Umberto Ciceri (Milano 28/02/61 - )


Born in Milan in 1961, currently works between Barcelona and Bologna.
After twenty-five years of personal research on visual arts, neurophysiology perception, biology of sight, chemistry of colour, pattern and texture, he decides to step into the art world in 2007.
He has participated in several exhibitions within the Italian circuit and in the 54th Venice Contemporary Art Biennial, Italian Pavilion curated by Vittorio Sgarbi. Ciceri has held various solo exhibitions in Europe, among which Symbols - Kaleidoscopic being in N.Y.C., Florence, Italy (2010); Spin-Life, Cologne, Germany (2010), Inevitable abstractions, Positano, Italy (2011) and many group exhibition around the world.
He collaborates with Liquid art system since 2011

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