle and excitement of his travels, Roux-Fontaine paints from a secluded cabin studio located in the expansive jungle of Central America. He is artistically inspired by historical greats such as Eugene Delacroix and contemporary painters like Peter Doig and Miquel Barceló. He likens his dreamlike perception to other forms of creative expressive, such as the literature of Alejo Carpentier and João Guimarães Rosa, the poems of Tsigane Tajko Djuric, and the films of visionaries like Emir Kusturica, Wim Wenders, and Jim Jarmusch. He states that he is «on a quest to find the source of where dreams find their imagery.» His unique style falls somewhere between Rococo and Fauvism, employing a colorful airy quality that, at the same time, is thickly built up. This allows for the surreal yet grounded visions he produces that are usually reserved for our dreams. Eric Roux-Fontaine is a multidisciplinary artist who works in a variety of media, predominantly painting, but also, film/video, photo, and installation. He was born in 1966 in the Savoy region of France. He enrolled at the Fine Art School of Saint-Etienne at the young age of 17 and graduated Suma Cum Laude 5 years later. Since his first solo exhibition in 1991, he has enjoyed sellout shows and overwhelming success throughout Europe. Then in 1995, the Musée des Beaux Arts of

    Exhibition : Solo shows
    2015 Jardins secrets - Galerie Axelle - New York/USA
    2014 Outbound - Galerie Felli - Paris/France
    2013 Lunar Park - Galerie Axelle - Boston/USA
    2012 Galerie Felli - Paris
    2011 Eden - Galerie Le Soleil sur la place - Lyon (Mars
    - Avril)
    2010 Festina lente - Galerie Felli - Paris - France
    2009 Bahra - Galerie Le Soleil sur la place - Lyon
    2008 Rétrospective - Fondation Josep Niebla - Gironne
    - Espagne
    Ivre de la jungle Galerie Felli - Paris
    Elvis has left America- Septembre de la photographie
    - Lyon
    Rromano than - La Roseraie - Bruxelles - Belgique
    2007 Galerie le Phenix - Bruxelles
    2003 Sind - Galerie Olivier Houg
    2002 Jardin Nomade - Rez d’Art Contemporain - Ville
    de Meyzieux
    2001 Wispering in paradise - Bridge Gal. Dublin - Ireland
    1999 Galerie Olivier Houg - Acquisition Musée Paul
    1998 «Terrains et territoires» Maison de l’Image et
    du son - Villeurbanne
    1995 “Voyage au centre d’un musée“ Musée des
    beaux-arts de Chambéry
    1991 Mundo Nuevo - Galerie Metropolis
    poraine - Barcelone - Espagned’Oyonnax
    2000 Big Torino - Biennale - Italie • Centre d’art
    d’Oyonnax - France • Bridge Gallery Dublin - Ireland
    1998 «Terrains et territoires» Maison de l’Image et
    du son - Villeurbanne
    Group shows
    2015 Waltman Ortega Fine Art - Miami/USA
    2014 MIA Art fair - BDG Gallery - Red Dot - Axelle
    Galerie - USA
    2011 Ponts - Palais des Papes - Avignon
    2010 Slick 2010 - Paris
    St Art Strasbourg 2010 - Art Contemporain
    Le Pont - Palais des Papes - Avignon
    2008 Le territoire et ses limites, commissaire : Alain
    Fleischer • Rencontres de la Photographie, Arles
    Musée Paul Dini - Irréel
    Itinérances • La Roseraie Belgique • Rromano than -
    Liberchie - Belgique
    Frontières - Lille • Septembre de la photographie - Lyon
    2007 Galerie Felli - Paris • Musée Paul Dini - Villefranche
    • FRONTERAS - CCCB - Musée des cultures
    contemporaine - Barcelone - Espagne
    2006 «FRONTIÈRES» Museum, Lyon, France
    Group shows
    2015 Waltman Ortega Fine Art - Mia

    Artist's Objects:

    • Eric Roux-Fontaine - Cosmology Cosmology
    • Eric Roux-Fontaine - Moon walk Moon walk

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Other Represented Artists