Jodi Walsh (Canada 1964 - )


jodi left her native country of Canada in 1967 for the Far East and Europe, a move that would influence her life and work forever. She moved to the United States in 1979 and while art and design has always been a part of her life she first began to emerge as a serious artists in 1995.

Although jodi has received private training, she has never studied painting or ceramics at an academic institution. This has allowed her the independence and freedom to develop her own unique style.

Using environmentally safe materials is as important to jodi as the images she creates. Layering clay on textured surfaces and suspending ceramic from stainless steel thread and hemp has taken her work to a new level of expression.

“Once my hands touched clay it opened up a world to me that I didn’t expect. The thought of creating hand made forms from clay sent me down a path that is never ending.” j

Capturing the energy she experienced while living in Taiwan, Thailand, Bangladesh, Africa and Europe is a joy to her and she hopes to others. “My goal is to creating never ending lengths and heights of textured imagery using earth friendly materials” jodi Walsh

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