Kim In Tae (Korea 1977 - )


Kim, In Tae(b. 1977, Korea)

2004 Received B.F.A Education in Arts (Major in sculpture) from Mokwon University
2008 Received M.F.A from Sung-shin University (Major in clay modeling)

Record of awarded prizes
Contributory award in Korea Figuration Sculpture Competition
A winner of Kyung-in Arts competition
Bronze statue awarded in University Arts Exhibition
A winner of Danwon Arts Competition
Mokwoohoe Arts Competition Special Award given
Special Award for Korea Figurative Sculpture Competition
A winner of Mokwoohoe Arts Competition
A winner of Mokwoohoe Arts Competition

Art Collection
Sejong Government Complex Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Korea
Chungbuk National University Hospital Respiratory Disease Center, Korea
GS E&C, Korea
Sculpture park in Tae-an, Korea
Sculpture park in Aunae, Korea
Gwangmyeong Humansia Apartment, Korea
Ansan Humansia Apartment, Korea
Daejeon Humansia Apartment, Korea
Osan Humansia Apartment, , Korea
Cheonan Humansia Apartment, Korea
Hanshin Apartment, Korea
Songpa Pine Town Apartment, Korea
Geumgang Penterium Apartment, Korea
Daewoo World Mark Complex, Korea
Gyeonggi Urban Innovation Corporation, Korea
Giselle Tower, Korea

Jury for the Industrial Sculpture Contest in Taean-gun

Present Status
Member of Goyang Sculptor Association
Member of Korea KFAA
Member of the Korean figuration Sculpture Association
Member of Mokwon Sculpture Association
Member of Seosan Sculpture Association
Member of Yetae Association
Member of Seomi Association
Lecturing in Sungshin Women's University

Exhibited by

Work Selection