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Gallery AE is a prefix of the Latin word "Aeternus," which means "eternal," which means the eternal nature of art.
This gallery not only promotes its artists by holding exhibitions in Korea but also by participating in overseas individual exhibitions and art fairs in foreign countries, but also re-establishing and leading contemporary art, focusing on artists who create the lasting value of art.
It mainly works as a artist representing some genres of modern art.
We are participating in a fair that suits the characteristics of the local market overseas, with the emphasis on unique tendencies and contemporary and distinct concepts of art that do not overlap with the other artists

N/A - Jeongyun Choi

Jeongyun Choi N/A



Exhibiting Artists

  • Jeongyun Choi  (+)

    Biography : JeongyunChoi 1964 Born in Kyungju, Korea 1995 B.F.A from College of Fine Art, Seoul National University. (Majored in Ceramics) 1998 M.F.A from Graduate School, Seoul National University. (Majored in Ceramics) Solo Exhibition 2018 Gallery Hi, Busan 2017 Gallery Sejul, Seoul 2016 Street Museum, Seoul Space Choa, Changwon 2009 ArtsideGallery, Seoul 2007 DahmGallery, Seoul 2006 21st Century Gallery, Tokyo 2004 KeumSan Gallery, Seoul 2002 KeumSan Gallery, Seoul NAW Gallery, Osaka 2000 KeumSan Gallery, Seoul 1999 SeoKyung Gallery, Seoul Group Exhibition 2019 Venice 2019Art Biennale(Palazzo bembo, Venezia, Italy) 2018 Volta NY(NY, USA) KIAF(Coex, Seoul, Korea) Sky, Earth and between(Gallery Sejul, Korea) 2017 Supporters(Total Museum, Seoul, Korea) Meditation of sculpture(Gallery Daham, Ansan, Korea) Scope(Miami, USA) ArtBusan(Bexco, Busan, Korea) ArtDaegu(Exco, Daegu, Korea) 2016 ArtDubai(Dubai) ArtBusan(Bexco, Busan, Korea) ArtDaegu(Exco, Daegu, Korea) KIAF(Coex, Seoul, Korea) 2015 Art Paris Art Fair (Grand palais, Paris) Art Stage Singapore (Marina Bay Sands, Singapore) Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale(icheon, Gyeonggi-do,Korea) ArtBusan(Bexco, Busan, Korea) ArtDaegu(Exco, Daegu, Korea) KIAF(Coex, Seoul, Korea) 2014 Art Stage Singapore (Marina Bay Sands, Singapore) Korea Galleries Art Fair(Busan, Korea) Captured Scenes(Busan International Film Festival, Busan) Essentialism(Lee Hyunjoo Gallery, Busan, Korea) Contemporary Plastic(Glass Island, Ansan, Korea) 2013 Art Paris Art Fair (Grand palais, Paris) Voltashow9 (Basel, Swiss) Vienna Fair (Vienna, Austria) Today's story for tomorrow (Ichun, Korea) 2012 Vienna Art Fair (Vienna, Austria) Paris Art Fair (Gr Palais, Paris, France) Hotel Art Fair (Nouvelle, Caledonie) Gwanghwamun Art Forum (Sejong Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea) 19th Korean Contemporary Ceramic Artists Exhibition (icheon, Gyeonggi-do, Korea) Openning Exhibition of Glass Island Museum (Daebu-do, Inchon, Korea) Meet Seochon underground (Artside Gall

    Detailed Description : Sword is a civilization. Since ancient times in the East, Sword has been a symbol of power and a historical entity of human desire. It was also a sacred object of absolute power, and it established itself as the pinnacle of human desire, which I have focused on the process of reinterpreting the essential nature of swords for the past decade. By doing so, I tried to linguistic the frivolous conceptual entities of human desire into visual objects. I'm moving on to try a metaphorical approach as well as a change of form through an organism called a flower. I believe that flowers are like genitalia, the source of life. Although the two materials seem to differ from each other, in some respects the linguistic nature implied by the pair is in the same concentric circle, as it sees the direct and universal attributes shown in the form of the sword and the inherent desire deftly concealed in the splendor of the flower as pervasive to each other. A new type of transition is taking place, but in content it is a work that guarantees conceptual similarity.

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    • Jeongyun Choi - N/A N/A

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  • IL SON  (+)

    Biography : SON IL Graduated Department of Fine Arts, College of Arts, Dong-A University Graduated Department of Art Education, Graduate School of Art Education Dong-A University Completed doctor course in fine arts, Graduate School, Dong-A University Solo exhibition and invitation exhibition 2019 Venice 2019 Art Bienalle, Palazzo bembo, Venezia 2018 Art Miami Context, Downtown Miami Biscayn bay, Miami 2017 Invitational Exhibition, Galerie NOEJ Paris, France 2015 Invitational Exhibition, Salon de Banana. Busan 2014 Invitational Exhibition, L Gallery. Busan 2013 Invitational Exhibition, BIEN Gallery. Seoul 2010 Invitational Exhibition, A1 Gallery. Seoul 2009 Today Artist Celebration, Busan Art Association Invitationa Exhibition, WOW ART SPACE. Beijing 2008 Invitationa Exhibition, Gallery Chang. Ulsan Invitationa Exhibition, Picasso Gallery. Busan 2007 Solo Exhibition, Fine Gallery. Busan Invitationa Exhibition, Tang ArtGallery. Bangkok 2006 Invitationa Exhibition, Liu Hi Sou Art Museum. Shanghai Invitationa Exhibition, Insa Art Plaza Gallery 2005 Invitationa Exhibition,Asia Art Museum. JAPAN Invitationa Exhibition, White Gallery. L.A. USA 2004 Solo Exhibition, Gallery Elsa. Busan 2003 Invitational Exhibition, Road Gallery. New York. USA 2002 Invitational Exhibition, Sohyang Gallery, Dongseo University Solo Exhibition, Eom, Tae Ik Gallery. Busan 2001 Solo Exhibition, Eom, Tae Ik Gallery. Busan 2000 Solo Invitational Exhibition, Gallery Hill. Busan 1999 Solo Exhibition, Jeon, Gyeong Sook Gallery. Busan Awards 2009 ‘1st Prize’ and three selections, Korea Art Competition / Korea Art Association 2009 Today's Artist / Busan Art Association 2000 ‘1st Prize’ and four selections, Busan Art Competition / Busan Art Association 1997 ‘Best Prize' Buil Art Competition / Busan Ilbo ART FAIR 2017~2009 KIAF Korea International Art Fair (Seoul, COEX) 2017~2014 ART BUSAN (Busan, Bexco) 2016 L.A Art Show (U.S.A, L.A) 2015~2014 Art Stage Singapo

    Detailed Description : The reason why Son Il became known on the world stage is because many works that are produced based on the essence of Korean language and communication have drawn deep sympathy in contemporary art. In the medium used mainly by the artist, there is a clear logical basis for getting closer to the subject matter of the work, and it is sufficient material to convey the thoughts and sensibilities of Asians. Also, due to the concern about the linguistic function of painting, the material properties and tools, the relationship between space, the surface and interior, lines and faces of the material used in the work eventually become the inner sound of the subject the artist is trying to talk about, making him feel more Mulberry fiber and thread are materials that are felt as disparate materials in modern society, but can convey the communication and warm feelings that the artist wants to express in the common characteristics and texture of natural ingredients. Also, the surface of the thread and the mulberry fiber, covered and wrapped over the outline of the language, is more important than it can be seen. You can experience real communication, surrounding your empty chest and tapping your heart.

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    • IL SON - N/A N/A

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