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Gallery BK, which opened in Itaewon, Seoul in 2011, had exhibitions and promoting the artists to introduce and explore promising contemporary artist to build a cultural ground to public and general audiences. Gallery BK also provides Art Consulting Services to corporate and private clients to create quality environments based on the client’s vision, purpose, and preferences.

In addition to its own exhibition spaces, Gallery BK was commissioned to organize and manage the exhibitions of LIG Art Space from 2011 to 2016 and has been newly opened as an extension of the exhibition space in Hannam-dong in 2017.

Since 2011, Gallery BK has been introducing contemporary artists through numerous solo exhibitions, group exhibitions, and international art fairs and provide a forum for visitors by inviting experts from various cultural fields. Gallery BK also continues to seek to introduce emerging and renowned contemporary artists in the global art world to increase public awareness of contemporary art.

An aggregation 20170210 - Seon Ghi Bahk

Seon Ghi Bahk An aggregation 20170210

Hamlet -  KUK WON WOO


Thirdtime lucky -  KUK WON WOO

KUK WON WOO Thirdtime lucky

Vincent van Gogh - Hyungkoo Kang

Hyungkoo Kang Vincent van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh in blue - Hyungkoo Kang

Hyungkoo Kang Vincent van Gogh in blue

Exhibiting Artists

  • BAHK SEON GHI  (+)

    Biography : EDUCATION 1994   B.F.A. Chung-Ang University, Sculpture, Seoul, South Korea     2002   M.F.A. Accademia di Belle Arti Brera, Sculpture, Milan, Italy COLLECTIONS (Selected) Yeoju Shinsegye preimium oulet, Yeoju, Korea Deutsche Bank, Seoul, Korea Hotel Shilla 2006~2014 9th, Seoul, Korea Shilla duty free shop in Changi airport, Singapore Woo-ri Bank Dong-Dae-Mun ddp praza, Seoul, Korea Suwon Lotte mall, Suwon, Korea Su-Won E-mart, Suwon, Korea TROIKA Founder & Chief Executive Officer, United States Kerry Center,, Shanghai, China GS Tower, Seoul, Korea urban Bench, Seoul, Korea Yon-hap news Media center, Seoul, Korea Hotel JW Marriott Dongdeamun Square Seoul, Korea Dehres Limited, Taipei, Taiwan The players golf club, Chuncheon, Korea Jinbao department store, Beijing, China Shin-han Paribas, Seoul, Korea Bonte museum, Jeju, Korea Po-hang museum of art, Pohang, Korea Shinsegye department store, Uijeongbu, Korea LIG life building, Seoul, Korea The classic 500, Seoul, Korea Korea life building, Cu-ri, Korea Island Resort Korea C.C, Dabudo, Ansan, Korea Galleria foret, Seoul, Korea LOTTE Department store, Kim-po, Gimpo, Korea Sky park, Kimpo Airport, Gimpo, Korea SINO International Paza, Fuzhou, China Sulwhasoo, sulwha museum, Seoul, Korea Palace Hotel, Seoul, Korea Dong-hwa duty free shop, Seoul, Korea LOTTE Department store, Tianjin, China Inno valley, Pan-Gyo, Seongnam, Korea Swire company, Hongkong, China Gallery art side, Seoul, Korea Sea side C.C, Kim-po, Gimpo, Korea Song do Posco, Incheon, Korea 21st building, Shanghai, China Imok Museum of Art, Suncheon First college, Korea Songdo Internation City, Incheon, Korea Faundation France`s, Paris, France Icheon Stadium, Incheon, Korea Okά, Paris, France Samsung corporation, Seoul, Korea ARK Restaurants Corp, New York, United States Ibiza Gran Hotel, Ibiza, Spain Art Bank(National Museum of Korea), Seoul, Korea Hyundai Card, Seoul, Korea Kim Chong Yung Sculpture M

    Exhibition : SOLO EXHIBITIONS
    2018 Kim Se Choong Museum, Seoul, Korea
    2017  ‘Walk in the light’, MOA Museum, Gonjiam, Korea
    “Nature”, Gallery BK, Seoul, Korea
    2016  ‘Dangling.Yearning’, Ever harvest art gallery, Taipei
      ‘Reflection’, 313 Art Project , Seoul, Korea
    2015   ‘View-tiful’, WooYang Museum of Contemporary Art, KyeongJu   
    ‘Point of view‘, C may gallery, LA
    'SeonGhi BAHK’, Chung Hak Dae Museum of Contemporary Art, AnSung
    2014   ‘Point of view - illusion’, Gallery Ihn, Seoul
      ‘Fiction of the Fabricated Image’, Zadok Gallery, Miami
    2012  ‘Slice of Sensitivity’, Gallery ARTSIDE, Seoul
    2011  ‘Endless Enumeration in space, Galerie andres thalmann, Zurich
    2009  Gallery IHN, Seoul, Korea
    Gallery Bundo, Daegu, Korea
    2008   Kim Chong Yung Sculpture Museum, Seoul, Korea
    Gallery Sabina, Los Angeles  U.S.A
    2007   Existence, Arquitectos de Cordova, Cordova Spain
            'Optic Game', Gallery Artside, Beijing China
    2006   Galeria Arte Contemporanea Jorge Shirley, Lisbon Portugal
    2005   `2005 Artist of Today’,Kim Chong Yung Sculpture Museum, Seoul, Korea
    2004   Galeria EDURNE, Madrid Spain 
    2003   Galeria Arte Contemporanea Jorge Shirley, Lisbon Portugal
            Gana Insa Art Center, Seoul, Korea
            Arte & Manifesto, Porto Portugal
    2002   Galerie Artinprogress, Berlin Germany
    Rethinking: space time architecture - A dialogue between art and architecture.
    Parallel to XXI World Congress of Architecture - UIA Berlin 
    2001 Galleria Lawrence Rubin, Milan Italia
    1999   Cascina Roma, Sandonato Milanese, Milan
            Gallery Pianissimo, Codogno Lodi Italia
    1998   Gallery Luigi di Sarro, Rome
            Franco Riccardo Artevisive, Napoli
            Gallery U.C.A.I, Milan
    1994   Gallery Seoho, Seoul, Korea

    2018 Seoul Olympic Sculpture Project-Pos

    Detailed Description : Bahk Seon Ghi visualized objects in a way that constantly look different depending on each individual’s point of view fundamentally leading us to question our very existence. This constant shift in plane that the works exist in ultimately forces the viewers to go through the process of self-suspicion that ultimately leads to inquiry.   “My artistic work aims to probe the depths of my mind and thoughts. I endeavor my work to be as close as it can be to my thoughts. No matter what materials are used, my work reveals my thoughts and feeling without damaging the very existence of those materials. Between this concept of art and spectators my work therefore is a mediator. I express feelings I have with this materialistic world to which my ordinary life belongs. I neither want to clarify the essence of materials and mind, nor to reveal the essence of perception. Nor do I have a desire to return the clarified essence to its existence.” -1997

    Artist's Objects:

    • Seon Ghi Bahk - An aggregation 20170210 An aggregation 20170210

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  • Hyung Koo Kang  (+)

    Biography : EDUCATION 1980 Choong-Ang University, Painting, BFA, Seoul, Korea FAIR BOOTHS 2019  Arario Gallery at Korea Galleries Art Fair 2019, Arario Gallery 2018   Arario Gallery at KIAF 2018, Arario Gallery Arario Gallery at The Armory Show 2017, Arario Gallery 2015 Arario Gallery at West Bund Art & Design 2015, Arario Gallery Arario Gallery at Art Basel in Hong Kong 2015, Arario Gallery COLLECTIONS Jimmy Carter Center, Atlanta Gwangju Art Museum, Gwangju The Republic of Korea National Red Cross, Seoul Pohang University of Science and Technology, Pohang The Amore Museum, Yongin Federation of Korean Trade Union, Seoul Gamsil Olympic Main Stadium, Seoul Son Ki-Jeong Memorial Foundation ARARIO Gallerym Cheonan

    2019 Intimate Strangers, Arario Museum, Jeju, Korea
    CLOSE UP, Choice Art Company, Seoul, Korea
    2014 Hyun koo Kang and his Muse, OH! Marylin, ARARIO GALLERY Cheonan, Korea
    I SEE YOU, Young Eun Museum, Gwangju, Korea
    2012 Crossing Gazes, Mizuma Gallery, Singapore
    ​2011 Hyung Koo KANG’S Solo Exhibition, Singapore Art Museum, Singapore
    Hyung Koo KANG’S Solo Exhibition, Young Eun Museum, Gwangju, Korea
    Hyung Koo KANG’S Solo Exhibition, Arario Gallery, New York, USA
    Beyond the Blue, Gallery Hyundai, Seoul, Korea
    Hyung Koo KANG’S Solo Exhibition, Arario Gallery, New York, USA
    Hyung Koo KANG’S Solo Exhibition, Arario Gallery, Seoul, Korea         
    2007  Hyung Koo KANG’S Solo Exhibition, Arario Gallery, Cheonan, Korea
    2006  Hyung Koo KANG’S Solo Exhibition, Lotte Art Gallery, Busan, Korea
    2005 Hyung Koo KANG’S Solo Exhibition, Gwangju Museum of Art, Gwangju, Korea

    2018 Contemporary Art Dictionary 7 Keywords, Jeonnuk Museum of Art, Wanju, Korea
    Look East!2 : Arian Perspectives, Mizuma Gallery, Singapore
    Banana and I , Arario Gallery, Cheonan, Korea
    2012 Korean Eye, Saatchi Gallery, London, England
    2011 Artists with Arario 2011/Part 1, Arario Gallery Seoul cheongdam, Seoul, Korea
    靑-Beyond the Blue, Gallery Hyundai, Seoul, Korea
    The Seoul Art Festival 2011, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea
    2010 Artist with Arario, Arario Gallery, Cheonan, Korea
    2009  Art In Super Star, Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul, Korea
              Shinsegae Centum city Grand Opening, Shinsegae Centum city, Busan,

    Detailed Description : Kang Hyung Koo is known for his hyper realistic portraits of iconic personalities from history, culture, and politics, such Michelangelo, Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, Andy Warhol, Marilyn Monroe, and Princess Diana. Distinctively larger-than-life, monochromatic and visually imposing, Kang's paintings are composed of large canvases much taller than the artist himself, depicting facial features of his subjects, of which the most striking attribute is the mesmerizing eyes - piercing and delivering the lives of each persona. Creating a dimension of intimacy with otherwise distant figures, his resurrection of their being bestows life to his subject by meticulously positioning each wrinkle, hair, and eyebrow, and hence, misleads the viewer to imagine moments that never existed. Kang's oeuvre comprises composite images, finite details, and even narrative human emotions, approaching the pinnacle of hyperrealism.

    Artist's Objects:

    • Hyungkoo Kang - Vincent van Gogh in blue Vincent van Gogh in blue
    • Hyungkoo Kang - Vincent van Gogh Vincent van Gogh

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  • WOO KUK WON  (+)

    Biography : EDUCATION 2003 Tokyo Designer Gakuin College, Japan AWARDS & RESIDENCIES ​2011   Col Art Residency, Beijing, China 2010   JoongAng Fine Arts Prize COLLECTIONS​ Art Bank, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea Maeil Dairies Co., Ltd., Seoul, Korea Seoul National University Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea Ilshin Spinning Co., Ltd, Seoul, Korea The Jeonnamilbo, Gwangju, Korea Kolon Corporation, Gwacheon, Korea Tsutaya Culture Convenience Club Co.Ltd, Japan

    Exhibition : SOLO EXHIBITIONS
    ​2018 Querencia, Pyo Gallery, Seoul, Korea
    ARTPlage, LOTTE Gallery Jamsil, Seoul, Korea
    ARTPlage, LOTTE Gallery Jamsil, Seoul, Korea
    2017 Keep Breathing, GalleyIT, Tokyo, Japan
    Redeemed, Gallery BK, Seoul, Korea
    2016  Star Man, Salon de H, Seoul, Korea
              Say Something, Delpino, The Gallery D, Gangwondo, Korea
              Middle of Nowhere, salon de H, Seoul, Korea
    2015  Keep Breathing, salon de H, Seoul, Korea
    2014  Woo Kuk Won Solo Exhibition, Lee Eugean Gallery, Seoul, Korea
    2012  13 Stories, salon de H, Seoul, Korea
    2010  WAKE UP, Gallery Banditrasos, Seoul, Korea
    2009  The Rainbow Connection, Insa Art Center, Seoul, Korea

    2018 Gallery Joeun, Seoul, Korea
    海 2nd, Gallery Joeun, Seoul, Korea
    2015  Story Shower, Two Person Exhibition, space K, Seoul, Korea
              Spring Art Shopping, Lotte Gallery, Seoul, Korea
    2014  Draw, LIG Art Space, Seoul, Korea
              Tails, Two Person Exhibition, Gallery Kiche, Seoul, Korea
    2013  Korea Tomorrow: Image Installation, Hangaram Art Museum,
    Seoul Arts Center, Korea
              Black bridge, TV 12 Gallery, Seoul, Korea
    2012  Red, Take Out Drawing, Seoul, Korea
              11 Artists with MACALLAN, Artside, Seoul, Korea
              Untitled, TV12 Gallery, Seoul, Korea 
    2011  Untitled, Gallery MK2, Beijing, China
              Moa Invite, Museum of Art, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea
    2010  Lyrical Memory, Gallery CurioMook, Seoul, Korea
              32nd JoongAng Fine Arts, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul, Korea
              Imagine Paradise, Hyundai Department Store, Seoul, Korea
    2009  Intermix, Gallery Gana, Seoul, Korea
              New Portrait, Gallery Bandi, Seoul, Korea

    Detailed Description : Woo Kuk Won creates images that combine memories and imaginations that come from personal experience. Most subjects within his works include well-recognized icons and/or personified animals that frequently appear in fables around the world. The unrestricted brushstrokes in his work suggest a feeling of strange liberation and the innocent sensibility of a child. The accompanying texts within his works are also ‘painted’ and not written. Woo’s works depict a lyrical world of paintings by using unlimited colors, improvised movement of forms and lines. Arising from the unconsciousness of the artists, they arbitrarily fill up the canvas and speak the interchange of the pure feelings rather than clear and logical reinterpretation.

    Artist's Objects:

    •  KUK WON WOO - Thirdtime lucky Thirdtime lucky
    •  KUK WON WOO - Hamlet Hamlet

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Other Represented Artists