SAIR GARCIA (Barrancabermeja, Colombia 1975 - )


Colombian artist Sair García (Barrancabermeja, 1975) studied
Plastic Arts at University Antonio Nariño, Bucaramanga, and
National University, in Bogota. He has presented his work at
Sandra Montenegro Contemporary Art at Miami; Gyvathayim
National Theater, Tel-Aviv; Synart Art Gallery, at Frankfurt; Casa
de las Américas, La Habana; and Universidad de Panamá at
Panamá, among others. He received the PHILIPS Art Prize for
Young Talents, in Bogota, Colombia and the first prize at the
XVI Ibero-American Art Venue MIGRATION Mexican Cultural
Institute, in Washington D.C, USA.
Sair García has dedicated himself to denouncing the exodus
and displacements around the world. In an effort to express
the role rivers have played in these social dramas, he uses the
Colombian Magdalena River as inspiration, on images of oil on
aluminum steel, to focus his works on it.

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