DANNY ESQUENAZI (Bogotá, Colombia 1975 - )


Danny Esquenazi was born in 1975 in Bogotá, Colombia. In 1994
he moved to Jerusalem, Israel where he continued to study. He
started out as an architecture student at the Bezalel academy
and continued to learn Industrial Design at the Hadassah Collage
and to graduate with distinction. His professional career began
in design studios in Tel Aviv where he mainly worked in plastics.
At first glance it is impossible to guess what his sculptures are
made of. The initial impact is created by the fantastic finish in an
amazing spectrum of acrylic colors. Then on deeper examination
one discovers that the sculptures are mainly constructed in
hardwood, veneer and MDF which has been taken on a journey
out of context and in to a new wonderland of shapes, kinetics and
colors. Danny´s sculptures are monumental in size and poetic in
essence and it is this juxtaposition which really creates his funky
visual conversation with his audience.

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DANNY ESQUENAZI - Maraña de Sensaciones

Maraña de Sensaciones

DANNY ESQUENAZI - Misterioso e impulsivo deseo

Misterioso e impulsivo deseo