Inga Krymskaya ( 07.11 - )


Inga Krymskaya is a contemporary visual artist. Born in Ufa, capital of the Bashkiria region of Russia, Inga left her native land during the Perestroika and moved to the Netherlands in 1993. Having lived in Amsterdam for the past 23 years, she is now London-based. With a grandfather of Tatar origin and a Jewish grandmother, she is fascinated by issues around identity and spirituality – something that was supressed during Soviet times.
Inga’s work has been exhibited at various art fairs and galleries across the world, including G-77 Gallery in Kyoto, VK Gallery in Amsterdam, Wall Gallery in Amsterdam, Arttitud San Francisco, Berliner Liste (Germany), SCOPE (New York, Basel), and the Antwerp EXPO. She will next be featuring Variation 17 of The Feast of Venus at Scope Miami from 1st to 6th December.
Wackers Academie Amsterdam, Painting Department '99
Ceramics, Uithoorn, '97
International School of Amsterdam, Painting Department "John Wood", '96
Model Painting, Raymond Huisman, '95
Sixty One gallery (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
VK gallery (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
Arttitud (San Francisco, CA)
Wall gallery (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
G-77 Gallery (Kyoto, Japan)

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