Audrey Wilson (Columbus, Ohio 1985 - )


Audrey Wilson, a native of central Ohio, is currently a student at the MFA program at Kent State University (in 2010, she graduated from Kent State University with degrees in Glass and Art Education), although her work has been exhibited widely for the last several years at the Miami art fairs during Art Basel week.

As an intern at the Chrysler Museum of Art Glass Studio, she has worked as a coordinator and assistant in the museum’s public glass general operations, classes, and demonstrations, often working with world-renowned visiting artist. For several years Wilson was also the studio coordinator of the Washington Glass School, she also taught classes, maintained studio upkeep, and assisted with multiple large public art projects, including the cast glass doors for the Library of Congress Adams Building.

Since first working with the medium, configuring glass with other materials has always been a challenge and fascination for Audrey. Her current series delve into unrealized and underappreciated theories inspired by science, as well as extraordinary claims, which require extraordinary evidence (in the words of Carl Sagan).

A major influence for her work has been through her volunteering at the National Institute of Health as a healthy patient volunteer for clinical trials. Other inspiration stems from working with students who have Autism and discovering the way students think in unconventional ways, which in return challenged her to think resourcefully.

As a young emerging artist, Audrey has already exhibited worldwide in museum and gallery shows, as well as art fairs.

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