Nicole Furman


Nicole Furman is a multimedia artist, body painter and photographer from Bogotá, Colombia. Having studied a range of art practices from body painting and performance to art history and photography, her series are provocative explorations of roles and identities. Drawing from characters and figures from institutions like Disney (the epitome of supposed pure innocence and childhood) and masterpieces of Western art history, her works craft recognizable visuals into intriguing tableaus that are at turns amusing and disturbing, playing with the constant of “destruction – construction – reconstruction” in her content.
Using the nude body as her canvas and photography as her final medium, Furman provokes reactions from viewers and challenges societal preconceptions with a bold use of color, unexpected poses, and familiar images. “I seek to challenge a lot of societal preconceptions and ruling institutions (from the supposed intrinsic sexuality of a naked body, to gender preconceptions, ideals of beauty, and problematics with looking at the detail versus the whole picture) by employing common ‘symbols’ and references in my works in an unexpected environment or framework, all in an attempt to ‘speak’ to as universal public as possible through my images” – Nicole Furman.
Furman’s work have been displayed internationally in art fairs and galleries; among her shows include exhibitions at TOAF (The Other Art Fair – London, United Kingdom), Feria de Arte Odeon (Bogotá, Colombia), Preview Berlin Art Fair (Berlin, Germany), Spectrum Miami (Miami, FL, USA), ArtLima (Lima, Peru), Galeria La Cometa (Bogotá, Colombia), Art+ Shanghai Gallery (Shanghai, China), Salón de Arte Grau (Bogotá, Colombia), Salón Nacional de Arte (Anapoima, Colombia), Participating Artist: Fundación Corazón Verde 2015 ‘Elevarte Icon’ (Bogotá, Colombia).
She is currently represented by Galeria La Cometa (Bogotá, Colombia) and Art+ Shanghai Gallery (Shanghai, China) and was named as one of the year’s emerging artist in Art Business News Magazine - summer 2014.

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