Toshiro Yamaguchi (Okayama, Japan 1956 - )


1956 Born in Okayama (Japan).
1978 Graduates from the Musashino Art University (Tokyo).
1982 Moves to Madrid, where he lives nowadays.
1988 - 93
Participates in Circulo de Bellas Artes (Madrid),
in workshops of the following artists:
Bruce M’clean José Luis Alexanco
José Guerrero Concha Jeréz
Jiri G. Docoupil Richard Artschwager
Lucio Muñóz Soledad Sevilla
José Hernández Barry Flanagan
1982 Carries out a wall painting of 3 x 30metros in Escariche (Guadalajara).
2004 Participates in the International Symposium of Art SIANOJA (Noja, Santander).

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