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universe-in-my-mind -  VIO CHOE

VIO CHOE universe-in-my-mind



Exhibiting Artists

  • VIO CHOE  (+)

    Biography : Education Kwangwoon Univ, BE (Electronic Communication), Seoul, Korea, 1993 School of Visual Arts, MFA , New York City, USA, 1996 Activities Art Director of Vanguard inc. ,New York City, USA Art Director and Game Designer of M-Pen, New York City, USA Creative director of Art and Pop, Korea Solo Invitation Exhibitions 2017 Kunstverein Heppenheim, “Big bang of mind" Heppenheim Germany 2017 Gallery Mano, “Happy Cell", Seoul Korea 2016 Gallery ArtPark, “Solo Exhibition", Karlsruhe Germany 2013 Gallery Mano, “Solo Exhibition", Seoul Korea 2012 Lee Galerie, “Multi Universe”, Berlin Germany 2011 Gallery Sun Contemporary, “Universe in Mind, Seoul Korea 2010 A.K.A Gallery, “Solo Exhibition”, Seoul Korea 2010 Chelsea West Gallery, “Solo Exhibition”, NY USA 2009 DIEGALERIE, “GUY FERREL and VIO CHOE”, Seoul Korea

    Exhibition : Selected Exhibitions
    2019. Art Karlsruhe(Art Park Gallery), Karlsruhe Germany
    2018 Art Karlsruhe(Art Park Gallery), Karlsruhe Germany
    ARTSHOW BUSAN 2017,Bexco (The Page Gallery), Busan Korea
    "Art3f Luxemburg" Salon International D'art Contemporary, Luxemburg
    2017 M.A.D Gallery Milano "Spring Festival", Italy
    Spring Fair Exhibition, "Solo Booth", The NEC Birmingham, U.K
    Art Karlsruhe(Art Park Gallery), Karlsruhe Germany
    ARTSHOW BUSAN 2017,Bexco (The Page Gallery), Busan Korea
    Infinite and Tiemeless(Dado Gallery), Seoul Korea
    Kiaf 2017 (Gallery Mano, Page Gallery), Seoul Korea
    Art Taiwan 2017 (Lee Gallery), Taiwan
    Daegu Art Fair
    2016 "10 Rooms" Shinhan Pwm, Seoul Korea
    Gallery 8.15, Seoul Korea
    KIAF 2016, Coex Convention Hall (Gallery Mano, The Page Gallery), Seoul
    Art Karlsruhe(Art Park Gallery), Karlsruhe Germany
    Singapore Art fair (Gallery Mano), Singapore
    World Art Dubai(In and Out Gallery), Dubai
    M.A.D Gallery Milano "International Contemporary Art Exhibition", Italy
    Context New york Art Fair(Lee gallery Berlin), New york, USA
    ARTSHOW BUSAN,Bexco, Busan Korea
    Art Stuttgart 2016, Stuttgart Germany

    Detailed Description : I guess my painting is rather a fraction of blue print that is growing in my mind. The universe in my mind is not random. The universe works in a way that my hands move to paint. My work is not abstract. It is not figurative. It is not figurative abstraction. My work is my song. My work is my performance piece. My work is my society. My work is myself. My work is my audience. My work is the universe in my mind.

    Artist's Objects:

    •  VIO CHOE - universe-in-my-mind universe-in-my-mind

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  • Florian Depenthal  (+)

    Biography : 1971 Pilot’s license for single engine and glider planes 1977-83 Art Institute, Karlsruhe (Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste) with Prof. Max G. Kaminski and Prof. Gerd van Dülmen 1979-82 Art History, Karlsruhe University, Germany Foreign Studies and travels to the Caribbean, Malaysia, Indonesia and Ceylon 1983 State Exam, Awarded Master’s Degree 1983-84 Grant from German-French Cultural Exchange Society, Work-Fellowship in Paris 1983 Commissioned work for public art by Fraunhofer Institute, Dortmund University, Germany 1986 First visit to the United States. Studio work in New York and Chicago 1987-88 National Endowment for the Arts from the Cultural Ministry, Baden-Württemberg Stipendium at the Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris 1988 Established a permanent studio in Chicago Florian Depenthal has established an international presence with permanent studios in Karlsruhe, Germany; Chicago, Illinois and since 1999 in Miami, Florida

    Exhibition : Solo Exhibitions
    2019 ArtSpace Virginia Miller Gallery, Miami
    2016 Casa Clara, Venetian Ilands, Miami
    2013 Frank Pages Art Galerie, Geneva, Switzerland

    Grant Thornton Collection, Chicago
    Lake Point Tower Collection, Chicago
    Milwaukee Art Museum, Wisconsin
    Sidley & Austin, Chicago
    Stone Container Corporate Collection, Chicago
    Art Institute Karlsruhe, Germany
    Cultural Ministry, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
    Alpirsbach Collection, Germany
    Pfizer International, Germany
    DEPFA Bank, Deutsche Pfandanleihe, Wiesbaden, Germany
    Bank of Frankfurt, Sparkasse, Germany
    ZKM, Museum collection city Karlsruhe, Germany
    Regierungspraesidium Karlsruhe, Governement collection, Germany
    Medical Clinik Ulm and Karlsruhe, Germany
    Fraunhofer Institut, Dortmund, Germany
    Jean Marie Pierson collection, Paris, France
    Willis Tower Chicago, MGB Collection
    Selected Group Shows
    2017 ArtSpace Virginia Miller Gallery, Miami.“Art Visions International“
    2013 ART Istambul Contemporary, Turkey
    2011 Galerie Haus Schneider Uschi Kolb, Karlsruhe, Germany
    ART Istanbul, Turkey
    2010 Virginia Miller Gallery, Miami – Five Abstract Visions
    ART Zurich, Switzerland
    ART Karlsruhe, Germany
    2009 Frank Pages Art Galerie, Baden-Baden, Germany
    ST-ART, foire europeenne contemporaine Strassbourg, France
    ART Karlsruhe, Germany
    2008 Galerie Haus Schneider Uschi Kolb, Karlsruhe, Germany
    Frank Pages Art Galerie, Baden-Baden, Karlsruhe, Germany
    ART PARIS, France
    ART Karlsruhe, Germany
    ART Zurich, Switzerland
    2012 Virginia Miller Gallery, Coral Gables, Miami
    2011 Frank Pages Art Galerie, Baden-Baden, Germany
    2010 Villa im Arcadium, Baden-Baden, Karlsruhe, Germany, Galerie 48, Saarbrücken, Germany
    2008 Brown Gibbons & Lang, Chicago

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    Biography : Education: Sports studies at SGK | Focus on sports and exercise therapy Designing own concepts related to holistic movement and perception. Travel: all over the world. Last, 4-year world tour mainly in the eastern hemisphere. 2000/01 Creating new networks, with life-business-art-concepts | Coach2GO ® 2003 Cross-entry into the art scene

    Exhibition : Exhibitions
    2019-11 art Karlsruhe, Galerie artpark, Germany
    2018 Discovery Art Fair, Frankfurt
    2017-11 KIAF, Seoul/Korea, Galerie artpark
    2011 Art Fair Köln/Germany, Galerie artpark
    Art Company Misoolsidae, Seoul/Korea
    pART-room | exhibiton: THE NEW FREEDOM
    Basel - artZEN | UND#6
    2010 UND#5, Karlsruhe, Germany
    one cofounder of ProjectGalerie pART
    2007 Member of POLY_Producer-Gallery
    2003 ZKM | businessART Event an)))gesagt (17. Okt.)
    Conception,Production and mise-en-scène of the
    Event | Crosslinking ART – Live – Business
    Break with Perception

    Detailed Description : Break with Perception As geneticly manipulated Fotografie, describes Regina Draschl her work methaphorical, in conversations I had with her. In search for universal fields of energie, beyond visuell perception, she is occupied with models of Theoretical Physic and further more, with the conditions of seeing. Inspired and fascinated by the visualising synchronicity of time...the nonlinear outlining of reality and in search of the 'thing'or 'look' which has never been seen bevor, she pronounces, that her Fotografie is only slightly modulated. Because contrar to subjectiv impression, it is only fotografie, no painting. But just that impression she causes through tecnics of collage and fotografie. In that way she gets this mindblowing, so called yam of the moment accounting results.

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  • PARK HYUN OK  (+)

    Biography : 1978 Graduated from Ewha Women’s University 1991 MFA Ewha Women’s University

    Exhibition : SOLO EXHIBITION
    2016 Insa Art center (Seoul, South Korea)
    2014 Seoho Museum (Yangpyeong, South Korea)
    2013-11 Jangeunsun Gallery (Seoul, South Korea)
    2015-12 Art Karlsruhe (Karlsruhe, Germany
    2014-12 Busan Art Fair - BEXCO (Busan, South Korea)
    2012 SOAF (Seoul, South Korea)
    2012 KCAF - Hangaram Design Museum (Seoul, South Korea)
    2010 Gallery AKA Space (Seoul, South Korea)
    2010 Dream Forest Arts Center (Seoul, South Korea)
    Art Fair Participation (2000 – 2017)
    Scope Miami/USA, Art Fair Frankfurt/Köln, Germany, Contemporary
    Istanbul, Turkey
    Art Karlsruhe (Karlsruhe, Germany). World art Dubai, U.A.E.
    Palm Spring Art Fair (Palm Spring, USA)
    Hong Kong Affordable Art Fair (Hong Kong)
    KIAF/13-12 (Seoul, South Korea)
    Affordable Art Fair (New York, USA)
    Asia Art Fair (Seoul, South Korea)
    Asia Contemporary Art Show (Hong Kong)
    Spoon Art Fair (Hong Kong)
    SOAF-Seoul Open Art Fair (Seoul, South Korea)
    LA Fine Art Show (LA, USA)
    Red Dot Art Fair (Miami, USA)
    Scope Basel 11 (Basel, Switzerland)
    Busan Art Fair (Busan, South Korea)
    The 5th exhibition of Free Expression(Seoul, South Korea)
    SIAC (Seoul, South Korea)
    Color Field – Breathing (Daegu, South Korea)
    Exhibition of Image of Modern Painting (Seoul, South Korea)
    KCAA Exhibition (Finland)
    Dong A Art Contest (Gwacheon, South Korea)

    Detailed Description : The all of Book-Ak, In-Wang, Nam Mountain eventually become motif for her painting scenery. However, the reason why her paintings are unique is that she does not emulate or repeat them on canvas. You can still see the figures but by putting her ideas and consciousness for nature, the targets are recreated into deliberative symbols. Full vitality, liveliness, and leisurely but tender lyric are one of remarkable distinctiveness of Hyun-Ok Park’s composition. Within her paintings, it is hard to find inertia or banality which naturalism can easily fall into. Fresh, clear, and warm feelings are deeply imbued into the canvas. I truly believe that is the biggest reason why her paintings are favoured all over the world.

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    Biography : Lives and works in Karlsruhe, Germany Education 1984-1989 Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Karlsruhe (Prof. Horst Antes) 1989-1990 Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart (Prof. Sotirios Michou) Lectureship 2008 Caspar-David-Friedrich-Institut University Greifswald Awards 2015 Kunstpreis der Kulturstiftung der Sparkasse Karlsruhe

    Exhibition : Solo Exhibitions (selection)
    2017 Kunstraum Dr. Averkorn, Sinzheim
    Kulturzentrum Englische Kirche, Bad Homburg Galerie Angela Lenz, Feldberg-Falkau
    2016 gallery artpark, Karlsruhe
    Galerie Grandel, Mannheim Städtische Galerie Villa Streccius, Landau
    2015 Kunstverein Leimen Galerie Boderke, Zehntscheune Bad Homburg
    2014 gallery artpark, Karlsruhe
    2013 Galerie Gerdsen, Hamburg, BBBank, Karlsruhe, Galerie Grandel, Mannheim
    2012 gallery artpark, Karlsruhe
    2011 Galerie Grandel, Bad Rappenau
    2010 Galerie Veronica Kautsch, Michelstadt
    Galerie Grandel im Wasserschloss Bad Rappenau
    Group Exhibitions (selection)
    2018 SCOPE Miami Beach (USA)/discovery art fair, Frankfurt/KIAF, Seoul (KR)
    art3f Lusembourg (LU)/Art Busan (KR)/art KARLSRUHE
    2017 SCOPE Miami Beach (USA)/KIAF, Seoul (KR)/Art Salzburg Contemporary (A) Art Busan (KR)/art KARLSRUHE
    2016 SCOPE Miami Beach (USA)/KIAF, Seoul (KR)/Gallery Nuovo, Daegu (KR)
    Art Busan (KR)/art KARLSRUHE
    2015 SCOPE Art Show Miami Beach (USA)/Städtische Galerie Traunstein KIAF, Seoul (KR)/Artshow Busan (KR)
    Galerie Artmundi, Paris (F) art KARLSRUHE Kunst Messe Frankfurt
    2014 Contemporary Istanbul (TR)/ART.FAIR, Köln KIAF, Seoul (KR) Kunstmuseum Ahrenshoop Kunstverein Germersheim/Artshow Busan (KR)/art KARLSRUHE
    gallery artpark, Karlsruhe

    Detailed Description : Schambeck’s paint application is performed by vigorously throwing, by painting with hands or by directly placing the tube of paint on a monochrome paint surface. Through these methods, splashes, beads, squiggles and blobs release unlimited energy like frework explosions. His artistic intention is not the imitation of reality, or the creation of a copy, but rather the invention of a new reality through the artistic process. The fower is not the theme, but rather strength, energy, matter and color.

    Artist's Objects:

    • JOCHEN SCHAMBECK - LayOut251 LayOut251

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