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While the gallery space in Dronningens Tværgade serves as our headquarters and showroom, In The Gallery is also very involved in the international art scene through annual participation in several major international art fairs.
The exhibition programme is created by in-house or visiting curators. In addition to showcasing innovative art, we also host artist’s talks, and other interactions between artists and audience.

New York #6 -  Jacob Gils

Jacob Gils New York #6

Exhibiting Artists

  • Jacob Gils  (+)

    Biography : Jacob Gils lives and works in Denmark. He graduated from The Copenhagen School of Photography in 1990 and his art has gained recognition in the form of prizes at the PRIX DE LA PHOTOGRAPHIE PARIS (PX3) in 2012 and 2015. He has exhibited in solo and group shows across the globe and his works are represented in the Danish Royal Collection, Nanjing Art Museum, China and at Maersk in Denmark as well as in private collections all over Europe, and in USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, China and Australia.

    Detailed Description : An overarching experimental and methodical approach governs the artistic practice of Jacob Gils. His distinct style leaves stories to be told in each image of his iconic series. In the same way we experience and sense people and places in real life, impressions of energy and matter build upon further inspection of his works. The project 'Movement' gives visible shape to the relationship between the concrete physical movement, taking place in the production phase and the established environment chosen as content. Through the use of multiple exposures Gils generates engaging interpretations of iconic structures and landscape sceneries. At first glance these multi-point images appear out of focus or shaken, but in fact they consist of many different very sharp photographs of the same motifs, which are carefully combined to offer an illusion of being on the go – in movement. The technique invites the onlooker to come closer and discover the details, which do not fully reveal themselves from a distance. The hazy, translucent shapes created by the technique make for a photographic style that resembles impressionistic painting while still retaining all the detail of modern photography. 'Transfers' is a further development of the sophisticated multi-exposures of the Movement series, which is already known for its spacious and picturesque qualities. In this new extension of the series, the works undergo another transformation. As polaroids they are further transferred onto watercolour paper. Through this technique a particularly atmospheric and dreamy mood arises, which lends a certain abstract expressionistic layer to the images. Upon closer inspection, however, the eye begins to decode that in these works there are real places depicted, all with their special characteristics. In this way, the viewer is left in a state of both presence and the chance to disappear deep into the works. Movement Transfers opens up the idea of landscape photography as a form of portal to a

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    •  Jacob Gils - New York #6 New York #6

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